Old Mrs. Morris


Mrs. Morris was walking down the street right after buying some groceries (she was planning to bake one of her famous home-made pies for her grandchildren). Her husband had died 3 years ealier and she was but a poor old women living by herself having nothing to do except cook for her adored grandkids. Usually she would go shopping with her friends or a relative, but she had run out of flour and desperately needed some for the pie. She wasn't much for looks, she had saggy, but large breasts, her ass, also saggy, and her pussy wasn't tight, but it was a nice one. On those lonely nights, sometimes she would play with herself, she even owned a couple of dildos to make up for her husbands 7incher.
Well as I had mentioned earlier she was walking to the bus station and it was starting to rain. She didn't want her groceries getting wet so she turned into an alley that had a cover over it. She was relieved that she could save the ingrediants, but it was a lot darker in the alley so she broke into a faster pace.
Although Mrs. Morris was not aware of it, there were 3 shadowy figures were closing in behind her, slowly coming closer. She sensed that something wasn't right, so she quickly turned around and saw the figures, to scared to scream, she dropped her goods and ran as fast as a 67 year old women can, which is not very fast.

In a matter of seconds, the men caught up and over powered her. She tried to scream, but they gagged her. Mrs. Morris thought that it was just going to be a regular mugging and it would be over soon, but she was horribly wrong.

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The three men did not even bother to inspect her purse, they wanted something entirely different. They tore off her flowery dress, but were irritated by her old fashion underwear. It took them a while to get it off, but they were all very excited when they did.
Mrs. Morris was already crying just thinking about the things that the men might do to her.
The men were teasing her, grabbing her boobs and slapping her ass.  The look in her eyes begged them to stop but they just laughed and continued.
Then the real stuff started.
    They all removed there pants and underwear, and started rubbing there cocks, getting enormous erections. The first man pulled her down and laid her on her side, so that she could be penetrated from both sides. He layed down behind her and stuck his package into her ass, slowly moving in and out of her behind. The second man layed down in front of her and got to work on her elderly pussy. The third man removed the gag and tried to stuff his dick into her mouth, but her lips wouldn't budge, he quickly pulled out a knife and held it to her throat. Seeing no other option, she slightly opened her mouth, and the man inserted his cock into her mouth.
    She was now screaming from the excrutiating pain.

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       Never in her life had she been fucked like this, and her age didn't really help.
    The men didn't care about her screaming, in fact, they enjoyed it. It wasn't a very populated neighborhood, so no one heard anything.
    They fucked her for about 18 minutes, then cummed all over her worn out body. Mrs. Morris was nearly passed out, but she couldn't go out now.       
    Then a possible miracle happened, a police officer was passing by the TO BE CONTINUED. . .   
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