Molly Is Taken in the Gym


Molly was a 18-year-old teenager. She wasn’t too popular and she didn’t have too many friends. Usually minding her own business, she was the lonely type. Her only actual friend was Paula, a classmate of hers, who didn’t seem to mind her unsocial nature. Molly had a full, nicely shaped body and she was rather tall. Her breast were very large, probably a size D. Her straight, voluminous, dirty-blonde hair fell to her shoulders. Surprisingly, the blue-eye girl was attractive and thus many guys lusted over her, but none of them gave her any actual attention, afraid of what “hanging out with the weirdo” could do to their reputation. Although no one admitted it, Molly was generally considered as “totally fuckable” and boys usually fantasized about doing her in some dark corner and never looking back. One day, Molly was alone in the locker room. She was changing her clothes, after the PE class, although she didn’t take a shower. She never took showers at school, because she was too embarrassed – of the other girls, of seeing them naked, of letting them see her naked – we cannot know for sure. Several times, girls made fun of her, commonly calling her “a fat cow”; she wasn’t fat at all, she was just making others envious with her well-curved body. Molly was quite satisfied with the fact that there was no one to bother her at the time. All of a sudden, her worst nightmare came true: blonde-hair Aurora, the redhead Iris, and Rachel, a brunette, the biggest bitch of them all. The three anorexic, self-involved, merciless teenagers were always teasing Molly, just to feel better about themselves.

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   “Molly, would you please come to the gym. We have something to show you” said Rachel. She was calm, she was trying to be serious – that annoying smirk was no longer on her face. Something bad was obviously going on. Molly’s heart started racing; she was breathing heavily; she felt trapped and didn’t know what to do. She was still wearing her gym clothes. She got up and, with trembling feet, she followed Rachel. The gym was empty. As Rachel led the way, the sound of her high-heels was echoing against the huge walls. There was nothing else to see, except for a pad laying on the floor. Fine drops of sweat accumulated on Molly’s forehead and her eyes relentlessly moved. With no warning whatsoever, Iris and Aurora grabbed their victim by her arms and tripped her. She fell on the pad, banging her head to the ground and consequently moaning in pain. They tied her hands tightly with a plastic core as she implored: “Please, let me go! Please. .

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  . I won’t tell anyone. . . Don’t hurt me, please!”. In a deceitful attempt of making her quiet, Iris made her face up and told her, almost in whisper: “We don’t want to hurt you, Molly. We just want to have some fun, together, like friends do”. Rachel added: “You do want to be friends with us, right?” “Yes. . . ” agreed Molly in frightened voice. “Undress the bitch” Rachel ordered. The other two girls got rid of Molly’s sneakers and of her pants. She started sobbing. Rachel got a huge pink dildo out of her backpack.

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   It was at least 9 inches long and almost one and a half inches thick. Iris ripped Molly’s panties and she immediately started rubbing the unshaved pussy with her palm. Against her will, the chubby girl began getting wetter and wetter. As she realized this, her tears flowed more than ever. Iris started fingering her victim, using one, two and finally three fingers. The juices were dripping faster, in a desperate attempt of lubing the already strained pussy. While Molly panted helplessly, Iris told her friends in a very calm manner: “I think our little Molly wasn’t actually a virgin. ” And, yes, it was true. Often, at night, Molly touched and fingered herself. One time, driven by her self-inflicted onanistic desire, she might have gone too far, thus deflowering herself. Iris took her dripping hand and stuck it between Molly’s fleshy lips: “How do you taste, bitch? Is it any good?” Molly wanted to drift away, she wanted to go to a happy place, as far from this as possible. She kept thinking of her room, where she would be safe, but her own juices invaded her mouth. She had no choice, so she swallowed; overwhelmed by shame, she perceived the weird flavor. This, however, was the smallest of Molly’s worries. The BIG problem was the immense dildo Aurora shoved between her legs, deep inside her vagina.

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   With no patience, the blonde thrust forward, getting about 6 inches of the monster in the tensed love-hole, in just a second. A wave of pain hit Molly; before she could realize what happened, she felt her skull exploding from the shock. Aurora didn’t stop there: she was now twisting and twirling the hellish device, pulling it back and forward, trying to get it further inside. Rachel kneeled on top of Molly’s chest and spat on her face continually, while grabbing her large breasts: “You fuckin’ huge-titted whore, how do you like this?” Just when she thought she was going to burst from the pain and humiliation, the gym doors opened loudly. That was it – her salvation. The end of her suffering. “Why the fuck did you start before we came? Now you spoiled all the fun!” she heard the yell of a powerful voice. It was Brad. Obviously a little drunk, he had a bottle of scotch in his hand. He was not alone though. Jerry, Jason, Arnold and Kevin were with him – the entire basketball team. Brad wasted no time. He pushed Aurora from between Molly’s legs, he got the huge dildo out and replaced it with his own cock, that was not much smaller. He had no trouble in penetrating the girl with his impressive member. Molly barely realized that she was being fucked for real for the first time.

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   Brad was pounding away, ripping the girl’s clothes and enjoying her hanging breasts. Molly had fantasized about Brad. She had fantasized about having sex with him. But in her dreams, he was gentle and careful, romantic and loving. She knew he was Rachel’s boyfriend, but she kept hoping for that perfect moment with him. She kept hoping he would fall in love with her. Now, Molly unsuccessfully tried to picture the pleasure of Brad making love to her, but all she had was the torment of him brutally raping her. He pulled out of Molly’s pussy just in time to abundantly cum all over her clothes, stomach and tits. He shot load after load over the girl’s skin. She cried and each time a blob of boiling sperm hit her, she would sob in humiliation. It wasn’t long before Jason cut off the cord around Molly’s hands and got her standing on all fours, with her butt sticking up, waiting to be plugged. Her hair fell on her face. He got inside her vagina, thrusting like mad. He wasn’t as large as Brad and maybe this is why Molly didn’t feel so much as being split by his cock. The other guys were drinking, watching the show and occasionally kissing the devilish girls, as if waiting to take their turn at fucking Molly.

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   The pain originating from Molly’s sore pussy barely subsided and excitement built up in her confused little brain. Small sensations of pleasure rippled through her body, making her shame more endurable, making her previous screams more like kittenish sighs. She gave up to her senses. However nothing but pain was showing on her face, concealed by her own hair, sticking with Rachel’s gooish spit. Just then, at their greatest moment together, Jason pointed the pink dildo in her ass, trying to jab it in as much as possible. Of course, he didn’t manage to get it deeper than an inch or two. Once again, Molly felt like she was torn apart by the rubbery member. “Please, no. . . don’t do it! Not in my ass. . . Ah, it hurts so much! Please, stop it!” Molly futilely pleaded crying for her anal virginity. But her screams did nothing else than to arouse Jason, who fucked her even faster until he withdrew from her pussy and he violently ejaculated all over her naked back.

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   As he wiped his cock on her butt-cheeks, he got almost four inches of the dildo in the girl’s ass. Jerry took his turn, but instead of fucking her already soaking pussy, he wanted to probe her mouth. The girl was reluctant and he looked upwards with a begging gaze, with eyes already wrapped in tears, as he moved his cock head on her lips. “What do you think, you fucking cunt? You think I’m kiddin’?! Suck it, dumb bitch!” After forcing his dick into her mouth, Molly understood that she had to give her first blowjob. There was no way around this. She swallowed her pride, her reluctance and her disgust. Then she swallowed Jerry’s precum, as she engulfed more of his cock and she twirled her tongue around it. Jerry buried his hands in her thick hair, as she pulled her head towards himself, face-fucking her. Molly was surprised when Arnold joined the party. He penetrated her normally from behind. She wasn’t only fucking another guy, but doing it while taking a cock in her mouth. She swung between Jerry and Arnold, pressed between their vigorous members. Her back was sensually bent. Everyone else watched the trio perform in the sound of the dicks sliding through the moisture of Molly’s pussy and mouth. Arnold spread the girl’s butt-cheeks wide and he pushed his hard member through her dry sphincter.

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   At the beginning, the girth of the cock was too much, but Molly slowly adapted, as she had done so many times before that day.
    Kevin could no longer wait. He got underneath Molly and he slid his lusting cock in her pussy. Now the girl was filled in each hole. She thought she was going to exploded, but she didn’t. She couldn’t believe all this was happening to her. Why her? What did she do wrong? These were the questions that tormented her mind, while her body was in agony. She shut her eyes tight. But she couldn’t block the sensation of being threeway fucked. She couldn’t block the taste of cock and the smell of sweat. She couldn’t block the embarrassment that took over her mind. Molly just wanted to go home. The guys hurried towards blowing their loads. The first one to go was Arnold, caught up in the clenching of Molly’s butt, as she had an orgasm. He didn’t even mind pulling out, he just ejaculated in her ass.

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       The next one was Jason; he filled Molly’s mouth with spunk, making her swallow the entire load. Kevin had something special in mind. He made Molly stay on her back, he got on top of her, he pressed her tits together and he started tit-fucking her. The feeling of her unwillingly erect nipples, the sensation of his cock sliding in between her large sweaty breasts, the way her chest moved as she sobbed made Kevin cum like a bull all over the girl’s face. Molly lay exhausted on the dirty pad, full of sweat and sperm, crying in hope it was all over. While he looked at her, Brad got in a sudden mood for a blowjob. He went over to the girl, made her stand on her knees and suck on his already erect cock. She mumbled something like “No, not again, please”, but she already knew resistance was futile. It was hard for Molly to take the huge pole in her mouth, but it wasn’t like she had a choice. Brad pushed his member more and more, forcing the girl to deep-throat. After about 7 inches of it, she gagged and wanted to free her mouth, but Brad wouldn’t let her. Soon, the other guys gathered around. Brad told her to go around and suck everyone’s dick – so she did. At Arnold’s command, she started masturbating two guys while she was sucking on another. Molly, the cute nerd no one ever paid attention to, got pretty good at this gangbang-blowjob business.

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       Aurora, Iris and Rachel watched with immense satisfaction. As he was being jacked off, Jason was the first one to blow his load, all over Molly’s face and hair. The other’s soon followed his example, synchronizing in one cum-soaking effort, heavily spitting on her. In a few seconds, Molly’s pretty face was all drenched in sticky cocktail of semen and saliva: her hair looked as if it had been shampooed, her face was dripping goo and the washy-blue in her eyes was now barely noticeable due to the warm whitish layer. The guys got dressed, leaving the girl on the pad, drained of energy and covered in bodily fluids. “If you say anything to anyone, you’re screwed. For real!” Brad threatened “It’s your word against ours, so think twice before doing anything stupid” Aurora warned her. As the gangbang team left, they saw Paula just at the gym door. “Your friend, Molly, was quite a fuck, I tell you” said Arnold. “I didn’t know she had it in her” added Kevin. Paula saw Molly standing in that pool of spunk; she was so disgusted by what her friend did that she ran away as fast as she could. “I couldn’t conceive she was such a two-faced whore” though Paula as she walked out of the school. Molly didn’t move for about fifteen minutes. Then, she took a shower, she got dressed and she went home. She didn’t mention the “incident” ever again: she was too afraid, she was too embarrassed, she was too sure no one would believe her.


       Days went by and she tried to convince herself that everything had been just a bad dream. She tried to forget, but the memories always returned to her. She never spoke to Paula again. THE END. .