Making My Tutor Breanne, My Sex Slave.


Topic: Making My Tutor Breanne, My Sex Slave.
I looked at my math mark on my final report card, I failed Math 9 again.   I was the definition of a loser, I didn’t have many friends, I wasn’t athletic at all, and I failed most of my classes.    I knew my Mom was going to be really angry at me for another F on my report card.   It turns out that I was right, she started screaming at me and it escalated into a huge argument.   The outcome of the argument was that I had to get a full time tutor to help me over the summer.   Naturally, I was choked that I would have to spend my summer vacation studying math with some geek tutor instead of hanging out with my few friends.  
Well the first hot day of summer vacation came along and thus my first day of getting tutored started.   I heard a knock on the door and went to go open it.   I thought my mom would have hired some loser math geek to teach me this stuff but boy was I surprised when I opened the door.   There stood the hottest fuckin' girl that I have ever seen in my life.   She had blonde hair down to her shoulders, big green eyes, sharp beautiful features, a golden brown tan, big round D cup breasts, a skinny stomach, long smooth legs and a huge ass!  “Hi I’m Breanne and I will be helping you with math for the whole summer!” she said“Thank you mom. ” I thought to myself and then replied “Hey I’m  Kyle, nice to meet you. ”She greeted me with a big hug, pushing her big soft tits into my chest.   I noticed how even though she had long legs and huge curves, she was petite and looked really skinny, she was probably around 5’6”.   After a long hug, I took her into my room where we would be working.

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    After some math problems we started to get to know each other.  I found out that even though she was really book smart, she was really stupid when it came to common sense and street smarts.   She was very gullible and naïve.    I was amazed when I found out that she went to my school because I surely would have noticed her because she was by far the hottest chick that I have ever seen.   It turns out that I never saw her before because she was a huge geek!  She studied in the library during her off blocks and was taking advanced courses.   She was two years older than me, she was 17and in grade 18 and she never even had gone out to a party, drank alcohol or did any drugs, and she was still a virgin!After about 4 or 5 hours of math, she went home and I masturbated to thoughts of fucking her.   I didn’t have much material to think about though because she dressed very conservatively with a long skirt and a sweater.   The next day it was very hot outside.   I thought for sure that she would wear something more revealing this time but when she came she was wearing another sweater, and sweatpants.   “You’ve got to be kidding me. ” I thought to myself.   But I had a plan that would surely make her shed some clothing.   I brought her up to my room, closed the door and turned up the heat.   Soon it was getting unbearable hot so I stripped to my boxers and an undershirt and I played the waiting game.   I could see the sweat running down her forehead and knew it would only be a matter of time before she lost some clothing.

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  “Can you please open a window or something?” she asked. “No sorry these windows don’t open.   But I could turn the AC on. ”  I walked to the wall, pretended to turn the AC on but really turned the heat on even more.   After a few minutes she said“Wow it is unbearable hot, I have to take my sweater and sweatpants off, do you mind?”“Not at all. ” I responded. This is when I found out why she was so reluctant to take off her sweater; it was because she was wearing no shirt underneath, just a small white bra which was struggling mightily to contain her big breasts.   Then she stripped off her sweatpants revealing a matching small thong.   Her thong was barely visible as the small cloth was engulfed by her tights sexy ass cheeks.   I almost fainted at the sight of this beautiful half naked goddess.   She bent over to pick up her discarded clothes; this gave me a perfect view of her magnificent golden tan ass.   I had to resist the temptation to go up to her ass and start squeezing it.   “Wow your clothes must be really sweaty, I can put them in the laundry if you want and my mom could wash it when she comes home. ”“Sure that would be great. ” She said while flashing a smile.

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  I was doing cartwheels in my head, not only would she be without her clothes, but she would have to be here with me half naked for at least 7 hours until my mom came home and got a chance to wash her clothes.   Also, she still hadn’t stopped sweating, sweat beads were trickling from her head all the way down her beautiful golden tan body.   Her white bra was getting so sweaty that it was almost see through.   I got up and turned the heat to full power.   Within half an hour her bra was completely see through, and her body was drenched in sweat.   “Wow it is still really hot, can you turn the AC up?” she asked. “No sorry its on full power. ” I lied.   Then I thought I would try to push my luck and I asked “Why don’t you take off your bra? I promise I won’t mind. ”“hahaha your funny. ” She laughed.   I laughed and pretended I was joking too.   Well it turns out that she wasn’t THAT stupid, but she was still stupid enough to not notice that her nipples were completely visible because her bra was soaked with sweat.   All of the sudden the laughing stopped and she passed out due to the heat.   I started to panic, I thought the best thing to wake her up would be cold water, so I got an empty milk jug and filled it with ice cold water.

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    When I returned to the room I noticed how sexy Breanne was and my panic turned to lust.   I poured the gallon of ice cold water only on her breasts.   This made her big nipples fully erect.   I got my digital camera and started snapping pictures of her beautiful body.   Then I took her bra and thong off and took pics of her naked breasts.   I hid her underwear so she couldn’t put them back on when she eventually woke up.   I then started squeezing the hell out of her tits.   This was the first time I’ve ever touched boobs, I was in heaven.    I started to suck on them, they were so soft and luscious, and they felt so nice.   After what seemed like hours of sucking on her breasts I made my way down her sleek tummy and went to work on her clean shaven pussy.   I started fingering it.   Juices started oozing out of her unconscious body.   I started to lick her beautiful vagina, making it ooze more and more.   Then I turned her around and admired the work of art that was her god like ass.   I took my sweet time with her ass.

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    I gently squeezed her beautiful ass cheeks and then gradually started to massage them.   My fingers’ movement was imprinted on her big ass, her butt flesh molded to whatever my fingers did to it, it was sensational.   I then started licking her ass cheeks; I licked each and every sweat bead off her ass.   Then I split her great golden globes and went to work on the interior of her ass.   I took a long deep whiff of her asshole, it was intoxicating.  Then I got fudge from the kitchen and smeared it all over her ass, both on her cheeks and on the inside of her butt.   I took some pictures of her fudge covered butt and I proceeded to licking it off.   The taste of chocolate fudge mixed with the taste of a hot chick’s ass is unbelievable.   I continued licking her ass until all the fudge was gone and it went back to being its original golden color.   After this, I preceded to working with my camera.   I took about 500 pictures from all different positions before she finally woke up.   “Wow what happened” She asked “And why am I naked?”“You fainted, and I”m sorry but I had to splash cold water on you to try and wake you up, I didn’t wanna ruin your underwear so I took it off. ”“Oh that’s alright, thanks for caring so much about me, where are my bra and thong anyways?” She asked. “Oh I’m sorry but I can’t find them, I put them somewhere in my panic but now I can’t remember where I put it, and you can’t wear your other clothes either because my mom just put them in the washing machine, they won’t be dry until tomorrow.   I am really sorry Breanne.

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  ”“Well can I just wear some of your clothes?” She asked.   Even I had a hard time coming up with a reason to deny her my clothes.   I said“Well no offence but you are really sweaty; can’t you just stay like that? It’s not like I’ve never seen a naked girl before. ” I lied. “Ok I guess I can, but I have to walk home. ” “Don’t worry you can sleep over here, you can sleep in my bed with me. ” I said calmly“Well I trust that you are not a creep or anything so I am ok with it, but won’t your mom care that you are sleeping with a naked 18 year old girl?” “My mom is going out of town today; she won’t be home for a few days. ”“Ok I’m down. ” She flashed a smile and said “but no funny business, and absolutely no touching me alright?”“Oh obviously, I promise I would never touch you against your will. ” I said. I could not believe how gullible she was. We did some math for a while; obviously I learnt nothing because I was looking at her incredible naked body the whole time.   The time came to go to bed and I stripped down to just my boxers and went to bed.   She hopped in with me.   Right when she went to sleep, I went back on my promise  and started to caress her body from her supple  D cup breasts, to her sleek sexy stomach, to her long perfect legs, and of course her god like ass.

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    I could not control my urges any longer.   I whipped out my 8 inch penis, and got on top of her.   I held her arms down and started pumping my dick into her pussy.   This woke her up. “WHAT THE HELL! GET OFF!!”She tried to squirm free, but her petite body was no match for my strength.   I held her down and started pumping faster.   I was taking her virginity, she was in obvious pain as blood and juices were flowing freely from her pussy.   I exploded in her pussy.   Then I made her scream in pain by twisting her big nipples.   Her screaming didn’t make me stop; it made me twist them harder.   “I will let go, but you must stop squirming and trying to escape, accept it, you will be raped over and over again tonight, the more you cooperate, the less I will hurt you.   And don’t worry tomorrow you can quit this job and I will never see you again. ”“OKAY I WON’T MOVE JUST LET GO OF MY NIPPLES. ” She screamed, tears were rolling down her face.   I waited a minute to enforce my point and I finally let go.

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    “Get up, now we will fuck doggy style. ”She got up; she was barely even able to walk because her pussy was throbbing so much. She got on all fours and stuck her ass out.   What a sight this was, I took some pictures and then got back to the rape.   “Good, hold this position, no matter how much you hurt, if you lose balance you will be punished. ”  I got behind her and started pumping her pussy doggy style.   Her big ass was cushioning my dick, I could fuck her like this all night.   She was screaming because of the pain.   I grabbed on to her breasts for leverage and started pumping harder.   I was squeezing and wrenching her tits harder and harder as I went faster.   I started twisting her nipples even though she was cooperating perfectly.   I did this because her screams of pain turned me on.   And did she ever scream.   I was afraid that she would wake up the neighbors.   After I climaxed in her pussy again, I gave her a slap on the ass as acknowledgement that she did a good job and I shoved her to the ground where I soon began fucking her sweet pussy again.

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    I told her to passionately kiss me while I was fucking her.   She stuck her tongue down my throat and we played tonsil hockey until I climaxed in her for the third time.   “Good job slut. ” I gave her another hard slap on the ass. “Now brace yourself, I am going to fuck that god ass of yours. ”She was so sexually ignorant that she did not ever realize how much anal would hurt her.   I did not put any lube or anything, I attacked her ass without warning and she let out a scream so loud that the whole city must have heard.   To my dismay the phone started to ring. “Bitch if you call out anything, I will kill you. ”  I answered the phone; It was my neighbor wondering if everybody was alright.   I told him that everything was alright and that we were watching a scary movie and my girlfriend screamed, and I told him to disregard any screams in the future.
    ”I went back to the blonde vixen and continued my assault on her ass.   “Scream all you want now slut, no ones coming for you”  I said as I pumped her ass harder and harder.   And she did scream, not because she thought she would be saved, but because of the pain of having an 8 inch penis penetrating her asshole.   Right before climax I pulled out and exploded all over the floor.

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        “Go on Breanne, get on all fours like a dog and lick my cum off the floor, I want it spotless. ” She did as she was told, I set my camera on a stand and made a video of her licking cum off the floor.   While she was doing this I went to her ass and started fucking her doggystyle again.   “If you don’t eat all that cum on the floor by the time I climax, I will spank your ass. ”  I was pumping her so hard that it was almost impossible for her to lick the cum, every time she would lick some cum, I would fuck her pussy extra hard, making her face smash into the cum covered floor.   She was still doing a good job and was getting most of the cum off the floor.   I exploded soon after and shoved her aside.   I inspected the job she did. “Very good Breanne, but there is still a spot of cum on the floor, you must be punished. ” I bent her petite body over my knee and started slapping her big ass.   With each hard slap she would let out a yelp.   I loved that sound; it was very cute, so I was determined to keep making her yelp.   I slapped her ass harder and faster, soon her golden tan ass had become beat red.   But I wasn’t done yet.   I got a leather belt from my closet and started whipping her luscious ass with it.


        This pain turned her cute yelps to screams of pain.   I gave her one last whip and then told her to get up.   I told her to put her big breasts around my penis and start jacking me off with her boobs.   She got up, put her big beautiful tits around my dick and started moving them up and down my shaft.   This was much more pleasureful than a tittie fuck because she was doing all of the work.   This quickly got me ready to cum.   I exploded all over her big boobs. “Go over to the camera, and start licking the cum off your tits.   Say you love the taste of my cum, and you want more to the camera. ”She did this, she could easily lick the cum off her tits because they were so big.   And she started saying things like“Ohhh I love cum. ”  “Please  cum on me” “I’m nothing but a cockslut, I want your hot cum in my mouth/”“Well if you want dick I’ll deliver it. ” I said. I walked up to her and put my dick up to her face.   She got the message.

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        She started sucking my cock like she was born to do it.   She put her lips on my penis and started massaging it with her mouth.   This was so exhilarating.   Her beautiful lips moving up and down my cock for what seemed like hours.   I finally cummed, this was my biggest explosion of the night.   And my entire load shot into her mouth. “Swallow it all” I commanded. She did, she looked like she was about to throw up, but she knew I would make her eat her puke so she made a second effort and got it all down.   “Good slut good slut.   I think that’s all for the night. ”“Ok I am getting the hell out of here. ” She said as she got off her knees and began to make her way to the door.   “Hold on” I said as I walked up to her from and gently grabbed her breasts from her behind. ”  You can walk out the door, and I will in turn sell this sexy video you made to every porn site on the web.   And I will email it to everyone in our school, and even to your parents.

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        No one will believe that it was forced thanks to your superb acting skills. ” I said slyly while massaging her breasts. “No! No you can’t do that, what is the other option”“The other option is to stay here and become my permanent sex slave. ”“My parents will come looking for me soon; your plan will never work. ”  I squeezed her breasts in anger at her sly comment.   “Sweet Breanne, don’t you think I thought of that, that’s why you will emancipate yourself first thing tomorrow and you will send them a letter saying that you moved away with your boyfriend and will never return.   They won’t even be able to get the police to search for you because you will legally be an adult.   My mom won’t care either, she probably only got you to be my tutor because she wanted to see you shake that ass around the house over the summer. She will have as much fun with you as I will”Tears were now again beginning to fall down her cheek, she sniffled “But it’s only for the summer right, after that you will have to let me go, we will have school. ”“Oh sweetheart of course not, when school starts we’ll pretend like we are girlfriend and boyfriend.   Of course you will have to dress A LOT sluttier to school then you are used to.   I am thinking of outfits like kid sized blouses with only enough buttons done up to cover your nipples, no bra of course, and how about some  short skirts or booty shorts to show off your ass and fine legs.   Besides having a hot ass girlfriend like you will make my popularity go through the roof.   And if a teacher is giving me a hard time, you could just fuck them and persuade them to give me better marks.   You are my ride to success babe.

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        So what will it be?  Will you be mine forever?Tears were rolling out of her eyes, but she tried to look strong, she bit her lower lip and slowly nodded. ”“Good good, now let’s celebrate this new beautiful relationship by having some sex. ”I turned around and got into my bed.   She followed me and hopped in too.   She got on top of me, got my dick hard by stroking it with her hands and then she put her pussy on it and started moving up and down slowly.   She bent down and kissed me softly while fucking me.   I whispered to her to go faster.   She started going faster and faster, her kissing got more intense to as we were now passionately making out.   I climaxed in her for the last time that night.   Her body went limp; she was thoroughly tired from all of the fucking.   There she was, her naked beautiful pure golden tan body on top of mine.  I kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered“I love you Breanne. ”“I love you too.   Goodnight Master. ” She whispered back as she put her head down next to mine and went to sleep.

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