Making her mine Chapter 1 and 2


Topic: Making her Mine 
Chapter 1
Rochelle and I have been friends for years.   We grew up in the same town, going to the same schools from elementary all the way through high school.   We lost touch during college but once I found out that we both were going to college in the same area, I made contact with her.   Ever since then, we have been best friends and have been there for each other through thick and thin.   Usually, I was the person that she came to when she needed help, or just a friendly ear.   While there have been some really bad arguments between the two of us, it was never anything that we let jeopardize our friendship.   She confided in me about her beliefs, her ideals and such.   Whenever I brought up the topic of having sex with whomever it was that I was dating at the time, she would just turn quiet and try to change the topic.   I later learned that she was a virgin, and she was saving herself for the person that she was going to marry.   Over time, while she was the object of many a fantasy, I saw her as a best friend and sister.
Some nights, when we were both hammered (she is a light-weight) after going to the bars, there were those intimate moments between us when she would wrap her arms around my neck and give me a peck on the lips.   She would wiggle her small ass up against my crotch as she did it, but it was all harmless flirting, and we knew that nothing would come of it.   She had a boyfriend and I knew she was in love with him and not me.   Recently, however, Ro has gotten engaged to said boyfriend and has been planning her wedding.   Since then she has moved into his house.   At first, I didn’t really think of it much, I was going out with another girl and that was all that was on my mind.

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    But my girlfriend and I had broken up and since then I have been really horny.   Then it happened, on the fourth of July, while over at Rochelle’s house, I walked into the bathroom to pee and she was standing there, in nothing but what God gave her on the day she was born.  
Now let me help you picture what Ro looks like.   She is of Filipino decent, 5’3”, 105 lbs, b-cup breasts, full lips and a great ass.   On top of all this, she was completely shaven save for a small strip of hair right above her pussy.   Now normally I prefer a girl with a little bit of meat on her, but it had been a while and she was looking really good.   Within the few seconds that I saw her, the whole concept of forbidden fruit began to take shape and I began seeing this girl in a different light.   Now let me tell you know right now, ever since we have met up after college, I have seen her as the sexy woman that she has grown up to be, but seeing her in all her glory was the final straw.   Ro sort of yelped and I shut the door to give her her privacy.   I went ahead and went downstairs and used the other bathroom.   When Ro came downstairs, she acted like nothing happened.   So I just let it slide, we finished with the night and I went home to my home.
When I got home, I went to bed.   As I lay there, I just couldn’t sleep.   Every time that I closed my eyes, I saw her, naked.

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    So I got up, pulled out the porn, and jerked off, thinking of plowing Rochelle’s tight pussy.   As I went to sleep that night, I knew that I was going to have to make that girl my own personal cum receptacle.   Just the idea of her losing her virginity to her fiancé was driving me nuts.   I heard her talk about him to her girl friends a while back and how he was sporting only about 4 inches when she had given him a blowjob.   I just knew that I needed her to experience a real man the first time that she had sex.   So the next morning, I began to work on my plan to make her mine.
Getting her alone so I could train her was actually quite simple.   Rochelle is a lightweight drinker, as I have said before.   One day, Rochelle called me up and asked me to go bar hopping with her.   Her fiancé was going out of town for a couple of weeks on business and she was going stir-crazy being cooped up in the house.   I agreed and we set it up to meet later that night.   So I talked my buddy into following us while we went bar hopping.   She has always been a sucker for a guy willing to give her a free drink.   She had never met Dan before and so when he approached her (after I had gone to the bathroom), it was really simple for him to talk her up and buy her a drink.   When their drinks came, Dan “accidentally” spilled her drink on the bar.

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    While it didn’t get her wet, it gave him the distraction that he needed to slip a rohypnol into his own drink.   After all was cleaned up, he gave her his drink and apologized.   I then came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.   I introduced myself and he excused himself, pretending to be nervous.  
I asked Rochelle, “Who was that guy?  Do you know him from somewhere?”  Rochelle answered, “Nope, but he wasn’t bad looking.   Too bad I am getting married soon.   At least I got a free beer out of it!”  With that, she chugged the beer and didn’t think anything of it.   About 30 minutes went by and she started to feel a little tipsy.   She asked me to take her home and I told her I would get the car.   She didn’t even make it to the car before she passed out from the effects of the drug.   Because of how small she is, I was given plenty of time to take her “home. ”  Little did she know, we were going to my home.   I knew that soon, I was going to be playing out all my fantasies that had involved her.
Chapter 2
I am fairly well off, being a computer systems analyst, and I own two homes.   One is in the city; the other is in the country, pretty much cut off from anything and everything.

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    Over the last few weeks, I have been preparing the country house.   I put dead bolt locks on all the doors as well as security pads and locks on the exits.   I replaced the window glass with Plexiglas, and I set up a chair and a table with different types of restraints and such.   While I had plenty of sex toys available to me from my previous relationships, I wanted to make sure that everything was in working order so I bought new toys.   I bought three butt plugs, all vibrating and increasing in size, a ball gag, some nipple clamps, etc.   In all of the rooms except the office, I placed small security cameras and an intercom system.
      In the office, I set up the room to watch any room I wanted, as well as record anything that might occur.
    Finally, we arrived at my house and I carried her inside.   Once inside, I put her in a room and dropped her on a bed that was just a frame and a mattress.   I stripped her down to nothing and placed a shock collar on her neck.   I then just looked at her body.   I thought to myself, “Could it be that she is actually better now than she was earlier?”  I spread her legs and took a good long sniff and instantly got hard.   It took all my willpower just to walk out of that room and lock the door, leaving her looking so ripe for the pickings.
    So I went to my office, sat down at the computer and slowly dozed off.   At about 6am, I was awakened by a scream to wake the dead.

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        Terrified, I looked up and realized that it was my girl.   I laughed to myself a little bit and watched the screen.   Ro was freaking out in her room.   As she tried to climb under the bed, she started screaming for help.   The bed was too low, even for her petite frame to fit under.   As she screamed, I thought to myself, “I am glad that I sound-proofed those walls, in spite of having no neighbors for miles around. ”
    After waiting for her to stop screaming, I went to the kitchen, made myself a large breakfast.   I thought about giving her some too, but that was to go against the plan.   I left the house and went to go get some more food.   While I was out, I went on to Rochelle’s computer and got into her email.   She was never one to put a password on her account so it was very easy.   I sent her fiancé an email telling him that her cell phone went out so she wouldn’t be able to contact him for a while.   After I was done there, I went back to my home.
    When I got back, I looked at the monitor and Rochelle was in a corner, crying to herself.   I thought to myself, “Perfect, she is slowly calming down.

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      ”  By that time, it was already 6 in the evening.   I knew that she would be starving so I made her an ample dinner, and put it on a tray.   With the food, I placed a letter, which said the following:
    “Dearest Rochelle,
    I understand that you are very scared and confused right now.   That is to be expected when one wakes up in a new place, naked and alone.   All that you need to know right now is that you are not harmed, and won’t be harmed if you cooperate.   If you choose to struggle, you will be punished.   It is all up to you.   Eat this food, I guarantee that it is safe.   I have plans that involve you and I will not jeopardize this.   Just keep in mind, if you choose not to eat this food within 1 hour, I will be forced to take it back and you will not get any more for 24 hours.   I encourage you to eat, you will need to keep up your strength. ”
    I set the tray through a small trap door and shoved it into her room.   After, I went to the office to watch what happened.   As I watched Rochelle read the note, I saw the horror began to swell in her eyes, and she freaked.   She kicked over the tray, screamed, and cried some more.

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        After an hour had gone by, she still hadn’t eaten her food.   Saddened that she chose this path, I was left with no other choice.   I had to follow through with my letter.   I looked at the screen, reached over and activated her collar.   When I did that, Rochelle went stiff as the collar activated and shocked her.   I set it up to work like a tazer, and Ro dropped to the floor, unconscious.   I went to the room and it smelled of urine as Rochelle had peed herself.   I cleaned up the food and urine, and left a note with just two words on it, “Bad Choice. ”



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