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Lyric was sitting on her bed listening to music when she had heard a knock on the front door. She stodd from her bead and walked towards her front door and peeked out the peek hole. It was only Rey. She unlocked the door and flung it open.
"Rey! Hey love. What's up?" She said cheerily.
"Ly are you ok? I had a weird feeling so I thought I would come over?"
"Der. . I'm fine. " She gave him a swift kiss on the cheek, "Is that the only reason you came over? No 'I love you Lyric' or anything?" She demanded from him playfully.
"I'm sorry. . . I guess my worries just got the best of me. Love ya babe. But I should head home, I will be back over later.

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  " With that he turned around and headed out the door.
Lyric closed the door behind him and headed back to her bed. Before laying down she removed her bra and pants, leaving her in only a t-shirt and underwear.
Lyric was gorgeous. She had long tanned legs with the most beautifully kept feet, her toenails painted a lavender color. She was very slim being 5'6 and only 120 pounds. Her belly button was peirced and she had perfectly shaped firm c cup breasts. Her face looked as though it had been taken from an angel, with full reddish pink lips and high cheek bones. Her eyes were a very lively green color and she had long flowing naturally black hair. Every girl envied her. She was BEAUTIFUL.
Lyric laid down and stretched, completely oblivious to the man that was standing behind her door, watching her every move. She laid there for a moment, at least that's what it seemed. Before she awoke in complete darkness.
Night time already? She thought to herself.

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   She looked around, nothing. She tried to sit up, but couldn't. . she was tied down! Her arms were tied above her head and her legs were tied spread wide open. She began to panic and struggle. When footsteps were heard she stopped. She listened frantically as the footstops got closer.
"Are you awake, love?" It was Rey! What is he doing here at this time of night?
"Mmph!" Was all that came out of her mouth when she dreafully realised her mouth was tied as well. She knew it wasn't night. . . she heard birds. She was blindfolded.
"How old are you, Lyr? 15? 16? You're so beautiful. But still a virgin.

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   Why is that, babe?" He interrogated her. Lyric could do nothing but lay there and listen as slowly the cloth that was covering her eyes began to get soaked from her tears.
"Don't worry, I will help you with that. Me and my friend Jaguar will help you. " He leaned down and removed her gag and planted a deep kiss on her lips. "I have always wanted you. . . this is gonna feel good. !"
"Please, Rey. . . Not tonight, please don't I am sorry. I am too young! This is illegal! I was waiting til I was 18 so it'd be legal! Please wait with me!" Rey was 22. She never really loved Rey, or liked him for that matter, she was only with him to be able to get ciggarettes whenever she needed them, seeing as how she was underage.

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As she lay there sobbing she felt a hand slide over her pussy. She was glad that her underwear were still on. Just as soon as she said that she felt cold metal press against her thigh, slicing the thin material of her underwear. She began sobbing more as she felt the hand replace itself back on her pussy, violating her.
As she continued crying she heard 2 zippers being undone and the sound of 2 pairs of pants falling to the floor. She felt the fingers playing with her pussy rubbing harder at her clit. Finally a finger slid inside her pussy. That hurt but only a little since she was a virgin and all. She hoped she sould stay that way.
Another finger slid inside her pussy interrupting her thoughts. She grunted in pain and felt a cock shoved in her mouth.
"Bite me and things will get ugly!" She heard an unfamiliar voice, must be Jaguar. With that he began pumping her face with his cock. As he face fucked her she felt a tongue at her pussy. She bucked slightly into his face when she felt the warmth on her pussy.

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"You're liking this, aren't you?" asked Rey with amusement in his voice. He dived into her pussy licking and sucking on her clit, then he moved to tongue fucking her hole. The guy working her mouth began pumping her faster and finally squirted a huge load of his spunk into her mouth as she tried her hardest to swallow every bit of it.
The cock in her mouth slid out, as well did the tongue in her pussy, and she felt a throbbing cock head at her hole.
"No, please don't," She pleaded.
WHAM! He thrust it in as hard and fast as he could. Lyric let out a loud scream as he pulled back and thrust deep inside her again. He did this for a while until he finally got his whole cock inside her pussy and went at a steady pace. She layed there crying to herself when she felt Jaguar come back for another face fucking. He shoved his stiff member in her mouth and started pounding away as she was obligated to suck. She felt Rey's dick getting bigger as he shot of load inside her tight pussy. He moaned loudly as he thrust deep and hard into her until he drained all his load. At about that time Jaguar had released another load of warm cum into her mouth.
They both left her as she layed there all alone for about an hour or so feeling some of Rey's cum seep out of her pussy.
Before she knew it she felt herself being lifted up a bit so a body could lay under her and then a dick being shoved into her pussy.

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"Slide up and down on my cock, and don't stop.
    . no matter what" It was Jaguar. She obeyed slowly moving up and down only to be invaded by yet another cock in her pussy! Here she was still practically a virgin with 2 large dicks in her pussy! She screamed as she felt Rey shove himself into her pussy again. He didn't waste any time fucking because as soon as he got inside he started pounding away at her pussy pushing his dick deep inside and moving as fast and as hard as possible.
    Lyric started crying again as Jaguar started thrusting himself up into her pussy while Rey pounded away.
    "Oh fuck she's so tight. It feels soooo fucking good. " Rey moaned into her ear. She was helpless. She layed there crying while 2 cocks drilled away.
    "ME TOO! We are going to cum your pussy up nice and good Lyric. I'M CUMMING DEEP INSIDE YOU! OH GOD!" With that she felt both dicks expand even more stretching her pussy out further and both guys shot their loads deep inside her. They moaned and each went as fast as possible until they were finally drained again.

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    With that they untied her and rolled her over onto all fours and this time Rey slid under her and shoved his dick in her ass as Jaguar climbed behind her and shoved his in her ass as well. They both started pounding away again as hard and fast as they could. She couldn't do a thing as she cried even more as her Anal virginity was stolen from her also.
    They both shot their loads in her ass and untied her eyes and everything and let her take a shower. She stood in the shower awhile until she heard the bathroom door open.
    "Hi Lyric, My name is Chris. . . They told me to come on in here" There a black man stood with the biggest dick Lyric had ever seen. It had to be at lease 18 inches long and 2 inches thick.
    Lyric just sighed and dropped to her knees, taking his dick into her mouth. Shortly after she noticed Rey and Jaguar walk back in, both dicks in their hands. Fully erect.



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