Me and My Baby Sister


Her wrists where clamped above her head in a V shape and same with her legs at the other end of the table. . so her body was in an X. . . I was about to break into tears then I heard someone entering my room. . . It was a man a very large black man who did not look like someone I wanted to be in a room with. He sternly told me to come over to him. . . I replied "where am I please do not hurt me ill give you anything my parents are doctors they have money" he told me. . . "I'm not here for money.

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  , you will see what I want" he tied my wrists and sat me in the chair in the room with the tinted window, he clasped my ankles to the chair so I could not move. . then he went out the door and left me there. I was so confused and afraid, I did not know what to think. All I could do is sit in terror just imagining why I was left to stare at my little sister. As I gazed at her in shock and sadness she glanced at the window, she could not see in she didn’t know what it was. She was only 12 years old, she had very tan skin with long brown hair to her lower back. the most innocent child. She was crying and I could tell she was calling my name, As I looked I started to cry. For I realized this might be the last time we see each other, I started thinking what my parents where doing, were they looking for us, of course they weren't they still had 4 days till they returned. My thoughts where soon interrupted by the slamming of a door. Another man entered my baby sisters room. He looked into the window and gave a very strange smile. . I sat there in horror.

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   He approached my sister and started to talk to her, I couldn’t hear anything all I saw was her head nodding to him and shaking to him. I could tell a few things, she said my name her name and how old she was . . Her big brown eyes where still wet from tears. . the man told her something and she closed her eyes . . . he started to reach his hands down and touch her sides. . . . I knew what this meant and I had to do something, but I was helpless. . there was nothing I could do.

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   She opened her eyes and started to cry and whimper more . . . he started so rub her stomach and attempted to take her top off she squirmed, she was at the age where she did not want to be naked she knew why but she did not understand why he was doing this to her. She wouldn’t stop crying so the man yelled at her, she couldn’t help it, so he took his fist and hit her face so hard, her face was slapped so hard that she was nearly knocked out, she stopped her crying but I could still see her whimper. . . The man reached down her shirt and then stopped. I was almost relieved thinking that this was the end, but he went to the corner of the room and flipped a switch . . . which allowed there to be sound in the room I was in. Now I was hearing everything my sisters tiny whimpers, I tried to yell but she still could not hear me. HE walked back to her and harshly ripped of her top and pulled off her shorts it left her tiny naked body on the table. he started fondling with her nipples biting them and sucking them, She was crying yelling Mommy Mommy.

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  . . . . ahhh mariaaa somebody help me . . . STOP IT HURTS please please sir it hurts me. but it wouldn’t stop him soon he was sucking lower and lower till he reached between her hips he started to caress her tiny stomach as he licked her pussy lips and pulled at them with his teeth softly, as if it was foreplay with his girlfriend or something. She cried still as I could tell he was getting frustrated he hit her again but this time slapping her pussy as hard as he could. . . she let out a Loud scream as he replied "that will teach you to be quiet" she stopped but still was shaking furiously. . .

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   as he started to lick inside her pussy he said "there’s the juices" now darling I hope you are ready for this. He slowly let his shorts down and put in to full view his fully erect cock, he was bout to shove it inside my sisters tiny body, I wanted to help her so bad I was crying so hard but there was nothing I could do, suddenly the window I was forced to watch through let a curtain down I couldn’t see I started to cry NO NO NO STOP STOP LET MY SISTER GO TAKE ME INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was screaming but nobody could hear moments later the curtain was let back up his cock was thrusting into her tiny body she was screaming in agony, the look on her face was one I had never seen before. . he was pumping her harder than ever in out in out in out thrusting harder and harder. Her tiny body was jolting on the table like a helpless piece of nothing. letting out sounds of agony, she was crying and making noises with the thrusts. soon he stopped for a moment, she caught her breath then he thrusted the biggest thrust of all and she let out the loudest scream, he had forced his cock into her whole body, 7 inches of cock, she was only 12 and already she had do experience this. Her poor little body lay there helpless as she turned to the window and her eyes slowly shut. I screamed and said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my baby sister was dead, I sat there and watched her die a brutal death. At that point all I could think about was my baby sister I just wanted to hold her in my arms and tell her everything was going to be alright but I couldn’t she was gone. I tried to hard to untie myself and soon I did, but there was no escape for me my ankles where cuffed to the chair, soon another man entered the room, I swung my arms at his face but he grabbed both of them and held them together hard and tied my wrists again. This man was huge, he had gigantic muscles and I had to say a nice body but I wasn’t thinking lustfully at this moment. All I knew was I had to listen to him, I was going to get through this for my baby sister. He instructed me that if I did not do exactly what he said he would make sure I would feel much pain. I said look sir, ill do anything just please don’t kill me.

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  The man told me to get on the bed, The bed was not normal, it was somewhat of a boxed in area the bed was flat but on both sides of the bed was a wall, I was so afraid I knew what was going to happen, I mounted the bed and sad there with everything closed so he couldn’t touch me. I had my longerie on still red booty shorts with a red bra. The man wouldn’t untie my wrists there where metal clips and clasps everywhere there where about 18 on the bed in different places and some on the wall maybe 8 or so. he clasped my tied wrists to the metal clamp at the top of the bed and took one of my legs and wrapped it with a chain and clamped it to one the far wall so my leg was out, I new what he was doing, he was making easier access for him to thrust into me. He took another one of my legs and did the same to the other wall, I said sir please don’t please you don’t understand ill do anything for you but this. He just ignored me as if I wasn’t even there. soon he started cutting my tiny shorts off so my pussy was open wide and bear for him do do anything to. He stood there staring at it, I was terrified. he ran his finger through my slit and licked his finger. . . yum he said, slippery already, just the way I like them he said. I was so scared he started to undo my bra it fell to the floor when he cut the straps his cock was bulging out of his pants I could already tell what was going to happen. Soon he relieved himself by throwing his pants off and his cock stood strait up it had to be at least 18 inches. I was terrified.

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   My boyfriend and had talked about having sex before I ended up here I knew what would happen and how it "should" feel but I knew this wouldn’t be normal. Soon I found myself holding my breath as he lay himself between my legs and started to lick in between my breasts. I had about a D size cup. he started licking and grasping my tits which where fully erect too. I started to shutter as I had an orgasm already, this was so not like me I was so worried soon the man let himself up and started teasing my pussy with his cock then all of the sudden I let in a HUGE inhale as he thrusted his cock deep inside me I almost choked, 18 inches was inside me I lay there out of breath my body moving with his every movement. he started to pump me and let his gigantic cock in and out of me. He reached above my head and untied my wrists and my legs and angles and grabbed my ass which forced me to still allow his cock to remain in me, I was cumming all over the place. it was so huge I could not help it. he carried me still on his cock to the back of my room which lead to another room he harshly threw me on the counter ripping his gigantic cock out of me I screamed so loud, it hurt so bad. I laid there in pain and in somewhat of a feel good moment I didn’t know the feeling, I wanted more but I wanted to go home. I was so terrified though. He sat me up on the counter and clipped my wrists to the wall which my back was leaning on so I was in the shape of a t with my legs dangling over the counter he spread them open and thrusted his still erect cock into me again thrusting harder and harder each time my hips started to buck and I was shaking everywhere, he let his cock sit for a moment then thrusted again , it still wasn’t all the way in then he gripped my ass as he pushed his cock forward into me he gripped my ass pulling it towards him thrusting it to burry the cock further into me, then I heard a pop and juices went everywhere he smiled at me stroking my breasts and we just sat there as he started sucking on my lips and streaking my everywhere my back my legs his cock just inside me I was helpless, warn out I was his sex slave nothing I could do. Sooner than later I found myself on a bed laying there my baby sister laying on a counter in the far counter in the same room I got up so weak I fell to my knees, I crawled over to her and shook her tiny body with all my strength KELLI KELLY listen to me KELLI I swear she was dead but I had to see for myself suddenly her eye slowly opened, Maria she said I hugged her and didn’t let her go, I suddenly found another door. I didn’t know what it lead to but I wasn’t leaving Kelli by her self. I told her to hold on to me as tight as she could.

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   She did so, my poor baby sister. I could only imagine the pain she was in and what they did to her after I was taken away. She held on to me as I opened the door it lead to an alley. I gripped whatever I could find to rap myself in which was a sheet as I ran to the nearest place where I knew they wouldn’t find us. An abandoned building. I set little Kelli down. "Kelli baby are you ok I'm so sorry sweaty ill never let anything happen to you again I’m so sorry baby" she leaned forward and hugged me as tight as she could, all her strength was gone. her little legs still shaking from fear. I told her everything is going to be okay. There was a cupboard in the building and some old boxes as I sorted through the boxes for some clothes I put them on. "Kelli stay in this cupboard I’m going to go get help". She cried " Maria please no don’t leave me Maria" I had to I knew if I took her it would only slow me down. I left and Kelli stayed in the cupboard. I ran down the alley and glanced into the crowd I saw, I was such a mess, but nobody seemed to notice me, I was in new York I was taken to new York. there where police officers but I did not know who to trust they seemed so suspicious suddenly one officer pointed to me and several others started to run at me with radios talking to each other, I heard one say.

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   We see her we will get her for you. I ran as fast as I could away and slipped into a tiny crevasse I found between a dumpster and a bunch of cardboard boxes. It was then I realized. nobody would help us. I glanced at the news paper next to me as it read Maria and Kelli Burk : Raised by there parents to become Sex Slaves. As I read on I soon found out that my parents had raised us for this, they received over a million dollars for each of us and they had left us there to be picked up and raped. We belonged to the people who raped us. I caught myself slowly drifting away because I was so tired, soon I realized I had left Kelli, I had to go back, I ran down the alley and stopped in my tracks to see several men going into the building I had left Kelli in. I nailed myself to the wall trying to hide, tears went down my face just thinking what if they find Kelli. Soon the men ran out saying, we got her we got her she’s in the next building they all ran, I was terrified, my sister had not listened to me and left to the next building, as the men entered the next building I ran into the one I left Kelli at, I looked everywhere not even thinking to open the cupboard finally I looked in there she was shoved in the back of the cupboard shaking with fear and crying in pain. I grasped her and held her tight to me and from then on I vowed never to let her go or go out of my site. From then on it was me and Kelli alone. We where left to ourselves. It seemed everyone in the Big City knew who we where but nobody would help us because people where warned if they helped us they would be killed. We were on our own, me and my baby sister.

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   Each night we hid in different places. I started selling my body night after night for money. Kelli was forced to watch me have sex with various men each night because I was so afraid of leaving her anywhere. One man paid me double if I would do one thing for him I asked him what he replied "let me get in that little girl of yours" I slapped him as hard as I could gripped the money and grabbed my sister and ran. She was ruined for life the things her eyes had seen. we had about 100$ more to make to fly both of us to Texas where I figured nobody would find us. The last night I had to do this was a big black man, his cock forced so deep into me it caused me to be paralyzed on the bed for about 18 minutes. I jolted on him which turned him on and his cock only got bigger. It tore me so much it hurt but I couldn’t let him know, I needed the money, he started licking between my legs up into my pussy, he treated me like his own fountain . he told me he would give me extra if I could give him one more time, I agreed he thrusted into me and pumped me of everything I had. I was riding him up and down and my hips started to buck to gather as his cock gorged into me and shot cum up into me. My poor baby sister knew everything that was going on. I explained EVERYTHING to her, she had already been raped and fucked that she deserved to know she knew that I was in pain and she couldn’t bare to watch, often times she would cover herslef with the blanket so she didn’t have to watch or hear. After I was done the man offered to clean both of us up. I didn’t trust him but I figured he already got what he wanted what could he do.


   He gave us some of his girlfriends clothes and let us shower up. After that we where pointed to where the airport was. My sister was so terrified, we boarded the plain and in soon time we where in Texas. We had no where to go we found ourselves living in an abandon bar. We had enough money each day for food. Today I am 18 years old and Kelli is 18 years old we still live in the abandon bar. Kelli is damaged for life she doesn’t trust anybody but me. I still make money the way I used to by sleeping with men for it and night after night I get hurt and come back bruised as usual but I do it all for my baby sister Kelli as we sat in the abandon bar all night I held Kelli tight to me and told her "We will get through this baby I love you and you know I would do anything for you, I'll never let you go".