me and mom 1


Always wanted to fuck my mom she's not that bad looking a little bit plump but a very nice plump body she has nice long hair and lovely floppy tits a really nice pussy and a lovely ass that just wants to be fucked.
anyway one afternoon i went round to see my mom like i do most days so i went in and sat down with my mom and had a glass of water then she told me she was going to take a bath
so she went upstairs to have a bath i gave it about ten minutes i went upstairs to go to my old room when i see the bathroom door just open enough to see her bending over the bath with her ass and pussy on show she then got in the bath i watched as she had a bath i then decided that i was going to fuck her so i waited in my old room till she come out she then came out of the bathroom and went into her bedroom and i looked in her room and see her looking at herself in the mirror i then striped and i had a real hard on i sneaked into her bedroom and come behind her and she see me in the mirror and she said what the fuck are you doing i grabbed her arm and tripped her up with my leg i then grabbedher head and told her to suck my cock she no way so i forced my cock in her mouth till she was gagging on it tears began to rolled down her face i then shot a load into her mouth and held her mouth shut till she swallowed it she told me to stop but i pulled her up off the floor and threw her onto her bed and told her what i was going to do i told her i was going to fuck her in every hole till she was sore she was laying on her back on the bed and her floppy tits just sitting there so i started to squeeze and smack her tits and pinch her nipples i then smacked her pussy i told her i was about to fuck her pussy she told no please don't i slowly stuck my hard cock in her nice pussy she started to cry i was getting head and faster each second then with one hand i squeeze her tits and with the other hand i started to rub her clit i then fucked her till i cum in her and filled her pussy i then turned her over and pulled her ass cheeks apart and i see her really nice tight asshole and she said to me not there not there please not there i have never had anal before but i stuck it in and she screamed out i then got her knickers off her bed and put them in her mouth i kept smashing her ass till i could take no more i pulled out and the cum all over her now she is my fuck machine who i fuck when i want to

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more to come