Marny's Revenge


"You be good or you'll loose 'em pretty boy. " she said and took his big rod back into her mouth. Pausing briefly she said "You cum in my mouth before I get a chance to fuck you and I'll use these teeth on your dick. "This is rediculous Josh thought. Chicks don't rape guys. This can't be happening. He could feel his shirt knotted in back and his pants were twisted around his ankles somehow. She had used his clothes to bind him. Why was this happening to him? Sure he had forced a couple of girls on occasion, but what guy hadn't. If she won't give it up you take it, that's the way it goes, but he didn't deserve this. Marny ruthlessly twisting his pinky fingers brought Josh back to reality. "Loose this hardon before I can fuck it and I'll bite off cock and balls both. Leave you with a big gaping pussy hole. " Marney screamed and resume the blowjob. The boy was trembling, not with lust, but fear. He tried to forget who was sucking him and what she had threatened to do.

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   Closing his eyes Josh concentrated on how warm and wet her mouth was. The texture of her tongue sliding up and down his shaft. It was working, he was soon stiff in her mouth again. After a few more minutes of sucking Marney climbed on the bed and straddle him. She had to let go of his fingers, but put her knees on his hands. It was painful, but he didn't dare complain. The girl guided his boner into her snatch. She was warm and sopping wet inside. Usually this was a real turn on for him, but under the circumstances Josh had to fight to keep from barfing. Marny pulled up her sweater revealing big floppy boobs. Her aureolas were huge with big erect nipples in the middle of each one. He guessed they must be a half an inch long. She placed a hand on his cheek and in front of his right eye, too close to focus on, he saw her long pink finger nail. The threat was clear. "You're gonna suck this tit fucker.

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   If I feel teeth at all, pop goes mister eyeball. " she said. Josh took the offered tit and sucked it greedily. He was too frightened to be lackluster about it. Again he concentrated on his cock and the warmth of her pussy. Maybe if he came and went soft she would be done and let him go. Marny wasn't riding his dick the way chicks usually did on top. She was humping him, thrusting in a masculine way. He wasn't fucking her, he was being fucked. Josh felt small and degraded. The way he liked to make girls feel. Finally he felt the stirring in his balls. He was going to cum and it would all be over. He concentrated on his cock, her cunt, the tit in his mouth. As he reached the point of no return Josh had a horrible thought.

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   What if she didn't cum. Was she going to make him eat that nasty cunt. He thought about licking her funky snatch full of his own cum, but it was too late. Shot after shot of hot juice exploded from his rod. Marny ground down against him and rotated her hips. "Yeah. Oh yeah. " she moaned. Thank God she had cum too. Before dismounting him she leaned forward and roughly french kissed him. She tasted like beer and cigarettes. It was like kissing his father he thought. Then her knee slammed hard once, twice three times into his unprotected balls. This time he did barf. Marny stood by the bed pulling down her sweater and her skirt.

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   "Next time you call someone slut monster, do to her face asshole. " She left him there with tears in his eyes, coverd in his own vomit. Josh couldn't believe this had happened. Chicks don't rape guys he thought. Chicks don't rape guys. .



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