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I wake up to bright lights and wince as I open my eyes a little bit trying to get a look around to see if I know where I am. I try to move my arm to wipe off my face and push my hair back out of my eyes only to realize to my horror that I am strapped down and can't move my hands, arms or legs at all. The only movement I can make is with my head to look up or down. I glance down and discover that I am completely naked save for my bra and panties that are nothing more than wisps of black silk and lace. As I lay there contemplating my situation I hear foot steps walking up behind me, then a faceless voice says welcome to my personal home I hope you like your accommodations. As he's speaking he reaches around and fondles my tit making me wiggle around trying to move his hand. He reaches down and plays with my nipple until it is nice and hard and says "hmm you sure seem to be enjoying yourself" I scream at him, this nameless faceless voice, LET ME GO !! I PROMISE I WONT TELL ANYONE JUST LET ME GO ! He laughs and says of course you wont tell anyone because by the time I am done with you, you wont ever want to open that pretty little mouth and say a word about this to anyone, and even if you do. . . no one is likely to care. His tone scares me so badly I start to cry. He walks around to the front of my table and I finally see his face. . . . It's Dennis a guy that works at the library with me.

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   I have had the biggest crush on since I started working at the library !! Dennis leans forward and puts his face inches away from mine and says "Yes, I can tell by the shocked look on your face that you never expected little shy ole me of doing something like this to you, but I have been planning this since the day you got hired at the library". I lay there in complete and stunned silence. He reaches out and starts caressing my breast with one hand and rubbing my crotch with the other, then turns and walks away only to return with a pair of scissors and some other nameless thing that has a rubber ball in the middle. He reaches up and tries to put the ball in my mouth but I hold my mouth shut breathing out of my nose, not giving him the satisfaction of my cooperation. With his other hand he reaches out and pinches my nose depriving me of what little precious oxygen I could quickly pull in before then. I hold my breath for as long as I can until I feel lightheaded and woozy from lack of air, as I open my mouth to drag in a much needed breath he shoves the ball into my mouth then reaches around and ties it behind my head. I struggle trying to twist my head around so he cant tie it but only succeed in getting it tied tighter and with several strands of my hair included. That done he reaches out and grabs the strap of my bra and uses the scissors on it to cut it in half, it snaps against my skin like a sling that has just been released. Then he proceeds to the other strap and cuts that one too, then he takes the scissors and runs them just slightly over the tops of my breasts, my eyes go wide as I feel the tip of the scissors on my nipple as he slides them over and around my breasts until he gets to the middle portion of my bra. He pulls it away from my skin and cuts away that last piece of cloth holding my bra together. My breasts fall out of there confinement and as soon as the cool air hits them my nipples get hard as marbles, drawing up and puckering. He reaches out like he’s going to touch and fondle my tits when suddenly his hand snakes in hard hitting first my right then my left tit, my eyes go wide and a blood curdling scream that is muffled by the ball gag comes out sounding more like squeak. He continues hitting them for what seems like an eternity. I scream until my throat is sore and raw from my screams, eventually I pass out from the pain of my breasts being used like punching bags. He smiles cruelly and walks behind me, picking up a pail of ice cold water and proceeds to dump it on me.

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   I wake up snorting and trying to gasp as the water hits my nearly nude body. He walks out in front of me and says "so glad you could join us in the world of the living". He then reaches out and begins to touch and fondle my panty hidden crotch, I try to move away from his exploring fingers but cant then he takes the scissors and proceeds to cut my panties off, leaving me completely naked. Reaching in between my legs I feel his finger feeling around exploring my slit, stopping and rubbing my clit then roughly shoves a finger inside me twisting and pushing until its fully embedded in my slit then he pulls his finger out and licks them clean, walks behind me to adjust the table so that it tilts and then locks it into place. I hear the rustle of clothing but I cant see anything because he is behind me, he steps around to stand in front of me naked from the waist down with this thick hard as a rock nine inch cock in his hand. He positions himself in between my legs touching my slit just barely with his cock, like he is trying to tease me. He spreads my slit open with his free hand then places his thick bulbous head at my entrance the reaches up and grabs the top of the table and lunges forward shoving more than half of his cock inside me. I strain and twitch trying to get free to get this invading projectile out of me. With another lunge he is fully embedded and gives a grunt then says "what a nice tight little pussy you have". He starts sawing in and out of me without giving my body time to adjust to his cock inside me, without time for my body to produce any lubrication to ease his thrusts. With each thrust I feel like I am being reamed with sandpaper. He reaches up taking my nipple in his fingers and flicks them until they are hard as marbles the gives them a vicious twist, my eyes widen at the terrible pain and I give a little yelp and try to jerk away from his hands to no avail. He starts varying his strokes pulling his cock almost all the way out then shoving it back in, brutally beating on my poor cervix. He reaches around to my ass hole and with begins to push a finger inside it. filled in both holes now I grunt and try to wriggle away managing a few scant inches, but no where near enough to escape.

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  He works his finger in and out of my tiny virgin ass trying to widen my hole he takes a second finger and plunges it in with the first. I feel like I am being split apart. Finally he leans closer to me and starts pumping his cock faster into me and says I am going to cum in your tight cunt, I hope your on the pill and then he laughs. With ever increasing speed be bangs into my cervix and his cock spasms and I feel his seed being deposited into my body, I feel every squirt of his cum hot against my insides almost to the point of being scalding hot. He stays in his position until his cock shrinks back to normal size and pops out of me, before removing his fingers from my ass. Then he stands back looking at me for what seems forever and says "I love the way you look freshly fucked with my cum still dripping from your cunt, I think I might just have to keep you for a bit longer. Don’t worry about your job at the library today was your last day, you see I put in your two week notice for you two weeks ago so no one will miss you if you don’t go into work, now get some sleep its going to be a long hard day for you tomorrow"Ok be gentle readers this is my first post I would appreciate any and all comments thanks :).



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