My employer - My Master


Dear sir:

Thank you for seeing me. As you know I am desperately in need of employment. I have no place to stay and no money. I am willing to do what I must to gain your approval. I accept your conditions of employment. I am not only accepting but quite grateful to have the small pool house room to stay in. I hope I may be employed by you for a very long time. I am very thankful that you find me attractive and suitable to be your house keeper. I accept the rate of pay and am fully understanding of the, shall we say particular requirements set forth by you as conditions of my employment. I will begin as you have requested by outlining all of the stated requirements and then I shall report for work this coming Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm sharp. I will settle into my new room and begin servicing you at 6:00 am Saturday.

The requirements given by you and understood by meare as follows:
• I will clean, do laundry and cook.
• If you should become sick I am to care for you including any required feeding and bathing.
• I am to be responsible for all grocery shopping and errands.
• I will do my work in the attire laid out for me with the understanding that 'fantasy dress' is an expected and required part of my job ae attractive bras, panties, stockings, short skirts, cleaning the floor in short skirts without underpants and so forth as you should require for your entertainment.
• It is required that I understand we do not have a romantic relationship and yet I am to meet the physical needs previously provided by your dead wife: specifically I will masturbate for you, and perform oral sex ae give you blow jobs whenever you request and I will do so with willing submission.

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  Further I will understand that you are to ejaculate on my face and body for your pleasure.
• I accept willingness to learn new sexual practices as you request them in an effort to meet the needs of your erotic appetite including seductive dance, mutual masturbation and also submission to your female companions.
• I will always address you as sir and may I please sir. I expect that if you should have an erection at any time that I am responsible for giving you pleasurable release.
• I understand that if I am permitted to join you in the common room for television or evening relaxation, I am to sit on the floor, on a pillow at your feet and am not permitted to sit on the couch or chairs.
• I understand that I am not permitted to have outside relationships and that if you should entertain company I may not speak.
• In summary, the good keeping of your home and dedication to meet your sexual desires are the responsibility of my employment. In return I will receive a generous salary and, in the event of your death my needs will be met.

Thank you kind sir for this opportunity. I will arrive this Friday in proper seductive dress ready to clean your home and service your darkest desires. I will care for your domestic needs and provide sexual pleasure obediently.

- Your new housekeeper: Lisa. .