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Months went by for Shelly when she got a call from her landlord Mr. Meaner. He told her to wear the white negligee and white crotchless pantyhose he bought her. Then said to wait in her bed Saturday night for a surprise. When the day came Shelly was so nervous about what would happen. She thought, “Will it be the landlord or his dog?”It was driving her crazy that she couldn’t lie still in bed. She just tossed and turned waiting for Mr. Meaner to show up till she finally fell asleep. When she woke a young black guy was fucking her.

Shelly screamed then yelled at the stranger to get off. Putting his hand over her mouth he said, “I’m Mr. Meaner’s nephew and you’re my graduation present. Now calm down till I’m done Shelly. ” She just looked at him shocked that the landlord set her up with this teen that just graduated high school. After he removed his hand he said, “If it turns you on to fight back then go ahead” and smiled. She didn’t fight back and just took it.

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   “At first I didn’t care that you were dressed like this for me,” he said, “but once I saw you, damn girl. ” As he fucked her, his hands would feel her legs. Shelly noticed that his cock had to be big because it felt like it. In and out as his cock went she started to enjoy it. So much that she came.

The landlord’s nephew fucked her for what seemed like hours in different positions. When her second orgasm came she yelled, “I’m coming!” This excited him enough to finally come also. Luckily for her he was wearing a condom. Then he fell on her just laying there breathing hard. He finally pulled out and thanked her for being his gift. Soon she fell asleep but not long for the landlord came to fuck her. “Was going to let you sleep but after hearing my nephew talk about how you looked I had to come see you” said Mr. Meaner. Not caring at this point she just took it till he was done.

The landlord waited a month before calling her to tell her he needed her to come over Saturday night wearing the maid outfit he bought her.

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   Also said to add the white stockings with the black bows and her shiniest black heels. “Great” she thought, “what does he want me to do, clean and/or wait on him?” When this Saturday came she showed up at the time he requested. Inside was the three men Shelly met at the bar and grill place, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Knight and Mr. Stevens. They were sitting around a poker table. Mr. Meaner told her that she would be serving drinks and snacks during the night. All of the sudden there was a knock at the door. Mr. Meaner said, “Well you can start by answer my door. ”

When she opened the door she got a big surprised for it was her boss (the bank manager). He wasn’t as shocked because he heard ahead of time that she would be there. Shelly’s boss, Mr.

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   Beam, was a short Asian man that came to her boobs. This was one reason why her and the other women were hired. He was a 50-year-old man with hair around his head and bald on top. He was the one who helped her find a place to live. Mr. Meaner and Mr. Beam became friends through doing business with each other. He also did business with Mr. Daniels and the others. “Now that everyone is here” said the landlord “let the games begin. ” During the night Shelly was going back and forth from the kitchen getting them drinks and snacks. The only two to grab her ass was Mr. Beam and Mr. Knight. The vibrator in her pussy wasn’t helping either.

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   Luckily none of the other men knew it was there. When she got to the table her landlord would turn it on and as she left he turned it off.

After the game was over Mr. Beam had a short conversation with Mr. Meaner then left. As soon as he was gone Mr. Meaner called to Shelly. When she got there she was told to get on her knees to cater to the guests. As she got on her knees Mr. Daniels and Mr. Stevens got their cocks out their pants. Mr. Knight decided to just sit and watch instead of participating. As she grabbed their cocks her landlord turned the vibrator on. With it going in her pussy and sucking dicks she started to get into it.

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   They were telling Mr. Meaner and Shelly what a good cock sucker she was. As they were getting close Mr. Meaner told them to come in her mouth and Shelly to swallow it all. Once they were done and everyone left it was the landlord’s turn.

He got her to strip and take the vibrator out. Now in her stockings and heels he had her bend over the couch. Once he got naked he fucked her from behind. With all that happened and the vibrator going on and off through the night she was getting into it. Shelly was asking Mr. Meaner to fuck her harder and calling him “poppa”. “I knew you would end wanting me baby,” said Mr. Meaner. When he was done he told her that she is going to watch Buck next weekend and he’ll see her Wednesday. When Wednesday came she got a knock at the door.

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   Opening the door her landlord came in telling her to strip. After closing the door she dropped her dress to the floor. Once she took off Mr. Meaner’s cloths he picked her up and carried her to bed. Again she was asking her “poppa” to fuck her good. When he was done he told her be naked again this Saturday for Buck. .