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I'm a guy why would I refuse a free dinner. So I stopped by Safeway and she went in and got some things and then we took off. After about ten minutes i didnt know where she lived so I asked her and she said we were going the right way so I kept driving. Not after too long she said take a right, left,then another right, and we'd be at her driveway. It was surprisingly Long it was out in the country. We went inside and she said that she was going to the kitchen and to make myself comfortale. So i watched some TV and then i started to think "Hey this is perfect i could rape her and no one would know unless she told someone but if i made a big enough threat the wouldn't talk. " So i waited till she was done cooking when she said "i'll be right back i have to use the restroom" And it clicked perfect time to act. She went to the end of the hall and after she closed the door I got up and snuck around to the side of the door and waited till she came out. She opened the door and I grabbed her around the waist and mouth.

i dragged her to the bedroom across the hall and told her that to be still and and get undressed. She looked at me with fear and said are you crazy. I said "No I'm a Horny fuckin' virgin that needs some Pussy, And your my pussy" and I slapped her across the face, took out my pocket knife and told her to undress. She did as she was told. I took her pillowcases and cut them into long strips and tied her up the the bed wiht them. She was so perfectly curved and her breasts where very large.

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   Putting my hand on her pussy i felt for the first time girl juices. i went to the end of the bed, smelled and tasted her moist clean shaven pussy . It was So Sweet almost like sugar. Since i grabbed her my Girth had been growing to its fullest extent wich was a hard 9 inches. It was painfully against my jeans. I took them off and let my dick slide against my victems flesh. I told her to suck my dick and she did. She was very skilled with her toungue. I took her head and rammed my cock strait down her throut, She gagged. When i was about to cum i asked her whether she would be lucky enough to taste my seed. She shook her head to I pushed my Cock head into her mouth and I felt my self Shiver in pleasure. She spit my Seed at me and i slapped her again this time making her bleed. I was imeadiatly hard again to i went to her clit and ran my cock up and down it. She startted to moan and oh boy was she wet. I stuck my whole length in her tight pussy and fucked her braines out.

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   I went in and out every time harder than the last intill I felt her orgam. I could not take it anymore i came inside her tight little pussy. I told her If she told anyone i would hunt her down do it again and kill her. i put my clothes back on and went to the kitchen and ate the dinner she had made it as quite good but cold. After i finished i went back into the bedroom and cut the pillowcases just enough so that in a few hours she could have ripped then and gotten free. I left and went home thinking the whole way home about what i just did. I felt really good and i would do it again. If you liked this and it was good plz email me with your comments plz make sure you make the subject STORY COMMENTS email TealC_Master_Taree@msn. com.



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