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"Maria, me and your mother won't be home till Saturday. "
Was her father talking to her? She looked up and saw his mouth moving, yes he was. She reached over to her ipod and turned down the blasting music. She heard the word Saturday, and that was it.
"What Dad?" she said.
Her father sighed, and repeated everything. "Your mother and I are going out of town and won't be home till Saturday, so you have to watch your little brother. "
/Have to watch Todd? That annoying little brat?! UGH!/ she thought and gave her father a weak smile. "Alright. " she replied and he walked out to go talk to her little brother. Then he went down stairs and called out, "Be good, Maria. No boys over. And Todd, listen to your sister. " and with that he was gone.

Maria reached for her phone and texted her boyfriend, Chandler. 'Wanna come over @ 9, after the brat goes to bed?' She hit 'send' and got an automatic reply, 'Sure (;' he said.

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She grinned to herself and then her little brother walked in, she looked at the clock, 4:15 it flashed. "Yes, Todd?" she sighed. "Can I go to Taco Bell?" he asked in a small voice. He was tiny for his 18 year old figure, looking more like a 7 year old. "Sure, as long as you take your cell and call me when you get there. " She was to lazy to walk him to Taco Bell herself. He smiled and scampered out of her room.

She got up and decided to go ahead and get ready. She walked over to her docking station, plugged in her ipod, and blasted the song 'Just a Dream' by Nelly. She walked across her soft, sand colored carpet to her walk-in closest. She opened the door and walked into her endless supply of clothes. After ten minutes of deciding what to wear, she chose a long sleeved, white v-neck, a white lace thong, and a pair of short shorts.

She slid off her pj shirt and out bounced her 36D cups and slide on her black lace bra and then her v-neck, see through white tee shirt. Then she slid off her pj pants and looked at herself. She had fallen asleep without underwear on.

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   She sighed and looked at her blonde tuft of hair on her pussy. She hadn't gotten her cherry popped yet, and wasn't planning to either. She put on her white lace thong and put her short shorts over it.

She walked out of her closest and went over to her dresser that had a mirror on it. She plugged in her straightener and then looked at her reflection. A deep tan body, emerald green eyes, a freckled nose, 36D bouncy breasts, and blonde hair. She was considered gorgeous and most guys wanted to get inside her pants.

She picked up her ringing phone, it said 'Todd'. She answered it, "I'm at Taco Bell. " he said, she could hear his best friend Chad in the background. "Alright, be home around 5:30. " she said and hung-up. She grabbed her straightener and did her hair.

After she was done with her hair, she put eyeliner all around her eyes. She then put on some white eyeshadow, bringing out her sparkling eyes and two coats of mascara.

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   She was finally ready. Her clock read, "5:30" She walked down the steps as her brother walked in.

He turned on some cartoons as she got a can of soda. She opened it and sat down on the coach. When 7:30 came, she put in two frozen dinners and heated them up. He came running into the kitchen and sat down, he scarfed down the dinner and disappeared upstairs to get a shower. When it was 8:30, she sent him upstairs to go to bed.

After she was sure he was asleep, she walked outside. It was a little breezy, but a warm summer night. She looked down at her clock on her phone and it read '8:55', when she looked up there he was. She got up from her chair and ran into his arms. He hugged her tightly and kissed her neck; then her cheek. "Hey my beautiful dandelion. " he whispered her nickname into her ear. She kissed him softly on the lips.

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He lead her inside the house and to the basement door. The basement had a tv, two couches, a spare bed, a game system, and a hot tub. They sat down on the couch and began to cuddle. She felt his warm hand creep into her shorts and down her thong. His finger rubbed against her wet pussy. She gave a soft moan and he felt his finger slide in her tight, virgin hole. He slide it up and down a few times and brought his hand out of herpants. He licked his wet finger and then he carried her to the spare bed.

"Chan. . . . " she protested, but he cut her off. "Don't worry, baby. I won't hurt you.

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  " "No. Stop, Chandler. I'm not ready. " "God damn it, whore. Shut the fuck up. " and he slapped her for the first time ever. She looked at him, in shook. He got on top of her and reached up her shirt and slide his hand under her bra. "God, you cocktease. These tits are huge. He tore off her shirt and looked at her bra covered chest.

"I wonder how your brother can be around you without getting hard. "

He off his jeans and she saw his dick, hard. He slipped off his boxers and out popped a hard, 9 inch dick. It was really thick too.

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   "Scream, even, once I'll fuck you so hard. He took off her lace bra and began to suck on her hardening nipples. She moaned and put her hand on his head, instinctively. Then she remembered what was going on. She pushed his head back. "STOP. " she hissed. "Please don't. " He slapped her again. "You shut up, cock tease. " And he tore off her shorts. He starred at her thong and then ripped it off. He saw her wet pussy. "See you want it, you little whore. " He bent his head down and began to lick her clit.

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   She moaned, loudly. She felt her first orgasm and she twitched a little. "Chandler, I don't. . . " she stopped when he glared up at her.

After a few minutes, and having her second orgasm he stopped eating her out. He got up and said, "After I'm done fucking you you will suck me dry. " he gave an evil grin and got on top off her. "Stop, please. " she started crying. "I don't wanna lose my virginity yet. " He didn't stop, and tears fell down onto her cheeks. She felt his cock head on top of her pussy hole, he slowly pushed it in and she let a moan of pain. "Stop.

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  " she whispered and she felt it go deeper. Soon he was thrusting it very hard, and she felt a huge amount of pain and cried out. He went faster and faster and soon the pain went away. She began to moan and then tried to pull away. "Chandler. " He kept thrusting it in and out of her hole, and soon he jerked and cummed inside of her.

She moaned and then she too, jerked and felt an orgasm spring on her.

He got out of her hole and pulled her up and threw her on the ground. He grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her on her knees. He shoved his dick in her face. "Suck it. " he said. She took his dick into her hands and moved it up and down. She looked up at him, his head lifted up in the air. She heard him moan, "Suck it.

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  " She took it into her mouth and she began to move her head up and down, sucking it. Then he began to thrust into her mouth, after awhile he cummed in her mouth and he moaned. She drank it up, cause she knew if she didn't he would hit her.

He turned her around and put his hard dick agaisnt her butt hole. "CHANDLER! DON'T!" she quietly screamed and struggled to get away. He pulled her back towards him and thrust his dick into her ass. He fucked it for a few minutes then cummed into her ass. After he was done, he cleaned himself and left. As he left he said, "I'll come back tomorrow at 9. You better be waiting. " he smiled at his raped girlfriend and left. She shivered and walked upstairs. She had lost her virginity to her now-abusive boyfriend. .



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