My Husband Plans My Rape


I have had all kinds of sex and even gang bangs and such but I was not ready for what my husband had planned for me. He had been putting together the plan for a while I found out later but at the time I was really afraid.
I was working at Waffle House at the time and worked late many times getting off at 2 or 3 in the morning. Well, we had a slow night and then 8 guys came in, all looking really rough and so we were worried a lot. Kate and I were the two on duty and I waited on them with her help. They were rude and made a lot of remarks and we both felt in danger. Little did I know what was goin to happen.
I usually wore my uniform unbuttoned some. I helped with the tips and so I showed some cleavage to impress customers. When these guys came in I buttoned my top up and one saw me. When I came to get their orders he said, "So gonna hide those hot tits from us are you?" He reached for me but I moved back. "Can I take your orders please?" I said. "Yeh, unbutton the top and show the tits" another said. Normally I would have flirted but these guys really scared me. Well, I managed to get through the time they were there and they let decent tips. As they left one said, "If you had flashed some skin you would have made more.

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  " "Thanks" I told him.
Well, it got slower and I got ready to leave. I managed to go change and thought it was good they did not see my street clothes cause I had come from a party and had dressed really sexy for Steve and the people there. My shirt and no bra barely covered my chest and my skirt was sheer and wrapped around but barely covered me. My thong was of course no protection but the 18 min. drive home was nothing I thought.
Well, I pulled out onto I-85 and headed home and did not notice the two cars that pulled out behind me until they got close to me on I-85. One pulled in front and the other behind me and got really close. They would not let me pass or slow down to move away from them and when I came to an exit they made sure I had to get off. Well, the exit is out in the country and there is nothing around. Still they kept me blocked in and soon made me pull over. Suddenly I was surrrounded by the men from the resturant and they pulled me out of the car. "So, time to take care of us the way you should have back there. " one said laughing and they all were around me, most drinking beer. "Check out the sexy bith" another said and he put a beer in my hand.


   "Drink up lady, it will make what is going to happen easier for you. " "And what is going to happen?" I said scared now and looking for a plae to run. He reached out and grabbed my blouse and tore it off and I was naked from the waist up. My hands tried to over my tits but that is not possible with these huge ones I have. Then my skirt was torn off and the thong was off in a flash. I was bent over the hood of a car and a cock was in my ass with no lube, just shoved in. I cried out and was slammed onto the hood harder and told to shut up. Cum filled my ass and another went into me as soon as the first one finished. After that they all agreed to take me out to the woods somewhere and finish what they were doing. "Yeh, we gonna rape this slut then leave her out here. "I was scared now and crying. "Hey man, the bitch is afraid. " one said. I was grabed by my tits and pulled up. A huge knife came out and he put it to my throat.

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   "Tell you what slut, yuo do as you are told and maybe we let you live. " "Oh please, please, I will. " I cried now.
"Hey man" another said, "She lives and she tells who we are, then we go o jail. " "You are right man, we use her then she is dead, everyone agree?" the seeming leader said. They all agreed and I was put in the trunk naked and they drove somewhere. My car was taken too and I was screaming in the trunk begging them to not kill me. We got somewhere in the woods then into a house and the lights came on. I was led to a plae in the center and a camera was brought out, "Let's get the bitch on camera for later" the man said and the filming began. Some heavey clamps came out and my nipples were clamped. I screamed out as the pain went through my chest. Then I was led to the enter of the room and a chain was thrwon a beam and clipped to the clamps. I was tied with my hands behind my back next and then the chain was pulled up so I was on my tip toes, the lamps pulling my tits out, the nipples really flaming with pain. I was there for a while as they came over and fingered my pussy hard and rammed things into me that I ould not tell what they were.
"Tie the tits" one said and the chain was loose and I was now collapsing to my knees.

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   Lift her up" one said and they pulled me up. Rope came out and they wrapped it around the bace of my tits tight and my tits bulged out so that they were all turning blue from lack of circulation. The rope went over the beam and they all clapped. "Okay, lift her up. " and the pain began again with me being lifted up off the floor by the rope around my tits. I was screaming and crying and begging them to not hurt me anymore. "Lady, we are going to kill you when we finish so what the fuck are you saying not to hurt you. " they said. I do not know how long it was but I woke up tied to a sort of bench and men were fucking me, taking turns in my pussy and ass. When I woke they began shoving cocks into my mouth and cumming filling me. Suddenly there was a sticking pain in my ass. "What are you doing?" I begged. "Just something to make you a little high" one with a neddle laughed. I felt something coming over me and the room spun. About that time a cock went into me and I felt hot, it made me feel good for the first time.

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   I remember saying, "Well, you guys are going to kill me so I may as well enjoy my last time getting fucked, untie me and I can do you right. " I was slapped and the leader, "You don't understand bitch, it is the objet that you suffer, not enjoy. " I do not remember much but the video showed me being torturred all night. I was subjected to pissing on me, filling me with um all in me. One man pissed in my pussy and another my ass. One made me drink his piss and another shoved something into me that was huge and I do not remember what I did.
I woke up in my front yard, naked and covered with cum about noon time three days later. Steve came out and got me after he overed me with a sheet. "I was raped" I told him. "I thought they would kill me. " I cried. The DVD was next to me in the car and we played it and after a few weeks Steve told me he had arranged it all since I had told him a fantasy I had about really being raped and not knowing if I would make it thought it all. It cried a lot but after enjoyed watching the DVD with friends and enjoying the almost danger I had had been through. For all I knew it was the real thing.

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