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Preceding back I found a young girl, she looked under eighteen from far away, sitting with clothes fully applied…by this time I was hard as a rock and could not wait to see her strip……. But behold---it was my sister, my sister of only thirteen years. She gasped when she saw me. I quickly yelled,” What the hell are you doing on THIS flight?Replying,” This was the only flight I could afford! I sat down and frowned at her, realizing that this could be awfully embarrasing. The flight attendant announced we were do for take off, so every fasten your seat belt…I did so angrily. About a half hour into the flight, I heard a slight moan from one seat above, I realized that the two in front of us were butt fucking…her ass slided up and down his throbbing cock…the man was at least thirty, was hairy, and was absolutely the opposite of his pleaser…she was in her early twenties, and had long black hair…and held a firm frown as if this was not her wish…I realized that the man was raping her, she was being held by the neck and kept quiet by his strong hairy hands…sadly, it drove me wild My cock quickly rose at the sight…my sister looked quite like a younger version of that woman…she was 5’0, had the same shimmering black hair, and had a skinny legs and thighs that screamed virgin…My sister seemed so pure, so impenetrable…and yet staring at her at that moment I lost control…But not in a compulsive way, in a way that would prolong my enjoyment…I decided I would not be deprived of flesh…whether or not reason and law told me this was completely wrong….

I asked my sister,” Do you see what that man is doing to that woman?…She responded incoherently,” ohmegod!I smiled, and questioned,” What horrifies you?”She answered,” he’s forcing her on him! What is he doing to her?”I realized quickly that my sister had not yet been told of anal sex, a thought that brought me nearly to the edge of cumming. I told her quickly, with a smile,” I wager you and I could make this flight much shorter”With that I stripped off my clothes while her eyes stared at me, disbelieving. I sat back down buck naked…and throbbing for attention…She cried,” What is it you want Tom? (me)I told her harshly,” I want my moneys worth. I didn’t pay for a fat man in front of me to have f****** butt sex while I’m deprived to just watch!”I tore off her socks and stared at her naked feet…I wanted not only to have her, but to ingest her, and to consume her every move and scent…She screamed, tears running wildly,” Tom, stop please!…At that point some people turned, but only slightly…it seemed that this flight was known for being ‘raped’ filled…I ripped off her plaid shirt, and looked at her beautiful skin…she was still so young and perfect! Her breasts had not been touched by anyone else, I tore off her small cup and sucked and played with them as if they belonged to me…small but very appeasing“Oh, god…Stop please,” She cried,” No!…. ” All that remained was her skirt and panties…A man has to be very careful when he does these, a wrong move could destroy the moment. I slowly fought her to strip them down, past her long skinny legs, and past her naked feet. “NO!” Was all she could possibly murmur…It was too late for me to consider her. She wore simple white panties, but her waistline was small, and she was so very young. I told her to take them off her self…her eyes were vacant. I took out a pencil and pointed it at her left breast…she quickly stood up…Her hands fell to her side, staring at me she grabbed the elastic band and her last form of protection slowly descended to the ground .

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  . she was now mine! The virgin was gently sweating and tears were dropping onto her soft white breasts…her ass was not totally viewable, but she would have to sit down sooner or later…but not on her seat!To be continued: please post some comments…if this story sucked please tell me because obviously I don’t want to spend time on a dull plot/story…. thanks. .



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