Old Friends


Old Friends

Its been a long time since we seen each other, but I was finally able to convince you to come visit here in the middle of nowhere. The flight was short and sweet, with you arriving on time in Durango, it was cheaper to fly there then into my home town and not much more of a drive for me. The sights are beautiful much better then what your used to, being from the city, and arriving in a picture perfect mountain town. It's an hour drive back to my house, I live on eight acres in the middle of farm land, my house isn’t anything special, three bedrooms, one bath but it's mine.

I take you into my room so we can set your stuff down, it's late after all, you want to rest after the flight. But as u bend over to grab something’s out of your bag I can't help but stare at your ass in that dress your wearing. Without thinking I walk up behind u and start rubbing you luscious ass, you immediately stand up and say, "What the fuck!". I’m so driven by lust I barely hear you. I grab a set of hand cuffs out of my drawer and grab you. As i try and get your hands cuffed you look into my eyes and realize what i want and what i plan on doing to you, you star trying to fight but I’m twice your size and i easily get you cuffed.

I walk you over to my door were there’s a hook at the top you didn’t notice I lift u up and put the chain of the cuffs over the door. as I let you down you have to stand on your toes so the metal doesn’t cut into your wrists. I walk back over to my drawer and reach in and grab a hunting knife the size scares you its almost sixteen inches long, you start to scream, I tell you to shut up no one can hear you the closest house is a mile away, and I'm not going to cut you anyway. As I move in front of you try kicking my but i easily deflect it, as there was now power behind it. I grab a nipple through your dress and twist it telling you to calm down what is happening is going to happen whether you like it or not. you start crying as i place the blade of the knife against your skin, between your breasts.

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   Your just thankful the sharp side is out. I tell you not to move as i start cutting away your pretty dress, as I get it cut all the way down, i step back and look at your black lace g string and matching bra it almost takes my breath away, seeing you like this so beautiful. hair all messy, dress hanging on you like a robe that’s to small.

As i regain my breath I get back to disrobing you, i slide the knife behind that small strip of fabric that hold your bra cups together I gently pull the knife towards my cutting the material. I set the knife down in plain sight a warning to you that its still there. I start to gently fondle your breasts, not touching your nipples just yet I’m trying to arouse your reluctant body into submission. I move my face down and start licking one breast while my hand continues playing with the other. I start to smell your arousal, its intoxicating. i move my free hand down to your still panty covered cunt, and start to gently rub my hand against it. you gasp then stifle a moan as your body betrays your mind.

I move my hands and tongue all at once one hand starting to tweak one nipple, the other in to your panties and down to your cunt, while my tongue and mouth attack the other nipple biting and sucking it at the same time. You start whimpering uncontrollably as my assault starts to take effect. but just as you start to really feel pleasure it all stops as i step back, your face shows a mixture of hate, lust, pain and wanting. For a second you think I’m finished and will leave you alone now. I kneel before you, i reach up and tweak your nipples, then i slide my hands down your side to the little sting that holds your panties up, sliding my thumbs into the sting as I slide them down I look into your face, and the knowledge dawns on you I’m not done with you yet appears as panic.

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As I get your panties down to your ankles i lift a leg at a time sliding them off of you. after your little panties are off I grab the inside of your thighs and lift you, not enough to free your hands but enough to put your thighs onto my shoulders. I slowly start moving my face to your cunt alternating kissing each thigh as I move towards my prize. As I reach your cunt i start licking your lips softly, you start whimpering once again. I move my right hand from your thigh and use a finger to start probing your cunt, just the tip at first. Once again your body betrays you as you start to try and move to get my finger deeper into you.
I tease your cunt for a minute longer, then I slowly start to push it in further as i start sucking and nibbling on your clit. soon my finger is moving in and out of you with ease your dripping with desire now. I add a second then a third finger, the whimpers have turned to moans now, and your hips are meeting my every thrust with my fingers,
just as you are about to reach you climax, I disentangle myself from your legs and stand before you again. You start to cry again this time from your frustration I didn’t let you cum. I lean in and whisper into your ear, "Tell me what you want?". the fire in your eyes is apparent as I look into your eyes you say something but I can't hear you I tell you to speak up. This repeats several times and finally you scream "Fuck me now, Please?".

Never one to turn down a beautiful woman in need I once again grab your thighs as i lift and spread them relief washes over your face, you know your going to get relief and the pressure is once again off your wrists. this time your hands are freed from the hook you just put them around my neck.

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   I start rubbing my cock against your cunt trying to find the hole, as I find it and drop you onto my cock, a gust of air is released from your lungs as if you were holding your breath. when you are finally completely impaled on my cock I let your rest for a moment I lean down and we share a passion filled kiss that seems to last forever, and I realize its the first time we have kissed.

I slowly start fucking you with gentle shallow strokes, its not enough for you as you tell me, "Harder, fuck me harder". I start pounding into you with savage strokes the door behind you sounds like its about to give out from the pressure. your eyes roll back into your head as I start kissing your neck and rubbing you nipple rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. you scream as you feel your climax approach, "Yes, oh yes, don’t stop, keep fucking me, make me cum". I start to feel my impending climax as well and start pounding you even harder summoning the last bit of strength I have left.
as you start to cum your cunt muscles start squeezing my cock and i cant take it anymore,
I bury myself into you one last time. it feels like my orgasm lasts for an hour but it's only moments and I’m finished I move you over to the bed and lay you down. You haven’t said anything since you came your eyes are barely open and your breathing is heavy like you just ran a marathon. I grab my key and release your hands I lay down next to you, as you come out of your daze you roll over laying partially on me. You say "Thank you, that was perfect, just the way I imagined it. "

As you drift off I think to myself how great it was to help my friend live out her fantasy. after all what are friends for if not to help you.


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