London Visitor (Part !)


I woke up or should I say came to, the room I was in was quite dark heavy red curtains covered the windows. I had no idea where I was or how I had got there for that matter, the last thing I remembered was having a beer in a London Pub. I assumed I was still in London though that was just a guess, I was a country town boy in the big city for the Motor Show.
I figured I would get out of bed and find out where I was, that was up until I found my arms were fastened to the top of the bed. Okay I thought to myself this is different, trouble was I was busting for a piss I shouted hoping someone was home otherwise this mattress was going to get wet shortly.
The door opened and a guy came in he looked to be in his thirties well built, odd thing was he had a mask on. I told him to stop fucking about and undo the leather cuffs and let me have a piss. I would have been able to show more athority if I wasn't completely naked, it didn't help that he was as well. Instead of untying me he just got one of those hospital piss bottles and told me to use that instead. If I hadn't been busting for a leak and tied up I would have told him to shove it up his arse, instead I let him put my dick in the neck of the bottle and pissed.
With that load off my mind I started to take in my position, tied to a bed naked with a similar lack of attired guy. Just when I figured things couldn't get worse the guy started to get a hard on, believe me when I say it wasn't a small cock either. He sat on the edge of the bed and took hold of my limp dick slowly rubbing his thumb across the head, of course it decided it felt good and came out to play. (I never was able to control my cock at the best of times)
I can't say I was comfortable with what was going on, less so when he took my cock in his mouth and began gently sucking on it.

I told him to just undo the fucking cuffs and leave me alone I wasn't a queer. It would have meant more if my cock wasn't hard as a rock in his mouth.

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   The thing that bothered me was his own cock was as hard as a rock too, he took his mouth off my cock and positioned himself so that his cock was next to my mouth. He told me to suck it, I told him to fuck off, he reminded me I was not in a position to refuse and if I bit his cock I was going to be very sorry. Put that way I opened my mouth as his cock was forced against my lips. Once in it tasted slightly salty a weird mix of something else, the head filled my mouth though the texture was not unpleasant. I wondered if mine felt the same in his mouth, as he slowly increased the pressure I wondered if I was going to suffocate on it. Just as I thought I was about to gag he eased the pressure before returning it again, I realised he was slowly fucking my mouth.
The guy returned to sucking my own cock his mouth matching his cock movements.
    Suddenly he inserted a finger in my arse not harshly but a steady insistant pressure on my sphincter that eased its way deeper. I tried to tighten up but all that did was cause me a bit of pain, so I relaxed as much as I could the trouble with doing that was I started to enjoy the feeling. In my mouth his cock was starting to leak pre-cum and I was having to swallow it as best I could so I didn't gag, it seemed the more I swallowed the more it leaked. My own cock was now issueing its own pre-cum it seemed the more he worked his finger in my arse the more my cock leaked, then suddenley I started to shoot my load. What amazed me was how much I seemed to cum it just seemed to gush I though my balls were going to shoot out of the head of my cock. I knew the guy had swallowed every drop of my cum but he was still working at getting every last drop, his cock suddenley seemed to expand filling my mouth even more. I was suddenly overwhelmed with gobs of sticky cum it filled my mouth forcing its way down my throat out of the corners of my mouth, it was just as well he took his cock out or I would have drowned on his cum. I swallowed a mouthfull the rest splashed over my face chest hair everywhere, it seemed he shot gallons of it.


    I lay there gasping for air my mouth still sticky with his cum I got myself some saliva and used it to clean the stickyness from my teeth and tongue before swallowing it. I figured the guy would undo my wrists and let me go now but his still hard cock let me know it wasn't going to happen just yet.