Hi I am sasi kala from chennai. I read all the stories and I thought of posting my own true story. Now I am 32 and I am married and I got a girl baby. I hailed from a very poor family. My father died when I was 7 and my mother was the one who struggled hard to live . After my 12th I got a seat for nursing in a college in chennai. And I was very lucky to get a job in a hospital in Saudi as soon as i finished my nursing. The agent charges us Rs. 40000 to get the job. My mamma got the money for the interest of 5% per month. I was told that I will be paid qr1200 that is about rs 10000. I was very happy for this is going to be the first time to see so much money.
Finally I was in Jeddaha. They picked us from the airport and we where sent to the camp. There I met few of the seniors from india. We got the intorduction.

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   Then they asked me that I have sex experience. I was shocked to hear from them these words. I said no and why do you ask. They said it is a tough time for you and left. I was very much afraid then.
The following morning we where sent to general medical check up. It was amazing for it was a male who was doing the check up. I was upset. It was my turn and I went inside. He was checking for my pressure sugar etc. and finally he asked me to lift my sari for he wanted to check for the infection. I refused but he said there is much more things going to happen in the hospital and if you are not ready they will send me back to india. I remembered the interest my mamma is paying and i just laid in the bed. The man took advantage of my situation and he started rubbing my body. This was the first touch from a stranger and I started shivering.

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   he placed his finger in the edge of my sari and slowly started lifting it up . I just closed my eyes so as the episod will be over soon. I could feel his hand caressing my calf muscle and then going further up. i started to weep. he lifted my saree so as my panty was visible. He rubbed it for a while and I could feel some strange feeling in me. he removed my panty down and was examining it and said you are still a vergin. he said you are so beautiful with great figure and you are very clean. He then added now you are sellected and you can join this hospital. Welcome to the new world and if you co operate you can earn a lot. And then sent me out.
How did you like my first experiance. Please comment so I can share more of my experiance to youI was happy on onside for the confirmation I got for the job and on the other side nervous about what is going to happen. They gave me 2 set of uniforms and ask me to join the duty the other day.
The next day I was ready with my uniform.

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   I noticed the gown was little above my knees as I was tall . Yes I am 5. 8" tall. Luckily they gave us the stockings which was till the middle of my thighs and i was little happy. I looked my self in the mirror and the uniform was great on me . It was a right fit and I could say a little tight for my breast was a bit squeezes and bulging. The other co workers commented on me while I was having the breakfast.
The van picked us to the hospital and it was a general duty for us on that day. They have annouced the shifts will be there only from the next day, The first day of my duty was normal with the introduction of the people and know about the areas etc.
I was also introduced to a egyption doctor and he was the chief. He had a rough voice and was very commanding. One day he called me to his room and started shouting. I did not know the reason for his shouting and started weeping. He slowly came near and send something in arabi and wiped my tears. he gave me lots of advices of how I have to be at the hospital and he also said I have to co operate with the doctors and slowly he placed the hand on my shoulderd has if patter me.

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   I did not know what to do and I was standing still. He was very tall about 6. 3" and had a good body. He might be in his mid 40's. He very well knew that I am on mercy of him and could not do anything other than weeping. He slowly moved his left hand and directly placed the hand the right breast of mine. I was shocked and my legs started shaking. He said it should be 36 and started pressing it. First the pressing was less and then it became hard I nearly screamed. Tears started flowing and I was bitting my lips to stop crying loud. Both his hands are pressing my breast and squeezing. After some time he removed his hand and I thought he will let me go. But he gently slaped my face and when I opend my eyes he asked me to latch the door and come back. I pleaded him to leave me and he gave me another slap hard on my face and electric shock went through my nerves. He warned me that either I shuold co operate or get out of the country with the trail over some cooked up crime.

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   I had no other go but to latch the door. While I was latching he came back from behind and started miling my breast. I could feel his man hood between my crack. I was just standing with the tears. His left slowly traced it way to my left cheek of my butt. He was tracing the crack of my ass and suddenly he slapped it hard. I jumped at that insteant. He was laughing with joy.
He told me that i will get such slaps if I do not react. He then grabed my hair and pushed my head to his crouch. He ordered me to undo the zip. I hesitatingly undid hid zip. He was wearing a boxer short and I could see the his monster making a tent. He pulled my hair hard and said I have to suck it and without his order I have to make him happy and warned me of further slaps. I touched his dick it was very fat and long and as soon as I was touching it , it was becoming more stronger.

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   I said to myself do it to avoid slaps. I took the tip of the dick in tongue. He then pushed my head all the way into my mouth and in my throte , I couldnt breath. He was then pulling my head back and front with the speed and hissing. This went on for a while.
He then ordered me to show my ass to him and then to bent forward pushing by ass backward. He lifted the gown and he could see my white panty. He took the surgeon knife and I could feel the coolness in the crack of my ass as he was cutting them. He was please with my creamy round fleshy ass , ge gave me a light slap on the cheek. He took some creame and applied nicely to my virgin cunt and then to his dick. He tried to insert it to my cunt but mine was too tight. He order me to lift my ass a little further and to spread my leg and he pushed his organ inside. It was a torture and I started screaming as the monster hid inside my cunt. He was apllying all the force without mercy. Once he was fully in he gave me some time to breath and then started pulling and started reciprocating.

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   The pain slowly vanished and I could feel I am wet and his jerks became faster, He was ridding me very fast and I could feel the heaven . I started moaning as he riddig the cunt. His hands were pearcing my fleshy hips and pushing and pulling them. He abused me with all the words . He was calling me a whore and I am fit for this. He said that I am only a meat for him with lots of hole and he could use them as he likes. And so on. This went for about 18 minutes and he pulled the monster out and turned me roung to face his dick and put it in my mouth and the splashed the sperm in my mouth and face. Then he relaxed.
He then order me to clean myself and proceed my nursing work. He gave me a diamond ring on that day and said he was pleased. He order me to come to his place any time when he calls.
My legs were sore and tired , I managed to get up and walk out of his office.
readers Let me know how you liked it. And I will post more of similar insidents.

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