My Mother's Secret


I knew something was very wrong the moment I arrived home from school. As I reached into my pocket for my doorkey I noticed the front door was ajar. I pushed open the door and slowly entered my house cautiously. My first thought was that we had been burgled, and maybe the burglars were still inside. I crept quietly into my house trying to be as silent as possible in case the intruders were still there. I did think of calling the police on my mobile, but what if I was wrong? I didn't want to look foolish and panic incase there was a simple explanation. Maybe my mum or sister had just left the front door ajar by accident, maybe there were no burglars and my over active imagination was getting the better of me. As I crept silently through the house from room to room, everything seemed okay. Nothing was out of place and nothing obvious seemed to be missing. The house was unusually quiet for the time of day. Normally my mother would be in the kitchen preparing dinner for when me and my sister arrived home from school. Normally there would be music playing from the radio or the sound of the television being on, but today it was completely silent. There was no sign of my mum or any indication of a meal being prepared. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and listened out for any noise upstairs, again it was silent. I discarded my school bag and hung up my coat. I slowly crept upstairs still slightly cautious just incase something was wrong.

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   I entered my bedroom and looked around, everything seemed okay, just as I had left it that morning. I looked at my own reflection in the mirror and shrugged to myself. I pulled my jumper off over my head and threw it on the bed. I removed my school tie and undid the top two buttons of my white school shirt, opening the collar. I kicked off my shoes and left them in the middle of the floor of my bedroom. I had no idea where my mother was but everything seemed otherwise okay. I sneaked into my sister's bedroom to have a snoop around as I had done so many times before. My older sister didn't normally get home from college for at least another 45 minutes after I had arrived home. I especially liked to look through my sister's underwear draw, admiring the silky satin panties she liked to wear. I opened the wardrobe door and reached out to touch my sister's favourite red satin blouse. It was one of my favourites too, I loved seeing my sister wearing the slinky red satin blouse. I loved the way the blouse shimmered and rippled on her as she moved around. I often fantasized about playing with my sister's tits while she was wearing that lovely red satin blouse. Thankfully my mum and sister had no idea about my fetish for satin clothing or my fantasies about the things I'd like to do to them both when they dressed in satin. My thoughts turned to my mother's satin lingerie, especially the lovely long satin full slips she liked to wear under her dresses.

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   I sometimes took them out of the laundry basket to admire them and feel the smooth silkiness of the fabric. As the house seemed to be deserted and this was one of those rear times I was at home alone, I decided to take my chances and sneak a peek at my mother's lingerie. My heart fluttered as I nervously crept along the hallway to my mother's bedroom. I knew I would be in so much trouble if I was ever caught, but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to sneak a peak at my own mother's satin lingerie. As I entered my mother's bedroom, the sight before me hit me like a sledge hammer in the face. I stumbled backwards and fell over with complete and utter shock. My heart began to race, thumping hard against my chest. A huge lump grew in my throat silencing me as I tried to call out for help. I stumbled as I tried to stand back up, my legs turning to jelly. Eventually, I managed to pick myself back up off the floor and slowly walk towards my mother's bed. I was unable to speak as I was in complete shock at the sight which lay before me. My mother was blind folded, gagged and bound to her bed. Her arms were reaching out above her head and her wrists were tied to the head board. Her legs were spread wide apart and her ankles tied to the legs at the foot of the bed. My mother's silver satin blouse was unbuttoned to the waistband of her black pleated skirt.

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   Her slinky black liquid satin full slip was torn apart and her breasts were fully exposed. Her black silky bra had been cut off with a sharp knife and the remains lay on the bedroom floor. My mother's skirt and slip were bunched up around her waist exposing her neatly trimmed glistening pussy. I'm not sure if my mother was aware of my presence as I stood there looking at her bound to her bed. My first instinct was to help my mother by untying her and releasing her from her restraints. As I stood open mouthed looking at my mum, in complete shock, it became apparent to me that she had in fact been raped. I would eventually learn (years later) that three men had followed my mother home from a shopping trip and forced their way into our home. They tied her up and each took their turn to fuck my pretty mum. My friends often referred to my mother as a milf and were jealous of me for having such an attractive mother. As much as I wanted to help my mother, I realised that my cock was growing hard at the sight of my mother laying helplessly tied to her bed. I felt somewhat ashamed at my own state of arousal at seeing my mother in this predicament. I looked at my watch, I knew I still had at least 30 minutes before my sister arrived home from college. I would never get such an opportunity like this again, and the temptation of seeing my pretty mum with her breasts and pussy exposed to me was just too much for me to resist.
    I quickly removed my school trousers and pulled down my pants. My cock was now rock hard and twitching with excitement at the thought of what I was about to do.

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       I climbed onto my mother's bed and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to my mother's glistening pussy. She was still oozing cum out of her pussy from her previous fucking. This made it so much easier for me as I slid my cock deep inside my mother's cunt and began pounding away. My mother struggled to get free pulling against the binds which held her wrists and ankles in place, as I thrust my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Her screams were muffled by the gag tied around her mouth. Her previous assailants had used her own black silk knickers to stuff in her mouth and then tie them in place using one of her own silk stockings. I was thankful for the blindfold which was covering my mother's pretty brown eyes as I continued to fuck her pussy. What would she think of me if she knew her own son was raping her? It wasn't long before I shot my load of baby making cum deep inside my own mother's pussy. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and wiped it clean using my mother's skirt. I quickly got dressed, collected my school things together and left the house, leaving the front door ajar. I hid some distance down the road and waited for my sister to arrive home. I made up an excuse of having football tryouts after school to explain why I was later home then usual. I watched as my sister went to put her key in the lock, realising the front door was ajar, she cautiously entered. How much time should I give my sister for her to find mum and raise the alarm? How long should I wait before returning home? I wasn't sure if I could act naturally so not to arouse any suspicion of my own misdoings. I needn't have worried though, within minutes of my sister entering the house, police cars were arriving by the dozen with their sirens blaring.

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       I ran along the road and tried to gain entry to my house, only to be stopped by the police and told I wasn't allowed in. No one would tell me what was happening and I pretended to act worried. I wasn't allowed home that night, instead I had to spend the night with my aunt and her two daughters. Still no one would tell me what had happened and everyone treated me like I was a small child. As the weeks went by, things at home slowly returned to normal. It was obvious my mother was upset and withdrawn, but still no one would tell me what had happened. As far as I knew, no one had been arrested or charged with the rape of my mother, and my secret was safe. .