Nancy parked and stared at the store front for a moment, wondering why she decided to stop here. She’d been driving around aimlessly for more than an hour, trying to come to grips with her life.

The driving wasn’t helping at all.

She sighed heavily, opened the car door and stepped out onto the pavement.

She tried to peek in the windows as she walked to the entrance, but her own reflection blurred everything inside. Nancy looked at herself, wondering where her life had gone. She tried to picture herself as the twenty-year old girl she sometimes still felt like: happy, attractive, and excited about life, not as the dumpy, middle-aged woman staring back at her from the window.

Nancy sighed again. Before he left on a business trip that morning, her husband Jack hadn’t even kissed her goodbye, and she wouldn’t see him again for a couple weeks. If she was lucky, he might call once or twice while he was gone, but their conversations wouldn’t last more than a few minutes.

She realized that Jacks ego had suffered a large blow after he’d lost his job so close to retirement, and she’d been happy for him when he started his own business, even if it meant not seeing him for weeks at a time. Jack always told her that a man like him, in his mid-50’s, had to work that much harder to keep an edge over all the young sharks swimming in todays workplace.

He was probably right, she knew, but she still felt lonely and abandoned. Nancy idly wondered if Jack was having an affair, or if it even mattered to her anymore.

Most of her friends were retiring and busy; always off on a new cruise or a neat trip, and now here she was, alone, her husband out of town, her daughters moved away and married with kids of their own.

Jack’s right, she thought.

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   I just don’t know what to do with myself.

He’d told her to get a hobby, do something new and fun and exciting. Find something to take up her free time. Go shopping with her friends, or get a new hairdo or join a gym.


Nancy ran her hand through her hair. Jack hadn’t noticed when she took his advice and got her hair cut short, like Dorothy What’s-her-name, the figure skater. She’d dyed her hair too; to a nice, light brown that hid the grey that was creeping into her normal, mousy color.

She smiled a little and adjusted her new wire-rimmed glasses. The clerk at the optometrists’ said they made Nancy look ten years younger, so she’d bought two pairs. Jack grunted when he saw them, just like when she mentioned she’d started taking aerobics classes.

At least she was losing some weight.

But the gym hadn’t been the social outlet she’d hoped, either. Everyone she had class with were in their twenties and already in great shape. And their conversations! All about ‘going clubbing’ and sex.

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The excercise seemed to be helping her waistline though, so she’d bought some new clothes and tried some cute new underwear. Nancy had hoped Jack would like them on her. She smiled again, remembering his shocked expression when she walked out of the bathroom last night, wearing her new lacy panties and bra.

She had felt a little silly in them, but the sales clerk at the lingerie store told her the push up bra and thong panties were all the rage. She tried to get Jack to make love, but he’d just kissed her forehead, saying he was too tired and he had to get up early in the morning.

Then he rolled over and fell asleep.

Sitting in the bed next to her snoring husband, she cried quietly, her tears falling, staining her new bra.

Nancy shook herself a little. She noticed someone inside the store now, behind the counter, so she opened the door and walked in.


It took a minute for her eyes to get accustomed to the light in the building.

Nancy glanced over at the counter where the owner, Matt, was busy helping a customer.

She caught his eye, and he gave her a big smile and a wave.

Nancy felt her stomach do a quick flip-flop and her whole body tingled, the little hairs at the back of her neck standing up. She felt herself grinning like a silly girl, and wondered why coming here and chatting with Matt always seemed to make her feel better.

She waved back at him.

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Nancy walked around the store while Matt finished with his customer, shooting little, furtive looks at him, and remembered when she first stopped in here. She used to walk her dog by the store almost every day. Once, for some reason Nancy couldn’t remember, she’d peeked inside. Matt had been standing behind the counter, right where the customer was standing now, and he’d had the strangest look on his face. She’d thought about going in to see if he was all right, but the damn dog pulled her away. She’d felt guilty for leaving, because he’d looked so funny, and had gone back to see him later that afternoon to make sure he was okay. While she was there, Matt and one of his employees had helped her with some silly thing, until a gorgeous young blonde breezed in, kissed him passionately, and whisked him away.

Just like in the romance novels she liked to read. Except usually in her books, it was the other way around. For some reason she couldn’t quite explain, Nancy felt a little jealous twinge at the thought of Matt with that woman. For months she’d wondered what they did that night. She often imagined them together, going back to Matt’s house and making love.

Except in her fantasy, the gorgeous young blonde was really Nancy, and Matt was having sex with her.

Matt finished ringing up his sale, and a bell jingled as the customer left the store. Nancy blinked and looked around.

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   She was the only other person left in the store now, and suddenly the butterflies in her stomach flip-flopped again.

She grabbed a random book off the shelf without bothering to look at it, and tried to casually make her way up to the counter.

"Hey, Nancy. " Matt always seemed excited to see her.

Nancy plopped the book onto the counter. "Hi!"

"Wow," Matt looked her up and down, smiling. "You look great. "

Nancy felt herself blushing furiously. "Oh, come on. "

"No, no, really. You changed your hair, didn’t you?"

She self-consciously patted her hair. "You like it?"

Matt gave her a big smile that sent the butterflies shooting around in her tummy.

"New glasses, too," he paused, arched his eyebrow at her. "And perfume?"

Wow. Nancy’d forgotten about the perfume.

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   That had been a spur of the moment thing. She’d dabbed some on just before she left the house.

Did I do that on purpose, she wondered?


"So what are you up to today, young lady?"

"Well, my husband’s out of town on business. " What am I up to? she thought. I don’t have any idea. Nancy shrugged, and said, "I’ve got a few weeks to myself and didn’t really have anything to do tonight, so I thought I’d catch up on my reading. "

Matt looked at the book lying on the counter. He grinned. "So you ran up here for a copy of ‘Hot Young Pony Boys in Love’?"

"Oh. . . " Nancy felt heat flush from the top of her head down to her feet. She managed to stammer, "I. .

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  . I must’ve grabbed the wrong book. I. . . "

"Hey, don’t worry. " Matt patted her hand. "Not that this isn’t probably a great book, if you’re a closeted gay man with a teenage boy fixation. " He studied her for a second. "But for you, I think maybe something not quite so steamy. I’m sure can find you something more your speed, okay?

Nancy grinned sheepishly as she followed Matt back over to the book racks.

Jesus, she thought. Way to make an impression.

Matt was busy thumbing through books, mumbling under his breath. "Ah.

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   Here we go. " He pulled out a thick paperback, handed it to her. "I think this would be a good choice. You’ll like this one. "

"Okay, I’ll take it. " Nancy marched back to the counter, digging change out of her purse.

Matt followed her at a leisurely pace and eased back behind the register, staring at her quizzically. "You sure? Maybe you should read the cover, see if it’s something you really want to buy. "

"No, no, if you say so, I’m sure I’ll like it. "

Matt raised his eyebrows. He was about to say something else when the bell rang again and one of his employees walked in. Nancy wasn’t sure if she should be relieved for the interruption or not.

"Hey, Jorge," Matt said. "Glad you’re here. "

Jorge set a backpack on the counter and shrugged out of his jacket.

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   "Hey Matty. Man, it’s warm out there. "

"Spring has sprung. I’ve been sneezing all day. "

"Yeah, me too. " Jorge nodded to Nancy, folded his jacket and looked around. "Anybody else here yet?"

Matt nodded towards the back of the store. "Yeah. Mike and Sarah are in the warehouse, and Jimmie’s counting out his till. "

"Should I grab a new drawer?"

"No. " Matt tapped a pen on the cash register. "You can go ahead and work on this one tonight. "

"Cool. Let me shove this stuff in my locker and I’ll be right back. "

Nancy handed Matt some cash and Matt rang up her purchase as Jorge wandered off.

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   Matt gave her some change and a receipt, and put the book in a bag.

"So that’s it for tonight, huh?"

She paused, looked at the bag. She realized she had no idea what she’d just bought. "I guess so. I lead a really exciting life, huh?"

Matt hunkered down on the counter. "I’ve got an idea. "

"What’s that?" Nancy took the bag and accidentally touched Matt’s hand. Her stomach did another little flip, and she felt a warm, tingling sensation, like pins and needles, shoot up her arm. Her legs suddenly felt rubbery, and the store spun for a second. Then she had the bag in her hand, and the room snapped back into focus. The tingling sensation stayed though, settling down in her stomach.

"As soon as Jorge gets back I’m finished here for tonight, and I don’t really have any plans either. " He pointed at the bag. "I wondered if you’d like to postpone your reading for a bit and join me for dinner?"

Nancy’s mouth dropped open, and she managed to stammer, "You mean, like a date?"

Matt laughed good-naturedly. "I mean, like having dinner.

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   What do you say?"



About and hour later, Nancy found herself downtown, seated across from Matt at a swanky new French restaurant, feeling a little stunned.

Matt had followed her home so she could drop off her car. She gave him a quick tour of her house, changed clothes in a rush, and they ran back out to his car. As she buckled into the seat next to him, Matt told her about a great restaurant that a friend of his just opened and thought they should try.

And here she was, sitting across from this young hunk. He’d been the perfect gentleman all night, holding doors open for her, helping her with her seat, helping her decide what to order. Dinner was fabulous, and he’d listened intently as Nancy babbled on about Jack and the state of her marriage, and she’d listened happily all through dessert as Matt told her about his vacation plans to spend spring break visiting some friends in California.

Nancy couldn’t remember the last time Jack had taken her out for a nice dinner, much less paid attention to anything she had to say.

Honestly, she thought, I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such a good time.

She studied Matt for a second, and amended that last thought.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this attracted to someone, either.

After dessert, Matt paid the check, and as he helped her into her jacket, Nancy realized she didn’t want the night to end. He held his arm out for her as they left the restaurant, and she wrapped herself around him, smiling up at him as they walked back to the parking lot.

Tonight, she realized, she felt like that twenty year old buried inside her just might pop back out.

A man brushed by them, causing Nancy to break out of her bliss, and he walked into an adult video store.


   The sign above the door read: Angie’s - Lingerie and More!

Nancy shook her head. "Honestly! I can’t believe anyone would want to go into one of those places. "

Matt looked up at the sign, then back at her. "What? You mean you’ve never gone into a sex shop before?"

"God, no!"

He laughed. "Why not?"

She gaped at him, and sputtered. "Because. . . because I. . . Well. " She shrugged her shoulders. "Because only perverts go into places like that. "

He laughed again.

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   "This is coming from the woman who was going to buy the gay stud porno book. " Matt stepped over to the door and opened it, waved for her to join him. "Here, let’s go in. "

In the back of Nancy’s mind, a little voice was trying to be heard, overriding her good, common sense.

"Oh. Oh no. You’ve got to be kidding. I’m not going in there. "

He peeked inside, then took her gently by the elbow. "I don’t see any perverts running amok in there. C’mon. It’ll be an adventure. Didn’t you say your husband’s always telling you that you should try new things?"

"I don’t think he meant to hang out with people buying smut. "

"If you’ve never tried green eggs, Sam. .

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  . "

Nancy tried to stand her ground, but giggled.

"C’mon. Have I ever led you wrong?" Matt gave her a puppy look.

The little voice in her head wondered, what would the girls at the gym do? She thought she knew that answer.

Nancy sighed, relenting. "Oh, all right. But just for a minute. "

The little voice gave her a pat on the back. She was going to do something crazy and spontaneous!

Matt grinned and led her inside.


Nancy clung to Matt and followed him down a short hallway that opened up into a large, spacious warehouse divided into two floors, with another room at the back of the strore. She looked out over shelves and racks packed full of stuff that she never dreamed existed. A counter full of colorful bottles, magazines and sex toys was located right next to the hallway. Nancy gazed around, taking everything in. It wasn’t at all like she’d expected.

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   The store was bright and clean, with several couples wandering around, shopping.

An attractive young woman working at the counter nodded to Matt, who smiled back.

"Hey, Angie!"

"Matt! Long time, no see!" The young woman broke into a huge smile and bounded around the counter. She flung herself at Matt, almost bowling him over, and threw her arms around him. "You look so fucking hot, I could just eat you up!"

Matt smiled at Nancy as the woman broke her clinch. "Nancy, this is Angela. She owns this fine establishment. "

Nancy stood, shocked. Angela was one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen. She was tall and thin, but shapely, with a lions mane of curly, bright red hair. She wore a long, green velvet dress, and black knee-high boots with long, spiked heels. Her full lips were just a shade darker than her hair, and when she smiled at Matt, her entire face lit up.

For the second time that day, Nancy felt a pang of jealousy run through her body. She suddenly felt very old and plain.

Matt untangled himself and Angela turned a pair of intense green eyes on Nancy, taking her in.

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   She set her hands on her hips and flipped her hair over her shoulder. "So. What are you two doing tonight, popping in out of the blue?"

"Nancy’s never been into a place like this before. I thought we’d just have a look around. "

A customer wandered over to the counter, looking for help. Angela smiled at Nancy again. "Well. You kids have fun. " She gave Matt a quick kiss on the cheek and bounded back behind the counter. "Just yell if you need anything. I’ll only be here for a few more minutes, but Tammy and Candy are both around here somewhere. "

Matt took Nancy by the arm again, walking her into the store. Nancy looked up at him, then back at Angela. "So you two know each other?"

He grinned back. "Angela and I are, umn.

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  . . acquainted. Yeah. "

Huh, Nancy wondered. What exactly does that mean?

She looked around. "This isn’t as bad as I thought. "

He laughed. "Angela doesn’t tolerate the sleazy thing, with guys in overcoats slinking around exposing themselves to helpless young women. " He ruffled her hair, then his face got serious for a second. "But there are some places like this here in town that a woman probably shouldn’t go. At least not by herself. "

He stopped at the end of an aisle, filled with adult toys. Nancy’s eyes popped open, and Matt grinned again.

"But she’s definitely in the sex business.

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Nancy wandered down the aisle, taking everything in. Boxes of condoms, rubber dolls, underwear, handcuffs, bondage equipment, rubber penises of every shape, size and color, everything she’d heard the girls at the gym giggling about, right in front of her eyes.

"What do people use all this stuff for?"

Matt laughed again. Nancy liked his laugh, it wasn’t mocking, like Jack’s when she’d ask a question.

"You can probably guess. Most of it’s pretty self-explanatory, I think. "

She stopped and stared at a display, and Matt walked up behind her.

"You like that?"

Nancy was looking at a box with a picture of a half-naked man, his hand shoved down his underpants, advertising the Dong-O-Rama, ‘the most realistic vibrating penis money can buy! A whopping 8 inches of excitement to satisfy every taste!’

She looked at Matt, and blushed again. "What? No. . . I, uh. . . " she stuttered.

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   "It’s. . . huge. "

"You think?" Matt lifted the box, turned it on it’s side.

"Huh, not a bad price. " He looked back at Nancy with a wicked grin. "When’s your birthday?"

"What? Oh, no, you can’t be serious. . . "

Nancy jumped after him as he tucked the box under his arm, turned and walked back to the counter, whistling.

"Matt! Wait. . . wait!"

She tried to grab him, but he was already handing the box to a pale girl dressed in tight, black vinyl hip-huggers and a matching bra, with stiletto-heeled boots laced halfway up her long legs and a thick leather dog collar buckled around her neck.

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"Hi Candy. "

Candy smiled over the register at Matt as she opened the box and pulled out a big, thick dildo.

"Hey, Matt. Nice choice. "

Nancy clutched at Matt’s arm, mortified, as the girl dropped a pair of batteries into a small, plastic box attached to a cord that ran into the base of the dildo.

"Thanks. This is an early birthday present for my friend here. "

Candy grinned at Nancy. "This is just to make sure everything works okay, ‘cause we can’t take this back if it’s broken. " She twisted a little dial on the box, and the dildo began to vibrate.

Nancy stared at the floor, trying hard not to look.

"Perfect. " Candy turned off the vibrator, packed it back up in its box, and scanned the purchase with a beep. "Do you two need any ‘lube with that?" She pointed to a display of squeeze tubes under the glass counter. "We’ve got a special, two-for-one this week.

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"Sounds great. "

"All-righty. That’ll be $59. 97. "

Matt handed Candy some bills and she gave him his change, then dropped the box and two hot-pink squeeze tubes into a plain black plastic bag and handed it over the counter.

Candy smiled as Nancy slowly took the bag with a trembling hand. "You have fun with that tonight!"

"Um, okay. Thanks. " Somehow, Nancy managed not to drop the bag.

Candy pointed to a ledge over the front door. "Matt, did you check out Angela’s new display? She did it just for you. "

Nancy looked up. A series of female-shaped mannequins posed in various stages of dress, starting with a fully dressed mannequin in a black suit and skirt, ending with one wearing just a set of lingerie.

When Nancy glanced back, Matt was looking at her with a little smile on his face.

"What?" She said.

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"That," he cocked his head at the display, "would look great on you. "

She almost floated all the way back to the car.


Matt walked Nancy to her door. She turned toward him and fidgeted with her shopping bags, uncertain of what she should do now.

He smiled down at her, and gave her a gentle hug and a small peck on her cheek, sending tendrils of warm, tingling pleasure through her. Nancy awkwardly tried to hug him back, but the bags got in her way.

"Thank you for dinner. I had fun. "

He laughed again and rubbed the spot on her cheek where his lips had touched. "Good. I’m glad. "

They shared a small silence. Nancy shuffled her feet, the happy-voice part of her wondering if she should ask him in for a drink.

That’s just crazy.

The Happy Nancy tried to shush another little voice that suddenly popped into her head, reminding her about her husband.



Jack was probably working hard tonight, it said. He’s all alone is some strange city, trusting you here at home. And you want to invite in some young guy you don’t really even know for a drink?

But a little drink would be okay, she thought. He’s been so nice, I should do something for him. . .

"Would you. . . " She could barely hear her own voice, but Matt was already backing away, to his car.

"You have a great night Nancy. Sweet dreams. "

Nancy watched him walk to his car, mentally kicking herself.

Too late, you missed that chance, said the Happy Voice. It didn’t sound quite so happy now.

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Nancy shook out her keys and unlocked the door, stepping into her empty house. She turned off the porchlight, and saw Matt wave to her from his car. She waved back and with a burst of energy, hip-checked the door closed. She leaned against the door for a moment, her eyes closed, then wandered into the hallway.

Nancy made it about halfway down the hall when a strange tingling sensation started burning at the back of her neck.

Then the front door banged open,

She jumped, and spun around. The door was wide open. Hadn’t she locked it? She walked back to the door and peered outside. Nobody there. Matt’s car was already gone, too.

She shut the door again, turning the deadbolt.

There, she thought. Locked now.

She walked back down the hallway into her bedroom, and tossed the bags on the edge of the bed. She walked into the bathroom, and the two voices played Good cop - Bad cop in her head while she brushed her teeth.

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You’re married, said one. And why would he be interested in you, anyway? You’re probably twice his age.

Nancy peered at herself in the mirror, scrubbing away, looking at the age lines slowly creeping into her face.

I don’t know how old he is. And he asked me out to dinner tonight, she thought. Why would he do that?

Because he felt sorry for you.

But, what about after, at the store?

He could have any woman there, the voice said. You saw how the redhead looked at him. She basically threw herself at him. He even said they knew each other.

Nancy spit, disgusted with herself. She rinsed her mouth and spit again, put back her toothbrush.

Maybe I should’ve thrown myself at him when he tried to kiss me, she thought.

So he could’ve laughed at you?

Nancy groaned at the thought.

She walked out of the bathroom, kicking off her shoes.

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   She slipped her blouse off over her head, unbuttoned her pants and pushed them to the floor. She stood in her panties and bra, the same pair she’d bought for Jack, and inspected herself in the full-length mirror standing by the dresser, in front of the bed. She turned this way and that, cupping her breasts.

Maybe not too bad yet, she thought.

Despite having had two children and lugging around some extra weight for the last few years, her breasts and belly didn’t have any stretch marks. In the push-up bra, her heavy breasts almost even looked perky. And her tummy still had a little pooch, but her waist was slimming down. She turned and looked at her ass. Not so good there, she thought. That’s where most of the weight had settled, there and in her thighs. But she could see some muscle tone making a comeback, fighting the bits of cellulite spreading around the tops of her legs.

Maybe good enough for Matt?

Nancy remembered Angela again, with her tight young body, and sighed, dropping onto the side of the bed. The mattress bounced under her, knocking her bags to the floor. She bent over and picked up the bag closest to her.

The black bag.

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As she sat back up, the vibrator and two pink tubes dropped out into her lap.

Nancy set the bag back down on the bed beside her and stared at the box in her lap for a long minute.

Remember Jack, the voice said.

Then she grabbed the box and opened it up.


Nancy pulled out the vibrator with shaking hands and set the box down on the edge of the bed.

She never noticed it tip over the side and fall to the floor. All her attention was on the massive chunk of rubber clenched tightly in her trembling, sweaty fist. She examined the ridges and veins molded into the vibrator, the small hole at the tip. She ran her hand down the shaft until both her fists touched. It’s so big, she thought. And heavy. She touched it’s base where the cord was attached, molded into the likeness of a man’s scrotum.

She groped on the bed for the little control box and turned it on, using the dial like she’d seen the employee at the store do. It buzzed to life in her hands, causing her to gasp. Her mouth was dry, and Nancy licked her lips and glanced around, checking to make sure she was alone.

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A vague warning bell seemed to go off for a second, that little voice still trying to get her to listen to common sense.

She giggled a little at her foolishness. She looked around for the box to put the thing away, and the little voice seemed to sigh at her first rational decision of the night.

Then she looked into the mirror.

She saw herself, sitting on the bed with her legs spread slightly, breathing rapidly, her face and chest flushed. Her nipples were hard, poking against the material of her bra, and she felt a warm wetness spreading into her panties.

And then she saw - or thought she saw - Matt, in the mirror, standing in front of her, naked, her hands gripping his hard, pulsing penis, the tip hovering just near her face.

Nancy blinked.

The image was gone when she opened her eyes, and she was just holding the vibrator again, still buzzing away.

"Oh God. " A wave of horniness washed over her, and her panties were suddenly soaking wet. She licked her lips again, and closed her eyes.

Suddenly, it was like he was there again.

This time Nancy didn’t open her eyes. She pretended to reach out for his penis, gripping him, running her hands over its length.

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   She pressed it against her face, rubbing it back and forth over her mouth, licking the shaft with her tongue. She thought she could feel it, warm and throbbing against her lips. She kissed it, running her tongue over the mushroom-shaped head, letting the tip fill her mouth.

And then she was blindly groping for one of the bottles of lubricant.

Nancy knocked one tube to the floor but found the other and popped open the top. She vaguely realized she had no idea how to use the stuff, but managed to squeeze a bunch of goo out into her hand, and she rubbed the jelly over the vibrator. Then she spread out on the bed, pulling her wet panties away from her crotch with one hand, pressing the tip of the vibrator against the soft lips of her vagina with the other. She rubbed it along her clit and felt a jolt of pleasure, causing another flood of moisture to seep down her crotch.

She heard herself moan, and she pulled her legs up and wrapped her hands around her ass to get a better grip on the vibrator. She pushed it gently against her pussy, feeling it slide slowly into her, filling her. She gasped as she took the first few inches, her back arching. The dildo slipped in almost without her help, as if it had found a life of its own, and was hunting for the place it was meant to be.

Nancy’s hand flopped around next to her, searching for the control box. She found it and flicked the speed dial. The vibrator roared to life inside her, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

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   Nancy felt her toes curling and tried to imagine Matt leaning over her with her legs wrapped tightly around his neck, slowly pushing himself deep into her body, making love to her. Nancy felt her hips buck, and she cried out as the vibrator wormed further into her.

She ran her hands up to her breasts, leaving a trail of shiny, wet lubricant over her belly, and imagined Matt squeezing them through her bra. She sighed and her body relaxed, and the last few inches of the dildo slid into her pussy. Nancy felt the latex balls pressing against her ass as she played with her tits, wondering what it would feel like to have Matt licking and biting her nipples while he rode her. She could almost feel his hands running over her body, taking her arms by the wrists and pulling them over her head, pinning them down into the mattress. Her hips started churning, and she thrust her hands over her head, through a hole in the headboard, imagining Matt was tying her to the bed.

Nancy groaned, and she bucked and writhed, her eyes squeezed shut, head thrown back into her pillows. She thought she could feel the vibrator slowly moving in and out of her pussy as she ground her hips, pushing her ass hard into the bed.

And then she was coming.

Nancy felt her orgasm building, starting in her fingers and toes, and suddenly she felt like she was exploding. She tossed and turned as she came, her wrists stuck in place.

And then she flipped over onto her stomach.

Nancy thought she felt Matt’s strong hands circle her waist, raising her hips up, and she moaned again as the dildo was pushed harder into her. She imagined the hands pulling her panties away from her butt, and imagined she could feel the tip of the lubricant tube pushed into her asshole, the cool jelly spreading inside her.

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The little voice of concern nipped around the edge of her mind, wondering how this could be happening. She vaguely realized she hadn’t turned over by herself, but her body was burning up with lust now, and she just squirmed, gasping over and over, "Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass. . . "

And then there was a pressure against her bottom, strong and insistent. Nancy felt her asshole stretch, like she was trying to use the bathroom. She felt the bed shift and her butt was jerked higher into the air as something big and hard slowly slid into her asshole. The sudden pressure caused her eyes to pop open, and she cried out and tried to turn around. But she was held still; she couldn’t move.

She could just make out her bottom in the mirror behind her, wriggling, stuck up in the air, the vibrator peeking out of her crotch.

There was nothing else there.

But the pressure increased. Nancy felt something thick rubbing the thin layer of skin between her ass and the vibrator wedged deep in her pussy. She thought she felt strong hands slip under her body, cupping and squeezing her breasts, pulling her bra down and slowly rubbing her nipples.

The pressure against her bottom was relentless and she felt her body expand, wondering if she would split open.

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Nancy felt a hand slide down her moist, sticky belly, slipping into the top edge of her panties and down further, until it cupped her pussy. She felt fingers play with her clit, sending a long burst of pleasure through her. She cried out again and buried her face deep into her pillows. She could vaguely hear a soft, wet, slurping sound as the pressure in her bowels began easing slowly in and out.

She swore she heard a man groan with pleasure.

Suddenly, in the mirror, she could see him again, almost as clear as day. Matt was kneeling behind her, resting his body over hers, his face buried against her neck and his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. She could see the muscles in his back and his ass moving as he slowly fucked her from behind.

She heard herself moaning.

And just like that, she was coming again, the orgasm burning through her, and she shoved herself against him, wanting more of him, begging him to fuck her ass. She tried to pull her hands out from under the headboard to hold him while she came, but the weight of his body pumping against hers pushed her arms even further through. She felt skin peel from her forearms as they scraped against the wood.

"M-M-Matt. . .

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She managed to gasp his name as the pain from her abused arms coupled with the pleasure from her orgasm, and her body surrendered to him, her orgasm coming in waves, leaving her trembling and gasping for breath. She looked behind her again, into the mirror.

Again she seemed alone in the bedroom, but her bottom was still jutting up in the air, shaking. She could still feel the pressure, the fullness moving in and out of her ass, and her body was pushed steadily, rythmically forward, her face mashing into her pillows.

She was exhausted, and her eyelids fluttered as her orgasm continued. She couldn’t stay awake now, her body felt heavy as lead. Nancy distinctly felt a pair of hands grab her ass and squeeze, heard the low, gutteral growl of a man in orgasm, and then her body was brutally shoved forward.

As her forehead smacked up against the headboard, Nancy vaguely wondered if she was going crazy.


Matt arched his back, his eyes closed tight, and smiled happily. He shoved himself hard up against Nancy’s ass, enjoying his orgasm, letting it sweep him away. The dildo buried in her pussy vibrated pleasantly against his dick, and he felt her sphincter muscles clenching around him, trying to push him out of her ass.

Matt looked down at her asshole, stretched out as wide as her forearm. He grinned and gave her butt cheeks a vigorous massage.

Nancy had moaned his name and passed out just before he came. He watched her face while his dick slowly softened inside her, and ran his hands over her panties.



Cute, he thought. Older women seemed to always wear nice, flowery bra’s, but the lacy panties had been a surprise.

When he dropped Nancy off and kissed her goodnight, Matt had sent a little wave of control over her. She’d been pretty easy to manipulate during their date. He’d only needed to give her a suggestion here and there along the way, wanting her to make her own decisions, and then running with the choices she’d made. But he’d given her that one shot so he could follow her into the house without her seeing him. He let her get inside and shut her door, and he watched her through the window until she moved down the hallway. Then he’d thrown open the door and slipped into the house as she rushed back. He was inside, standing just next to Nancy when she shut the door again and locked it.

Then he just followed her into the bedroom and he’d waited while she brushed her teeth, quietly arguing with herself over whether or not he really liked her.

That had made him smile.

He watched her take off her clothes and tried to keep his dick from exploding through his pants as she examined herself in the mirror. When she sat down on the bed and knocked the packages to the floor, he’d almost given her another dose of control, but he waited. If Nancy had picked up the bag with the book, he’d have left her alone for the night.

But she didn’t.

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She’d reached down, completely ignoring the book, and picked up the bag with the dildo.

Matt knew he had her then, so he’d taken off his own clothes, and his dick quietly whispered its thanks to him.

Don’t mention it, partner, he thought.

And he let his control slip, just a little, as she played with her new toy, and smiled when she looked up and saw him in the mirror. He watched her eyes glaze over with the fantasy she was creating, watched her slip the dildo into her pussy and start fucking it like someone was really riding her. When she pinned her hands above her head, Matt knew she was pretending to be tied down.

He watched her squirm on the bed, and listened to her little panting breaths as her orgasm boiled over.

Didn’t want to hang out with the perverts, huh Nancy?

Matt grabbed an ankle and flipped her over, crawling up onto the bed. He pulled her hips higher into the air, jabbed the open tube of lubricant into her asshole and squirted it full of the slippery liquid.

Then he started fucking her.

Her ass was tight as hell, but her body had relaxed with her first orgasm, and the lubricant helped him ease into her. Halfway in, he laid on top of her so he could get a better handful of her breasts. She’d surprised him by pushing her butt hard against him, forcing him almost all the way inside her. He let her see him in the mirror again as he fucked her.

Matt knew he probably didn’t have to go to the trouble of hiding himself at all, and that she’d been on the verge of asking him inside earlier.

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But this was so much more fun.

And then she came. He felt warm fluid running down his legs as she ground her butt in circles against him. With the combination of her ass muscles clenching him and the vibrator buzzing against the bottom of his dick, Matt knew that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer either.

And then it was his turn. He heard himself groan as he shot his load into her ass and he leaned into her, spreading her butt wider with his hands, pushing himself all the way inside.

Now Matt grinned at the sight of her body underneath him, crumpled into the bed.

He pulled his dick out of her ass with a wet slurping sound, and turned her back over. Her arm flopped over her heavy breasts, smashing them flat.

Nancy was out cold, probably for the night. She was going to be sore tomorrow, and her forearms were really going to hurt; they were scraped raw and were turning a nice shade of purple from being rubbed against the wood edge of her headboard. She had a sticky-wet layer of lubricant and cum smeared over her belly and between her legs.

Matt looked at the vibrator, shoved as far into her pussy as it would go. He thought about yanking it out but decided to leave it. She could get it out when she woke up.

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   Instead, he turned the speed up as high as it would go, grinning at it buzzed around in her crotch.

He wondered what was going to be running through her head tomorrow.

Better to let her sleep for now. She was going to need all the rest she could get. He had a feeling she was going to experiencing a few life changing events over the next few days.

Probably starting with another visit to Angela tomorrow.

Whistling, Matt padded into the bathroom to clean up.


Nancy woke to sunshine streaming into the bedroom, a pounding bladder and a strange buzzing sound.

She groaned and rolled over, tried to stand up. Something tangled around her legs and she almost fell, but managed to catch herself on the edge of the bed.

Groggily, she tried to push the bedcovers away from her, but they were already lying on the floor. She looked down and saw the cord wrapped around her legs, and what she’d done last night came back to her in a rush.

"Oh my God," she mumbled.

She started to untangle herself from the cord, found the vibrator still wedged into her vagina, humming merrily away. She felt sticky from all the goop smeared over her hands and legs, and a huge wet spot covered the place on the bed where she’d passed out.

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   Nancy looked at her arms and gasped. They were black and blue, with large, bloody scrapes running from her wrists almost to her elbows. Her body hurt all over, and her bottom seemed especially sore.

She felt like she had to poop, badly, and the pressure from her bladder doubled as she bent over and unwrapped the cord.

Yuck, she thought. I need to get this thing out of me.

Nancy turned off the vibrator, stood up, and almost fell over again. She steadied herself, braced a hand against the bed, spread her trembling legs and tried to get a grip on the base of the dildo. It was still lathered with the wet, sticky lubricant, and was pushed so far inside her Nancy couldn’t get a grip.

"Shit. "

She tried again, realized she couldn’t get it out that way. So she wound the cord in her hand a couple times, braced herself again, squatted as far down as she could, and pulled. The dildo slowly oozed out, and Nancy pulled a little harder. She shut her eyes, feeling it slide free, until finally all eight, dripping inches swung free in her hand. She tossed it onto the wet spot on the bed and steadied herself, then wobbled into the bathroom to pee.

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Nancy emerged from the bathroom about twenty minutes later followed by a cloud of steam, wrapping a bath towel around her head, with another tied around her chest. She looked at the mess she’d made of the bedroom and sighed.

Then the phone on the night-table rang.

She let the answering machine pick up. After the beep, she recognized her husbands voice.

"Hi honey, it’s Jack. "

He sounded annoyed, put out. He usually did when he called. Nancy could’ve sworn she heard a woman giggling quietly in the background.

"I just wanted to apologize for not calling last night, but I got, uh, a little tied up. Heh. "

That time she was sure of it. And now there was more than one voice, and definitely female.

She heard Jack put his hand over the phone and shush whoever it was.

"Anyway, hope you had a good night.

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   Everything’s looking, uh, up, so far this trip. I’ll call you back later. ‘Bye. "

She stared at the phone, shocked.

Not that she hadn’t suspected him of having an affair. She wasn’t a stupid person. She knew the signs, and the fact was, they rarely had sex anymore.

But now she was sure of it, and probably with more than just one person, too, by the sound of it. And to call her while he was with someone else?

That was low.

For a second she felt like falling on the bed and crying.

Then she remembered last night.

She thought of Matt, walking her to her door. Kissing her. Now that she thought about it for a second, he’d been flirting with her all night. Hadn’t he?

Nancy smacked her forehead.

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She wasn’t stupid, no. But she’d tried to be faithful to her husband for so long, she couldn’t see the signs that were right in front of her face.

Nancy realized that she was really attracted to Matt, and was sure that was due partly because he’d been friendly to her. All those trips to his store, all his smiles, talking with her when she didn’t have anyone else to listen. . .

All those stories about her being home, alone, her husband off on business. . .

She smacked her head again.

He probably thinks I want to have an affair!

Nancy realized suddenly that if she’d asked him in for that drink last night, she probably wouldn’t have needed to use that. . . vibrator. .

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  . that he’d bought. . . for. . . her.

"Omigod. I could’ve had sex last night," she mumbled to herself.

She paced for a second, thinking. Jack’s voice ran through her head.

Do something fun and exciting. Do something new .

All right Jack, she thought, pulling open her dresser.

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   She dug around and found another pair of the cute, new panties and a fresh, sexy bra.

She dropped the towel to the floor, and slipped on the panties. She snapped on the bra and fished around again, finding a comfortable, long-sleeve t-shirt and an old, faded pair of Levi’s. She dressed as quickly as her sore body would allow, brushed her hair, and took stock of herself in the mirror.

I just won’t be doing it with you.

She decided she felt pretty good, and she didn’t think she looked half bad.

Time to put that theory to the test, she thought. Just need to make one pit-stop first.

Then she slipped on a pair of leather sandals, grabbed her purse and walked out the door.


Nancy retraced her steps from last night, and finally wound up back at Angela’s store, staring up at the wall display.

"Hi, can I help you?" said a familiar voice from behind her.

Nancy turned to find Angela smiling at her, appraising her with those bright green eyes of hers.

The nervous butterflies came back suddenly, causing Nancy’s stomach to flitter around.

"Hi. Um, I was here for a little while last night with a, uh, friend of mine, and he introduced us?"

"You were with Matt.

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"Right. I’m N. . . "

"Nancy. Right. I remember. " Angela looked up at the display, her hands on her hips, shaking out her long, curly hair.

That little pang of jealousy snuck back. Nancy wondered if Matt had touched that hair, or those hips.

"So you had so much fun last night, you decided to come back by yourself?"

"Well. . . " Nancy tried.

Angela kept talking.


   "I noticed Matt bought you a little gift before you left. "

Nancy blushed. She tried to ignore her burning cheeks and pointed to the display. "I came back because Matt said he really liked that outfit. "

There, Little Miss Cute-and-Perky Redhead. That should let you know which one of us Matt wants, she thought. She tried to return Angela’s steady gaze and look casual and confident.

"And I bet he thought you’d look fabulous in it?" Angela’s eyes never wavered.

"Um, well, yes, he did," she took a deep breath. "I’d like to buy the whole outfit. "

"I see. " Angela smirked. "You want to buy it to please him?"

That was an odd way of putting it, Nancy thought. "Yes, um, I think so. "

Angela grabbed Nancy’s hand, pulled it up so she could see her wedding ring.

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   She raised her eyebrows and said, "You’re sure?"

Nancy looked at the ring and thought about all it had meant to her, once, even just a day or two ago. Then she looked Angela dead in the eye.

"Yes. "

Angela’s face changed, and she took Nancy’s hand and threw her arm around her, like they were old friends.

"Okay. " Angela waved up at the mannequins. "But you’ve got to realize, that’s just a sample. All the clothing we sell here is custom made to fit, and that particular dress suit with all of the accessories and lingerie runs about $2500. 00. "

Nancy felt her mouth drop open. She stared at Angela, stunned.

"You. . . you’re kid.

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  . . " she stammered. Angela grinned.

"Nope. Not kidding. " She looked up again. "I had a feeling Matt would get a rise out of that outfit. I don’t think he knows it, but he’s got a deep, repressed fetish for the mature business woman look. "

She looked back at Nancy, who was struggling to regain her composure. "A little surprised, huh?"

Nancy nodded.

"We don’t sell anything off the rack here. Even the lingerie is tailored, just for you. " Angela tossed her hair again. "And him," she added.

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Nancy could feel a deep disappointment, a sudden hollowness in the pit of her stomach, like the bottom dropping out of an elevator.

"I don’t have that kind of money. I’m sorry, I probably just wasted your time for nothing. "

Angela smiled. "Don’t be silly. "

"No, really. My husb. . . I mean, I can’t spend that much money for clothes. " Not even for Matt, she thought.

Angela looked at her and paused, considering. "For a friend of Matt, maybe I can work something out. "

"What do you mean? I can’t. .

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  . "

"Listen, why don’t you come back to my office with me, and we’ll take some measurements. " Angela put her fingers over Nancy’s lips as she started to protest, and Nancy felt a deep, warm, relaxing tingle run through her body at the touch. "Don’t worry, we can figure out what this will cost you later. "

"You’re sure?"

Angela turned Nancy around and guided her past the counter, to a double-door that opened into a dark hallway.

"I’m very sure. "

Nancy breathed a sigh of relief, and thought of Matt’s face when he looked at her here last night.

This might actually work out, she thought. I might still be able to surprise him.

Angela snapped her fingers at a pretty young lady dressed in bondage gear working the counter.

"Rachel, send Candy back with a tape measure, right away. "

"Yes, Angela," said the clerk.

Angela smiled at the back of Nancy’s head as she guided her down the hall. And what price will be high enough for you to pay for Matt’s attention, she wondered?

Angela gently squeezed Nancy’s arm, and her smile grew.

But it never touched her eyes.

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"So how do you know Matt?"

Nancy was standing in Angela’s office, dressed in just her panties and her bra. Angela asked Nancy to strip while they waited for Candy, then folded her clothes and carefully placed them on an old, victorian-style love seat; and now she was pacing the room, giving Candy and another employee, Cindy, instructions as they took Nancy’s measurements.

"I shop at his store a lot. " Nancy looked around in amazement. The office was buried at the very back of the warehouse. Nancy guessed it was easily as large as her basement at home, and it was decorated like something out of a gothic movie with dark, lush, velvet covered furniture.

Angela stopped circling the room and sat on the red velvet couch in front of Nancy, leaned back and crossed her legs. Nancy had to pry her eyes away from the flash of creamy white skin and forced herself to look Angela in the eyes.

"How about you? Where did two meet?"

Candy pushed Nancy’s arms out to her sides and wrapped a tape measure around her waist as the other girl scribbled numbers down in a notepad.

Angela smiled and stretched, cat-like.

"Do you really want to know?"

Did she? Angela’s questions always seemed to jump out of left field, and Nancy had the uncomfortable feeling that Angela knew exactly what she was thinking all the time. But for some reason, Nancy had to know what their relationship was.

"Sure. "

Nancy thought she caught a strange look pass between Candy and Cindy.

"A mutual.

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  . . friend of ours introduced us some time ago. "

"Oh," said Nancy. She wasn’t sure what that meant either. "Like a blind date?"

Angela laughed. "Not quite. The gentleman, Melvin, owns a business, something like this one, but he also manufactures. . . certain sorts of toys and paraphernalia. "

Candy squatted down in front of Nancy and ran the tape measure up the inside of her leg. A chill ran through Nancy as the girls fingers brushed against the soft, sensitive skin at the top of her thigh, and Candy held the tape with her fist pressed gently against Nancy’s crotch.

Nancy swallowed around a dry throat.

"Like the things you sell?"

Angela played with a lock of fiery red hair, wrapping it around her finger.

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"He makes very high-quality bondage gear, for very, very discriminating adults. We sell some of his nicer equipment here, and he supplies all of our handcuffs and the like. And he sells a lot of our clothing at his shop. We have a nice. . . working relationship. " She smiled. "Anyway, he sold Matt some gear for Matt’s first pet, and. . . "

Nancy was having a hard time concentrating. She felt like she was wading through a thick fog. Candy was dressed in nothing but a black silk teddy and stiletto heeled boots, and Nancy found herself staring down Candy’s cleavage as the girl worked.

Candy noticed and smiled.

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Nancy flushed again, and wondered if the girl ever took off that dog collar. Then Angela’s last comment jerked her back to attention.

Pet? What kind of pet did Matt have?

". . . Melvin thought enough of Matt to introduce us," Angela continued, "and now Matt buys clothing for all his pets here. "

Nancy was really confused. How many dogs did Matt have?

"Matt dresses up his dog, er, dogs, in. . . in lingerie and stuff?"

Angela looked surprised, and the girls giggled.

"Sorry, what?"

"His dog. . . I mean, I didn’t know he had a pet, but that’s kind of weird.

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A slow smile spread across Angela’s face. She stood up and slowly walked behind her employees, who stood motionless.

"I suppose I should have said ‘slave’, or ‘sex-slave’ instead. " Angela ran the side of her hand down Cindy’s cheek.

Cindy looked down at her feet and bit her lip.

"That’s the term most people understand, but it seems so. . . so barbaric. You know? I prefer the term ‘pet’ for my slaves. "

Angela grabbed a silver ring set into the dog collar buckled around Cindy’s neck and pulled her closer, then grinned at Nancy, who stood dumbstruck. "I tend to forget most Normals might not understand. "

Angela stroked Cindy again, and the girls eyes fluttered closed.

"Sweet, sweet girl," Angela murmered.

Nancy’s eyes popped open as Angela gave Cindy a long, slow kiss.

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When she released her, Cindy’s eyes were glazed over and she swayed slightly, out on her feet. Angela wrapped an arm around Candy’s waist and pulled her close, whispered something to her that Nancy couldn’t hear.

Candy knelt back down in front of Nancy, and Angela slid around behind her, trailing a finger over Nancy’s shoulder.

That strange tingle shot through her body again, giving her a sudden chill. Nancy felt goosebumps pop up on her arms, and Candy slowly ran her hands up her legs.

"Normals? I don’t. . . I don’t understand. " Nancy was scared now, surrounded by the three women.

Angela slipped her hands around Nancy’s waist, locking her fingers together over her belly. Nancy felt her body pressing gently against her, the soft, warm feel of Angela’s dress against her naked back.

The feeling of pins and needles exploded through her body.

She tried to say something, to make Angela stop, but she couldn’t speak. Angela’s warm breath tickled her ear.



"You want to know if Matt and I are lovers?"

Nancy nodded, licking her lips.

"We’re not. " Angela’s lips just touched the edge of Nancy’s ear. "But it hasn’t been for lack of trying. "

The voice in her head was screaming at Nancy now, trying to push a message through the fog clouding her head, telling this was insane. Telling her to run, to get out and not look back.

"W-why?" Nancy’s voice was thick, trembling. She felt her body shaking.

Angela lightly nipped Nancy’s ear with her little, white teeth. Nancy heard herself moan, felt her eyes flutter.

"You don’t really know him, do you?"

Nancy tried to speak again, but couldn’t seem to get her mouth to work. She shook her head, managed a weak, "No. "

"Did you know that he brought me one of his pets not long ago? A young girl, after he’d helped her former roommate rape her in her bed?"

Nancy’s eyes went wide. Angela smiled.

"I didn’t think so.

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   He decided to keep her, as a trophy. " Angela paused, savoring the moment.

She pointed to a wooden rack standing at the far side of the room. "We locked her in there, bent over, gagged and squirming. He let me. . . play with her, while he watched. "

Candy began kissing Nancy’s legs, running her hands up and cupping her bottom.

"He liked that. " Angela smiled at the memory. "We filmed it, if you’d like to see it?"

Nancy shook her head wildly.

"No? It excited him, watching us. " Angela ran her hands in a slow circle on Nancy’s stomach. "But he wouldn’t let me touch him.

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   Would you like me to tell you why?"

Nancy shook her head again, wanting her to stop.

"No? Perhaps tonight I’ll show you. But I do think you should understand the consequences of your choice to be with Matt, what he’s really like. Don’t you?"

A pit opened in Nancy’s stomach as Angela spoke, telling her sick, perverted stories about Matt’s sexual appetites.

"He brought the girl to me because he knows me; because we’re the same person in so many ways. " Angela’s hands slipped down Nancy’s belly, into her panties, and gently stroked her pubic hair. "Because we’re both predators. "

No no no. . . Matt’s not like that! He wouldn’t do that! He wouldn’t!

But Nancy continued to listen, sick, and Angela whispered more filth into her ear as the women fondled her.

Slowly, as Angela spoke, the panicky voice faded deep into the fog that had taken over Nancy’s mind. She felt warm hands hook into the waistband of her panties, pulling them down, exposing her bottom. Cindy stood behind Candy and grabbed Nancy’s hands, placing them on the back of Candy’s head, bunching her fingers into her thick brown hair.

"And Normals - people like you, are our prey.

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  " Angela slid a finger down further, over Nancy’s clit, then curling up into her pussy.

Nancy’s knees wobbled, and her arms and hands clenched around Candy’s head, pulling her face hard against her crotch. Angela’s hands slid back up her belly to her breasts, and cupped them gently as Candy’s mouth pressed Nancy’s mound, kissing and biting.

"He’s marked you, you know. He wants you to be his pet. " Angela kissed her neck, ran her moist little tongue down along her shoulder. "And you want it, too. I can feel it. That’s why you came back today. Isn’t it?"

Candy gently spread Nancy’s legs wider, and she heard little lapping noises as Candy pressed her mouth against her pussy. A sudden jolt of pleasure ripped through Nancy as Candy flicked her tongue around her clit.

"Oh God. . . " Nancy moaned as the three women swarmed around her, kissing and groping her body.

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"And you wanted to be the good little slave, and surprise your new master with a gift. "

Nancy felt Angela step back, and the other hands suddenly left her body.

She swooned and fell to her knees onto the carpet. The women stood over her as she knelt, her body trembling with fear and excitement.

Angela tangled her fingers in Nancy’s hair and jerked her head back, leaned over. She ran a hand lightly over Nancy’s exposed throat.

"I’d collar you myself, if I could. Make Matt come and find you. " She shook Nancy’s head. "I’d make him beg for you. "

Nancy pawed at the hands clenched in her hair. "Please. . . you’re hurting me.

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  . . "

"But Matt wouldn’t like that, and his gift’s much stronger than mine. "

She shoved Nancy to the floor, wiped her hands, and sat down again on the couch.

Nancy looked up, tears running down her face. Angela sat with her legs crossed, her foot idly swinging just in front of Nancy’s nose.

Cindy held out her folded clothes as Candy helped her stand.

"So if I want him, I have to play by his rules. He’s letting you make your own choices, otherwise he would’ve just bought you the outfit himself last night. " Angela spread her ams out across the back of the couch, relaxed again.

"And that means he’ll let me decide what type of payment I want from you. "

Nancy clutched her clothes to her chest. She tried to wipe the tears away.

"I. .

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  . I can’t take the clothes. I can’t pay for them. "

"It’s much too late to change your mind now, Sweet. "

Angela toyed with her hair again, thinking. "No, you’ll take what you asked me for, and Matt will get to satisfy his little fetish. The outfit won’t be ready to pick up for a week or two though. We have too much work already in line to start on your clothes. "

Nancy gaped at her, stuttering. "But, but. . . "

"Don’t worry, Sweet. Matt’s going to be leaving tonight to visit two more of his little pets in California. " She grinned.

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   "I won’t tell him that you have to wait to try and seduce him. "

Nancy felt a surge of panic, that her plan wasn’t going to work. She remembered Matt telling her during dinner that he was going to be going on vacation soon.

Angela smiled at Nancy’s look of dismay, glanced at an old silver clock on the wall. "Matt should still be at work. If you hurry, you can probably just catch him if you’d like to say goodbye. He was going to try and visit Melvin this afternoon before he left. "

Nancy looked at the clock: three in the afternoon. Maybe she did still have time to see Matt before he left. She tried to pull her panties back up with one hand, struggling with the material.

Angela watched, that little smile playing around her lips.

"Candy, why don’t you help our sweet new friend get dressed. "

Nancy felt Candy’s hair brush against the back of her legs, and then her panties were pulled back into place. Cindy shook out Nancy’s pants, and helped her step into them.

After she was clothed, Angela stood again, grabbed Nancy’s wrist and held it tight.

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"Owww. . . "

She yanked off Nancyâ€.