Josie's story


Topic: Josie's storyI was having my first casual relationship for a couple of years with a guy called Andy.  I liked his company but so far he had made no sexual advances.   He told me he would be back in town and would come over this Saturday morning at around 9am. The timing was great as my 18 year houseguest John had gone out for morning swim practice and wouldn’t be back until just before 10am.   John had been staying with me for about two weeks -  a favor to a friend who had to leave the country for a month.
The kitchen clock said it was 8. 40am, so I cleaned up the house and went into the bedroom to shower.
I am quite short, a little over 4’ 11” and my co-workers always joked that I could never fight my way out of a paper bag.   I have a good slim body, although little in the way of muscle, but I do have nice “B” cup breasts
I dried myself off and decided to test Andy’s resolve by tying myself naked to the bed.   I figured that this would decide things one way or another by the end of the day!  I found the four soft pieces of rope I had used before in one of the bedside cabinets.   I fastened my ankles to each side of the foot board and put my hands through the slip knots that were still in place, lay back and waited.
I guess I must have dozed off because at 9. 30am the phone rang.   I reached over to pick it up with my left hand and was a little surprised when the rope bit into my wrist, stopping my arm short.   I was still a little drowsy because I then tried to move my right hand and the rope tightened around that wrist too.
“Damn it” I muttered, and listened for the answer phone message.

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    Perhaps Andy was just running late.
“Hi Josie, this is Andy.   I am still out of town, we hit some snags with the job – a redesign - so I will not be coming back this weekend.   See you later, bye!”
“Oh shoot, this is bad”.   I looked over at my right wrist and tried to flex the rope.   I have very slender wrists and the knot wouldn’t slide over my hands.   I looked over at the left hand and the situation was the same. I didn’t want to risk cutting off circulation by trying to pull harder on the ropes.
I slumped back against the pillow, and decided that my only option would be to wait until John got back.   This is going to be embarrassing!
Another thought popped into my head, I was supposed to prepare some food for another friend to pick up at 1pm.   With preparation that had to go in the oven at 10am.
As I fidgeted, I lifted my head up and looked down at my body.   Now I regretted shaving my pussy last week.   My houseguest John was going to get one heck of a view this morning.
Recently I have caught him looking at me in a different way, trying to check out my body.

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    He makes up reasons to want to talk to me when I am in the shower.   He always comes out to see me if I am sunbathing on the patio.   Last week I caught him looking down my shirt.
As I dwelled on this, the thought of John finding me tied up was beginning to turn me on a little.   I guess I was still horny from expecting Andy to come over.
Finally I heard the front door open and close.
“Hi Josie, I’m home”
“I am, err, in the bedroom, I need a umm hand”
John stood in the doorframe in his swim shorts, a look of shock on his face.
“Stop gawking and untie me”
He came over and sat on the bed, “Why are you tied up?”  His eyes were traveling back and forth from my breasts to my shaved pussy.
“I wanted to surprise Andy, but he cancelled on me.   I accidentally got myself stuck.   Can you undo the ropes please?”
John slipped them off my wrists and said “That ugly old friend of yours was at the pool, she said she will be around at 1pm for the food apparently. ”
“Jane is neither old nor ugly.   Jeez that food has to get in the oven right now”.   I unfastened my ankles, walked into the kitchen and got out the marinated meat from the refrigerator.   As I quickly prepped the food I noticed John had followed me in.

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“She is ugly and old, not like you.   Are you going to put some clothes on?”
“You have just seen me naked and there’s no time, do me a favor and put the oven on at 350F, middle shelf” I told him.   I heard the shelves clang and the oven beep.
“Peel six potatoes. Here. ”
Five minutes later the dish was in the oven and the timer set for three hours.  
I nudged John away from the sink with my hips and washed my hands, before filling a glass of water.   As I downed it in one some of the cold water ran down my chest.   John’s eyes followed the drops of water.
I glanced down and noticed a serious bulge in the front of his shorts.   “30 years old and I guess I can still turn on a young guy” I laughed.
“What do you expect with a beautiful naked woman standing in front of me?  I wish I hadn’t split up with Marion a couple of months ago, she would help me with this. ”
I moved closer to him.   “What would she do?”
“Umm, you know, use her hands. ”
“Like this?”  I traced my fingers over the outline of his cock which was straining against the material and then untied the waistband strings.

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    John gave out a groan as my nails lightly scratched his stomach and then slipped inside his shorts.   I wrapped my hand around his penis and freed it from the restriction of the material.
To my amazement it continued to grow and I pulled his shorts completely off to get a better look.   Nine inches of thick cock stared me in the face, pre cum already forming on the tip.   I stood up and started rubbing his cock, shallowly and slowly at first and then harder and longer.
John reached out and took both my breasts in his hands, kneading them together, I was just starting to feel a familiar stirring in my stomach, when John arched back his head and I felt streams of hot cum shot shoot over my stomach and breasts.
John breathed out.   “You cannot imagine how good that felt, so much better than when I do it myself. ”
I slowed my movements, gently squeezing on his last twitches of pleasure.
“That should hold you for a while.   Shower time. ”
John slipped into the shower with me and soaped my entire body.   As he soaped and massaged my back I realized he was once again rock hard.   I turned around and looked at it.
“Guess that didn’t hold you down for long?”
“Well actually Marion gives me blow jobs, but I thought that might have been pushing it to ask for one.

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I got down on my knees, slipping my lips over the tip of his thick cock.   John leaned back against the shower wall, his eyes closed.   His hands slipped around the back of my head pulling me forward, anxious to get as much of his member in my mouth.
I grabbed his balls and started to squeeze them gently.   John started pounding at my mouth, face fucking me, trying to go deeper and deeper down my throat.   I could sense he was close to cumming, so I sucked harder, my cheeks and tongue pressing tightly against the shaft of his cock providing the ultimate sensation.
A groan from John preceded a gush of cum, filling my mouth as he thrust and thrust.   I swallowed it in three fast gulps to get some air.
“Sorry about the roughness, but I have never experienced such an intense feeling.   The sensation of you sucking so hard just drove me to the brink. ”
I stepped out the shower and toweled myself down.   “You were a little rough. ”  I hung up the towel and went into the kitchen to check on the food.   “Perfect” I whispered.   Still naked I cleaned up the bowls and plates I used for preparation.

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I went back into the bedroom and started to dry my hair.   As I bent over and raised my arms to reach the top of my hair I felt a pair of hands slide up from my hips up onto my breasts.
“Mmmm irresistible” Said John, rubbing his now hard again cock between my buttocks.

    “No, you cannot be ready again?”
    “Well Marion used to let me fuck her” and with that he pushed my legs apart and slipped his hand between my thighs, his fingers seeking out the entrance to my pussy.   “You are a little wet down there. ”
    I switched off the hairdryer and tried to turn around.   John responded by leaning his weight against my back, forcing me to lean on my arms.   “A hand job is one thing, John, sex is another, stop it. ”
    “Come on Josie, you know you want a good fuck. ” He inserted two fingers inside of me and started finger fucking me.   I could feel my body betraying me and he commented on how wet I was getting.
    He withdrew his fingers and I thought he had given up.   He then positioned his thick cock between my pussy lips and thrust upwards.   First two inches, then out, then four inches, then out again before pushing in almost his entire length.
    I cried out in pain as he stretched my tight cunt.

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        He pounded away, his skin slapping against mine, pushing me against the bathroom vanity.   As he had already come twice this morning I knew that this was not going to be a quick fuck.
    “God your pussy is tight, so wet, so warm” he grunted, “You like this bitch?”
    John started to slow his pace pulling almost completely out and then slamming in, I could feel my ravaged pussy lips swelling with the rough treatment.   He reached between my arms and grabbed my swinging breasts, squeezing them hard and pinching my nipples.   The smooth resilient skin and my cries excited him further and I could feel the tip of his cock swell.   In spite of what was happening I started a deep prolonged orgasm, my ragged breath in synchronism with his.   The walls of my cunt started to spasm driving John to a final powerful finale.   He thrust three more times and collapsed against my back.
    “That was intense, it will keep me satisfied for an hour or so, then we can play some more. ”  I shuddered as he pulled out, his sperm already starting to seep out of me.   He walked over to the bed and lay on his back, arms out stretched and fell almost immediately sound asleep.
    At 1pm Jane came by with three of her friends.   I invited them in for a drink, but one of her friends politely refused and drove off with the food.   I said that I would drop them all off later.
    After two or three stiff drinks, the conversation turned naturally to sex or their lack of getting any.

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        I looked across at Jane and mentally started to agree with John, she was a little on the old side, but not as old (and ugly or plump) as her two friends!
    A smile crossed my lips and I asked “So how about if I could set you up with a young stud for the afternoon?  Yours to abuse or do with as you want?”
    Raucous laughter followed along with some crude comments, especially from Jill, the largest of them.   “Come with me” I said, leading them into my bedroom.
    There tied up on the bed was John.   As he had slept I had tightly secured the ropes.   Judging by his rampant hard on, he must have thought he was going to have sex with me again.   Yes he was going to have sex, but not with me.
    “You get started, I’ll be back. ”  They needed no further encouragement, and all had already started to pull off their clothes.   As I left the bedroom I could hear John’s pleas to leave him alone.   I returned with a strap-on, a “joke present” I had been given last year.   I tossed it over to Jill.   “Show no mercy” I laughed as I closed the door and went back to the kitchen.
    My friends stayed until late that night.   Every so often one of them would come out for a drink or a bite to eat and update me on progress.   John’s screams gradually faded as the night wore on.

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        Before they left we untied him and in the morning he left to stay at a friend’s house



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