Lab Coats and Thermometers


This is my first story submission. Critique as you see fit.

Sarah Gaul sat in her car impatiently, tapping her slender fingers to her steering wheel as she drove down the highway, her destination being the new hospital. It had made its grand opening a few months ago, and she had heard that it was far better than the one she had previously went.

She was running a bit behind schedule, but there was no folly in only being a few minutes late, was there?She parked her little gray car in an unoccupied spot, running up to the double doors that slid open for her as she approached. She stepped up to the desk, her heels clicking in an echo as she now trudged on marble flooring.

"Miss?" she spoke, waving to the clerk. "Sarah Gaul, I made an appointment for 4:30. . . " she said, glancing at her watch. She was nearly ten minutes late.

The woman, flipped through a sheet, then nodded to her, pointing down the hallway. "Dr. Lake is waiting. " she said, standing up, brushing off her nurses uniform shirt.

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  As she stepped from her desk, she brushed her curly brunette hair from her shoulders. She scanned her eyes up and down Sarah, noting her petite waist, yet shapeful tits that sat so snug in her buttoned white shirt. "This. . . this way. " the nurse spoke, clearing her throat as she stepped down the hallway, leading Sarah into a room.

There was the standard equipment, a small table, as well as a chair, and in the middle of the room, a bed with paper draped over it.

"I'm Julie. " she nurse smiled, extending an arm to Sarah. Sarah returned the sentiment, shaking hands with her. "Sarah. Nice to meet you Julie. When will Dr. Lake be here?"


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  . . " Julie said with a bit of a smile, stepping to the door, but instead of leaving like Sarah had expected her to, she shut and locked the door. "What. . . what are you doing?" she asked a bit worried and nervous now, trying to calm herself by telling herself that it might be a new hospital policy now. Alas, none of her thoughts sated her. "Remove your outer clothing, Miss Sarah. " Julie said smiling, then pointed to a scale. "We need an. . . accurate weight and measure. "

She hesitated at first, but Sarah complied as she began to unbutton her shirt, her big and luscious tits popping out, only concealed and barely contained by her black lace bra.

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  Julie couldn't help but stare as the two soft dirty-pillows bounced around while Sarah stripped herself of her shirt. She then glanced at the nurse. "What?"

"I'm curious. . . " Julie smiled. "What is your cup size?"Sarah blushed a bit at her question, situating her bra strap. "D. . . " she smiled a bit. Julie began to feel herself heat up at the sight of Sarah's body, as she continued to peel off her clothing. She was down to nothing but her bra and panties, as she stooped up to the scale.

Julie followed her, biting her lower lip as she began to feel herself moistening up at Sarah's nearly bare skin. She reached her hands to the woman's waist, squeezing her teasingly.

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  "You are quite the woman. . . " she cooed, now huffing a bit at how horny touching the patient's body was making her.

She couldn't take it. Grabbing Sarah by her golden locks, the tossed her to the bed, clutching onto her wrists. "What the fuck are you doing?" Sarah yelped, wiggling to get free, one of her nipples popping out of her bra. She froze a moment, seeing that she was exposed. Julie began to lick her lips, placing her mouth to the now stiffining nipple.

"Stop it!" Sarah cried, kicking and lashing to get free. Julie reached to the table, grabbing a roll of medical tape. She wrapped it tightly to Sarah's hands, Binding them from behind her. She then lifted her onto the bed, latching her legs together from the sides, spreading her legs.

The demented nurse crawled on top of Sarah, gagging her with the tape. "Shhh.

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  . . " she said, lacing her fingers in her hair in a soothing manner. She then began to suckle again on Sarah's nipple, pulling out and squeezing on the other, feeling the hot bare body of the woman wrenching her back weakly to be freed. A series of muffles sounded from Sarah as Julie stripped herself of her nurse's pants and panties, cutting off Sarah's own pair, revealing her glistening pussylips.

Julie planted her mouth to Sarah's warm cunt, lapping up her wetness, tasting her sweet pussy juices. Sarah's mumbles slowly began to turn into moans, as Julie worked her tongue in and out of her now throbbing slit. Julie cupped Sarah's thighs, widening her legs to bury her face in her milf, pushing her tongue into her tight hole as deeply as she could, licking up her savory juices with every lick. Sarah began to thrash a bit, as a small orgasm hit her, spurting a wave of cum onto Julie's lips and chin.

She smiled, sticking out her tongue to lap up the warm sweet cream that had dripped onto her face.

She then began to crawl upon Sarah, making eye-level with her, pressing her wet and steamy clit to her captive's wet and dripping pussy. Running her hips a bit, Julie began to fiddle her cunt to Sarah's, running their hot cunts together, mixing their pussy juices together. Sarah moaned quietly, making Julie work faster on her.

"You like that, huh?" she cooed into Sarah's ear. "You like my sweet little pussy lips loving up on yours?Huh?You like that bitch?" she smiled, becoming a bit fierce with her rubbing, soon sending herself as well as Sarah into a climax.

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    "Oh, God! I'm going to cum all over your sweet little pussy!Fuck, I'm cumming!!" Julie shrilled, clutching onto Sarah's shoulders.

    She went limp a moment, her body twitching and convulsing as a few waves of a hot and intense orgasm hit her. She thought about getting up, but her mind went blank when the door-handle begin to jiggle, and was opened. There stood a man, rather attractive, a full head of black hair, looking to be in his mid-thirties. ". . . Julie?" he asked, his eyes widening at the scene.

    "Oh, shit!Dr. Lake!" she cried, seeing his confused expression. She started to get up, but he locked the door, making a swift move to the girls. "Stay. . . " he smiled, pressing a hand to Julies' back.

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      He began to unzip his pants, letting his cock drape out, a bit stiff from seeing the women. He began to jack off to the two naked and dripping girls. Julie smiled to him as she began to finger Sarah with her middle finger.

    "Oh yeah. . . Keep doing that. . . " Dr. Lake exclaimed, soon walking to the women with a hard dick. He put it to Julie's face who opened her mouth eagerly, taking in his head sucking on him. She then wiggled her lips down his shaft moistening him up.

    He positioned himself behind the two girls, pressing his thick cock into Sarah's hot wet pussy, spreading her out. She moaned out loudly through her gag, shaking her head, but soon felt her pussy wetting again as his thick cock prodded her lips.

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    "Oh. . fuck me too, doctor. " Julie squealed, feeling him dip his hard and throbbing dick into her pussy. He then began to fuck the both of them, pushing his dick deep within one girl, pulling out and prodding the other deeply in her cunt. He groaned as he fucked both women in their hot little holes.

    Julie bucked back when he fucked her pussy, rubbing her clit to Sarah's once more, yelling out as she felt herself rising again for another orgasm. Sarah shrilled too through her veil, already cumming onto Julies thigh and Dr. Lake's cock.

    "Such hot sexy women. . . " he groaned, fucking them both, climaxing hisself. He grabbed onto Julie's hips, suddenly bucking onto her quickly. "Fuck.

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      . . oh, Yeah!I'm cumming!" he cried out, slamming his hard cock into Julie, sending her off into an orgasm as well, as she yelped out and shot cum onto his dick, while he shot waves of his seed into her dripping cunthole.

    After a moment, Dr. Lake pulled his pants back up, clearing his throat. "Now, ma'am, what seems to be the problem. . . . ?"




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