My Brother Enemy


This is a story about my brother enemy and what my life became after he was finished with me.
I was a normal teenage girl a junior in high school decent grades. My mother had two children my brother and I he was 19 and I was 18 He was my protector. However, he was in a gang so I had to watch my back. One day this young boy been killed around the way and it had been said that my brother’s gang had did it.
I was coming out of school one day and this tall cute fellow came up to me. He was about 6’2 and very muscular. Now I am about 5’6 and 140. I am not skinny I am a nice size I am 36d and have a nice size ass. Since it was after school hours and I been studying in the library no one was around. He grabs me by the wrist and started pulling me towards his car. I tried to break away but could not. His grip was so tight. I scream and scream but he would not let me go. No one was around to help me. He pushes me into the car, and handcuffs me to the door.

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   After he put me in the car, he asked me my name. At first, I did not say anything but then he told me if I did not cooperate that he would not hesitate to kill me. I told him, “T-T-Tanya” I said.
“Do you know why this is happening to you?” he asked
“No” I said
“Well first let me tell my name, it is Mike and your brother killed my little cousin about two weeks ago so to pay him back I’ll take you. ”
My heart started to beat very fast and had to ask what my faith was. “Are you going to kill me?” I asked
“No I already told you if you cooperate you will be just fine. ” Mike said
I looked out the window as we drove across to the other side of the state. He pulled over on the side of the road and told me I had to put on a blindfold. I could not se the rest of the way but it seems like took forever. We stop and he took me out of the car. He took my blindfold off. I was in this big house in a well-furnished basement. “You might as well get comfortable and get used to it. ” Mike said
“How long do you plan on keeping me here?” I said
“Don’t worry about that you will be here until I’m ready to let you go” He said angrily
“Take off all your clothes” He told me
I did not move and just stood there and looked at him. He said again “Take off your clothes” Again I just stood there with my eyes wide and my mouth open.

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   The reason for that is that I have never been with anyone let alone letting someone see me naked. I mean sure I have kissed a few boys but no farther than that, and now this stranger who might hurt me is telling me to take off my clothes. He walked towards me and I stepped back scared and not knowing what to do I slowly began to take off my shirt. He watches intensely as I slowly unbutton my shirt, slide it off my shoulder and stood there. “Turn around and undo your bra” he said I slowly turn around and did as I was told. “Turn around and now slowly takes the bra off” Again, I did as I was told. My 36d stood tall and proud as I drop my head in shame wishing I was home safe in my house. He walked up to me, unbuttons my pants, and slides them down to my ankles. Mike stood up, looks me in my eyes, and started to play with my panty line. When he was doing that, he told just what he had plan for me. My heart skipped a beat when he finished tell me that. His plan was to keep me fuck me in each whole and get me pregnant and keep me long enough so that I cant get abortion. I asked him “why would you do that to me?”
“Because your brother killed my cousin and instead of killing him or killing someone he love why not kill him in his heart have his pride and joy his sister have a baby from the enemy. ”
“I have nothing do with his life please don’t do this to me” I said
“Sorry but this the way it is, it could be easy or hard you tell me what you want to do because I would hate to hurt such a pretty girl. ” He touches my face and I jumped.

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   “Take it easy I will only bite if you want me too. ” He laughed He gave robe and told me relax he will be right back. I was looking around for somewhere I could go but the only way out of this basement is to go up stairs. Therefore, I went up the stairs and try to turn the knob but it was lock from the outside. Damn I said to myself and went back down stairs. A few minutes later Mike came back down with his gun in his hand. My eyes were wide and I was scared he told me to come to him. I went to him, he grab my hair and put the gun to my head and told me “you just failed the first test trying to run next time you do that you will regret that you ever thought about running” That had me right there I didn’t want make him mad at all and from now on I was going to do what I was told. He went back up stairs and came right back down. He was sitting on the bed and told to come sit next to him, I did. He started to kiss me I resisted as he forced me back on the bed and untied the robe I scream. He laughed and said “go ahead if that makes you feel better no one can hear you” That’s was the first time the tears started to come down my face this was really happening to me. He kissed down my neck and I imagine that’s was somewhere else. He took my right nipple in his mouth so soft and gentle and this strange feeling came over me. I never felt this way before and I was not sure if I should be feeling this way now.

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   My mind and my heart did not want him but my body did. He change and went to my left nipple and the same matter as he took my right nipple. It was feeling so good but I knew that I did not want him to be my first and be the father of my first-born. He brought me back to reality when I felt his tongue around my pussy lips. I jump and try to move he grab my legs and held them tight and forced his tongue into my pussy. A wave of pleasure came over me and my body did things that it never did before I shook so hard. That gave him the go to keep sucking and licking on my clit. He sucked and licks until I felt another one of those waves and then I realize I was cumin so hard. I felt him slide one of his fingers and my now soaking wet pussy. He finger fuck me bring me to another orgasm. I begged him to stop that I could not take anymore he just laugh and continued to finger fuck me. He stood up and took off all his clothes and told me to sit up, when I did, I saw the biggest dick ever it was about ten inches long and three inches wide. He told me to suck on it.
“I-I-I never did this I don’t know how,” I said
“I will guide you just don’t bite down and you will be fine” he said
“Its to big I can’t get all that in my mouth” I protested
“You will,” he said
With that answer, he grabs my hair and I open my mouth and did my best on trying to suck it. He rammed his dick in and out my mouth moaning and taking deep breaths.

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   He screamed out I am about to cum and he told me to swallow all of it. It was somewhat salty with a sweet flavor to it but very slimy I did not like that too much. Within minute, he was hard again and told me to lie back on the bed. I did not want to so I just sat there and looked at him. He pushed me back onto the bed I felt his dick at entrance of my virgin pussy. He began to push his dick in me and I scream at the top of my lungs. It was very painful and it was just the head of his dick. He pushed a little further and came to resistant of my cherry. With one good push, he pops it, I scream and tears fell down my cheeks.
“That was the worst part I swear it will get better,” he said
I said nothing I just laid there as he continued to fuck me. He finally got his entire dick in me and started a rhythm in and out. He slowly started to grind and I could not take no more “please stop your hurting me”
“You’re so tight,” he whispers in my ear.
“Please please stop it hurts,” I yelled
“The pain will be over soon,” he whispered
A few minutes after he was right the pain went a way and the pleasure started it.
“You feel so good,” he said as he whisper in my ear
All I could get out was soft moans from my body betraying me. At a point I did not care I just wanted him to stay in me. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

“Am I feeling good to you no?” he whispers
I did not want him to think that I thought it was ok so I lied.
“Nooooooooo” I moan
“Are you sure” he started to moan to
“Yesssssssssssss” I moan
“I think you are lying to me,” he moan
“Nooooooo I am not,” I moan
“ do you want me to stop” he asked I didn’t want him to stop so I tried to think of something that will keep him going without me saying no don’t stop, but couldn’t.
“No please don’t stop,” I begged
“I knew you liked it” he bragged
With that, he started to fuck so hard. He thrust me harder and harder each time. I had some many orgasms I could not count. He was a t his max and exploded into my unprotect pussy.
For days and months, he did this to me. I got pregnant the first month I was there; he did not let me go for another five months after my five-month check-up. Mike told me I could go home after the doctor’s appointment. Although I wanted to go home, I did not want to leave him. I was pregnant with his child a boy to be exact. However, he pushed me to leave. I left went home, walked into the kitchen where my mother and brother sat and just looked at my stomach as I just stood there. My mother jump up and gave me a hug and so did my brother. My brother already knew what happen to me but could not do anything about.

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   My mother did not care as long as I was alive. I went back to school and when I came out after school Mike was there.
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