Kristina Gets More than She Bargained For pt. 4


Kristina was called by Marci the following Saturday, and was told to come over to Marci's dorm that night. Marci told Kristina to wear whatever she wanted, which seemed odd to Kristina, but she did as she was told. When she showed up, Marci answered the door and led her into the living room. She handed Kristina a cloth bag and told her to take it into the bathroom and put it on.

Kristina took the bag into the bathroom and set it on the toilet. Looking inside, she saw a lacy bra and thong. She slid off her jeans and tank top and the underwear she was currently wearing, and applied Marci's mandated gear. She admired herself in the mirror. Despite all her shame and submission, she still looked hot. She reached back in to the cloth bag and pulled out two stiletto heels and a pair of cuffs. She put on the heels, adding about four inches to her height, and looked at the cuffs. There was a note on them that simply said "Behind your back. "Kristina snapped the cuffs around her right hand, and then, with a little struggle, she applied them behind her back to the left hand. She walked to the door, turned around, finagled the handle with her hands behind her back, and opened the door.

She walked back out to find Marci, still alone, standing in the middle of the room fully dressed. "Well done, bitch.


  Just what I wanted. "She circled Kristina, admiring her work, and started explaining the situation. "OK, Kristina, here's the deal. Tonight, you are going to take the virginity of my twin brothers, who are 16. Now, obviously, this is illegal, and if it ever went to court, all of this would come out and we would both be in a lot of trouble. So the way I see it, after tonight, we are even. I keep your DVDs for my viewing pleasure, but I will not call on you to be my slave. Deal?"

Kristina nodded her head, too stunned to speak. Marci said, "Good, lets go meet your owners for tonight. And by the way, they masturbated about an hour ago, so this won't be over quickly. "She opened the door to the bedroom and pushed Kristina in gently. Kristina saw the two boys sitting on the bed, fully naked, and got nervous. They had over-gelled, high-lighted hair and looked like caricatures of punk kids on MTV. But their jaws dropped when they say what their sister had prepared for them.

Kristina stood before them, prone, with her tits nearly popping out of her bra, and her smooth skin glowing.

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  They advanced on her. "She's all yours, boys, do as you wish," said Marci. Even with her heels, the boys met her eye-to-eye. One approached her from the back, and the other came right up to her face. The boy behind her slipped his dick between her fingers and started stroking his cock against her. He pulled her thong up her ass and held it there as she did her best to stroke him.

The boy in front of her pulled her bra down slightly so that only her nipples popped free. He mauled her breasts and pinched at her nipples trying to make them hard, but Kristina was not excited by this. She was still nervous and resistant. The boy wrapped his lips around her left nipple and sucked on it. He then led his left hand down her belly to her pussy and nimbly slipped her thong to the side. He pushed his fingers up against her pussy and rubbed it hard. Kristina could tell they were virgins. They were so savages, cluelessly prodding, rubbing and mauling her without effect.

After her tits were covered in his slobber and his hand smelled of her pussy, the boy behind her said, "Enough of this hand job, I want some tongue.

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  ""Yeah, bro," said the other, "Lets get this bitch on her knees. "Without any more warning than that, the boy behind her pushed on the back of her knees and she collapsed to them on the floor. "Jesus, take it easy," she screamed. But she soon realized that was a mistake. The boy in front of her slapped her across the face. "Bitch, we own you tonight. Shut the fuck up and speak only when we address you. Besides, that is not what your mouth is for. "

Stunned from the slap, Kristina left her mouth agape as the first boy pushed his dick inside. He grabbed her ears and started fucking her mouth hard, ignoring her struggling gasps or choking sounds. He pushed his dick all the way in her mouth, barely reaching the back of her tongue. Kristina's "mmmmmph" was all they could hear as her gyrated his pelvis around, holding her lips against the base of his cock.

When it seemed like she might choke, he pulled back on her ears, forcing her off his cock. Kristina took a deep breath of air, and then was forced onto the other brother's cock. He emulated his brother, jamming his cock into her mouth without rhythm.

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  "Pull out for a minute," said the other boy. His brother obeyed. After he pulled out, the boy pushed four fingers in her mouth and got them lubed up on her tongue. He pulled out, his brother shoved his dick in, and he started rubbing his moistened hand on her pussy again.

They continued like this for a few minutes. The boy in her mouth felt like cumming, but as he had recently masturbated he was unable to. This brother, meanwhile, was lubing up her pussy pretty good, to the point that Kristina actually started to respond. Her hips started to sway in motion with his hand, and Marci could recognize the sounds of pleasure escaping from Kristina's lips. "I'm ready for some fucking, how 'bout you, bro?""Fuck yeah," said the boy fingering her.

They helped Kristina to her feet and told her to go lie on the bed. She sat on the side of the bed and lay back, pinning her arms beneath her. The boy had had just received her tongue lifted her legs, slid her thong to the side, and pushed his lubricated dick against her pussy. Holding her legs behind the knees, he shoved his waist forward, and in an instant, was no longer a virgin. Kristina easily took him inside her, he was only about five inches.

His brother climbed up on the bed next to her head and swung a leg on either side of her face, facing his brother.

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  Kristina opened her mouth, and he dipped his balls inside. He wedged his butt cheeks on her nose and grabbed her boobs. Kristina's sources of oxygen were blocked as he sat against her face. But she could not push him away. He leaned up so she could breathe, but kept his balls in her mouth. Kristina tried to train him to not sit on her nose by tonguing his balls more aggressively when he sat up. He liked the feeling of her balls on his mouth, so he stayed above her nose, allowing her to breathe.

He grabbed her tits and pulled them up towards her chin so that he could slap his erect dick on them. His brother started finding a motion that pleased him and Kristina. With her arms beneath her, she was actually able to move her hips up to the thrusts of his dick. He was shocked as he realized that he was actually pleasing a girl. Encouraged, her thumped against her harder and harder until her heard Kristina moan beneath his brother's dick. Kristina thrashed against her assaulters, shamefully nearing orgasm from the hands of two sixteen year old boys. If only she could rub her clit. "Rub her clit," said Marci, "Make that bitch cum.

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The boy put his hand in her pubic hair and stuck his thumb on her clit. He rubbed it up and down. In no time, Kristina moaned from around the balls in her mouth and came, rising her ass a full six inches off the bed. Her midsection was a river of sweat, and the boys high-fived above it. They switched places. The boy who had just been in her mouth pulled her to the center of the bed and told her to bring her knees up under her stomach. She did, knowing that she was now exposing herself to him in doggie style position.

He knelt behind her, between her legs, and pushed his dick into her pussy. He was just slightly larger than his brother, but nothing compared to Tony or Josh earlier. In no time, he was balls deep inside her. Kristina was still coming down from her orgasm when she realized another was approaching. It was stalled for a while as the brother laid down in front of her on the bed, lifted her head, and lowered it onto his dick. Still handcuffed, she could not lift off of his dick, and the flavors of her own pussy were smeared all over the insides of her mouth.

She extended her tongue past her lips and towards the Base of his dick. She couldn't even believe she was doing it, but so far these boys had made her cum, and that was more than she could say for Chavar and Monique.

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  As the boy in her mouth pulled her further down his shaft, her tongue tickled his balls. He loved it. He reached beyond her head and unhooked her bra, he threw it on the floor. Meanwhile the boy in her pussy gripped her ass for leverage as he pumped in and out. "You know," said Marci, "You can fuck her ass if you want. She likes it. "Kristina did not want that, she was experiencing such pleasure now. "No way, sis, we're not fags. "Said the boy from behind her.

Marci giggled, and allowed her brothers to fuck Kristina however they wanted. Soon, the boy in her mouth was ready to cum. "Get ready to swallow, ho," he said. Kristina braced for it, and felt him bulge up in her mouth. Then, with a shout of ecstasy, shot his load down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow, there was no place else for it to go.

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  Drained, his dick shrunk in size until Kristina could ease it out of her mouth. She coughed a few times, and then encouraged the boy in her pussy to fuck her harder.

He smacked her ass repeatedly and hard, making it raw and tender to the touch. "Shut up bitch!What did we say about speaking?"His hard words and language did not deter her. She humped her ass against the boy, nearing orgasm again. The boy pulled her hair, lifting her face and chest off the bed and rode her like a horse. Her tits swung beneath her, and the boy who had just came played with them idly. Remembering what his brother had done earlier, the boy fucking her slipped a hand underneath her and rubbed her clit.

That was all Kristina needed. She came again, screaming loudly and quivering as her orgasm slowed. "Dude you gotta cum in her mouth. It feels amazing. "Kristina felt amazing, too. She could not believe that she had allowed her self to cum, twice, but figured it was much better than it could have been. She felt the erect cock pull out of her pussy.

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  The boy did not let go of her hair as he stood up and got on the floor next to the bed. He pulled her to his dick and she eagerly took it in her mouth.

She bounced her head up and down his cock, trying to thank him for the pleasure he gave her. He held her hair tight and pushed his cock into the throat. With a groan, he shot his cum down her throat the way his brother had. Kristina choked again as the boy pulled out and collapsed on the bed.

"Well done," said Marci, walking towards her brothers but staring at the naked, sweaty Kristina. "I think she actually enjoyed tonight. Are you done with her?""Actually, I want to try one more thing," said the boy who had cum first. "I have heard about it, but never seen it done. Its called The Shocker. ""Oh, great idea!" exclaimed Marci. "What's that?" said the other brother. ""Its when you stick your pinky finger in her ass, your middle and ring finger in her pussy and your thumb on her clit. "said his brother.

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The two boys turned Kristina back onto her back and spread her legs. Her legs were hanging off the bed, and Marci and one of the brothers lifted them up and pulled them apart. Kristina was so euphoric from before that she had not heard their plan. She tensed up when she felt his pinky push against her sphincter, but could do nothing to stop him. He got into the knuckle, and then pushed two fingers into her pussy. She did not know his plan, but felt better when he started thumbing her clit.

It took a few minutes for her ass to loosen up, but once he was in up to the second knuckle, he shoved his entire hand forward. Kristina gasped in shock, pain and pleasure as he finger fucked her holes. He left his hand pressed firmly against her ass, taint and pussy and started vigorously rubbing her clit. She was still wet from before, and his hand was soon sopping wet from her pussy.

Kristina's legs began to tremble, and it took all of their strength to hold her in place. The boy finger-fucking her wrapped his hands around the base of her legs, holding her steady, and continued to rub her hard. Kristina could not believe that she was approaching her third orgasm of the night, but here she was. Her breasts heaved above her, her breaths growing deeper and faster, and her moans getting louder.

She came again, but this time, and for the first time in her life, she squirted.


  Juices shot all over the floor and landed on the boy between her legs. The three of them laughed, and Kristina just laid on the bed, exhausted and fully satisfied. They let her legs drop, and she stayed spread eagle on the bed, staining it with her sweat, and a trail of her juices leading from her pussy to the floor.

"Remember her like this, boys. Now get going. We need to spend some time alone. "The boys got dressed and left, and Kristina passed out. .