Little Suzy


John was Simons older brother, and they didn’t look at all alike. Except for there green eyes, but that still held a big difference. John had black hair that almost looked blue at times, it fell slightly across his forehead. He was 6’2 at the most, which made me have to look up at him for eye contact. Whenever he did look at me I got this strange feeling in my stomach. Before I started seeing Simon, I would always see John with his hand around a girls waist, as I walked down the hall. But every week it seemed to be a different girl. When I started to go over Simon’s house, John would always tease Simon about me, and call him a wimp cause he couldn‘t get any. Whenever Simon wasn’t there he would tease me, and laugh when I got mad. I got up quickly, whipping my skirt, feeling the dull pain. I started to pick up my book and loose papers. I turned to see John looking down at me with a stupid grin on his face. I looked over his body in a pair of tanned slacks, white shirt, and a navy blue tie. He was supposed to be wearing the navy blue blazer, but my judgment on school uniforms. I decided not to call him out on it. I noticed my math book next to his chucks, and reached my hand over to pick it up.

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   When John swiftly brought his hand down and snatched it up. I got up, he was holding the book above his head. Being already pissed off I said, “Give me my book”. He brought it down, and when it was right in my grasp, lifted it back up. He laughed as I tried to jump and get it. “I don’t have time for games”. “What’s your hurry short fry?” I sighed, “Did you hear the bell ring, or is your skull just to thick”. “It must be somebody’s time of the month”. He looked down at my skirt. “You pig-loving moron”, I dropped my books in front of my skirt. His eyes seemed like lasers. “You want it?” I rolled my eyes and shook my head yes. He turned and ran through the boys locker room. I sighed, as I ran after him. “John!” I called as I entered the locker room.

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   The lights were dim, only letting off a pale glow. I walked beside the gray rows of lockers. I heard footsteps in the distance my ears strained, and I walked faster. “John, this isn’t funny!” I heard a locker slam and ran toward the sound. I felt a tight grip on my upper arm, it yanked me, and slammed me softly against a locker. I saw John in front of me, and a sigh of relief ran through me. But only for a spilt second. “Dam John, what is wrong with you? Stop playing games and give me back my-”. I was cut off by his lips pressed to mine, I struggled. Surely he wouldn’t go to these measures to shut me up. I felt his hand rubbing the outside of my thigh. I felt something hard growing against my belly. I started to struggle harder. His other hand, went under my shirt rubbing my tummy. I started to beat my fists against his chest, but that didn’t effect him at all.

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   I tried to bring my knee up, but he’s knee was in-between mine. I pushed his hands away, but the came back a little rougher then before. Though I was in struggle and wished it would stop that very minute. I couldn’t help but like but like, how his hot hands felt against my skin. His hand started to rub its way to my breast, he was pressing me hard against the lockers. I was breathing fast, as his big hand covered my breast. He took his mouth off mine. We were both gasping from the lack of air. “I‘m gonna tell Simon, and he‘s gonna beat you up”. I wedged out from between the hard metal locker, and his hot, solid body. I had no doubt in my mind that Simon would beat him up, well at least try. “Not if you’re my girlfriend”. ‘“I’m not your girlfriend”. I started walking backwards, wanting out of this. But I was afraid to take my eyes off him.


   He started walking forward looking so intimidating, his green eyes looked like little balls of fire. My back hit another cold, hard surface, before I could escape, he slapped his palms flatly against the tiled wall. His face came so close to mine, looking me in the eyes. “Are you a virgin?” he breathed out, his hot breath sending a chill up my spine. “That’s none of your business”. I wasn’t a virgin, I felt ashamed for some odd reason. “No answer, I’ll be more then happy to find out myself”. His hand went under my skirt, I felt his fingertips brush my panties. I slapped his hand away, he grabbed my hands by the wrist and slammed them roughly above my head. He looked deep into my eyes, as his hand went under my skirt. He some how got my panties off with one hand. They fell around my ankles. “Nice”, he muttered as he rubbed his hand over my shaven mound. He slowly circled. I tried my hardest not to change my expression.

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   I bit my tongue, he was studying my ever movement. His finger slowly circled around her clit, with is smaller and smaller circles. He was trying to tensed and tried her hardest not to scream out in frustration. When he started rubbing faster, I bit my lip and a low moan came out. He slowly inserted his finger as far as he could, an evil smile spread over his face. I titled my head back as he inserted another finger. “Its seems like I was right, my baby brother hasn’t been getting any. ”He was right Simon never even asked me to touch me in this way, let alone fuck me. When only shared soft kisses and smiles. Remembering Simon, I wiggled my wrists around trying to be free from his tight grasp. “Stop”. I whispered. “Relax baby, and enjoy what a man can do”. I gasped as the tip of his finger grazed over my clit. I stalled for as long as I could, as he teased me.

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   I grounded my hips as hard as I could. Without my will my hip, began to make small circles. Trying to get his finger closer to my clit. It was throbbing with need for attention, he circled around getting closer and closer to her love button. “John”. I whispered softly. He started kissing my neck, slightly sucking. He took out his finger, and traced a curving line up to my clit. I moaned freely, as I rode his fingers. I forgot everything, but the need to cum. He thrust another finger inside of me, and I winced, feeling uncomfortable as my pussy walls slightly stretched. He felt me tense up and used his thumb to rub my clit as he thrust another finger into me. I eased up and welcomed his assault. As I rode his three fingers on the waves of climax, my legs tighten around his hand. He kissed me hard, easing his tongue inside.

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   I inserted my tongue with his, getting lost in his strong need. He brought his hand up to his mouth, he licked two fingers. He brought the other two fingers up to my lips. I slide my tongue out and licked them, He smiled evilly, and I knew I was lost. My chest was heaving up and down. He looked down at my breasts, covered in a dark navy blue sweater. He let my hands fall to my sides, as he slid the sweater off my shoulders. He started to unbutton my white shirt, my chest was still heaving. He pushed the white shirt down my shoulders. I swallowed hard as he looked at me, he raised his hand and started tracing the outline of my bra. I tried to control my breathing. I made a weak attempt to push his hand away. He went down on the heels of his feet looked up at me as he sucked on my nipple. My back arched, I looked down at him seeing the suction around his cheeks. “Oh John”.

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   I whispered when he began to suck harder. He stopped and got down on his knees.
    “You taste so good”. He murmured. He lifted up my skirt, “John, No”. He grabbed my hips and yanked me down. He looked me straight in the eye. “You want this, I know you do. I can see it in your eyes, fuck you need this. I need to show you what happens, when you go running’ around in you short little skirt”. I looked over at him, he was in the blue and white P. E uniform. His legs were crossed Indian style, his black hair tumbled against his forehead. I fought the urge to brush it aside. His green eyes still burning fire.

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       My eyes wished they hadn’t stopped at the place they did. It was standing tall and erect, against the staring blue material. I couldn’t move my eyes from it, it looked so big. I knew when boys got excited they got hard, but all my other boyfriends couldn’t compare to this. I felt wetness on the inside of my thigh I saw it twitch and gasped,” It moved”. I put my hand over my mouth as soon as I said that. He chuckled, my nerves calmed a little at the sound of laughter. “Could I see it?“ I bit my tongue, dam my curiosity. what was i doing?“Why not? I have seen half of your pretty pink equipment”. I swallowed hard at the realization of this, and folded my arms underneath my breasts. He pulled down his shorts and boxers in one swift movement. His dick bobbed out, standing straight. It had an almost purple hue at the tip, it was rounded like a mushroom. He started to pull up his shorts. “Not yet”, he looked at me in confusion.


      “I never saw one, this close before”. I felt I needed to explain. He smiled evilly at my naive ness, “You can touch it”. He pulled his shorts back down, I looked up at him. “Only a little’. He shook his head as if he understood. I scooted over to him, I brought my finger up and touched the blunt head. I circled the ridge slowly. Tracing the veins, up and down his length. I looked up at him looking down at me. “Kiss it”. I noticed how dangerously close my lips were to his groin. “What?”“C’mon, please”. I swallowed hard and pursed my lips, and kissed the tip. I looked up at him, he looked like he was in pain.


       I looked into his green eyes as I took the tip in my mouth. I tasted his pre-cum, and he let out a moan from deep in his throat. I licked up and down the length. He started muttering things under his breath I couldn’t make out. I wrapped both my hands around the base and squeezed, it was so hard. He made a sound like I was killing him. “John, are you okay?” My hands were still around his cock as I looked up at him with genuine concern. “Okay is an understatement”. I took that as a yes and continued to suck on the tip. I squeezed the tip again, holding it like a lollipop I began to lap my tomgue up and down his length. I circled around the tip, licking up more of his salty and sweet juices. When I wandered how much of his big cock I could take in my mouth. Being as curious as I was, I relaxed my throat. I eased inch by inch into my mouth. He started breathing hard, as I tried to control my breathing.

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       My hair pooled around my face, he wrapped my hair around his fist. “Suzy”, he breathed out. I looked up, I blushed as I saw the lust in his eyes. “Oh fuck”, he muttered as I started to suck his cock harder. His green eyes were so sexy. He looked so far away from down here. “God”. I had everything but a quarter of him in my mouth. My throat started to burn a little, I reminded myself to relax. I began stroking his balls, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum”. His body tensed up, I finally had the whole cock in his mouth. I started to ease away from his cock, he took his hand filled with my hair and shoved it back down his cock. Then a hot thick liquid ran down my throat. I eased his cock out of my mouth, he slide to the floor. A limpness sensation running through his body.

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       He lend back against the tiled floor, I scooted far from him. He looked over at me with a lazy satisfied look in his eyes. With my eyes I scanned the floor with my eyes. When his eyes started to run up and down my body, his cock started to get hard. I reached over for my white shirt, and his hand went around my ankle. I struggled to get my ankle free. When I was in arms reach, he pulled me under him. He spread my legs and lead over, wrapped his hand around his ankle and tugged me toward him. He pulled me under him, and with his knee got between my legs. I gasped when I felt the tip of his hard shaft rubbing my clit. “John, please”. I struggled under him. “Don’t worry baby, I plan on sticking it to ya, its just gonna take awhile. He let down his chest flatting my breasts. “Plus I wanna taste that sweet little pussy, before I fill it with my cum”.

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       He started to slide down my body. .