Making ends Meet


My husband and I met just before our freshman year in junior college and soon started dating pretty heavily.   The reason he said he was attracted to me was because I wore short skirts and tight fitting shirts that showed off my nice breast all the time.   The sexy outfits I wore accentuated my 5’1” 100 lb, petite frame with the little skirts showing off my silky smooth legs.
I soon became pregnant at a very young age of 19 and married shortly afterwards.   My new husband joined the military to help support his new family, and we soon found ourselves separated for long periods of time.   He had to attend boot camp, school, and deployed for 4 months before I saw him again with our new son.   While he was gone, I stayed with his parents and constantly ached for a hard cock.   But luckily I was pregnant and didn’t feel so attractive so it was easy to remain faithful during that period.  
Soon after my husband returned from sea, we moved to South Carolina his new duty station and rented an apartment.   The apartment building wasn’t the nicest of neighborhoods but it had to do with the small amount of money he was earning.   His paycheck barely covered our car payment, apartment, food, and diapers so we found ourselves living paycheck to paycheck all the time.   Not long after we arrived in Charleston, my husband had to leave again to sea, leaving me alone in a strange new place with no family or friends to help me out if I had any trouble.
It was my first time living away from home on my own, learning to manage a household, raising a brand new baby and dealing with no sex on my own was very challenging.   The only person I knew was the building manager Carl, who lived above us.   My husband and Carl hit it off and he would invite him over almost every night to sit around drinking and talk sports.   So my husband asked Carl to check on me from time to time while he was out at sea to make sure I was ok which Carl was glad to do.

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I managed things pretty well for the first two months while my husband was gone with Carl checking on me from time to time.   Carl would help me carry in my groceries and stop in to make small talk usually in the evenings always being very flirtatious and funny.    But in December, about a month before my husband returned I ran into some money trouble.   I had budgeted enough for bills and to go buy Christmas presents for everyone and send them back home to family.   I spent to much money on gifts by mistake, then my car broke down that required me to spend most of our remaining money for the month to get it fixed.   My rent was due and my misfortune left me about $300 short.
Carl stopped by to pick up the rent check that morning and I broke down crying telling all about my problem.   I told him I was afraid of disappointing my husband and worried that if he found out he would get very upset with me.   Carl told me that he would love to help me out but he couldn’t just let me skip a month of rent and he didn’t have $300 to hand out for nothing.   He told me if I was interested, that there was a possible way to earn that money.   I told him that I couldn’t work because daycare would cost too much and I have no one to watch my son.   He said the job did not require me to leave home but I probably couldn’t handle it.   I told him I am a very hard work and never quit, so give me a chance.   He proceeded to tell me that I could earn the money for rent by performing sexual favors for him.   I stood there in total shock with my mouth hanging open not believing what had just been said.

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    He told me to think on it, and he would check back with me that evening to get my answer or the rent.   Newly married for just a year did I really want to cheat on my husband and chance ruining my relationship?   Plus, I was very sexually naive having only been with two men in my life, and being a slut went against all the Catholic beliefs I was raised on.   Strangely enough, I found myself turned on by his proposal and began to wonder if I could actually go through with it.  
At 8 pm, I had just put my son down asleep in his crib when Carl returned looking for my answer.   He had a huge grin on his face and looked very pleased when I told him I would do it since I had no other choice and needed the money.   Not to mention, I was pretty horny for not having sex for over 2 months and wanted to get fucked pretty bad.
 Carl grabbed me by the hand and led me to my bedroom and told me to undress because he was dying to see my young hard body naked.   As I undressed out of my little tight shorts and t-shirt, he began undressing himself.   At 48, Carl was in pretty good shape but had a slight beer belly.   He was 6 foot tall, built like a football player, black, and standing next to me he dwarfed my tiny body.
He ravaged my body with his eyes, telling me to lie on the bed in different positions so he could get a good look at what he was paying to enjoy.   I pushed my 36C breast together showing him my hard nipples pulling on them one at a time.   Then I spread my legs showing him my freshly shaven pussy slowly running my fingers across my moistening lips.   Finally, he asked me to bend over doggie style, so he could see my sexy little ass.   It surprised me that he didn’t just jumped right on, attack me, and do his business, but actually enjoyed making me wait for him.

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    I was getting turned on more and more as he made me wait for him to touch me.
He was standing by the bed rubbing his hard cock through his boxers which I could see a distinctive bulge.   Then he told me to slide to the end of the bed and remove his boxers for him.   As I got to the end of the bed, he bent down and kissed me on the lips as my hands found his boxer and slid them down to the floor.   As we broke from kissing and he stood up, I saw the biggest and thickest cock I have ever seen in my life.   His cock was pointing straight out at me and had to be at least 18 to 12” long and thick as my wrist.   He didn’t have to say anything to me; I instinctively took his big cock in both hands and began stroking him mesmerized by its size.
He told me to put it in my mouth and suck his cock, so I tried my best to fit as much as I could but it was only the tip.   As I sucked his cock, he ran his hands all over my tits, ass, and stopping on my pussy driving me wildly insane.   His big fingers found their way to my clit rubbing it in slow small circles, then sliding one, then two, fingers deep inside my aching cunt.
He told me to slide back up on the bed so he could eat my sweet pussy.   Working his way kissing up my thighs and burying his face in my sopping wet pussy made me come like never before.   Once he had my pussy-dripping wet, he asked me if I was ready to take his big cock.   I said I hope so, but I am scared because I never had a cock bigger the 6”.   I told him to wait a second and got a condom from my husband’s nightstand and placed it on Carl’s cock.

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    The condom was super tight on his huge meat stick and barely went halfway down his shaft then I begged him to fuck me.
He slowly placed the head of his huge cock against my cunt lips, slowly rubbing it up and down on them.   Then he slowly slid his cock it into my wanting cunt letting me adjust to the huge girth.   As I adjusted to his size he slowly began driving his cock in and out of my aching pussy.   God, it was huge!!!  It hurt so good and I was cumming over and over again with every deep thrust, but he was still only getting half of it in me.   So, he told me to climb on top and see if it was more comfortable that way.   So, I slid down on his massive tool feeling it reach into my stomach.
I was riding his cock really hard as he sucked on my breast and slid his finger in my ass (never had that done before then) making me shake with the most intense orgasm ever.   He told me that his cock was ready to explode but he wanted me doggie style.   So he got behind me and really began to give it to me harder than I thought possible.   As I looked down at his huge tool going in and out of my pussy, I saw that the condom was lying on the bed and he was riding me bare back.   And before I could move he began grunting and pulling me back out his long cock filling my pussy full of his seaman.   He pulled his cock out and stared at my pussy as I lay on the bed trying to recover from the hard pounding I just received.   And told me that he hope my husband doesn’t get mad at him for ruining my pussy with his big cock.   While I was wondering how I am going to explain to my husband being pregnant with a black baby.

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Carl came over several more times before my husband finally returned, so I can work off the rent payment.   He fucked me one more time leaving his cum deep in me just before I went to pickup my husband.   I felt like such a slut for fucking a guy while my husband was gone and even in his bed and he never knew he got sloppy seconds on his return home.   But sometimes sacrifices are needed to keep things running at home. .


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