My Walk in the Woods


She started to stir still and I jumped up from where I was sitting and grabbed her tits roughly handling them pinching her nipples hard thought the fabric of her halter top. I knew right then that I had made the right choice in waiting. She screamed in pain, while her brain was still trying to figure out where she was and what was happening. I quickly pulled up her halter- top and put on some heavy-duty nipple clamps, which produced another scream from her as she was trying to get free. Only now beginning to realize her plight and that she couldn’t move. I have to tell you, I had read several stories on the erotic story post by an author named “ Power-One”, but never really understood his writings until that moment. The sight, sounds and smell along with the adrenaline rush, is impossible to put down in words. Listening to her screams sent, what felt like an electrical shock threw me and I had a raging hard-on, which felt like I was eighteen again it was hard as a steel rod. I almost shot my load right there and then, but I resisted the temptation. I realized I had just found a whole new range of feelings and was not going to short change myself. A plan was coming into shape in my mind and my poor unwilling subject was going to endure a lot of pain and degradation before I was finished using her young body. By now she was alternately cussing for me to let her go laced with empty threats of how she was going to have me arrested to whimpers for me to take the clamps off her nipples and let her go and she would say nothing. I had not uttered a word and my answer to her pleading was just continued silence and roughly moving her from the bench to a sturdy Sawhorse, I had mounted to the floor. In a few minutes I had her naked and secured to the sawhorse face down, with her legs and arms tied to it’s legs. She had quieted down now, which I knew was only going to be for a short time. I took the opportunity to walk around her and admire her tits hanging down on either side of the center beam of the sawhorse and take a good look at her exposed cunt and asshole.

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   My cock was starting to ache a little by now, from the prolonged erection. That would have to wait a little longer I had other things to do first. I grabbed a leather-riding crop and went to work, attacking her hanging tits with the riding crop, which was leaving deep red streak on her tits. Her screams were like music to my ears and my cock was throbbing now as I moved from whipping one tit to the other. Her screams for me to stop only served to incite me further hitting harder and taking pleasure in the design I was creating on her helpless tits. By the time I decided to pay some attention to her ass and pussy, her tits had a neat cross hash pattern on them like grill marks. By now she was pleading for me to stop between her screams of pain as the riding crop landed. I answered by continuing my silence, but I also paused for several minutes, hoping to give her the false hope that I was finished. I watched, as she seemed to be sweating little points of blood from where the crop had left its marks. She was just whimpering now and I wasn’t about to put up with that, I quickly got behind and delivered about a dozen hard strokes square on the lips of her pussy. I was trilled to hear her screams again and really went to work with several dozen more blows to her now red swollen pussy lips. Then I moved to the place I really wanted to be in pain her tight little asshole. I spread one of her cheeks out of the way so I could be sure to strike her asshole squarely. By now she was getting a little horse from screaming but she still managed to yelp loudly when the crop landed on her asshole. All of this had me a state where I didn’t think I could keep myself from Cumming much longer.

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   But I had to be patience for I wanted to give her asshole time to swell up shut. So I went back to being an artist and created a really nice pattern of long red stripes on the cheeks of her ass and her thighs. She was just moaning when I stopped and took a break for by now I was sweating and my arm was getting tired. My cock must have known that its turn was next, because it remained rock hard as I got a drink of water. I filled a glass with ice water and put a straw in it. I put the straw in her mouth and broke my silence for the first time and said DRINK IT’S WATER. My motive was the hope she would regain her voice so I could hear her sweet screams again for what was next. Now was the time for me to release the tension that had been building up in my cock. About my cock I am sorry. I know most of the guys in these stories have 9 “ to 10” monster cocks, but mine is only about 6. 5”it is fairly fat and does have a nice mushroom shaped head. I couldn’t wait any longer I got behind her and spread the cheeks of her ass and was very pleased to see her asshole was a swollen and purple in color. I was also ecstatic to hear her scream again as I placed the head of my prick against her asshole. My answer of course was to ram it in with one stroke, but it took me three really hard pushes to get my whole cock into to her hot ass. She rewarded me each time with a scream a little louder than the last.

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   I don’tthink you would call what I did fucking her in the ass it was more like ravaging it. I pounded into it again and again always being rewarded by her screams of pain. I found that I could turn up her volume a little by pulling all the way out and ramming it in again. I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would but after about three sweet minutes of her tight ass and screams I shot a load like I hadn’t in years. My chest was pounding and my legs were shaky when I pulled my spent shit stained dick out of her hole. Some of her fetal matter had collected behind the head of my dick, which looked like a brown collar. I watched for a while until, my cum started to drip out of her ass. Then I went to clean up. I had so many plans but I was completely spent. There were the unused butt plugs, the electric toys and not to mention I hadn’t fucked her sweet cunt. I did take a few minutes to admire my work. I was spent and had to drop her off someplace and had to prepare her for that. I filled a glass up with ice and Jack Daniels this time and as before I put the straw in her mouth but this time I said I think you need this drink it Jack Daniels on the rocks. With several long pull on the straw she had drained the glass, which I refilled for her only to have her drain it again. Enough for now I have to clean me out of you now.

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   I got an enema bag and filled it with warm water and about 18 ounces of "EverClear" 190 proof grain alcohol. I push the tube into her ass and inflated the balloon on the hose so that she could shit the fluid out. Then I drained the bag into her bowels at which she protested. I told it will only be for a couple of minutes and in the meantime I would get her another drink. The Jack Daniels must have started to ease her discomfort, for she shut up and said please another drink, to which I smiled knowing she was well on her way to passing out again as the grain alcohol was being absorbed into her system thru her colon. I gave her another drink, which she sucked up and asked for more. I said maybe in a couple of minutes. After about 25 minute I could see she was getting quite drunk, I got her from the sawhorse and led her to the bathroom and let her shit out her enema cocktail. I flushed her bottom out one more time and then cleaned her up with some soap and water. I led her back to the spare room and got her dressed and tied her to a chair she was quite drunk now and so I got her one more drink which she sipped on and in about 18 minute I had sleeping beauty back. I waited about ten minute to be sure she was out cold and once again I loaded her back into my car and dropped her off at a small lake not to far from where I knew she lived, to sleep it off just like I found her. For a first time using my spare room I was quite pleased and hope to use it again in the near future. I still do have a lot of toy to break in. I guess for whatever reason she did not report the incident. For I never read or heard anything about it in town.

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