My Night With Jessica


I had always wanted to fuck Jessie ever since I first laid eyes on her gorgeous body. She was the one girl out of anyone else in the senior class that I wanted. Besides my old girlfriends who I broke up with anyway, she was the one I wanted to be with. There was just something about her, despite her goddess body, something drew me to her. It could have been the way she always rejected guys that made me want to chase her. A teacher of mine once said that "men always want what they can't have" and sometimes I believed it. But being a highschooler and a football player, I had girls who I could easily get to go out with me, but I wanted Jessie.

It was the later part of the school day and even better it was Friday, which today meant one thing, party at my house! Normally, there would be a football game going on but this week we had a BYE and for some unknown reason, coach decided to cancel after-school practice. Anyway, it was my senior year and me and the good old fellows of the football team were going to have a serious party, we usually had parties on Saturdays but since we had no practice to go to why not have it tonight?, what made it even sweeter was that our team was undefeated and I knew the guys were going to be going on and on about last week's win over Boswell. But even better was the fact that my parents were out of town and we hada number of girls coming over including the entire cheer-leading team.

Just the thought of the cheer-leading team gave me a strong boner. Anyways, it was about 5:00 PM when the first guests started to show up at my place. My place was out in the country some ways, with a large cement-padded shed outside built by my dad and grandad specifically for the purpose of outdoor barbecues and celebrations, but tonight it was going to be the scene of alcohol and party-foods and loud music, not to mention about 100 dancing teenagers. But I had hoped on one special girl to show up, Jessica, but everyone called her Jess or Jessie for short. She along with the rest of the cheer-leading squad were absolutely gorgeous. I mean, Jessie was always the sort of girl who played hard to get with any guy so most of the guys in school had given up trying get with her, but something just struck me in my mind that night that I had to have a piece of that.

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   She was brown-haired and brown eyed with a slender body about 5"7 that lead upward to two luscious-round d-cup tits and were matched only by her perfectly round ass which bulged out in a most stimulating way.

The rest of the cheer-leading team weren't very different. The only differences being in skin color, eye and hair color and slight variances in their curves and slender bodies. After 5:15, Jim, Chris, and Slater showed up and headed immediately for the party shed. A considerable amount of guests were already here and I was anxious waiting for more girls to get here. At about 5:30, the entire cheer-leading team along with about 12 other girls showed up and along with all of the boys that had already showed up, they took up the majority of my large living room, kitchen, and party shed and with the loud pumping music everywhere, it was chaos to try to get everyone's attention at once if one needed to. The party was going overall smooth though and I was hanging out with Slater, one of my best buds who had come in from the party shed, we were eyeballing the girls in the corner of the room talking to each other. "Man, look at her", I said. "Look at who?", replied Slater. "Jessie!", I said. "She's so hot, man why can't I have a piece of that ass?" "Hehehe", said Slater laughing while sipping his beer. "You don't want to mess with her, she's nothing but a teasing bitch to all the guys, she Never hooks up with anyone, besides, her daddy's something not to be screwed with, he'd kill you if he thought you were fucking his daughter. " "I could care less about what he thinks", I said. "I'm going to get a piece of that tonight. I mean, it's not like people aren't going to be in their cars after the party having sex or feeling each other up under the party shed, I need some action too, you know what I mean?" "Yeah, well, good luck".

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   I'm going to go outside and chat with some of the ladies under the party shed.

I sat in the corner opposite of where Jessie was, admiring every second I could gaze upon her goddess appearance. It was now about 7:30 PM. Outside it was just at dark. The party was still going strong and would probably be over sometime around 12 or 1. Jamie was dancing in the living room along with everyone else to the music, but all I could focus on was her ass and tits going up and down in the rhythm to the beat. I decided I was going to make a move on her. I swooped in dancing along with everyone else when I got next to her. Her eyes caught mine and I said," What's up Jess?". "Nothing, just some dancing, she said as she bounced her body in correlation with mine. "Cool, wanna dance together?" I asked nervously. "Sure, why not?" she said while catching her breath from all the movement. We danced together, my hand sliding down her side to her ass, and then back up to her shoulders. It was common for guys to grab girls on the ass and even pinch their tits at all the parties we had. I began to move my hips in sync with hers and I started to hump a little, she seemed to notice by pausing her dancing for a sec but didn't seem to care too much and went back to dancing.

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   I decided to take it a little bit further by grabbing and squeezing her ass. Again, she looked down at my hands but continued to dance. Dirty dancing like this was very very common and almost everyone except for a few individuals danced like this at most of the high school parties. I guess I pushed it too far when Icupped her tits in my right hand. "What are you doing?, I'll only go so far while dancing", she said. "Sorry babe, I got caught up in the heat of the dancing is all",. I replied. "Well anyway, I need to use the restroom, where is it again?", she asked. "Down the hall, last door on the left. ", I said. "Thanks", she replied as she walked down the hall running her finger through her hair and wiping sweat off her forehead. She had been to parties here several other times but it wasn't common for her to go anywhere alone, she would always usually go to the restroom with a friend who would wait outside but she was going of to the restroom alone.

I was EXTREMELY horny from the dancing. My 8 inch cock was like a tower causing the front of my pants to bugle out. I decided that if I was ever going to get any alone time with her, this may be my only chance to try to persuade her into my bedroom .

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   "What am I doing?", I asked myself. "I'm never going to get her to agree to this", I said to myself. I made my way down the hallway and into my bedroom which was right across from the bathroom. I was going to jack off to relieve myself of the desire for the girl whom I had wanted for so long, but I just decided that I was going to have a piece of that. I'm not quite sure what struck me to go ahead with it, but my mind was made up that I was going to get a piece of this girl's pussy before the night was over. I quietly opened my bedroom door, and observed the party-goers who were down the hallway to make sure they didn't see anything, I waited about 3 minutes and the bathroom door opened. As soon as Jessica walked out I grabbed her and put my hand over her mouth and pulled her into my bedroom. I did it all with one quick motion and closed the door quickly. Before anything could be said or done, I secured the door pretty sturdily with a baseball bat that I had in my room. I stuck it under the door knob and the other end was against the floor. I looked at Jessica who was staring back in confusion. "Baby, I sure do love the way you look tonight". I went up to her and grabbed her by her brown hair and jerked her head to where her eyes were looking into mine. "Let go of me you sick fuck", she struggled. "HELP! HELP ME!" She screamed but no one inside or out was going to hear anything over the loud music.

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   I slapped her across the face and she fell onto my bed. I hopped on-top of her and said," You gonna give me a piece of that pussy!" She knew what was going to happen, tears filled her eyes as she turned her head away from mine and beat upon my chest to get off of her. Again I slapped her and jerked her by her hair making her look into my eyes. The look of terror and fear turned me on so much.

I began to passionately kiss her. "Just go along with it, and I won't make you regret it!",I said along with a hard slap across her face. She nodded yes and I forced her mouth open and stuck my tongue into her mouth. I began to run my fingers through her beautiful brown hair.
    "Remember, if you tell a soul, I'll beat your ass. Understand?", I asked. Again she nodded. I pulled her body upwards to mine and yanked her shirt off. I pulled her pants down as she lay helplessly on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably but I didn't care. I reached up and undid her brae and out flopped her nice d-cup tits that I had always dreamed about. I began to squeeze them and suck her nipples very passionately.

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       Her face was in total disgust. I pinned her to the bed with my hands on her shoulders. I was sucking and licking every inch of her tits as well as the rest of her smooth skin and upper body. Her tits were firm yet soft. The very sight of them made my cock bulge even bigger. I began to massage her tits twirling them around and around while playfully nibbling on her nipples. I got off of her, kicked off my shoes, pulled down my pants and took off my shirt. I climbed back on-top of her naked shivering body. "Ppppleasse. Dddon't p-p-pplease don't", said Jessica. She was crying through her talking and I ignored her and licked in-between her tits and said, "I'm going to titty-fuck you, You know you want it", I said angrily. I pushed my dick in between her tits and the feeling my spit gave as lubricant plus the feeling of those two round melon breasts around my cock almost made me want to come right then and there. But I was able to control it as I continued to push in and out and in and out going through her tits while I pinched her nipples. I finally decided that it was time to see that pussy I had lusted after for 4 years.

    I reached down and slid off her panties.

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       "Ohhhh man, this is one very nice pussy", I said looking at her camel toe pussy that was now all mine. I looked into her her eyes as she looked at me shaking her head. "Nooo, no, p-p-please don't. I-I could get pregnant. "That's your problem bitch", I said to instill fear into her. "Are you a virgin?" She answered but I could not understand her because of her crying. I slapped her, "Are you a virgin? Talk where I can understand you!" "Yes", she said. "Well, we will find out shortly", I answered. "Please don't do this, I-I-I'll do anything else, just not this", she said. "Oh don't worry, we aren't there yet", I said, "but we will be there soon!" I was finding her fear and disgust very hot and sexy and the more she cried, the hotter and more controlling and angry I became. I buried my tongue into her pussy licking her very fast and hard. I began to lick her clit and stroke it. Her body was responding and she wanted to moan in pleasure but sherefused to let herself do it. I flipped her over and ran my hands down her back to her ass cheeks and squeezed them repeatedly. I began to lick her cheeks and before I knew it I was back down to her pussy licking it with energy and vigor.

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       Shortly there afterward, I reached over into my dresser and pulled put a roll of duck-tape. I taped her mouth shut and her hands together behind her back. I went across the hallway to make sure no one may have seen me and was investigating but the party was still going on. I went back into the bedroom and got one of my condoms out of my dresser that I secretly used to keep there when my old girlfriends would come over. I slipped it onto my dick and walked back over to Jess. Her gorgeous body was waiting for me to fuck it. I climbed on-top of her while she lay on her stomach and the closer my head got to hears, the better I could hear her sobbing and then she began to shake her body furiously to get me off of her but it was futile. I, without any warning, rammed my cock into her wet, warm, and surprisingly tight pussy. Her tight little cunt at first didn't want to take my 8 inches but I pushed in harder. I knew she said she was a virgin but I didn't really believe her despite she never had any boyfriends.

    "No, No, No!", she banged her head against the bed while her mouth was taped, I could still make out what she was saying or trying to say. "Please don't!", she said in a muffled voice. "You are going to take my cock tonight slut!", I told her while licking her back. I had licked and kissed her everywhere on her body. Her skin was so smooth and beautiful and slightly tan.

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       I started to slowly fuck her virgin pussy while she cried in humiliation. I started slow and picked up speed with time. I felt something pop and at the same time Jess let out a loud muffled moan that was almost a scream. I looked down and blood was coming out of her pussy. "There goes you cherry baby!", I said triumphantly. I began to pump her cunt faster and faster while grabbing her tits. Her cunt was contracting all around my eager cock and it felt better than anything I had felt in a while. "Yea, yeah yeah yeah, that's it you cunt, take my cock baby, yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes! Yes!! YES!!!", I shouted. I began to squeeze her tits and I squeezed them to the point where I could tell she was in discomfort from more than just being restrained and fucked. I squeezed her tits in the rhythm to my humping. Her pussy was so warm and so wet. Her body was responding. I began to smack her ass cheeks and I squeezed them. I reached back for her tits and this was it, I was going to cum. "This is it bitch, I'm cumming!" She managed to let off a shriek in a muffled voice as I pumped very hard one last time and experienced one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

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       It was one of most wondrous and greatest things I had ever felt. I kept on pushing in and out even after I came just because of how good it felt. I eventually collapsed my body onto hers. Her soft and smooth skin against mine was a feeling of pure delight and we were both sweating and all I wanted to do was just fall asleep. I lay there figuring out what I was going to do to ensure her silence.




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