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br /> Ever since then I wanted to rape her for real. But it was just a fantasy, I quess. Or was it. Over time I got to know her routine. After Joe left for work she fed the, kid played with him for a while, than he was ready for a nap. Then it was chore time. Cleaning, dusting, laundry, shit like that. Over that time, I noticed when she went to do laundry in basement that was only accessible through an outside back door. That she always left that door unlocked until she was fully done with the clothes. That was my chance. Still it was still a fantasy right but as fantasies go I was getting into this one. You know learning her routine and habits. Even starting hanging out in basement when I knew she was going to do laundry. Hiding when I heard her coming down the stairs. Snooping around when she went up stairs. During these times I had found her bag of toys including ballsy super dong.

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   Also lots of slutty clothes even a pair of handcuffs. What a slut. About the forth time I was in basement. I heard her coming and took my usual hiding spot. She came in and did her usual putting dirty clothes in taking clean one out of dryer. But instead of folding them this time she put radio up pretty loud and sat down on lawn furniture, they had set up for when they did laundry and had to wait. Sitting there she pulled out a joint and smoked it. Stoned enough she put it out half way through. She then lit up a cigarette. Half way thought that she leaned back and started touching her breast through her shirt. Moving down to her stomach. She was just enjoying her private time while kid took a nap. At least she thought it was private. With the last drag she got up, thinking she was going back up stairs. But I was wrong; she went over to her box of toys.

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   Thank god the radio was blaring cause sound of my zipper would of gave me away. She rummaged through it and stood straight up looking to make sure door was locked this time. It was. She then took off her shirt no bra. fucking nice tits, probably 38 c. with nice puffy nips. Her drabby sweats were next, revealing no panties. Wow not a hair on her cunt. She must of shaved on a regular basis cause there was not even stubble. Back into the box, rummaging around she picked out ballsy and a smaller vibrator. Next it was a plaid skirt and thigh highs. Going back to chair she got dressed and looked at her self in the mirror. A nasty little smile now covered her face. All of a sudden she started talking to herself. Saying things like daddy’s little girl has been bad and she should be punished.

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   With that she raised her skirt and spanked her own ass several times and very hard. My cock was oozing now. Next she sat back in the chair and put her legs over armrest. Looking ahead like she was looking at someone again she spoke. “Daddy’s girl needs to be taught a lesson if she is going to learn. ” Turning on the vibe she said “daddy teach me another lesson. ” With a smile she shoved vibe right up her ass, hard too. “Oh daddy not my bum. Your little girl likes it in her pussy better. ” Boom all thick ten inches of super dong went up her cunt. In and out at a furious pace, after five minutes of this and more talking to invisible daddy. The towel she put on chair was covered in cunt juice. Out came the vibe and she put it near her face. “Daddy don’t make me suck it been in my bum,” she said. Seeing little chunks of shit on it she put it in her mouth and sucked it clean. 

   What a slut. Just as she as she deep throated the vibrator she came. Grabbing her tits and squeezing, two streams of milk came shooting out. Lying back in chair she squirted more into her mouth. With that the buzzer on washer machine went off. Bringing her back to reality she got up. Walked to washer and put them in dryer. Even though she had a load of dirty clothes left. She decided to go back up stairs. Worried about the kid I suppose, but not before she put her toys back and dressed again in her frumpy sweats and Joes t-shirt. Crawling out of my little hideout, I went right for basket of dirty clothes. Picking out 2 or 3 of her stickiest underwear, thongs, what a slut. Now over to box of toys next, pulling out both toys she just used. I sniffed the vibe. Nothing.

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   She licked it clean. Super dong was another story. It was still wet from her juices and smelled like her delicious cunt. Over to the lawn chair I pulled out my cock. Longing to taste her cunt, I put the dildo to my lips and licked it. Even though I’m straight I slid dildo in my mouth like a fag sucking cock. Savoring her tangy fluids. My taste buds exploded and then I knew I had to have more. The flavor sent me over the edge and I came all over my chest. Getting dressed I put her panties in my pocket and made my exit. Over next week I didn’t go back. Content to just jerk off while sniffing the crusty crotch of her panties. I knew I had to have more but I was still a little scared about the thoughts going through my head. But like they say sometimes us men let the little head do all the thinking. So following my little head, I proceed to set my plan in motion.

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   I visited grandma in the hospital and on one of the carts in the hallway was a box of gloves. Grabbing a handful shoved them in my pocket. Next was a trip to Salvation Army and a set of disposable clothes. Something that wouldn’t give her an idea to who I was by my certain style of dress and something that could be tossed away and not be missed from my wardrobe. Last stop was to drugstore for rubbers. While I was there I noticed a mask. Being football season and close to Halloween. No one would be suspicious about that. It was a grim reaper mask. Like a hood but with black nylon covering face. Perfect. Knowing Joe goes to work at six am. I shaved of all facial hair and my entire pubic patch. I didn’t want to leave any stray hairs around that could be used as evidence. I went to bed really early, so I could be at local coffee shop along Joe’s path to work.

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   There it was his work truck flying down the road, music blaring. Oblivious to what was going to happen to his dear sweet wife. Leaving my car in parking lot, I walked the three blocks to his house. Slipped into back yard and into the basement. Taking my spot behind the water heater. I keep looking at my watch. The time seemed like it was forever. Just as I was going to get up and leave, I heard those familiar sounds of her bounding down the stairs. Back into my spot, pulling down zipper I released my cock wanted to be ready for the right time. There she was, pushing open cellar door, but this time no basket of clothes. Figured she had some in dryer that she needed and would just grab them and go. Guess what no clothes in dryer. She was coming down to play with daddy again. She made a beeline to the box of goodies, but this time she just dragged whole box over to the chair. Reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple of hair ties.

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   Went to the mirror and put her hair into to little pigtails. Back went on the plaid skirt and thigh highs. My cock was bone hard by now and I knew I had to do something soon. Just as she was going to turn on vibe, she got up and went to the radio. Once again she cranked it up. Thanks; you just made my job easier. Lifting her legs over the arm of the chair. Once again she started talking to her invisible daddy. Telling him how much she liked it in her bum last time. Sneaking around so I could approach her from behind. She opens her mouth and asked if daddy wanted to stick it in her bum again. Grabbing her ponytails I said, “of course daddy does. Startled she jumped up but the hold I had on her hair prevented her from going far. Slamming her back into chair, making sure she couldn’t turn and see me. Even thought I had a mask on I didn’t want her to look at me.

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   Taking a bandana from my pocket I wrapped it around her head covering her eyes. Figured she was going to put up a fight I grabbed her hair even tighter this time. But no fight from her, she wanted this, I think. Once blindfolded I move around to the front of her, I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. made her undo my belt and button on my pants. Her hand went right for my cock. She was getting into this. This was no fun. That’s when I started to get rough. By the ponytails I tilted her head back and gave her a slap. That shocked her and made her start fighting. That’s right. The way I wanted it with force. I wanted her to know she was a slut and this is what happened to sluts. With her head still tilted back I reached down and took the vibe and shaoved it up her ass with more force than she even did.

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   I’ve been watching you. Treating yourself like a little slut. Now it’s my turn. My cock was now twitching with lust. I had to get some relief. Pulling her closer I made her open her mouth as wide as she could. One stroke and it was buried in her throat. The sudden force, which I used, made her gag and bile spewed all over her chin and down her breast. God this was great. With one hand still filled with her ponytails and one under her throat. I proceeded to fuck her throat. Over and over again I slammed her gullet. Wanting to fill her stomach with my cum, there it was the biggest load I have ever blown, right down my buddies’ wife’s throat. I slapped her again really hard. On your feet bitch, I commanded.


   Pulling hard on her hair. Up she came. Turning her around, making her kneel on chair. I push on the vibrator making sure it was up there as far as it would go. Smack, my hand came down hard on her ass. Again and again, her ass was beat red. The whole time I spanked her I keep asking her, “You want daddy’s cock”. “No daddy not like this”, she replied. “Yes like this was mine”. Pulling vibe out of her ass and tossing it to the floor I noticed the handcuffs in her box of toys. Yea the whore wanted this. On went the cuffs and in with my tongue right up her ass. I wanted entry to be easy for me. It went right to the balls as I buried it deep. I fucked her ass with all the power I had over and over again.

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   She was screaming now. “Please stop, my husband should be here any minute,” she said. Lying slut, I knew what time Joe will be back. “Who cares” was all I said. When I had enough of her ass, I turned her over and put my rubber-covered cock to her lips. “I seen u suck the shit off your toy now suck it off my cock down her throat again, I was liking this. But I still didn’t have her pussy yet. Good girl she cleaned it all up. Not a speck was left, now for that pussy. I lifted her legs back over her the arms of the chair. That pussy was spread open like a flower ready to be filled with my cock. But first she needed to be punished some more. Hard slaps to her thighs right above her stockings. She tried to move but I wasn’t going to let that happen. Grabbing her throat I pushed her back down.

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   She needed to know her place and I was going to show her.
    I squeezed tight until she was gasping for air. “Don’t move understand”, I said. With a weak nod, she agreed. Her pussy was ready. All seven inches were buried in a brutal display of my dominance. I started banging her hard with all my power and a stamina that even surprised me. I pummeled her cunt like a jackhammer. Orgasm after orgasm was my proof she wanted and needed this. Knowing I was nearing climax I pulled out and spanked her clit with my heavy cock. Hoping this would give me more time to feed her twat with the cock she needed. The sight of her tears and her pussy convulsing were too much for me. Getting reckless I had the urge to make her taste my cum again. Ripping off the condom, I rose it up to her face, with her head braced against back of chair She was not escaping. Taking hold of her ponytails, maneuvering her head like a set of handlebars, I drew her mouth nearer to my cock.

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       I guided her to my balls, “I shaved them for you, now make them shine”. I ground my balls on her face, making it shine with her own spit. Her face was now wet and lubed for entry. A nice forceful entry, burying my bone in her throat, I abused her skull. Pulling out so just the head was in her mouth then all the way down again. Each time slamming her face into my pelvis, my balls torturing her chin, with each thrust more saliva and bile flowed from her mouth. Her chest and stomach covered in sheen of her own fluids. I was ready to give her my load, all of it. Pulling her to the floor by her hair. and tilting her head back over the seat I told her to open her mouth. Obeying me like a puppy she did exactly as told. Alternating between stroking my cock and plunging her throat for more lubrication. I spit on her face and in her mouth, I was going to humiliate her now. Hard slaps of my cock on her face, more rubbing my bile-covered nuts across her pretty face. Even sitting the full weight of my ass on her face, until she couldn’t breathe, and was forced to open her mouth and eat my dirty ass. 

       She was a slut for telling me about her little rape role-play with Joe. Now it was happening for real. Having to blow my load and get out of there, it was almost an hour since she came downstairs. I went back to filling her throat. Telling her to keep her mouth open, I stroked at a furious pace. My hand moving as fast as I could, I was ready to feed her my load. Positioning my cockhead right inside her lips I exploded down her throat over and over I dropped my seed on her tongue. Telling her not to swallow I brought her to her feet and kissed her deep. Thank god she was still blindfolded. Getting afraid about what I did. I knew my seamen was clear evidence of who did this to her. Dragging her over to washer machine, I poured a capful of bleach. Told her to gargle with it and not swallow. I wanted to rape her not kill her. With a sour look on her face she swished it around her mouth and spit it on command into the washer machine.

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       I had to get out and had to do it without her seeing me. Leading her to the door I turned her around and uncuffed her. Told her, “be a good girl and don’t tell anyone what happened, understand”. A nod confirmed my command. “Have a nice day” was my last words, pushing her to the floor still blindfolded. Slamming the door behind me. It was a quick walk back to coffee shop. Getting back into my car, I still was excited. This was a different kind of excitement though. More like fear than adrenalin. Over the next few days I was on edge thinking every phone call or knock on door was cops or even maybe my angry best friend. Nothing, but wasn’t taking any chances. Talk to Joe when he called to confirm our plans for football, but being Saturday night wanted to get out, and asked if he wanted to grab a beer. He answer that the old lady didn’t want him going out. Well, I stayed away from football, feeling like it was too close to incident to show up.

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       Used an excuse about being hung over from night before. Guess I felt a little bit guilty, I did. The next week passed and still no cops, no angry Joe, and no nothing. She kept it all a secret. So the following Sunday it was football again. I showed up this time but the whole time my heart was racing. Megan was now there to be seen. That was until Joe called her out into living room to smoke a blunt. Out of the room she came with hair in two ponytails and the bandana that was used in the rape wrapped around her head. I didn’t make eye contact with her, I was afraid. After joint was finished she got up and said she was going to finish the movie she was watching. Trying to be tough, Joe commented to her about cleaning house and doing laundry. Her reply was that her father was coming by to help with the laundry and threw me a wink. She knew and wanted more. The end my second story, was to be my first but had to take out pix i addedhoping for more comments than i recieved on last story Hilary's Hairy Pussy.

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