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I was driving down Normanton road the other night around midnight, outside the new life church I saw the girl I fancied since year 3, Marie outside with my mate dean, he was a prick always going after and getting what I wanted. Marie was 5’10 long brown hair, slim waist, firm 36C breasts, that’s all I knew until that night. So I did the Christian thing and stopped.
“safe Dean” I greeted them “you want a ride?”
“No, no” Marie replied “We got bus money”
I laughed and said “dude busses stopped 18 minutes ago!”
“oh, then what are we meant to do?” she asked Dean
“fucks sake, just hop aboard I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go” I said getting slightly impatient, after a moments thought she agreed, so I opened up the front door of my land rover and dean shouted “shotgun!” and hopped in the front seat leaving Marie to wonder how she would get into the back bench seats of my ex-army vehicle.
After a sigh I said “ here, let me help you in the back door” I went round to the back and opened the door, and folded the back step down and as she climbed in I looked up and saw up he skirt seeing her pink thong, and I knew what I had to do. As I drove off I took a metal bar out from under my seat and whacked dean in the head with it and dumped him out of the car, as he rolled along the ground I closed the door and Marie had fallen off the seat as she jumped in horror and started screaming. “Shut up or I’ll gag you!” I shouted over her ear piercing screams, she stopped immediately.
“what are you going to do to me?” she whimpered from the back of the car as she pulled herself up onto the bench seat.

“well for one you can lie back on the floor and shut up!” I replied “I can’t wait to get you home!”
 I slowed down as we got to the end of Normanton road, I pulled into the car park of a mega store, and Marie was sprawled on the floor as I had told her, her short skirt had ridden up and I could see her pink thong, I climbed over into the back and took a coil of rope out from under my seat, I forced Marie over onto her front and tied her hands behind her back then so she couldn’t move her arms at all I threaded the rope under her tits, round the top of her arms then over her tits forcing the rope together, then so she couldn’t scream again I took her thong off and shoved it in her mouth, covered her in a tarp I shoved her under the bench seat. Her muffled screams turned me on as I drove away towards my flat where I could play more games with her.
Driving down the road of my flat I saw my friend Kate she always caught my eye because she always wore short gothy skirts and tight tops, she was about 5’4 with long brown hair and big tits, I pulled a cigarette out of the pack on the dash and lit it, taking a puff when I pulled up next to her.
“need a ride?” I asked “it’s a long walk home”
“ok” she relied
I thought all my Christmases came at once as she pulled herself into the car. I thought where I could stop to bind her up as well when I realised I had used all my rope on Marie. I needed more and I remembered the new B&Q on the way to her house and started discreetly hinting that I had to stop till the idea came to me.
“oh shit!” I cried slapping my head “I gotta go B&Q for some stuff and get some stuff from my self storage, is it cool if we do that before I drop you off? because some of it may 2 sets of hands. ”
“sure” Kate replied as I pulled into the B&Q, I turned the engine off and thought ‘oh shit, what if Kate finds Marie’ , pulled my key out, locked the door and started walking towards the store.

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After a quick shopping trip I wheeled a trolley full of stuff out to the car and unlocked only the back door and started pilling the stuff in after I got it all in I grabbed one if the broom handles and walked up to Kate’s back and without warning pulled the broom handle across her throat and pulled her over the back of the seat, she landed hard winding her and in that time I had her on her front and I was sitting on her back straddling her, I was about to tie her hands and arms together normally but she caught her breath so I decided to have a little fun with her and Marie. .


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