Mandys Sexual Awakening Part 2


Mandy layed there, after 6 hours she'd lost count of how many times she'd cummed. She heard footsteps. . . The man walked back into the room, and took the ball out of her mouth. "How's my little cunt doing today? Hmm?" "your a freak!" "Now now, that's not the way to greet your master! You say, This little cunt is doing great master, how was your night?" "SAY IT CUNT!" With that he slapped her hard across the face. "This little cunt is doing great Master how was your night?" She screamed. "Good little slut. " He walked around the table to a little station she didnt see earlier and lowered her bed to about knee level. Then he made it to where she sat strait up. Mandys master unzipped his pants and took his big 10' inch cock out. Mandy's tears kept pouring down as she looked at the size of his cock, it was huge. Probably 3 times bigger than anything she's ever used on her pussy to get herself off. He stepped foward and told her to open her mouth. "Yes Master. .

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  . " She did as she was told. "Very good you stupid cunt!" Her master stepped foward and undid her hands. She was afraid to move. . . He then wrapped his fingers threw her hair and stepped farther foward so his cock was right at her lips. "Bite and you'll regret it. . Trust me" She opend her mouth wider trying to wrap her lips around his cock, before she could do so he yanked her head foward sliding his cock all the way down her throat. He laughed as she gagged. "Get used to it bitch, breathe!" Mandy tried breathing but it wouldnt work, so she breathed threw her nose and that seemed to do the trick. He slipped his cock out her mouth and rammed back in again, once again she gagged. . .

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  "Dont worry cunt, it takes time. . Soon you'll be able to do it by yourself without gagging!" He repeated those steps over and over again until Mandy didnt gag. "Good slut! now suck it!" Mandy slowly started to suck on her masters huge cock, doing the best she could. She had never given a blow job before. She felt an orgasm comming from the vibe in her pussy and she screamed around his cock. At that moment he rammed his cock down her throat again, he fucked her face with long hard strokes. Mandy gagged everytime he rached the back of her throat. He fucker her mouth faster, trying to go deeper and laughed evily when she gagged on his cock. He started moaning and groaning, she new he was going to cum. Finally, he rammed his cock all the way down his throat and emptied all his cum into her throat and she gagged, but tried to swallow. "See, your comming around. " He went back over to the little station and layed her head back down and turned her upside down. He raised her to his waist level, and inspected her pussy. "Very nice snatch you have here cunt.

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  " "T-T-Thank you master. . . . " He went back over to the box and took out a didlo about half the size of his cock. She started to cry again. . . He ripped the duct tape off her pussy and she screamed. "AHHH FUCK!" "did you like that bitch?" "FUCK NO!" At this, he grabbed the role of duck tape and places a new peice on her pussy, and said to her, "Lets try this again cunt. . . " At that, he ripped the tape of faster than before. "Did you like that bitch?!" "AHH FUCK! YES MASTER!" "good girl. .

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  " He took the viborator out of her pussy, and set it on the table next to him. "You seem to have cummed many times!" He picked back up the didlo and rubbed it against her pussy lips. Mandy started to moan, she couldnt imagine why, but it felt soo good! He slipped the tip into her pussy and she moaned louder. "Ahhh there you go bitch, you like it huh? tell your master how much you like it cunt" "Master. . it feels so good. . please dont stop. . . " With that he shoved the entire thing into her pussy and she screamed, out of pure pain. He laughed his evil laugh, and fucked her with the dildo hard and fast. . Mandy kept screaming and screaming. .

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  Then  her screams turned into a half moan, then she was just moaning.
    Loudly at that. He stopped went back to the box and got another dildo out, a much much bigger one. . It was ribbed too. As he took the first dildo out, she moaned softly. . As he entered the much larger one tho she started to scream and cry once again, he laughed. "You like that dont you bitch?!?!" "Yes master OWWW!!!!!! I LOVE IT! FUCK YOU! GOD DAMNIT! OWWWWW" "hahahahaha your such a stupid cunt!" He fucker her hard with the didlo and she screamed the whole time, he inscreased the pase when her screams would start to turn into a moan. Finally, he pulled it out. He picked up the smallest one once again, and grabbed some vasaline. She looked at him and wondered what he was doing. When she felt his fingers spreading the vasaline somewhere she knew exactly what he was doing. . .

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      "no no no no no no please no dont!! please!!! please master dont do that please!!!!" "SHUT UP CUNT! DAMN! THIS ISNT YOUR CHOICE EITHER ENJOY IT OR DONT!" She'd pissed him off, and he was going to make her regret it. He didnt want to rip her little hole open so he slow worked the didlo into her ass, once he got it good and lubed he started moving it in and harder harder and faster than he did on her pussy. . "OH MY GOD OWWW FUCK THAT HURTS MASTER PLEASE STOP! PLEASE! OH GOD!!!!" He stopped. Went back to the box and grabbed another dildo out. This one was odd to her. . It had one and then another, right above it, they were both very very big in size, not as big has her masters cock, but very very big. He went back around and slid the bottom cock into her pussy she moaned. He pushed the other part of hte cock into her ass and she cried yet moaned at the same time. "OWW MASTER IT HURTS PLEASE STOP! I FEEL LIKE IM BEING RIPPED IN HALF!" Not wanting to do that, he slit it in as fast as he could and listend to her scream before fucking her with the cocks. She moaned loudly, louder than she had before. After a minute or two her pussy was growing visibly wet, and she cummer 3 or 4 times. "Im leaving again, im going to leave these two inside you, but i'll remove the clamps from your nipples. Tomorrow, I'm going to fuck you! Mandy was starting to think this wasnt going to be so bad after all.


      . . . Look for Part 3, comming soon!.