My One Night Fantasy That Became A Brutal Reality


I loved the way men showered their admirations and how easily I could control them. But I always had had an insatiable thirst for sex. I loved it when I sucked and pumped my sex by my pumps and dildos, but I had did not want to try either oral or anal sex. I hated the idea of humiliating myself by sucking a cock (even if it was a dildo in reality) and especially if it had been into an anus as they showed in the movies. But I always got turned on when I saw it in porno movies and feel like doing it but soon after I had had my orgasms I hated the very idea. I never tried anal sex as I was scared of the pain and did not even try it with my smaller dildos. I never really had had real sex, but I was not a virgin either. I had been using dildos for too long a time to be a virgin. Though I had never seen a cock in real life, I once saw it in action. My friend and me once took a shortcut from a highway through a slum during daytime to avoid a near empty and long road from the office to the residential complex. Our car had broken down. That slum was a prostitute area where drunkards hung out and sex was always in the air. While passing I happened to glance into a window and noticed a young woman posing in her stockings (and nothing else) before a black man, the man looked like a brute and was huge in everything. I did not linger over there, in case somebody saw me but I fantasised about him that night. I fantasized being forced to have sex with him, where he controlled me completely. But next morning after my sexual desires had subsided I was disturbed and I remembered that the woman had looked scared, but I put it out of my mind.

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   That had happened many months ago and I forgot the incident completely. That day while returning from a late night office party my car broke down on that same highway and with no help forthcoming I decided to walk and ask for a lift. But I had barely walked 1 km of the 8 km I had to go, when a truck driver stopped and asked me if I was available. I got rid of him by screaming at him and he drove away fast but I was badly shaken and as I walked on I got more scared and then I saw lights in some houses ahead and remembered the shortcut I had taken earlier, it was barely 500m through and I would be safely in civilisation in no time. I decided to take it and entered the ill lit street, and somehow the fact that I would reach home fast did not comfort me as the street looked shadowy and dangerous. But I walked on and as I neared the end of the street I remembered that window, and I became curious to know if "something" was going on. Even though I knew it was not a good idea I turned the corner I was not supposed to and walked about ten feet to the window, and what a sight greeted me! A completely naked woman was sucking a most gigantic cock I had ever seen, she was doing what I believe is called deep-throat; she was definitely a pro. I did not even see the man, I was so enamoured by the act. I lingered over there long enough to see him cum in her mouth which grossed me out and as I turned to leave, a hand clasped to my mouth while another encircled me completely to prevent movement of my hands. I tried to kick but almost lost my balance. As I was picked up, a voice drawled in my ear, "don’t worry; you will get the thing you were fantasizing about while watching the show over there and much more along with it"That was the time when fear actually hit me and I knew I was about to be raped and I tried with all my strength to free myself but to no avail. In the hopeless situation I tried to find out where I was being taken, but I could not see properly which turn I had taken and after half a dozen of turns I stopped trying and became more frightened. I was taken to a lane with only high walls on both sides and no windows. My captor then released me, but before I could react he put on a blindfold making me completely blind and handcuffed my hands behind my back. Then I heard him say, “You can shout however much you like here, no one will ever come here, the last bitch we caned till she broke her voice screaming.

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  ” I so scared by now that I almost retched. I now not only knew that he was not alone and also that they were very brutal. Suddenly he pushed a huge tubular gag into my mouth. “No harm in taking precautions is there? That way we can have our fun uninterrupted,” he said laughing. “C'mon boys give me a hand will ya, these 38 Cs are very heavy” and I heard more laughter and voices coming towards me. “By the way she enjoys sucking,” said my captor, “she was enjoying a show back there,” he said, as I turned red in shame realising of my own mistake. “So she must be enjoying that penis gag now,” said another voice followed by more brutal laughter. I was trying to control my saliva that was almost dribbling out the corners of my mouth. “By the looks of it we got ourselves a respectable lady here, trying to be sexy and I bet she is every bit. Good! They are more fun to teach”I had my office suit, which consisted of a tight black mini skirt, a flimsy blouse and blazer. I had planned to wear the longer skirt but finally decided that it would not do any harm to look a little sexy. It seemed I was about to regret that now. “Nice, cute and short one you caught man, I owe you one, the more prim, proper, smaller and dame-like the sluts are, the tighter and better they are,” said another man with obvious reference to my height, “I had loved that nun we forced and trained earlier” It seemed that they liked to force their rape victims to do as they commanded without resistance so as to satisfy their egos, and the means they would use to achieve this was what scared me. I began to feel hands move inside the blazer onto my flimsy blouse. “Stop it man! Lets get her to the safe house first,” commanded my captor’s voice.

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  “Ok, don’t get al shitty! Let’s pick her up!” said another, “but remove that bloody blazer, it will be a nuisance later on. ” With that I felt hands on my blazer and a ripping sound from the back, I understood they were cutting it open. The blazer came apart in seconds. I was picked up easily with two hands between my legs and was carried along easily by them. I was only held between the legs. While moving I hoped somebody would see me and come to help or at least when they found me missing insinuate a search, see my blazer and free me in a few hours. I heard a heavy door being pushed open and being carried inside into a musty-aired place and I felt them talking me down the stairs. Then I was made to sit on a small stool like object and then my captor said, “get ready boys, and let the sluttish bitch see what we have got for her. I am sure she enjoyed her ride as much as we did. ”After a few moments of silence my blindfold was yanked away and I saw three huge black dicks, semi-erect, in front of my face, smelling very strongly of, it seemed, semen. I was in a small room of concrete with no windows and a huge metal door. My blazer was lying on the floor in shreds. They had brought it along! There was no hope! “It is a old disused locker in a very old factory, you will never get out until we want you to,” said somebody. I had no way out! I was still in shock but ironically I saw that my captor was the person I had fantasized about long ago, looking just as brutal, violent and mean. They were all very well hung; they were huge in fact.

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   I was really frightened and I knew I would never be able to do what that woman, I had seen some time earlier, was doing. I felt like puking from the smell of semen, which grossed me out. “I always like these white bitches who fantasize about huge dicks and then are afraid and disgusted to even lick it when they finally have it, I love to train them,” said that man like it was a matter of fact and as if every woman walking down the streets licked cocks. “Don’t worry we will teach you and if you do not learn, force you to learn in our own way to do our bidding. We can be very persuasive you know,” said another, “I love these prim and proper sluts more that the others, the others give up easy. I’ll prove it!”“Now you will suck all our dicks one by one and swallow the cum! We don’t like waste,” ordered the man, “after that you are free to go”. He yanked and pulled out the gag. I took in a few deep breaths. I might have shouted after I got over the confusion, but he cut in, “and don't you try to scream because last time a bitch did that we cut off her clit and rubbed salt on it just to hear her scream,” he said with an evil smile. I shuddered and almost agreed to do as he said out of fear and hope that they will let me go but I could not get myself to do it and I refused with a shake of my head; too scared to even let out a sound. “See, what I mean, any other slut, who knows how these little encounters of ours work, would have readily done as I said and she might have been let off easy, but not shitty white, Miss. Proper and innocent, slut here. ” “We are going to train you to please us!” he said in a vicious voice, and I noticed everyone had wicked smirks on their faces. As they moved closer, I tried to stand up and getaway from them; instead I tripped over the stool giving them the opening to push their hands under my short skirt. They pounced on me, groping and rubbing and pinching my breasts and inner thighs.

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   I squirmed to get away from them but to no avail. I was totally pinned down by them. There was nothing I could do. I tried hard to get away from them but howsoever I squirmed I could not get away. One of them held my head down on his lap while another groped under my skirt. The third of them, whom they addressed to as Joe, began to unbutton my blouse but was frustrated by me. I was holding on to the buttons with my hands preventing him from reaching them while I tied to cross my legs to prevent the man from groping under my skirt and touching my sex. Then suddenly Joe got up and went away. I did not pay attention to what he was doing, but he came back and kneeled down beside me and pointed a knife at my face and then holding it at my neck, said, “ you better stop squirming and enjoy the fun or else I am going to cut off your teats right after I am through with your clit. ”The fight went out of me when I thought of what they would do if I did not comply with their demands. My legs lost my strength as I allowed my hands to be brushed aside as he began to cut off the buttons. The man between my legs dragged up my skirt over my thighs to expose my panties, and then parted my legs and bent down over it. I dreaded what was to come. He began to lick my inner thighs as I gave a start and enclosed his head between my legs as they joined involuntarily. He separated my legs cruelly and held them down with his hands.

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   After Joe had cut off the buttons he flung open my blouse and I could see the lust that had come into his eyes as he saw my breasts trying to spill out of my bras that were nearly all lace. As he licked, he also moved up my thighs towards my sex. When he reached my panty he continued to lick my thighs’ insides but at the same time he began to lick the edges of my panty. Then he spit on my panties, which were already wet from my sweat. He spit exactly between my legs in the place where my sex was and proceed to rub in his spit with his tongue and making a wet contact with my sex through the thin cloth. It was beginning to get uncomfortable for me, knowing on one hand what were coming for me and on the other a new sensation that had begun to rise from between my legs. Joe had begun to knead my breasts through the bra. He saw my clenched fists and he forcefully unclenched my left hand and placed it over his throbbing, warm cock and told me to hold on to it. I did as he said without even realising what I was doing. He said, “Good girl!” and then began to suck my breasts through the bra. His saliva soaked through my bra and I felt the wetness ooze onto my nipples. Then as if simultaneously I felt my panties being pulled down and Joe pulled the bras over the breasts and released them and my bra settled above my breasts no longer doing the job they were supposed to do. My panties were pulled off completely. Then they got to work. Joe began to suck my breasts as if he were about to swallow them.

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   His huge mouth almost sucked in my whole breast and smothered it in saliva. Combined with this I felt lips on my clit, steadily sucking my clit. I was unable to control myself and felt my teats harden and the clit swell, but they did not compromise on the unrelenting sucking. “Keep going Carl! She loves you, giving her head. My God Joe! She loves it! Look at her holding on to your dick. Her knuckles have turned white. You must be enjoying this. I can actually see her teats harden and breasts increase in size. Boy does this slut like a good suck,” said the man who held me on his lap. It was then that I realised that I was holding on to a hard erect penis, hard, as I never imagined. I was almost holding on for dear life but he did not seem to be in pain, he was so hard! But even after knowing I could not let it go, as I neared an orgasm. I lost all sense of shame and fear as I neared a very hammering climax, the first real one I had ever had with a real person. I opened my mouth to scream as I hit the orgasm and after the first sound I uttered I felt something being inserted in my mouth till it almost touched the back of my mouth. I couldn’t even bite into it even at the height of my orgasm; it was so huge. After I got back control over myself after the orgasm that lasted several minutes (or so it seemed), I realised to my shock it was a penis in my mouth and not a gag as I had originally presumed.

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   The man on whose lap I had been held down had rested my head onto the floor and had inserted his cock into my mouth. I smell his uncircumcised big, black cock and knew that it must be the smell of smegma. I couldn’t believe I was being forced to swallow a dirty cock and I could not do anything about it. It was something that I knew, left to myself; I would never have done in my life I felt a pressure in my crotch and I tried to see what was being done to me but I couldn’t see because of the angle my neck had been forced into. I could only see the pubic hair covered black testicles of my tormenter. The pressure increased and I understood I was about to be penetrated and in desperation I tried to kick out but a person much stronger than me was holding my legs in position. Carl entered me with viciously and as I was already wet due to my orgasm I didn’t offer any resistance. His first stroke itself went past any dildo ever had and I involuntarily jerked myself and only made it go in further. My vagina was already stretched to the maximum it had ever been but it was still being made to expand. I was being torn part. “She is awesome and the tightest thing ever, Alan,” said Carl, “How is things at your end. ” So. Alan was my captor’s name. He was the man I had seen that day. My attention to the rape of my pure, unused vagina was diverted when Alan placed a hand at the base of my neck.

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   With a single thrust of the hand my face was lifted towards the Alan’s crotch as I heard him say, “It is about to begin. ”With a single thrust by him hand Alan lowered himself onto my face as I could feel his penis force its way past back of my mouth and into my throat as I desperately tried to control the gag effect. With shock I felt that I couldn’t breathe, as the huge penis was forced deeper into my throat. I saw the balls and pubic hairs come closer to my face but I felt that by the time it was fully near I would suffocate. Then suddenly he pulled himself out almost fully and as I tried to cough and gulp in air he paused only for a second, not bothered about me, and pushed more harshly and entered my throat again. He pushed relentlessly this time with a hand under my head pushing my throat over his shaft and I saw that, that time he was determined to make a full penetration as I began to suffocate. In desperation to push him away I released my hold on Joe’s penis, which I had forgotten about, and with both hands tried to push Alan away. “Why? You didn’t like my dirty cock? I thought white sluts like you liked to taste dirty black cocks,” I heard Alan say with a wicked laugh. With that he forcefully pushed the remainder of his shaft in one quick stroke inside my throat and his pubic hair came into my nose and I feet his balls against my lips. He did not stop and withdrew till a point I could breathe but he did not withdraw completely like last time and pushed it back again fully. A pain at the corners of my lips made me realise, my mouth was stretched to beyond its limits. I have a naturally small mouth. My mouth was being torn apart as I never could have imagined. “I am fully in, you can go in now,” said Alan and I realized Carl had not penetrated me and was waiting for Alan to do finish his penetration. With a sharp pain shooting up from my vagina I understood Carl was entering into a part that none of my dildos had ever reached.

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  “Oh my! Is her pussy tight or what? That is why I like small bitches,” moaned Carl as he went up further and the pain became so bad I wanted to scream but I could not as I was being raped in my mouth as well. I did not know how much further he was going to penetrate me. I had always used 8” dildos which I had thought were pretty big, but it was clear he had long ago cleared the 8” mark or so it seemed. I did not know how much further it could go in. I knew there would be no orgasm this time, only pain as I was stretched further apart. Suddenly as the pain built up I became aware that he was reaching the end of my cavity and I wondered if with end of my cavity if he would still want to carry on brutally. Then he hit the cervix and I heard a groan saying, “ I am just 3/4th inch short. ”“Don’t worry you can make up for it in her mouth. ”I was glad he was not carrying on, but also realised my brutal rape was not over soon and that I had to service Carl also in my moth. Alan and Carl built up a rhythm, but as I tried to prevent my vagina from being torn apart by pulling away it helped Alan to penetrate and vice versa. I could not do anything. It seemed to continue for time without end. I suddenly felt the cock in my mouth swell and tremble. I could smell semen distinctly. He was fully in my throat that time.


   With a grunt he pulled out but not completely out of my mouth. “Swallow it!!” he grunted as he began to cum in a torrent inside my mouth. Without realising it, to prevent from chocking, as Alan began to push his dick to the back of my mouth, I swallowed quite a bit of his cum, and some went up my nose and the rest dribbled out from my mouth. But he was not finished and when he finally came out he sprayed a jet all over my face. I raised my face coughing when Carl increased his speed and in spite of the pain I felt an orgasm coming on and laid back my head as Carl brutalised my vagina. I had not realised that my brutalised vagina was keeping my clit on the edge of orgasm. In a few powerful and fast strokes I hit an orgasm almost at the same time as Carl as he ejaculated I felt as if I was sucking his cum into me by some vacuum. It was only after a while that I realised that I had a good chance of getting pregnant from my rape. I sat up and noticed that my rapists were standing around me, watching. Cum was coming out of my vagina along with blood, while my face was covered in it and cum was drooling down from my nose, chin, and cheeks and from inside the nose onto my throat and breasts. What I was sniffing was actually not tears but cum. “Ready for round 2?” asked Carl. “Please don’t do this to me,” I said crying, my tears mixing with cum on my face. “We will not do anything this time. We taught you, now you will do it yourself,” said Alan and added in a menacing voice, “Won’t you?”“Please don’t make me do this,” I cried out.

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  “We are not making you do anything. You will do this by your own free will’” he answered. “Please!!!” I begged. His face became hardened and he shouted, “Enough!”He walked over to a corner while the other two caught hold of my ankles and pulled me up so that, from waist below I was in air as I lay on my back. My legs were parted in air. I then saw Alan bringing a black cane, swishing it in air. He came and stood over my head. “Will you?” he asked. “Please!!!” I pleaded again. With considerable force he brought it down on my clit. He did this twice again in quick I screamed. “Will you?” he asked again. “Please!!! Let me go,” I grovelled. “Does she have a foreskin on her clit?” he asked. “Yes,” replied Carl.

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  “Good! Pull back the skin,” he ordered. Carl pulled back my hood and held it down to make my naked clit accessible. Alan than measured his arm length, while I begged them to let me go. Then he suddenly brought down the cane sideways with a much greater force than before on my clit. The pain was not like anything I had ever imagined in my life. The pain had increased many times over now that the hood did not protect my clit. He was mercilessly caning me continuously on my clit and repeating the question “Will you?” again and again. “AAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!” I replied unable to bear the pain any longer. He stopped and looked at my tear-stained face asked, “Are you ready to deep-throat and fuck by your own free will?”“Yes, anything you say,” I replied. “Good! Let us get started,” said Alan. They let go of my legs and Carl lay down beside me with his legs spread and he supported himself on his elbows, behind him. “C’mon start licking and sucking,” said Carl. I bent over him and brought my face near his cock, but I couldn’t bring myself to lick it. I suddenly felt the cane come down on my buttocks with incredible force and I heard Alan say, “You are forcing me to fuck you with a dildo along with my cock. That is, two dicks at once in your tight cunt! Think you can handle that?”I knew I could not last that torture; Carl’s cock in itself was a big torture, I definitely could not handle Alan’s cock, which was the largest among the three, along with another dildo.

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   I decided to swallow Carl’s cock without thinking and proceeded to do the same when Carl’s hand stopped my mouth. “Lick it clean first!” he ordered, “I don’t know why you don’t like cum? We take it as our sacred duty to educate you about the great taste and nutrition it holds for a sluttish woman like yourself who is about to become a whore. ”I had no choice and began to do as commanded, I licked up all the cum, his as well as mine, and swallowed it with disgust, while Carl was wiping my face and breasts and make me lick the cum of his hands as I licked his cock. “You better smile and lick as if you can’t live without it and say how much you love cum in general; and my cum in particular,” said Carl menacingly. I forced a smiled and said I loved cum and could not get enough of it and that Alan’s and Carl’s was the best I had ever tasted. I continued to lick; this time with pretended gusto, salivating and making slurps as I had seen women do in porn movies. “Good! You are learning fast,” said Carl. As I was doing this I felt cum from my cunt flowing out and onto my thighs when Alan kneel down behind me and told me to kneel in such a way so as to give him entry to my cunt. Since I could not do anything I moved up my hips and parted my legs slightly. I hoped if I cooperate I would be through this nightmare as soon as possible. Alan exclaimed, “My, my, what do we have here? A mine full of fresh cum. Don’t you want any?”I felt him rum his palm over my inner thighs and them he extended his hand from between my legs to my face. I had no choice but to lick it up and he made me do it many times and finally lick clean his fingers. Then he entered me and Carl gruffly told me to start swallowing and deep-throat. I began to swallow him but however hard I tried I could not get past back of my mouth.

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   I was trying to do it when Carl firmly pushed me unrelentingly till I had him in my throat. At least in this position I could control my breathing. I was being raped mercilessly at my rear and my clit was paining almost intolerably but this time I could handle my consensual rape better as I had at least one part under control. I was already broken in but I was still stretched to the limit. Hence I thought I couldn’t have any orgasms. That I even wanted an orgasm surprised me. Finally both of them came and I tried to swallow as much of Carl’s cum as I could but some of it still dribbled out. I cleaned his cock again with my mouth without asking while he again cleaned up my face and fed me his cum as I pretended to lick enthusiastically. Alan did not bother to feed me his cum from my pussy but I cleaned his dick with my mouth. I was surprised about that but I was happy that he did not do it and I hoped my torture would now be over. My happiness was short lived as Alan said, “Now you can do what you like best, Joe. We can clean up our cum from between her legs together. ”I had forgotten about Joe, but I hoped that he would get it over with fast, so I kept on kneeling. “She has learnt, hasn’t she?” said Alan. Joe knelt behind me I felt his cock between my legs and thought that he would be less painful than either as my pussy was already well lubrication by their cum and my cunt had already been broken in.

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   he was about the size of Carl, a little bigger but a lot less than Alan. But to my surprise he began to part my cheeks and it dawned on me that he was going to sodomize me. And before I could even protest his cock had penetrated my virgin anus by 2 inches, pulling the sphincter apart by his massive cock. I didn’t think I could survive it. I cried out as he pushed another inched into my un-lubricated anus. I was already crying when the next moment he withdrew slightly and plunged brutally inside by another three inches and I PLEASE STOP!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE HM STOP!!!!!!!” I screamed with tears flowing freely now on my cheeks. “7” inches already in dear,” I heard Joe say, “only 8” more to go and I always go fully in. ” And they all laughed. He was violent with me as he plunged deeper and deeper and even though I thought I could not bear it I bore every inch of the penetration that went on for eternity. Finally he was totally inside. All the pain I had experienced earlier was nothing compared to what I was experiencing then. He then began to fuck, withdrawing and entering viciously, pounding his balls onto my buttocks and forcing his penis into my virgin ass violently. If I thought the pain could not get worse, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The pain increased with every stroke and then he suddenly began to play with my distended and painful clit with his nails and began to pinch it. He drew back the hood.

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   The pain was so excruciating that I almost fainted but unfortunately I did not and I went through the whole torture feeling every moment of it. Finally I felt a rumble deep within my ass from his dick and he gave one powerful stroke and was fully inside me when he came. He shuddered as he came and flopped over my back, at the same time pinched my un-hooded clit between his nails with full force. I screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!!!” but he went on pinching me till he was totally dry. For a considerable amount of time he deposited his cum deep inside my ass while I screamed and whimpered in considerable pain. My torture wasn’t over by far and I was disgusted by the very thought of it when Joe said, “Now I want you to lick my cock clean and tell me how you like the taste of your own shit on my glorious cock. ”I had seen what they could do to me and how brutal they could be, hence I quietly gave in and I closed my eyes as I started to lick him. “DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES!” Joe thundered, “I want you to see what you are tasting. Now lick here! It is your yellow shit mixed with my cum. Tell me how you like its taste coming from my cock” pointing to a particular portion on his cock. The part he was alluding to had small brown stains under a glazy layer of cum. I thought I could smell the shit. His whole cock was dotted with the stains. I steeled myself and licked up that part. Even though it primarily tasted of cum, I felt like almost vomiting.

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   I drew away from him when Joe angrily slapped me on the face and I felt the sting of the cane on my buttocks and then on the pussy. It was painful and I forgot about puking. I was surprised that I did not puke because I had thought many times that that is what would happen if I tried to lick a cock fresh from an asshole. “If you do not want shit in your cum, you should get ass-fucked on an empty bowel. Since you did not think of that earlier, you better eat your shit. You are lucky we are not feeding you somebody else’s shit,” said Alan. It was insult to injury and I almost had a crazy though of answering back when I prudently held back and answered what was expected from me, “it is a great pleasure to taste my own shit from your glorious cock and it tastes awesome”. Joe drew me near again and said, “And before going any further, you better clean up this side of the cock. ” And he pushed back the cock, using tip of his finger to let me see the side of the cock that was away from me. That side had a large brown stain. I had no choice and I ran my tongue over it but it did not clear in one go and I had to lick it again. The taste was appalling and the smell was unbearable. I felt nauseated but I persisted and tried to make it sound as if I was enjoying it but making slurps and licking with great gusto. Finally it was cleaned. After shit, cum seemed to taste great.

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  Joe then said, “Now you better start sucking!” I began to do as he said and I found that if I tilted my head to a particular position I could get his cock into my throat without any help. I deep-throated him till he cum and then again cleaned him up when Alan said, “My dear! You forgot cum from your ass and your pussy. ” I had given up by then and I said I would gladly take it. He held up an old spoon and began to collect cum already on my legs. Alan’s cum had gelled and it was hard to swallow and tasted horrid, but I managed it somehow. Then Alan made me sit on my haunches till cum began to flow out of my ass and drop onto the floor after he made me lick up the dirty ass-cum from the floor. It was finally over. “Good girl! You really learnt a lot today and worked really hard, you need rest,” said Alan. I was happy that I could go home now. “But tomorrow is going to be another long day, you would undergo time trials, to make us cum in your mouth under 2 minutes. You better be a fast learner, because I don’t think you can withstand for more than a few minutes,” he continued. I was shocked. I had hoped it would have been over. In-between tears I asked him why they were not letting me go as I did all they told me and obeyed like a good girl. “Of course you did, but you have a lot more to learn, and dress up like real ladies and perform on camera like you did today holding Joe’s cock and enjoying oral sex,” said Alan.

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   ”I doubt anybody would think you were forced after you slurped ours cocks with such pleasure. ”I was rendered speechless by the revelation that my rape had been filmed in such a manner so as to show I did it of my own free will and that I actually enjoyed it. Carl suddenly came from behind and forced a leather mask onto my face while Alan and Joe held my hands. The mask was like the ones in the bondage movies. It was completely covered except for holes for my eyes, my mouth and nose. I could not hear properly as there was padding over my ears. They forced a penis gag into my mouth. The gag was penis shaped only shorter. It had balls at the end that touched my lips. The gag was so wide that I would be constantly dribbling. I could feel a hole inside the gag. Then they put a collar and a hip band on me, all of them made of leather. They cuffed my elbows together, with a single link, behind my back and then chained it to my collar so that my hands could barely reach the front. They cuffed my legs at the ankles and doubled them over and strapped the legs together at the thighs. Then the ankle cuffs were attached to a chain which in turn was routed from between the legs and brought to the front and then attached to the collar at the front.

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