Mall Drama


Mall Drama
            My friend Cindy and I had spent the entire morning shopping at the local mall browsing through the stores. We had ate lunch and were an hour into another marathon session of checking out all the sales. We had taken a pee break after we had finished lunch but I felt my bladder full again. “I gotta go to the bathroom!” I said to Cindy. “Already?” Cindy replied. “Yeah!” I replied. “I don’t even have to go yet. ” She replied. “Well, I have to go no matter what!” I answered, “Are you coming?” “No!” replied Cindy, “I’ll go and wait for you in this store. ” “Ok, I’ll be back in a minute!” I answered.
I headed to the washroom and Cindy entered the store we had been standing in front of. I walked past the masses of people streaming by me on a Saturday afternoon out for leisurely afternoon at the mall. I arrived at the washroom and pushed the door open. I walked into the bathroom and walked through the privacy hall. I turned the corner and the bathroom stalls appeared. The washroom seemed to be pretty empty for being a women’s washroom with no one standing in line, washing their hands at the counter or even the sound of urine trickling into the toilets.

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Happy to see no line up I hurried to one of the bathroom stalls and pushed open the door. I took a look down at the toilet seat to see if it was clean. The seat looked to be clean and the water inside the toilet also looked clean. So I turned and shut the stall door behind me. Like always I grabbed several pieces of toilet paper and carefully spread them out a crossed the entire surface of the black toilet seat. I lowered my tight fitting jeans and my lacey yellow underwear and began my business on the toilet seat; making sure not even an inch of my body touched the toilet seat, all the while holding my purse in my hand not wanting to get it dirty on the floor.
With my bladder seeming satisfied with being emptied, I stood up and pulled up my pants. I turned and bent over flushing the toilet. I turned around again and unlock the bathroom stall door. As I slowly swung the open; it still appeared that the bathroom was empty and I began to step out in the bathroom.
As I entered the doorway of the stall I could a glimpse of someone standing to the left of the stall. I turned my head as I came out of the doorway and got a full glimpse of who was standing there. I fully expected it to be women standing there, but to my shock and disbelief it was man! I began to say to the man, “What are you doing in here?”
Before any words could come out though, he lunged forward pushing me with his right hand back into the stall while using his left hand to cover my mouth. My purse fell as the man pushed me against the door of the stall and his left hand covered my mouth, pining my head against the door. I continued to struggle but he over powered me.

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   With his right hand he spun me around roughly against his body and briefly took his hand from my mouth before putting it back over it again. He pulled me tightly to his body with only his right arm and shoved me further into the bathroom stall. He bent me slightly forward, still with me struggling and kicked the stall door shut with his left foot. He jerked me upright again, pulling my head against his shoulder. He whispered in my right ear, “Cooperate and you won’t get hurt! You scream or you fight you’ll regret this!”
I stood, held tightly against his body, quivering in fear waiting to hear what he would say next, hoping he only wanted money. “Do you understand what I just said?” he asked in an assertive voice. I nodded my head yes in response. “Good!” he said as his grip around my mouth loosened slowly. He slowly withdrew his hand from around my head and jerked me around facing the bathroom door. He pushed the stall door closed and locked it. He then turned me around again facing the toilet.
“Now all I want you to do is take off your pants!” he said quietly. I remained silent for a moment with horrifying thoughts of this man raping me in the bathroom stall. I quietly replied to him, “No!” Within a second of my answer I found myself being thrown against the left side of the bathroom stall. The man firmly held onto my waist as he through me into the wall and then pinned his upper body against mine.

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   His left arm once again found itself wrapped around my head; again covering my mouth and pinning my head against the wall awkwardly.
He leaned his head forward against the side of my face and whispered in my ear, “You see what happens when you don’t cooperate?” He paused for a moment before whispering again to me, “Your pants are coming off one way or another! I don’t think you want me to have to rip them off or else I’m going to be a very angry man! And if I’m an angry man you’re going to be sore for a long time! So are you going to take off your pants like a good little girl?” The man lifted his hand from my mouth just enough so I could speak.
I was scared and desperate to get out of the situation and pondered for a moment about what I was going to do. Finally I answered, “What if I’m a virgin?” The man remained silent for a moment and then spoke into my ear again, “Even better for me! I’ll just have to be that much gentler, if you cooperate! But I don’t think you’re a virgin though. A hot little number like you? You can’t be! You must have thousands of men lined up at your door to fuck a hot little bitch like you!”
My heart sank as I realized that my ploy didn’t work as he saw right through it. It wasn’t surprising really as I had already lost my virginity and I was in my mid twenties.
“Now are you going to cooperate?” he asked again, “This is the last time I’m going to ask!” I paused for another moment thinking about the alternatives for the situation and then swallowed hard as I answered, “Yes. ” As I submitted to his demands tears began to fill my eyes and his grip around my face was removed.
            I felt the weight of his upper body remove from mine and his right arm pulling me off of the bathroom stall wall as he backed up. His right arm released me from his grip and I stood frozen in shock and freight with my back to him. “Turn around!” he ordered quietly. I did as he said and turned around as the first tear rolled down my left cheek. “Take off your pants!” he ordered again. I reluctantly undid the button on my pants and slowly undid the zipper, revealing my yellow underwear beneath. I couldn’t possibly look this stranger in the eye but I knew as I undressed his eyes stared at his new toy.

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   Slowly pulled down my underwear and jeans to my ankles and stood up again. “All the way!” he barked. I once again bent down and was forced to remove my shoes to get off my pants and underwear. With my pants off I went to place my shoes back on my feet as not to get myself anymore dirty than I had to. “Leave them off!” the man spoke up again.
            Not wanting anymore trouble with the man I stood up with only my shirt and socks covering my body. I continued to stare at the floor and wiping the tears from my eyes as the man stared at my nether region, fully exposed for him to see. We both stood silent for a moment until the man stepped forward and whispered into my ear, “I love a women who keeps herself clean down there. Just for that I won’t be as rough down there like I usually am like on those old whores who never shave down there!” “Great!” I thought to myself, “You’re real nice!” Expecting the next step to be raping me I started to turn around. His right hand grabbed my left arm and twisted me back around. “Not so fast, take off your shirt!” Wishing that this would hurry up and end I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on top of my pants already on the floor. “Your bra to!” he said. Reluctantly, I reached behind my back and unhooked my lacey black bra. I pulled the straps from my shoulders and my breasts fell free. I dropped my bra on the pile and just stood there as the man looked me over.

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            As I looked toward the ground the man grabbed his shirt and dropped it to the ground. He man leaned forward again and whispered in my ear, “Your body is amazing! Now undo my pants and look at mine!”
            I felt disgusted at the prospect of having to undo his pants, assisting in my own rape. I reluctantly undid the button to his jeans and then his zipper, revealing his white briefs underneath. “Pull them down!” he chirped. Even more disgusted now I pulled down his underwear and pants at the same time. As I pulled down his underwear his penis started to appear. It tried not looking at it but it was impossible to ignore it as it popped out, freed from its prison. As I knelt down to remove his pants, his cock dangled in front of me, taughting me. Is he removed his legs from the pants his semi erect cock swung about in front of my face.
With his pants removed, I began to stand up but was stopped by the man. “How does it look?” he quizzed. I kept my eyes peeled to the floor until he took his hand and raised my chin. “How does it look?” he asked again. Forced to look at his penis now, my eyes looked it over, to see what was going in me. His cock only semi erect was still fairly small in length but was the thickest cock in had ever seen.

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   It must have been almost two inches wide with only half of an erection. The man was uncircumcised and most of the skin still covered the head of his thick penis. The mans testicles hung fairly low from his body and the majority of his pubic hair was shaven back in his crotch.
“How does it look?” the man asked again. “Good!” I replied hearing a more serious tone in his voice. “Stroke my cock!” he demanded quietly. Slowly I brought my right hand up and grapes a hold of his thick member and started to slowly jerk him off with my hand. As I jerked him off I could feel his cock growing bigger and getting harder. For certain his cock was the thickest I’d had ever seen as it grew even wider as his erection grew. The length of his cock however was a different story thought as it had only grown to about five and a half inches.
“Stand up!” he said. I did as he said and stood in front of him. He grabbed my left arm and turned my around facing the toilet and then said, “Bend over!” I bent slightly over at the waist, spreading my legs partially and supported myself with my hands resting on my thighs. I looked over my shoulder and saw the man move towards me. I felt his hips crash into my buttocks and his hands forcefully bend me down over the toilet.

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   I quickly planted my hands on the black toilet seat so I didn’t fall forward and felt disgusted that my hands had just touched who knows what on the toilet seat.
With his naked hips buried into my butt cheeks he bent over top of me and reached under me. I could feel his hand go between my legs and reach for his cock. I felt his feet tap my leg so I would open further. I slowly spread my legs further apart and then felt the touch of meaty flesh touch my pussy lips.
I felt the man wiggle his dick in between my pussy lips and then he removed his hand from between my legs and thrust forward into my butt checks. I felt my lips spread more as his cock bored deeper into my pussy. I felt the weight of his upper body lift from my back; his hands plant themselves on my hips and then felt the man slowly push himself deeper into my pussy.
I felt my vagina start to stretch as the full thickness of his cock entered me.
    He pulled out and thrust in again, causing pain to shoot through my body as my pussy stretched to new lengths. “Ahhh!” I whimpered in pain and tears filled my eyes. The man thrust out and back in again, digging deeper into my pussy and stretching it even more causing me to whimper again quietly. I could feel him getting deeper in each time he thrust in. I could feel my vagina widen as his thick meat pushed its way in.
    In and out he went several times until I felt his balls softly bang against my body.

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       I felt a sense of relief that he couldn’t stuff anymore of himself in me. With his cock in seemingly deep as it could go I felt him pull back and then thrust in again, harder this time. His hips slapped against my buttocks and his balls bounced off of my pussy. “Ahhh!” I whimpered out again as pain rushed through my body again from such a forceful thrust. He pulled back again and thrust in hard again. “Ahhh!” I exclaimed again as my pussy expanded in pain.
    In and out, in and out he went, every time causing me to verbally explode in pain as I grimaced from his thick member penetrating my pussy. The pace increased as he got into a rhythm and our bodies rocked backed on forth. Each time the sound of his hips slapping against my butt and his balls smacking off of my vagina.
    He then suddenly stopped and pulled himself from out of my throbbing pussy. He turned me around and shoved me down onto the toilet. Confused about what he was doing I sat on the seat of the toilet hoping this was the end. Instead he pushed me gently back on the toilet seat and grabbed my legs. As my legs rouse up in the air and my body leaned back further towards the toilet I remember seeing his thick erect cock shinning in the light, coated with fluid.
    Suddenly the man jerked me horizontally a crossed the toilet seat, leaving me hanging over the open toilet bowl on my back.

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       The man got down on his knees and crawled back in between my legs being held in the air. I felt his cock dangle back and forth across my pussy and then I felt him push it back in again. As I looked down between my legs and saw his thick cock slowly disappear into my pussy as he pushed in and then reappear as it came out again. He thrust in and out as I watched helplessly with my legs in the air. He only thrust in and out of me for a few moments and then changed our position again.
    The man stood up and grabbed a hold of my thighs. He roughly jerked my hips into the air causing my head to slide further into the center toilet, allowing the ends of my hair to fall into the water of the toilet. I reached back and pulled my hair out from the toilet bowl as the man spread my legs and bent down over me. He then lowered himself down to my pussy and began thrust in and out of me again, this time from above.
    As he drove himself in my thighs pushed against his hands holding my hips in the air.   As he pushed himself in and out I could see my pussy lips stretching back and forth around his thick. Again within only a few pumps into my pussy he changed our position again.
    He stood up and pulled me up from my precarious position. He then sat down on top of the toilet seat and leaned back. He pulled me down on top of him and forced his cock back up into me.

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       He made me bounce up and down on his thick rod. The sounds of our bodies colliding filled the air of the empty bathroom.
    Then I heard the bathroom door open and footsteps walk across the floor. The man pulled me back against his body with his cock still stuck inside of me and said to me, “Don’t make a peep!” I didn’t move as we listened to the footsteps on the floor and then followed by a voice, “Alice! Are you in here?” It was Cindy!
    The man must have seen me perk up and said to me, “If that’s your friend, answer her. You’re alright. ” With his instructions I answered back to Cindy, “Yeah, I’m in here!” “Are you alright?” she asked. As I sat on top of the man I could feel his erection starting to fade. “I’m alright!” I answered reluctantly. “I thought there might be something wrong seeing you’re taking so long?” she said. “No, I’m alright!” I replied. “Ok!” she replied, “I’ll be waiting at the store then!” “Ok!” I replied.
    We listened as Cindy walked across the floor and out the door. The man then suddenly pushed me off of him and he stood up behind me. “Get down on your knees and bend over the toilet!” he said. I followed his orders and kneeled over the toilet.


    The man got behind me and spread my legs as he climbed in between them. I could feel his cock poke my pussy again and then separate my lips. I felt forcefully drive his hips into me and roughly drive his thick penis into my throbbing cunt. He quickly began driving himself back and forth deep into my pussy. As his hips crashed into my body I was sent flying forward over the toilet and then pushed back as he withdrew. Over and over her thrust abusively into my stretched and ravaged pussy. He grabbed my hair and pulled it towards him like he was riding me like a horse. Thrust after painful thrust in fucked my pussy.
    Then finally he pulled my hair tight and smashed his hips into my ass. Tears filled my eyes as his penis exploded inside me, filling me full of his seed. As he shot his load into me I could feel his thick member gyrate as wave after wave of cum my pussy. With his load now emptied inside me he thrust in gently, back and forth. Milking me for everything I was worth.
    He then withdrew his thick cock from me and told me not to move. I looked behind me with tears falling down my cheeks to see the man getting dressed.

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       The man then climbed back over and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for the fuck!”
    He then opened the door to the stall and I heard the bathroom door open as he exited. I climbed from my knees and surveyed the damage he had done to pussy. My pussy throbbed from being stretch so far and my pussy lips were fairly red from the friction of his cock. I also had some of his cum leaking out from my ravaged pussy.
    So I cleaned myself up and left the bathroom. I acted as nothing happened in the bathroom but on the inside I knew I was a changed woman. I won’t know how changed of a woman I actually was until years later when I met that same man again.