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Cassie was only 18 years old when her older brother Justin graduated from high school. Her brother was pretty well liked by everyone and since they had a really big house, the senior class had their party there. There parent knew what would happen, a lot of drinking and loud party music, so they went out of town. Cassie only got to stay there because the friend’s house where she was supposed to be stay at was empty.
Cassie was in the basement when the party started, after while she went upstairs to get something to eat and drink. Her brother was dancing with a girl that she thought was his girlfriend so she didn’t want interrupt.
“Hi you must be Cassie” a girl behind her said.
“Ya, I won’t be up here long, so I won’t be in your way” She said.
“Oh don’t worry about it, I don’t think anybody will really mind, you want a beer?”
“I don’t know, I don’t drink, but I will take a pop and a sandwich. ” Cassie said
“Ok, I’m not goin to make you drink, I’ll go and get your drink” said the girl.
Cassie thought that she was really nice, but went back down stairs, got on the net, then started a movie. At about 2 am she heard the door open at the top of the stairs, “It’s probably Justin” she thought to herself. So she didn’t worry that she was just wearing panties and a t-shirt.
“Hey that’s where you’ve been hiding” the girl from earlier said, really slurring her words.
“Oh hi, um what’s up?’ Cassie said while pulling a sheet over her legs.
The girl sat on the bad of the couch and looked Cassie over.

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“You know that your really cute for your age, I bet you drive all the boys in your class wild. ”
Cassie thought it was pretty weird. “Thanks, you’re really pretty to. ”
“Thanks. ”
The girl fell off the back of the couch and landed on top of Cassie.
“Are you ok?” Cassie asked while trying to move to give her room.
“You’re so sweet, but no I’m not fine” She said getting closer to Cassie’s face. “I’m really horny. ” she grabbed Cassie’s small B cup breast.
“Oh what are you doing?
“Just trust me” the girl said while she started to French kiss her.
Cassie could really do anything because she was so small and had this 18 year old girl on top of her. She pushed her back and asked her to stop. All the girl did was lift her shirt and lend in, putting them right in her face.
“Please I don’t want to do this. ” Cassie said wishing the girl would stop.

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“Just lay back and try not to moan too loudly” she said while she slid her hand into Cassie panties.
“Please, aw, I don’t want… oh ook. ” Cassie said while this girl played with her young pussy. The girl reached up and took her shirt and bra off.   Cassie tried to move away from her. The girl grabbed her. And used to shirt and bra to tie her hands to the table next to the couch.
“Where do you think your going, the fun has just begun” the girl said with a laugh. Then the girl pulled her panties off and dropped them on the floor and started to lick Cassie.
“awww, someone, umm Justin help” Cassie said, but the music upstairs was to loud for anyone to hear, plus half the people up stairs didn’t even know she was home.
“Ok, will do it the hard way. ” The girl said, she stood up and took her pants and panties off. She held her panties up to her nose and said “um, I hope you like this” and put her panties in Cassie’s mouth. She looked around and saw some tape on under the table, and taped her panties in the little girl’s mouth. Then she dove into her pussy.

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   Licking Cassie’s little pussy, sliding her tongue in and out faster and faster and faster. She slowly worked a finger into her pussy.
”Um, your so tight, have you ever even masturbated?” The girl said with a laugh. Cassie began to shake. Her little tits when bouncing and the girl just loved pinching her little pink, penny size nipples. Cassie let out a loud moan and exploded.
The girl took the tape off and the panties out of her mouth. Cassie just lay still trying to get her breath. Then the girl grabbed her chin, and kissed her. Cassie then noticed what she was doing, the girl still had all her pussy juice in her mouth and was making Cassie drink and taste it. Then she stopped and landed back.
“Yes” said Cassie
“Yes what”
“I’ve masturbated before”
“It didn’t fell like it, you are so tight”
 Cassie noticed that the girl was touching herself. The girl grabbed Cassie's panties and her panties; she used them to tie her feet together. Then she untied her hands from the table and then tied them behind her back.
“What are you doing” Cassie asked
“Well you’re going to return the favor hun.

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  ” The girl said right before she shoved Cassie's head between her legs.
“Um, lick me Cassie, lick me.
Cassie didn’t until she pulled some of her hair, then Cassie suck her tongue into her pussy. She did what the girl did to her. The girl started to hump her face, grinding her pussy into Cassie’s face. After about 18 minutes of this girl grabbing her ass, pulling on her nipples, and rubbing her tits she cam. She pulled Cassie’s head out of her crouch and sat her up. Then she started to lick her juice off of Cassie’s face.
She got dressed and left Cassie tied up with tape over her mouth. Then she cam back with a pair of Cassie’s shorts. She untied her legs, getting her panties back and stealing Cassie’s. Pulled her shorts up and untied her hands and gave her, her top back. Cassie just sat there and the girl went to leave.
“Hey wants your name?” Cassie asked. The girl walked back up to her/
“Stephanie, why?” To her surprise Cassie grabbed her ass and stood up.

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   “Because even though I didn’t want to do, that was great. ” She hugged her and Stephanie went up stairs.
Justin never knew why Stephanie started to hang out with Cassie, going shopping and going to the movies. He thought she was being nice to her, because Stephanie was his girlfriend.