Lindsay gets her dick part2


First I went in the basement and took some rope and from a case that I had there from a long long time) I took out a mouth plug. Then went back to the bedroom. I took her hands and tie them from the bed each side. Then I took her panties off. After that I felt free to do whatever my blasted mind wanted to do.
I went back in the living room and took my whiskey-cum glass and purr a bit of cola in it and then went back to the bedroom. I was like in a fever. I felt like she must feel my cum first. There I lifted her head and open her jaws and purred the cocktail in her mouth. She felt like drowning and coughs a bit then swallows. My plan started. I wanted her to be my slut, my girlfriend, my cum bucket, my mistress, my everything.
She didn’t wake up. I was ready for that anyway. Being so damn horny with such a beauty next to me I felt like crazy. My dick was hard feeling like exploding.

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   I wanted to feel her mouth. I went on top of her and I open her mouth with my dick. In and out I went again and again. I didn’t want to finish so I started to caress her breasts. I was holding them and my dick felt like in heaven. After some minutes of fucking her tits, I felt I needed to cum so I open her mouth again and start pumping. In a minutes I felt the cum coming out and I entered deep in her mouth. I felt the cum coming out and her neck trying to swallow. Her eyes open widely and she tried to move. She started to gag and I pull out a bit and then back again. My dick was like a pump. After four waves of cum finally finish. She couldn’t swallow all and a big part of my cum was all over her face and hair. She just look at me in disbelief. She couldn’t scream but I knew she wanted to.

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   She just swallows again and then she yells:
-         “What the fuck are you doing, you son of a bitch! Release me now! Release me!”
I put her on the mouth plug  and told her:
-         “You’re teasing me from a too long time honey! Now I feel like its pay back time. ”
She just tried to say something but some not understandable noises came out of her mouth.
-         “Let me explain you what’s going on” I said.
-         “Since about a year ago I notice that when you come to me and you’re not with your parents you’re dress like a little whore who’s trying to make an impression. Impressions you did make. I was so impressed by you that every night I stroke my dick thinking of you body and where can I stick my cock in it. So impressed I am that I’ve had a camera recording your every move when you’re in you little bedroom at night and you change your clothes and dance naked like crazy. So impressed I am that now I’ll make you my little whore and I’ll make you like being my pet. Do you understand me?”
Her eyes were like spitting fire. She tried to untie her arms with a force that almost throw her out of the bed and make her hands hurt very bad.
-         “Try not to unlock yourself because I know how to handle you and in case you didn’t realize, I can make your life a living hell. Better yet, try to enjoy your stay, otherwise you could feel some excruciating pain. ”
Saying that I took a nipple in my mouth and bit it so she can feel some pain, but not too hard. She moaned trying to release herself again. I put my whole naked body on her.

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   Then I put my dick on her face, from the chin to her forehead. A little precum started to get out and a put the head of my dick to her lips and started to wipe it. It didn’t wipe… but instead it was more precum. I started smiling thinking that I’ll have my toy ready for anything that I wanted to do. She was just staying and looked at me. I put the head of my dick on her left eye and hit it a bit, and then I did the same thing with the other eye. I was enjoying every move.
I got off her and she tried to hit me with her legs. I put myself on her again, this time with my ass almost touching her mouth and I start to tie her legs on the each side of the bed so her pussy was on plain sight. After that I start playing with her, splitting her pussy lips and touching easily her clit. In about a minute she was starting to get wet.
-“I see that you’re starting to like my touching you little whore” I said looking back at her face. “I promise you that I’ll untie you if I’ll me sure that you want and like all that I do with you. Nevertheless you will stay like this until I’m sure. ”
I start licking that wet pussy.

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   She had a thin smell of chlorine water and the taste of a young and sweet flower. I was mesmerized by that. I start inserting my tongue in her pussy, like fucking her. And she was starting to like it. I easily bit her clit and she shivered. It was a nice feeling knowing that she likes that. I continued to caress her pussy with my tongue for a minute and then I went down to her asshole. Her pussy juice was all over. I tried to insert my index finger to her butt and she jump like being hit by electric shock. I inserted a bit more and start fucking her butt with my finger. Easily she starts to relax and moaned. Until now she didn’t had the possibility to climax because when I felt like she’s almost ready to cum, I was stopping. I want her to want me to make her climax.
I stopped from finger fucking her butt and just went off her and look at her naked body again. I was feeling happy I’m so lucky.

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-         “Lindsay, you know that looking at you makes me feel happy? Don’t worry; I’m not going to hurt you. I’ll do that only if you fail to obey me. I’ll let your mouth free if you promise you’ll not scream. Ok?”
-         “Uhmmm”
I took off her mouth plug and she starts crying slowly.
-         “Please release me. I have done nothing wrong to you and I promise I’ll not tell anyone about what happened here” she said.
-         “To do that I’ll have to be sure and now I’m not. I hope I’ll be because I realize that you will feel pain. ”
-         “I need to go to bathroom” she said with a slow voice. “Can you please untie me?”
-         “I will in a second” I told her, untying her left arm, only to turn her arm to her back. Then I untied the other arm and tie it again at her back on the other arm with the rope. I proceed then to untie her legs, not forgetting to insert a finger deep inside her for some seconds. She said nothing.
-         “That’s a girl!” I said satisfied.

    -         “Please untie me because I cannot go to the bathroom like this”
    -         “Don’t worry hun, I’ll come with you”
    Keeping her tied from the back, we went to the master bathroom where she sat on the toilet and went peeing and shitting.

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       When she finished, I’ve put her inside the tub and turn on the shower. The cold water that starts flow over her makes her shivering. I fix the water to be just fine and I forced her to sit. Then I start bathing her. In the mean time she was saying nothing. I washed her hair, then her body for about 5 minutes, taking care of her pussy and butt hole very carefully. I was almost at the end, when I told her:
    -         “Suck my dick for a bit hun, please!”
    Knowing that she cannot do otherwise, she took my dick slowly in her mouth while I was keeping her head on my dick, slowly pushing it to try to take all down her throat. After a few strokes I took my dick out of her throat and start just fucking her mouth, getting in and out. I was having such a pleasure.
    -         “Keep you mouth open so I can fuck it like a pussy hun” I’ve told her just for my pleasure. She was doing that anyway.   I tried to miss her mouth a few times just to see my cock hitting her eyes and her nose. Then I start pumping down her mouth again and again until I felt like I was about to end. I pulled my dick out and told her “Say that you want my come in your mouth hun”.
    -         “You sick fuck!” she start yelling.

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       “arghhhh” she couldn’t continue cause my dick was down her throat again. Few more pushing’s later I start cum down her throat and then I’ve put my dick out and cum all over her face
    -         “You’re not being nice to me, Lindsay! If you start screaming again, I will have to punish you. And from now on, that’s a promise”
    -         “You sick fuck, you’re crazy you son of a bitch!”
    Slap… my hand came from nowhere and hit her face violently. Slap again and her head went in the other direction. I tried not to hit her very hard, but it had the effect that I expected. She starts crying slowly and her body shivered. I again turn on the water, cold this time and wash her face and her body for the last time. She just continues crying. I took her out of the bath and start drying her, in the same time with the other hand just pulling her hair a bit just to see her body stretched. Maybe I was sick I was thinking. Maybe so, but I was having a great time.



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