My First Lesbian!


Topic: My First Lesbian       It was a cold winter day around 4 pm when my best friend called saying she needed her heater fixed. Nina was a sexy little mama who was always attracted to chicks. She was 22 and had the body of an hour glass. I was always attracted to Nina, but I knew she was never interested in guys.
       As I entered her house she was in a tight tan sweater that showed off every outline of her beautiful 36D breasts, and she wore a pair of jeans that showed off her lucious ass. Nina always wore tight clothes just to make the guys jealous that they could never have her. Anyways, Nina invited me in and said "Pop a squat on the sofa while I make us some hot cocoa. " So there I was sitting on the sofa with a huge bulge in my pants thinking to myself how to get rid of my erection before Nina gets grossed out and kicks me out. I started thinking of Michael Jackson naked and that instantly lowered my Nina walked in with two cups of hot cocoa and sat next to me. There, my erection started up again. I was sitting there next to my lesbian friend with a hard on the size of China. I started to get thoughts of fucking her brains out. She must have soon the bulge because she scooted over the opposite direction in an attempt to avoid the hump in my pants. With all these images floating around through my mind I didn't care.

I wanted Nina and I wanted her now! I leaned in and began kissing her neck leaving a small hicky on her neck. I whispered to her how beautiful she was and how I'd love to take her body and do all sort of things to it.

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   began unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants to show Nina my 8 and a half inch dick. "This is what thinking about your body has done to my penis" "What?" she replied. "Making it huge!" I said. "I never touched a penis before but I'll try it with you". she said.
        She began putting her mouth around my dick and started to lick it where the head meets the shaft. This sent me into an instant cringe and I squirmed a little bit. My reaction was grabbing the back of her head and forcing her to bob up and down my dick faster. The feeling was incredible, especially when you imagine a woman teasing the spot where you cum with her tongue. I noticed Nina only had 3 inches in her mouth so I started to force her down deeper onto my pulsing cock. "Owe!. . . Please!. .

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  . Stop it!" Nina screamed out while gagging on my dick. After 18 minutes into my blow job, Nina got all 8 and a half inches in and as soon as I felt her throat I shot 5 huge strokes of cum down her throat. She swallowed every bit of it too.
       But even after that I needed more. Nina tried to run but I grabbed her and threw her on the sofa undoing her jeans and ripping off her hot pink colored thong leaving two scratch marks on her lower abdomen.
       She screamed "No!. . . Please!. . . Dont!" As soon as she said please my mouth was on her pussy licking her clit as I fingered her wet pussy. I began licking her clit faster and faster until she screamed out "Oh My God!! Your going to make me cum!" I began sucking her clit while stroking my dick at the same time. I moved my dick up close to her pussy hole and entered it in.

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   I started off with soft short strokes then built up to a faster speed. I didn't want to hurt Nina but I still wanted to get my pleasure in. I felt something inside of me say "Go faster. . . She can take it. . . Hold the bitch down!" Nina was squirming and moaning to stop but I can tell she liked it. "So how does this feel compared to a dildo?" I asked her. "MMMMHHHMMMM. . . go faster!!" she screamed as she began to moan louder. "OMG! this feels so good!" She cried out.

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   I quickly flipped her over and fucked her doggy style. "Oh my God! Stop! it hurts too much Jake!" She screamed. But I couldn't stop, it felt too good.
       After about 18 minutes of fucking Nina I  shot load after load into her wet pussy filling Nina up with my cum which sent her into multiple orgasms.
       Afterwards we laid on her sofa breathing fast from the sex. Suddenly I thought to myself. . . . "Damn, I just fucked a lesbian, and it was fucking awesome!" I kept on thinking that until 2 months later Nina showed up to my house saying she was 2 months pregnant. With that, my final thought was that Nina will be the last lesbian I ever fuck.



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