It’s too Goddamn hot, I thought.

It was the middle of June, and I was sweating my ass off, trying to look interested as my ex-sister in law oohed and aahed over ridiculously overpriced paintings.

A few years back, when I was still married, Laura and I had made a deal to go to this yearly, weekend long art festival. She and my brother-in-law, Ken, had suddenly turned into semi-rich yuppies and decided to start collecting ‘art’. During a period of strange sexual flirtation between the two of us and, I assumed, that because I’d once aspired to be a painter, Laura had asked me to go along with her to ‘help her pick out a few pieces’ for their new house.

It seemed like an interesting way for the two of us to spend a weekend together, hidden in a hotel, away from the prying eyes of our spouses.

As the years went by, I never really thought it would happen. To be honest, I knew the whole idea of our mutual attraction was probably just my little fantasy. But, after couple kids for her and a divorce for me, here I was, wandering around in a huge tent, baking in ninety degree heat and ogling her ass, while she chatted with pretentious artists and asked me my opinion of crap that she hoped might look good over her fireplace.

"Oh wow, Matt. He’s here!"

Laura grabbed me by the arm and bulled her way through a crowd of hip young women that had gathered around a tall, middle-aged beatnik, wearing - of all things, in this heat - a black turtleneck sweater and a beret cap, with black denim jeans and Birkenstock sandals over dark grey argyle socks. The beatnik was holding court; stroking his salt-and-pepper goatee with a smug look on his chubby face and chatting with a group of rapt young ladies.

I groaned.

The old hepcat was Marvin "Marv" Caruthers.

He’d been a teacher of mine, from back in my college days. Marv became a local legend in the professional art world not long after I graduated from school.

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   He once told me - while he was critiquing a piece of mine during class, a torturous weekly ritual/slash ‘class discussion’ that he fully enjoyed stretching out as long as possible, just to see me squirm - that, in his professional opinion, I should simply give up my aspirations to be a painter and change majors, because I would never amount to anything as an artist.

Not because I wasn’t talented. Oh, Lord knew I had talent to spare. No, not that, he said. I should quit because I didn’t have the drive to succeed.

Way to be supportive, ‘Teach.

Eventually I graduated and had a few, small shows at some local galleries, from which I got some nice reviews but never made any sales of note

After which I slowly drifted out of the art world. Just like old Marv called it.

Marvin, on the other hand, had a sister who lived in Manhattan and owned a gallery. As a favor to her brother, she showed some of his work, and Somebody Famous - I forget who exactly - purchased one of Marv’s paintings for an astronomical six figure price, and he never looked back.


I hated the guy. Not only because he nailed what would eventually become of my career with the assessment of a single college assignment, but also because he finally made it. Big time.

And his work just plain sucked.

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But Laura and Ken loved his stuff. They’d met him a few times over the years and owned a couple of his prints. The rumor was that he was going to be the guest of honor at this year’s festival.

Lucky us. Here he was.

"Mr. Caruthers!"

I let Laura pull me along as she waved a rolled up pamphlet at Marvin, trying to get his attention. He turned as the crowd parted and burped us out.

When he saw Laura his polite smile broke into a wide, lecherous grin.

"Laura! What a surprise to see you!" Marv gave his mustache a dashing twist and held out his arms. My jaw hit the floor when he hugged Laura and kissed her on her cheek.

The women around him glared daggers at us. Laura was oblivious and Marvin ignored them. And as all this was occurring, I was wondering, just how the hell did he remember Laura’s name, much less know her well enough to give her a hug and a kiss?

Then he gave her a little pat on the butt, and Laura giggled.

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Okay. So now I was pissed. And I couldn’t quite figure out if I was I concerned for Ken, or ticked off because I thought that sonofabitch might have snuck into Laura’s pants before I did.

Marvin stepped back and held Laura by her shoulders, looking her up and down. His grin turned decidedly…slimier.

"My. Laura. It’s been. . . quite some time, hasn’t it?"

"About a year, Marv. "

"You look lovely, as always. "

Laura practically quivered with excitement as Marvin carefully looked around.

"And where’s your husband?"

"Actually, Ken’s not here. He had some business this weekend.

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  " Laura turned and waved me closer. "So I came with my brother in law, Ma--"

"Matthew!" Marvin grinned. He snatched my hand and gave it a quick squeeze, clapping me on the shoulder at the same time. His palm was clammy. "Talk about old times! I barely recognized you!" He squinted at me from behind his little, round, wire-framed eyeglasses. "You’ve grown up a bit since college, haven’t you?"

I groaned to myself, but tried to make nice. "It’s good to see you again, professor Caruthers. "

He pursed his lips, waved his hand in my face and made a sound like a leaking balloon at me.

"Pssst! Please! No need to be so formal, son! Please, call me Marv!"

I tried a smile that felt more like a grimace, and nodded. "Uh, okay…Marv. "

He patted my shoulder again and turned back to Laura.

"I taught this young gentleman. He had unbelievable ability. I went to one of his gallery showings after he graduated. Incredible work.

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   Absolutely incredible. "

I rolled my eyes, but Laura looked at me and grinned like Picasso himself had just complimented me.

Marvin finished pumping my hand and looked straight at me.

"I haven’t seen your work lately though, Matthew. Have I?"

I retrieved my hand and wiped it off on my pants. I gritted my teeth and clapped Marv on the shoulder hard enough to make him wince.

"Not lately, no. " My turn to grin as he rubbed his shoulder. "But you’ve done well. "

"I was hoping to hear you speak this afternoon," Laura piped up. "But we didn’t get here soon enough for tickets. "

Marvin suddenly lost all interest in me.

"Well, we can fix that, I think. I’m heading over to the small tent now, if you’d like to join me?" He held his arm out for Laura. She took it and she looked at me, pleading with her eyes.

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I decided to try my luck at the beer garden instead, and shook my head.

"You kids go and have fun. I think I’ll pass. A cold pale ale is calling my name. "

Marvin looked relieved.

"Wonderful. The session will just take an hour or so. Perhaps we can all meet at the beer garden for a fine meal afterwards?"

"Sure," I muttered. "Sounds great. "

As I watched Laura wander off with my old professor, I wondered again if they’d already slept together. Eventually I realized I was standing there alone, still compulsively wiping my hand off on my shorts.

"Rat-bastard motherfucker. "

I shoved my hands in my pockets and wandered out of the tent towards the smell of sausage and pretzels, wondering what the hell I was doing here.

Laura had picked me up that morning in her new Saab. Outside, the temperature was already hovering somewhere in the mid-eighties, and she cranked up the climate control and turned the stereo down to a low rumble.

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I settled into my seat and got comfy, watching her and listening as she babbled excitedly about the trip.

Laura looked fresh and clean, and the car smelled of her perfume, like the soft scent of flowers in the breeze. She was wearing a white, v-necked t-shirt with a push-up bra that showed off her tits, hip-hugging khaki shorts, and flip-flops. Her pale blonde hair was buzzed short in back, and her bangs hung down around her eyes. They blew around her face in the breeze, and she shook them out of the way as she talked.

I suppose I’ve always had a little crush on Laura. Even back when I was married.

She’s got a pair of incredibly huge, cannonball-size breasts, and a tiny waist that tapers into wide, curvy hips and a big, round ass. She was a bit overweight and geeky when I first met her, but she’s always been pretty, and over the years she’s obsessively worked her way into pretty good shape. After she had her first child - right when Ken started his business and began making some serious money - Laura started hitting the gym hard, going a couple times every day. Now she’s a poster girl for the Gap.

It’s not like she’s beautiful; but to me, she just radiates sex.

About a year ago, I happened to be wandering around alone in her new house when Laura came home unexpectedly. I was in her bathroom taking a piss at the time, and I almost shit my pants when she walked in on me and proceeded to take a bath, completely oblivious to me. It was like I wasn’t even there.

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   As far as I can tell, that was the first time my power manifested itself.

I made her masturbate, and I jacked off into the tub watching her. Later that evening, at her housewarming party, Laura made a drunken pass at me. I didn’t take her up on it. I had other plans by then. Instead, I made Laura fall asleep on a couch, and I spent the evening testing my new-found power by raping a friend of hers - in the very same bathroom where I’d watched Laura play with herself just a few hours earlier.

Then I went through my divorce, and we lost track of each other for a while. A couple of weeks ago, we ran into each other at a trendy new restaurant while I was on a date with a woman named Susan, who I was preparing to turn into a sex slave.

Laura asked me to join her for the weekend, here at the festival, just the two of us.

So here I was.

And there she went.

The crowd followed in their wake and I made my way outside, alone.

The art festival was really part of a bigger summer promotion for one of the small, local college towns - a month-long parade of the arts that drew thousands of tourists to our state like bears to honey.

Right now, the whole town was in the middle of ‘German-Fest’.

Just alongside the art tents was a huge park with a kid-friendly carnival and an open-air beer garden for the adults.

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   You couldn’t walk more than ten feet without running into some sun-burnt fat guy wearing Lederhosen, singing along to polkas and swinging a mug of dark, foamy beer.

The smell of elephant ears, sausage and sauerkraut filled the air, and my mouth watered, even as I mentally grumbled about Laura.

I made my way to the beer garden and stood in line, ignoring everybody around me. I paid my five dollar admission to a perky blonde with braided pig tails. She stamped the back of my hand with a picture of a beer stein and handed me a small roll of ticket stubs in exchange for a twenty dollar bill.

"These are just like cash inside," she grinned.

"Great. "

I’m not really a big drinker. In fact I usually hate beer, but it was so fucking hot out I would’ve gladly chugged a glass of cold dog piss. So I took the tickets and then waited in another line, paid another three bucks (well, three ticket stubs, anyway) for a cold bottle of beer, and went to find a seat.

Easier said. The garden was packed with people trying to beat the heat.

I wandered around the picnic tables, sipping my beer and listening in on snatches of conversation. At some point, I realized someone was calling my name.

"Matt? Matt, is that you?"

I turned to find three women sitting at a picnic table at the back of the tent, with a bunch of empty beer bottles scattered around the top of their table.

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   They were all grinning at me, waving.

"Uh, Hi?"

One of them scooted back the wood bench she was sitting on, ripping up carefully tended grass. She stood up and I finally recognized her as she waved me over.

"God, it is you! Matt, it’s Laura. Laura Faasi. I shop at your store, remember?"

"Laura! Hi. "

She surprised me by giving me a hug. I could smell the alcohol on her breath, and as I looked over her shoulder, I recognized the other two ladies from my store, too.

Laura broke her clinch and gave me a big smile.

This Laura was tall and attractive, in her early forties, and if I remembered correctly, married with three young kids. She was wearing a see-through white blouse over a white silk camisole that were tucked into a tight pair of faded Levi jeans; cut-off and torn up the sides to show off her long, tan legs.

I smiled back at Laura, and her friends took turns sizing me up as she sat back down.

"How are you ladies?"

"Hot," she said, grabbing my arm. "Here, why don’t you join us?"

She pulled me down next to her, and waved to her friends.

"You know Linda and Jill?"

"Of course.


  " I smiled at them, and they beamed back at me.

They were all about the same age. Jill was petite and pretty, with straight brown hair that fell to her shoulders. She wore black horn-rimmed glasses and had on a tight black shirt that hugged her body, Her faded old Levi’s were still pretending to be pants, but were worn enough to give me a few tantalizing glimpses of her own tan legs through all the holes. Her dorky glasses and Birkenstock sandals fit right in with the neo-hippy theme next door at the art festival. At first glance, Linda appeared to be a little older than her friends. She was prematurely grey, with bits and pieces of black still mixed in here and there in her curly hair. But she was gorgeous, with sky-blue eyes that matched her light summer dress. She smiled at me and played with the label on her bottle of beer. I was sure that Linda and Jill both had teenage kids, but I couldn’t remember if they were married or not. I didn’t see any wedding rings.

Jill finished her appraisal of me first.

"We saw you wandering around next door in the tent, but we didn’t want to interrupt you and your wife. "

I raised my eyebrows.

"My wife?"

Then I got it.

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"Oh. You mean Laura.

No, we’re not married, I mean, she’s married. I mean, she’s my sister-in-law. But I’m not married. So she was my sis. . . oh shit. "

They were all smiling at me with little, encouraging smiles, completely confused. Yet another reason I don’t drink. Two sips of beer, and I can’t think straight. I shook my head and tried again.

"I was married, and Laura - who I was hanging out with today - is married to my ex-wife’s brother. We’ve kept in touch, and.

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  . . " I shrugged. "Well. Here we are. "

Laura looked back over her shoulder.

"Where is she now?"

I tried to hide my grimace by sipping some beer. It didn’t quite work.

"At the tents. I think she’s probably swooning over one of my old teachers from school. "


I let out a sigh and swished the beer around in the bottle.

"Long story. Right now, she’s over listening to the festivals guest of honor pontificate to his adoring masses. "

Jill tossed her hair out of her face, and I admired the gentle slope of her neck.

"You mean Marvin Caruthers?"

I nodded.

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   "Yep. "

"He was one of your teachers?" She looked interested.

I shrugged. "If you could call him that, sure. Why? You like his work?"

Jill laughed. "Are you kidding? He’s the biggest pompous assfuck I’ve ever met, and his ‘paintings’ (she made little quotation marks in the air with her fingers as she spoke) are a load of shit. "

I must’ve looked a little stunned, because Laura patted my hand.

"Jill owns a gallery in town. She’s an art snob. "

I laughed and saluted Jill with my bottle.

"Finally. Someone who agrees with me. Here’s to a lovely lady with taste. "

We all drank as Jill blushed. "You don’t like him either, I take it?"

"I think he’s a prick.

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She grinned. "He’s definitely milking his success. I bet he’s already tried to sleep with half the women here. " She made a face. "Disgusting, creepy man. "

Linda leaned over. "So you’re an artist too?"

"I used to paint a little, and I did some commercial art to help pay for college, but I haven’t done anything for…a long time. "

Jill smiled. "You should come by my gallery sometime and show me your portfolio. "

Laura and Linda laughed hard enough to blow beer over the table. Linda elbowed Jill in the ribs.

"’Show me your portfolio’" she snorted. "Slick, girl. "

I looked around at the ladies. The flirting had started, but I seemed to be just catching up to the party.

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   I tried to change the subject.

"So. What are all of you doing here?"

They grinned at each other. Laura flashed me a smile.

"We were roommates here in college. Every year we come back and spend a week together, getting drunk and pretending to be twenty again. "

I looked at the bottles strewn around.

"Seems like you’re off to a good start. "

"Well, you know. We’re only here for a week. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. "

"Where are you staying?" Jill asked.

I shrugged. "I dunno. Laura booked the hotel.

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   I think it’s across the street from the park. How about you?"

Laura answered.

"At the Riverview bungalows. How long are you going to be here?"

I shrugged again. "Just a couple nights, until Sunday. "

Linda elbowed Jill, and they giggled like teenagers.


I looked at each of them, and Laura blushed.

"Don’t. . . !" She groaned.

My turn to be confused. "’Don’t, what?"

Jill was laughing in her cup, and Linda leaned over the table and pretended to whisper, "Laura was, um, concerned, that you might have been, uh, attached. "

I wasn’t quite sure what I was hearing. "Attached.

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"She thinks you’re cute. "

Laura groaned again. I half-turned and grinned at her.

"You think I’m cute?"

She glared at Jill. "You started this. You’re the one who said the thing about his ass. "

I turned back to Jill.

"What about my ass?"

She grinned and bit the edge of her cup. Laura egged her on.

"She mentioned something about ‘covering it with whipped cream. . . ?"

Jill stared me down, still playing with her cup. She gave me another dirty little grin, and I felt something warm and smooth and soft touch the inside of my leg. "I said I wanted to cover your ass with whipped cream and lick it clean.

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Then she wiggled her eyebrows at me and tossed off her drink.


She nodded, and I looked over at Linda.

"And what did you say to that?"

"Oh, I agreed with her. " Linda grinned and batted her eyes. "But I wanted to lick it off something else. "

And so it went.

I let the ladies buy the drinks and talk. Jill told me all about her ex-husband and his demands for a good Catholic education for their two girls, who were going to a private school. Linda told us about her boy, Stevie, and his high-school graduation, and Laura showed us pictures of her three kids. By the time Marvin and Laura found us, the three ladies were well beyond happy and the flirting had amped up to a dangerous level. Jill’s foot had long since found its way up to my crotch, and Linda was leaning over the table, giving me nice view down her dress and eating french-fries out of my hand while Laura shared sips of beer with me.

Heaven could only be so nice.

"Looks like you’ve made some friends," said a voice from behind me.

Linda sat back, munching happily, and I turned to find Laura and Marvin, arm-in-arm, walking up to the table.

Jill’s foot disappeared, and I bit my tongue and made introductions.

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"Uh, right. Marv, Laura, this is Linda and Jill, and, uh, Laura. " The girls made a few grunts of acknowledgement.

"Lovely ladies. I’m very pleased to meet you. " Marv took off his beret and bowed.

What a gentleman, that Marv.

The lights from the tent gleamed on his bald spot, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jill and Linda struggling not to laugh.

"I think we’re gonna need another round. " Jill grabbed some half-full plastic cups and stood up. "Be back in a ‘sec. "

I watched Marv watch her go, rubbing thoughtfully at his beard.

"Matt. . .

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  " Laura - sister-in-law Laura, not the tipsy Laura next to me rubbing my thigh Laura - touched my shoulder. "Marvin was going to treat us to dinner, if you’d like to come. "

Marv plopped his beret back on his head at a jaunty angle and clapped me on the back.

"Come on, my boy! There’s a lovely little Italian bistro just around the corner. We’ll reminisce about old times over pasta and drinks!"

Laura looked at me, mouthing the word ‘please?’, and grabbed my hands.

"Oh. Uh, okay. Sure. Sounds great. "

I swiveled off the bench, and Marv turned back on the charm.

"If you ladies will excuse us?"

"Sure, sure. You go have fun. " Linda said, and she and Laura waved and giggled as I was led off, good old Marv already talking a mile a minute.

The motor-mouth kept it running right through dinner.

I slurped my spaghetti as Marv regaled us with stories from his most recent trip, motorcycling across Europe.



". . . so I spent two months knocking about in Italy, and then I went back to Paris. And I was so inspired (heavy, fork-waving emphasis, there, on inspired) by the utter beauty (more fork waving) of the French countryside that I. . . "

Laura looked enraptured. For my part, I tried not to slobber marinara sauce on my shirt. While they ate dessert, I drank a couple cups of espresso to try and counter all the beer that was still swilling around in my system.

By the time the espresso took hold, I was hyperactively bouncing my leg up and down and playing a ‘Zepplinish drum solo with my silverware. Finally, Laura took the hint and decided it was time to go. She put her hand on my knee, and her touch was like an electric shock running up my leg.

"It’s getting late," she said. "I think Matt’s getting tired.

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   Maybe we should call it a night. "

"All-righty. "

Marv wiped his goatee with his napkin and dropped some money on the table, then he walked with us outside and asked where we were staying.

Laura pointed. "Just over at the Embarcadero. "

"Splendid!" Marv beamed happily. "I’m there myself! The event staff put me up for the weekend in room eleven. I have a lovely view of the river. "

Laura made a happy little sound. "You’re just around the corner from me. I’m in room twenty-four. "


Oh, yeah. Lovely. ‘Lovely’, my butt. I couldn’t wait to get rid of this asshole.

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"I’ll walk with you. "

"Great!" Laura took my arm and we were off again, just the three of us.


At the hotel, we managed to say our goodbyes.

For a second I thought Marv was going to invite us to his room, but he yawned instead and shook my hand again.

"Lovely evening kids. Fantastic to see you again Matt. I’m glad to see you’re doing well. "

"Uh, you too Marv. Thanks again for dinner. "

He let go of my hand and turned and hugged Laura. For a little too long, I thought. Then he kissed her cheek.

"And you, dear Laura, sleep tight. "

Ah Jeez.

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"Goodnight Marvin. "

We waited until he turned the corner, and Laura gushed about her day as I walked her upstairs. Suddenly I was really nervous. I half-listened to her until we found door number twenty-four.

So this is it, I thought. Do or die time.

I was finally going to sleep with the woman I’d been fantasizing about for years. My heart was pounding and Laura turned around and smiled at me. I grinned stupidly back at her and she hugged me. I loved the way she smelled, and the way her body pressed against me. I touched her hair, and she sighed and stepped away.

"Thanks for coming with me Matt. I hope you’re having an okay time. "

She looked down and played with my hands.

"I was kind of an ass today, huh?" I asked.

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"A little," she agreed. "But I can see why. Marvin’s pretty conceited. "

I laughed, and thought, Laura, you don’t even know.

She unlocked her door, opened it part-way, then she turned around and handed me a plastic card.

"Here’s the key to your room. It’s number seventy-three, downstairs and around the corner. "

I blinked.

"Sorry I couldn’t get you closer, but I made the reservations so late everything was already pretty filled up. "

I blinked again.

Laura kissed me on the cheek and stepped into her room.

"’Night, Matt. I’ll call you in the morning? Maybe around ten?"

Waitaminute. Separate rooms?


I shook myself out of my daze.

"Uh, yeah.

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   Ten’s fine. "

"’Kay. Night. "

She smiled and shut her door. I stared at the credit card sized slip of plastic clenched in my hand for a minute, unfocused, and shoved it into my pocket.

"Fuck. " I said, to no one in particular. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. " I stared at her closed door for a second and almost knocked, but finally turned and headed back to the stairs.

    I was feeling about as stupid as I have since I was a teenager and made my first, awkward pass at a girl. I was so distracted that I smacked face first into the poor guy just stepping onto the landing, almost knocking him back down the steps.


    "Oh, shit, sorry, I didn’t. . . " I grabbed the guy by his sweater and hauled him back up.

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       An alarm bell went off in my head at the sight of the black sweater.

    "Matt! My boy! Where are you going in such a hurry?"

    What the fuck? "Marvin? What are you doing here?"

    Marvin showed me the bundle in his arms. He was carrying a small canvas with an easel under his arm, and a picnic basket in his hand. A bottle of wine poked out of one end of the basket, and a set of paints and brushes poked out of the other.

    He winked at me and grinned.

    "Ah. Young Laura agreed to model for me this evening. She’s a beautiful girl. Such a lovely face, and a truly classic body shape. Since I returned from Europe, I’ve been itching to paint a series of nudes, and she seemed thrilled when I asked her to pose for me tonight. . . " He straightened his beret and tucked his canvas back under his arm. "Well. No harm done, my boy.

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       I’ll be off. Sleep well!"

    I glared at him in shock as he found Laura’s door. He gave me a little salute, and when he knocked, I beat it the hell out of there.


    "Pose nude my mother-fucking-ass!"

    I found myself storming through the carnival right before closing time, fighting my way through a crowd of families as they flowed out to the streets. After my late-night meeting with Marvin, my first thought had been to go to the beer garden and get rip-roaring drunk, but apparently it was too late for that. Most of the booths had already shut down for the night, and the midway lights were beginning to wink out as well.

    "Shit. " I muttered.

    "Yo’ Matt? That you, ‘bro?"

    I turned around to find three short hispanic guys walking my way. I squinted through the dark and recognized two of them.


    Jose and his buddy Freddy grinned at me, and Jose slapped me on the back.

    "’Sup, ‘bro! Long time, no see!"

    I met Jose and Freddy when they were working as cooks and dishwashers at a redneck bar-slash-restaurant called the Black Bear. I’d taken my first sex-slave, Julie, there for dinner and a little. . .

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      dessert. After dinner I tied Julie to a table and let all the guys in the restaurant fuck her, while Jose, Freddy and I attacked an old sexpot named Barb who worked there as a waitress.

    I grinned at Jose and slapped him on the back.

    "What are you two doing here?"

    "Workin’ dude! We’re workin’ for the carnival, settin’ stuff up, runnin’ booths, takin’ tickets, y’know, whatever they need us for. " He pointed at the guy I didn’t know. "This here’s Roberto. He don’t speak English so good yet. "

    Roberto grinned when he heard his name.

    I smiled at him, and turned back to Jose.

    "How long have you been doing this?" I asked. "You still got Barb with you?"

    Jose considered. "We been here a while. " Then he snorted. "We took off a few weeks after you and your bitch left that night. We, uh, had’ta get rid of Barb.

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       She was gettin’ smelly, y’know?"

    I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that.


    He looked sheepish.

    "We kinda broke her, a little. "

    Freddy nodded in agreement.

    "What do you mean, you ‘broke her’. "

    Freddy shuffled his feet and looked at the ground.

    "Well, see, she didn’t wanna screw one day, so we kinda, y’know, fucked her up. " He put his hands up, like he wanted to protect himself. "Don’ worry though, we got rid of her so nobody goin’ find her. Just like I said we would. "

    Poor Barb.

    "So that’s when you guys left?"

    "Yeah. This is pretty cool, though. It pays better than doin’ dishes, an’ we get’ta move around a lot. " He looked at the kids swarming around us.

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       "Lot’sa new meat everywhere we go. Y’know what I mean?"

    I nodded.

    "Whazzup wit’ you? Why you down this way?"

    So we talked for a while, just three (or maybe four) old rapists playing catch-up, until the lights from the beer garded dimmed, and someone called my name.


    Jill and Laura bounced towards us, dragging Linda along with them, and they surrounded me. They were all pretty bleary-eyed, and I could smell the beer on their breath from ten feet away. The girls didn’t even notice Jose and his buddies checking them out.

    Laura played with my hair, twirling it with her fingers. "We thought we lost you for the night. " She looked around. "Where are your. . . friends?"

    I smiled as Jill and Linda leaned on each other, trying to keep from tipping over. And in my head I pictured what was going on in Laura’s hotel room.

    "They’re both.


      . . asleep, I guess. "

    "Oooh. Poor baby, all alone. " Laura nuzzled my neck, and I felt my dick wake up. "Maybe you should come and spend the night with us? We could try that stuff with the whipped cream, if you want. " She patted my ass and grinned drunkenly at me.

    Who was I to say no?

    "Sure. Lead the way. "

    They grabbed me, all three drunk and horny ladies, and pulled me along for a few feet, almost taking my mind off the thought of Marvin fucking Laura.

    Then I had a sick, perverted idea.

    "Hold on a ‘sec, girls. I’ll be right back. "

    I jogged back to Jose and the guys.

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    "You guys want some action tonight?"

    They looked at the girls, swaying in the breeze.

    "With them?" Freddy asked.

    "Yep. "

    All three of them grinned. "Shit man. Hell, yeah," said Jose.

    "Cool. You got any buddies you want to include? There’s more than enough to go around. "

    Jose and Freddy both nodded.

    "After we close up, there’s prob’ly ‘bout twen’ny dudes that’ll be lookin’ for some beer and pussy. You talkin’ pussy for free, or are we gonna take it, like Barb. "

    I grinned. "Like Barb, probably. "

    Jose and Freddy shot some rapid-fire Spanish back and forth with Roberto. The look that passed between them would’ve made the three ladies run for the police if they’d been sober enough to catch it.

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    The guys all looked back at me and nodded.

    "Cool," I said. "I don’t know where they’re staying, exactly. So why don’t you follow a little behind us until we get to their hotel, then come back around. . . " I checked my watch. It was just after eleven. "Maybe one o’clock with your buddies?"

    Laura called out, "Matt. . . ? What’s taking so long?"

    "Be right there!" I shouted back.

    Jose grinned again. "Freddy should go. ‘Berto and I need ‘ta help close up for the night.

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       We’ll cover ‘till he can get back. "

    "All right. Freddy, stay close, and be sure to get the right room number. " I started walking, then turned around. "One o’clock. "

    Jose gave me a thumbs up.

    When I reached them, Laura and Jill hooked their arms around my waist. "Okay ladies. Let’s go. " Laura took Linda by the hand, and off we went.


    The place they were staying was a couple blocks away from the park. It wasn’t a hotel, but a set of about two dozen bungalows nestled into a less developed, wooded section of town. Each bungalow was set back and hidden from the sidewalk, and each unit had its own driveway leading out to the road. During the day the place was probably nice and peaceful. It certainly was nice and secluded.

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       Judging from the few cars I could see only a few of the bungalows had any tenants. A couple of streetlights and a porchlight on here and there struggled to light the area.

    I shot a look over my shoulder while I made impressed sounds, trying to spot Freddy. I couldn’t see anybody following us, but the road was dark, with lots of places for him to hide.

    The girls led me to one of two bungalows in a narrow cul-de-sac at the end of the street. One of the buildings looked deserted. The other had a couple of cars parked nearby and the house lights turned on inside.


    Jill wobbled up to the door of the bungalow with the lights on and fumbled with a set of keys.

    "Shit," she swore and pushed her glasses back on her nose. "I can’t see - Matt, help?"

    She handed me a set of three identical keys on a simple silver ring. I stuck one in the keyhole, turned, and the door clicked open.

    "Voila. " I said, and the ladies pushed me inside, giggling.

    The bungalow was basically one big room.

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       A counter divided the living area from a small kitchen and a dining nook, and an open door at the back of the bungalow led to a bathroom and a shower. Two futon couches with heavy, natural wood frames surrounded a large oak entertainment center. Both couches were currently pulled out, and the bedding sported the ‘slept in’ look.

    Jill shut the door as Linda collapsed onto one of the futons. I found myself face to face with Laura, who was breathing heavily and staring at me intently.

    "Well. " I smiled at her. "What now?"

    "I can’t believe I’m going to do this," she whispered.

    "What’s that?" I asked.

    Laura was a tall woman, easily at eye level with me. She touched my face gently, her eyes fluttered closed, and she kissed me.

    She was tentative at first, just a soft press of her lips on mine. I heard the sharp hiss of her breath as she pulled away from me, her eyes still closed, her face and neck flushed pink.

    The other women waited quietly as Laura paused, her forehead pillowed against mine.

    "Well?" Jill asked.

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    Laura shook her head slightly, and a small smile played along the corners of her mouth.

    Linda sat up and leaned on the edge of the futon.


    In answer, Laura gave me a big smile, wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, and pulled me close.

    There was little that was soft or tender about her next kiss. I curled my arms around her waist and tasted her, felt the heat radiate from her body. My dick felt it too. A low purring sound came from deep in Laura’s throat as she wriggled against me.

    Something soft and wet touched my neck, and Linda smiled up at me before she nibbled at my earlobe. Laura cupped my face in her hands and pulled me back to her, and I shivered as Linda tangled a hand in my hair. She snuck her hand up my t-shirt and tweaked my nipple, playing with it as she softly kissed my neck.

    Then someone unbuckled my belt and pulled down my shorts.

    "Oh-my-God. "

    Everybody looked down at Jill, who was on her knees in front of my crotch.

    She was busy staring at my dick. Jill had my shorts pulled halfway down over my hips, and my dick was raging hard and hovering right around her open mouth, about a foot away.

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    It took a Herculean effort of will not to wrap my hand in her hair and shove my cock down her throat.

    Turns out, I didn’t have to.

    Instead, Laura and Linda shared a quick look. Then they dropped to their knees next to Jill and forgot about kissing me as they took turns fondling my penis.

    As horny as I was getting, something in me - some long lost shred of decency - bubbled to the surface. I cleared my throat and stroked Jill’s hair, trying to pry their attention away from their new toy.

    They all looked up, expectantly. Visions of Jose and Freddy fucking Barb to death ran through my head.

    "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, what about your families?"

    They looked at each other for a second. Then Jill wrapped her hands around my dick and gave me a squeeze.

    "Fuck ‘em. "

    Jill elbowed herself some room, then grabbed my ass and took a deep breath.

    "Sorry girls, I was here first. You’ll have to wait your turn. "

    She closed her eyes, opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed four or five inches of my cock with a gurgle.

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       I closed my eyes and let her do what she wanted, felt her head slowly bob back and forth, swallowing more and more of my dick as she worked me.

    I reached for Linda and Laura and played with their hair while Jill went down on me. As jaded as I’ve become sexually, something about the three women kneeling before me, anxiously waiting to suck my dick was the biggest turn-on I’ve experienced in a long time.

    ‘Fuck ‘em’, Jill had said.

    I agreed with her.

    Wherever that last bit of pity came from, it was gone now. All I wanted to do was fuck these bitches until they bled.

    So as Jill struggled to fit more of my cock down her throat, I relaxed and gave the three of them a full shot of my power.

    The air around us crackled with static electricity and I felt the familiar tingling sensation - almost like pins and needles - shoot through my body. The room spun around me for a second, then snapped back into place. All of the hair on my arms stood on end and the ladies sat back on their haunches, stunned.

    The three of them were still so drunk they would’ve probably done pretty much anything I wanted, but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I wanted them nice and submissive for Jose and his crew.

    For a little while, anyway.

    I pulled myself out of Jill’s mouth with a wet pop and made Jill and Linda stand by yanking their hair.

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       Laura knelt in the same spot on the floor, swaying back and forth with her mouth slack and her eyelids half-shut, and the other ladies clung to each other for support as their heads cleared.

    I sat down on the bed, my dick poking straight up.

    "Okay, girls. Jill, I want you to strip Linda down to her underwear, and Linda, after she’s finished, I want you to do the same to her. Then I want you both to lie down on that futon - Jill, you on the bottom, with your head facing this edge of the bed. Linda, I want you to crawl on top of Jill and shove your pussy in her face. I want to watch you eat her out while I fuck old Laura here. Okay?"

    Linda was flushed and struggling to breathe. Jill was doing a little dance, moving from foot to foot like a small child that needed to pee. When I finished telling them what I wanted, they didn’t waste time answering me; they just fell on each other, ripping off their clothes. Linda shoved Jill down on the futon and straddled her body, pinning her to the bed. She frantically rubbed her crotch on Jill’s face. Jill moaned, grabbing Linda’s ass, pulling her closer. She nuzzled Linda’s pussy through her panties and bit at the inside of her legs. Linda wrapped her legs tightly around Jill’s head, then yanked her white cotton panties away from her crotch.

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       Jill moaned as Linda jabbed her pink little tongue deep into her pussy.

    I watched the two women go at it for a minute, listening to the wet slurping sounds and the happy moans and groans as they lapped at each other.

    Linda was a little reluctant at first, but Jill seemed to really be enjoying herself.

    She was so enthusiastic about her pussy eating that I wondered if she’d spent time lapping clam before this. She was just kooky-hip enough that the thought of her having an affair with another woman didn’t surprise me much. Linda, however, was the most whole-heartedly feminine of the three, and the last one I’d imagine to have any type of affair at all. But she seemed to be warming up to the task.

    Both of them had nice, tan bodies. Jill was a little curvier, a little saucier around the edges, a bit rounder in all the right places. Especially when she moved. When she moved, her whole body moved.

    If you know what I mean.

    But Linda - Linda was in better shape. Her body was firm and toned, with the long, muscular legs of a runner, a tight, round ass and perky, up-turned breasts that were just partially hidden by her lacy blue bra.