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I live with my husband in a place we just moved. He became busy right away and it was upto me to fix the place. The first thing I wanted was the internet fixed.
In the heat of the summer month I was moving around in my thongs, a skirt and a padded tank-top. When I opened the door to the internet guy he looked at my face then scanned my body but I ignored that; men! Locking the door behind was a mistake, may be. But after finishing his work, he asked to use the washroom and I showed him the way. He left the door open and washed his hand, I could not help staring at his physique. About 6'2" and muscular. Clean-shaved with a long face. Dark eye-brows and penetrating brown eyes. The thinning hair line looked very handsome in the short cut and a twisted smile that made shivers run through my spine! Why was this?
When he came out, I offered him coffee and he smiled again. I could help but rub my legs while standing and playfully move my hand over breast. I have always remained faithful to my husband whom I loved but this feeling of lust was overpowering me. I was a virgin when I got married and after a year of marriage I wanted to learn more and was being regular to porn and the more I watched the more I got addicted. My husband could rarely pleasure me and I was taking care of things with my own hands for a while but I never cheated on him! But that man aroused me in a different way. May be because he was so big and I felt that he could tear me apart!
While he sat on the only sofa, I made the coffee.

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   I tried to clear my mind of the dirty thoughts. Finally I felt calm and was eager to see him off but I couldn't be rude, I felt, so I took the coffee to him.
Because the place was still messy I sat pretty close to him on the sofa. He took a couple of sips and put the cup down and looked at me and smiled. I felt scared all of a sudden but before I could think again he jumped on me! and slapped me hard. My head started spinning while he lifted me up and took me to a clearing and put me down. Screaming would bring disgrace to me I thought and whispered "please don't do anything!"
"Too late! You should not have been so suggestive back then. I know you wanted it. Now I want it too. Even if you have changed your mind, I haven't" he said and sat on me and slapped me again and put on a piece of ducttape on my mouth and tied my hands with the tape also Then he took of my tanks and tongued my right nipple while he rubbed the left one with his finger. I was afraid and pleasured at the same time! His hands were strong and rough and just the way I wanted. My nipples hardened straight away and he slid down my skirt and turned me around. I felt helpless. He used his hand slowly to take off my thongs and was caressing my buttcheeks with the fingers. It tingled and unwillingly my legs spread.

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   He turned me around again. I saw him unzipping his pants and saw the little time it bought me and tried to stand up and run he was too fast and too strong and held me back with one hand while he took his pants off with another.
"I don't want to hit you anymore you know!" he sounded stern and I stood still. Next he put me down and spread my legs and I felt a true fear and started to squirm away but his thick long penis caught my eyes and I stopped. Our eyes met and I felt the terror again but he pinned me down with his hands, used his legs to pin down my legs and put his penis inside my vagina. It was big, hard, warm and throbbing and it hurt a lot. His penis was truly very big.
I did not want him to take me and I tried to fight but he started licking my nipples again with his penis inside me and my body started to give away. My hips wanted to move in a rhythm as his warm penis throbbed inside me and all of a sudden he was moving. When I felt him move I started to move my hips too; something that never happened with my husband. The thrusts came harder and I could feel my inside welcoming him more and more. He spat on his hand and rubbed my nipples with hands as he thrusted his penis inside me. All of a sudden he pulled open the duct tape from my mouth and I could hear myself moaning. But he stopped before I climaxed and took himself out and I was cut short. The twisted smile covered his mouth again and he lied down and put me on top of him.

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   I let out a scream as I mounted but then he moved my hips with his hand and in no time I felt ecstatic and it continued for a long time as he moved me on him and then all of a suddent he pushed me down and gave one strong thrust and I could feel my inside becoming full and I liked it. I loved it.
"Here is my number. " He put down a card "I enjoyed it. We can try something new next time. "
With my vagina warm I picked up the card and realized that a wall was broken. I could never be what I was before. It was time to make my fantasies come true.