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I felt her small mouth close around the head of my throbbing cock and knew it was over. She was only 14, but you would think she had been doing this her whole life. Even though her mouth was small, she could fit the head and first 2 inches of my 18 inch cock inside it and suck me dry. But this time it was not gentle.  She had thoroughly pissed me off this time. Telling me that I was a bad man and she was not going to touch me anymore. Well, I had to teach the little whore a lesson. I slapped her once, not very hard, but enough to get a squeal of pain. And that sound…. . it made my cock rock hard in an instant. I knew what I wanted, and she was going to give it to me, one way or another. She chose the hard way. I grabbed her by the shirt and held her at eye level. “You don’t want to suck my cock, huh? Well you’re going to, whether you like it or not!” I unzipped my pants and my throbbing cock popped out, begging for some attention. I gave her one last chance to do it herself, but she refused.

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   I was going to enjoy this……       I backed her against a wall, held her  head in place, and started to fuck her mouth. I  had the intention of being gentle-at first. But I remembered how she disobeyed me and I went wild with rage. I pounded into her mouth as her head bounced off the wall with the force of my thrusts. Her tight mouth was better than any virgin pussy could ever be. Her gagging made it even better. When I reached her throat, her spasming muscles would send jolts down my shaft into my balls. I needed to cum, but I wanted to straighten her out good. Reluctantly I pulled out and let  her breathe, “Take off your pants, bitch. ” She hurried to remove the thin clothing. But she wasn’t moving fast enough. I slapped her again, and each scream of pain made me even hornier. I dragged her to the kitchen, where I threw her face down on the table. I spread her legs, and lubed her up good with my spit. I held her head down with one hand and guided my cock into her with the other.

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   Immediately she screamed, and I told her  not to waste her breath. The screams would only make me hornier, and I would fuck her longer. I would not be disobeyed by this little cunt again. I rammed into her, probably hitting her throat……no. but I was definitely very deep. I felt her cherry pop like a bubble. I fucked her wildly, making sure she would never give me lip again…but she would definitely give me head………I pushed the thought away as I continued to fuck her. Each thrust was drawing a half moan, half scream out of her, and it was making me crazy. I ground her  face into the table, taking what I needed. “You like it like this, bitch? Go ahead, disobey me again. Take it you stupid fucking whore. Take my whole fucking cock. Ill break you yet, you stupid bitch. Fuck yeah. You like having your pussy torn up? Tell me you like this cock in you!” “ I like your cock.

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  ” “Say it like the little whore you are. You fucking take this cock! “ I was so close to coming it was ridiculous. I had her screaming at the top of her lungs how much she loved my thick throbbing cock in her. I quickly pulled out of her pussy and thrust into her mouth, halfway down her throat. “Swallow my fucking load, you stupid cunt. Swallow my cock! Swallow!” the spasms against my head were too much…. I was in heaven. I had to piss, so I let her take a small break as I went to relieve myself. When I walked back in, I saw that she had fallen asleep, covered in tears and sweat. I smiled to myself as my next idea formed. I slapped her awake, making her tight little ass red with the sting. She scrambled to try to get away from me, but I dragged her back, slapping her again. “ you want to get away already, bitch?  I thought you liked my cock in you, huh?” “I do,” she managed to choke out around the sobs. “Then suck it  again. Take it into your mouth and suck hard.

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  ” She began crying harder and said no. A  red haze covered my vision as rage took me again. “I’ll give you one more chance to suck my fucking cock, or I’ll rape your fucking mouth again. ” she tried once more to get away. I roared with fury as I pulled her back and slapped her-hard- again. My cock got harder as she screamed in pain. I forced her to her knees, against the wall of course, and shoved my dick in her mouth. I held her by handfuls of hair as I pounded into her mouth yet again. I made sure I pulled out enough to give her breath, but only so she would keep struggling. It was such a turn on. 9 of my 18 inches was in her throat, and it felt incredible. “ suck my fucking cock you stupid bitch. You still like to tell me no, huh? Go ahead. Keep telling me no. I like the result.

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   Take it. Fuck yeah, take all of it. Suck my cock harder! Open your fucking mouth you slut!” I felt my cum rising and pulled out to give her a big breath. She was going to need it. I came, shooting my huge load straight down her throat. “ swallow that fucking load you stupid cunt! You must like the taste of my cum…. you keep  asking for it. ”     I was far from done. I wanted to take her again…even though the first time was best. Nothing could compare to feeling her cherry burst for my thick cock. But I lubed up her tight little pussy again, and prepared to fuck her again. I knew it wouldn’t be as good unless she was screaming in pain, so I stuck the tip of throbbing cock in and out of her ass hole for a few minutes. After hearing her scream and beg me to stop, I shoved my cock so far into her little pussy that she stopped breathing for a second. I ground her  face into the table again, fucking her wildly. She was so tight, yet she took all of me.

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   It was hard to tell what was better; shoving my cock in her throat or her pussy. I pushed that thought aside and went back to my task. I picked her up and started shoving her up and down my cock, like a living flesh light. She was my personal toy, used only for my sexual enjoyment. That didn’t feel as good, but it made her scream louder than ever. I carried her to a wall and told her to put her hands on it. I held onto the area between her neck and shoulders and pounded into her harder than ever. I could get so deep this way, and so hard and fast. “ Fuck yes! You like this, bitch? Tell me how much you like my fucking cock deep inside you!” “ it feels so good!” “yeah, you fucking know it bitch. You never call me daddy anymore. . . Tell daddy how much you like his thick cock in you. Fucking take it you dumb slut!” I felt the cum rising and I wanted her to eat it again. I dropped her to the floor and told her  she was going to eat my cock again.

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   “  Stop daddy! Please stop!” She tried to hit me right on my cock.  “That’s it. Fight me you little bitch. I love it when you fight. It gives me a reason to beat you and rape you. ” I punched her this time, sending her flying into the wall a few inches behind her. “ You must like it if you’re waiting at the wall for me. Open up for daddy. ” she clamped her little mouth shut, not letting me in. “ Open your  fucking mouth, bitch!” I grabbed her lips and forced them apart, and shoved my cock inside. I pumped into her mouth and felt her swallow my cock again as her head rebounded off the wall. I came twice, both hot loads shooting down her throat. “I’ll have to do this again tomorrow…”She was sleeping on her back with her mouth hanging open. “Good,” I thought to myself, “ Easy access. ” I held her head straight against the pillow so she couldn’t get away.

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   “ He he he……”I woke her up by shoving by shoving my cock in her mouth. Sliding on her velvety tongue, it felt so good. I held her head to the ground and face fucked her again. Raping this little bitch was addicting. I couldn’t get over how tight she was, in either hole…. As I shot another load down her throat, I heard a knock on my door. I was confused as to who it could be. I opened the door, naked and fully hard, to find Steve, my best friend. He knew I had just acquired a new “toy”, so he came to play with me.  “ She’s right in here. I just woke her up. ” “Clean up, you fucking slut, we have company! This is Steve, and we’re both going to use you today. ” She whimpered in fear and tried to run out past Steve. He grabbed her and held her to his chest. With the other hand, he played with her tiny pink nipples.

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   “ So soft,” he murmured.  “ Told you so!” she struggled to get away, and he slapped her, making her cry loudly. “ I want to hear you scream, bitch. ”  He slapped her again, getting what he wanted. I saw his cock instantly stiffen, and he threw her onto the bed as he ripped of his clothing. “ Skull fuck her, she likes it. She took my whole cock last night. In both holes!” Steve wrestled her to the floor, where he forced her to her knees. “ you’re going to eat this dick, bitch. ” Now, I’m 18 inches, and Steve is about 9, but boy is he thick. Thicker than me. He needs two hands to jack off!  He shoved her against the wall, and inserted his cock. I could see her lips stretching to hold him in. He fucked her so hard, he was screaming at the force of his orgasm. “Fucking take that cock, you fucking slut.


   Suck my fucking cock! Oh, fuck yeah! Take it!” He came, shooting his huge loads right down her throat. I was up next…. .  We took her into the living room and put her face down on the card table. Steve began lubing her up with his spit. We were going to fill her with cock. Mine in her mouth, Steve’s in her tight little pussy. As he slammed into her, I  did as well. It was amazing. When he thrust, she swallowed me. When I thrust, he sank into her. She was moaning since she couldn’t scream. And that drove us wild. We fucked and slapped that little bitch to no end. “How do you like being skewered with cock, huh? Swallow my fucking cock, I know you like to!” “You like me in your pussy, you fucking whore? You like me tearing up your pussy?” I came first, leaving Steve to finish her up.


   “Tell me you like my fucking cock!” “NO!”, she screamed. “No? You insolent little cunt, I’ll fuck you until you do!” He began fucking her so fast, she wouldn’t stay on the table. He was ramming into her so hard, she had trouble screaming. “ How do you fucking like it now, huh? You like my cock now? I’ll tear you a new pussy, and fuck that, too. Fucking take it, you fucking slut. ” with that he pulled out of her pussy, and spun her around. Before she could even think about protesting his cock was in her throat, and he wasn’t going to let her breathe until she swallowed every drop of his hot load. “ you fucking swallow my cum, or you’ll die with your mouth on my cock, and then we’ll fuck your body back to life. Swallow it! Oh yeah, you dumb fucking whore. You know you like the taste, you love my cock, that’s all  you’re good for. Take it all! Swallow every drop you stupid cunt!” When he finally pulled out, she was gasping for breath. “You like my cock now?” “ yes. ” “I showed you, you stupid piece of shit. Beg me to fuck your mouth again. Do it!” “ please fuck my mouth,” she said quietly, with no emotion.

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   “ You beg me to fuck your mouth, or I’ll fucking kill you! “ Fuck my mouth, please! . Let daddy fuck me too!” “That’s better, you stupid whore…. . now where was I?……. . .