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One Saturday during that hot summer, I decided to beat the heat of the day, and clean the office at night. The tinted windows allowed no one to be able to see in, and yet I couldn’t see if anyone was outside. So I was careful to be sure to lock the doors, as I came in. I decided to forgo my usual uniform, for a skirt and tank top that were too small to be worn anywhere else. I was just finishing up the back office, dusting the furniture, when I heard a noise that sounded like the front door being pushed open. I stilled, and waited. When nothing else was produced from the entryway I continued dusting. I heard him before I saw him, I turned around to match a face with the hoarse breathing I heard, to see Allen leaning crudely in the doorway. His weight rested upon a palm, his hair was a wreck, he had a dirty unshaven look about him. From across the room I could smell him, reeking of alcohol. His eyes roamed over my body, as though he was staring right through me. “ Allen, are you ok?” I asked cautiously with a smile. I leaned forward as I heard him whisper something. “What?” I asked. “WHORE. ” He replied.

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   My eyes widened, I attempted to back away from the apparently drunk man, only to realize that I was stuck in the corner. Allen was between me and the door. I scooted back slowly, until my back was pressed against the filing cabinet. Allen stumbled forward on legs that appeared to be made of rubber. When he reached me, he put a hand on either side of my head, pinning me against the cabinet. “ You dirty little slut!” He spat at me, his saliva splashing on my face. He drew back his hand, and slapped me hard across the face. I felt my lip tear and the blood dribble down my chin as I began to cry, not sobbing externally, but the motion shook my shoulders up and down. “Allen, please, don’t?” I begged piteously, only to receive a husky laugh of denial. He fisted his hand in my ponytail, and drew down until he was eye to eye with me, his tongue flickered out, catching a tear on its tip. He crushed his mouth into mine, I cried out as I felt my teeth rip into the soft inner lining of my already tender lips. His hand fumbled, grasping one of my thighs in an iron tight grip that made me scream against his mouth. “ Please, Allen, don’t, don’t I’m a virgin. ” I attempted again to plea with him. He fumbled with the edge of my skirt, trying to raise the hem of it up.

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   Growing frustrated, he pulled his mouth from mine, to look at what he was doing, he jerked my skirt in shreds from my body. Revealing to his almost hungry eyes my thin thong panties, that were made of a pale blue mesh. “Where’d you get this pretty little bit of fluff?” He laughed huskily, and slid a finger under the fabric, letting it pop back into place against my pussy mound. I whimpered, “ They were a ggg-gift, from my bbbbb-boyfriend. ” I jerked as my panties hit me with an elastic sting. Allen fisted his hand in the fabric of my thong, pulling it away from my body, ripping my panties off me. I shook my head, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I began to struggle, trying to get my hair loose from the fist he had made in it. Allen turned away, and took off striding toward the kitchen in the back of the building, jerking me along behind him by my hair. We reached the kitchen, he shoved me brutally onto the table as if I was a rag doll. I made an attempt to steady myself, only succeeding in landing spread eagle before Allen on the table top. “ Awww ain’t that cute, the little girl doesn’t want to get her pussy fucked. ” He jerked my legs apart, and stepped in between my spread knees. He pulled me to the edge of the table, until my bald little cunt was pressed against the zipper of his jeans. "NOOOOOO!!!” I railed against Allen, only to get his hand put over my mouth, thoroughly silencing my screams.

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   His other hand moved stealthily at the crotch of his pants, undoing the button, and then the zipper. He slid his briefs, and jeans out, and down over his hard cock, freeing himself. He ran a hand along the length of his swollen 8 inch cock, laughing huskily “Now we’ll see how well the little girl takes a fat cock in her cunt. ”To be continued at your request………………. . .