Jessica and Ashley's Break In


" Does this polish look good?" Jessica asked Ashely as she pointed her feet toward her sister.
"If you wanna look like a slut" She joked
" I think your both sluts. " A cold female voice said from the door way.
" Who the hell are you and . . . " Jessica had stood up to confront the woman but was cut off as she was hit across the face. Ashley stood up but froze when the woman pull a  gun.
" Get up" ahe yelled at Jess " You help her. " 
" What do you want from us?" Jessica asked as she got shakaly to her feet.
"Your bodies. " Was the reply that shocked the sisters " Jess you will tie your sister to the chair, this first bit will need only you. " Jessica stood defiantly still until the gun was pointed at her head. " Now!"
" Sorry Ash " Jessica tied her sister onto the chair as she stood up she saw up her sisters skirt and could see her panties were wet. She tried to look at Ashley but she looked away humiliated.
" Strip" Was the only thing the woman said Jessica did so without a word.

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" Kiss Ashley"
" What? are you sick, she's mt sister!. " Jess yelled
" So you do need to be trained, i thought you would be more submissive. " She grabbed jessica and stood behind her as she started to spank her ass as hard as she could manage. The woman kept going until Jessica's ass was red and she could hear her sobbing. " Now will you kiss her?"
"No!" The spanking started again all over her ass down her thighs.  
" Now will you?"
" She will never do it!" Ashley shouted back
"Very well, but soon she will break and she will give into my demands" She said as she started to slap her ass again and again moving onto her big breasts as well/
" Now?"
" Your wasting your time she will never agree. "
" Yes i will please just stop spanking me!" Jess begged
" Jess please dont please say no. " Jessica's hair was pulled by the woman dragging her over to her sister. Ashley moved her head as far back as she could but Jess was still able to reach her lips. Jessica hesitated milimeateres away from Ashleys lips, the woman gave one hard spank against her ass which made her launch into the kiss. It started very arkward with both girls not wanting any part but suddenly there lips parted and Jess realised Ashley's tongue was in her mouth, her little sister was enjoying kissing her. The woman dragged Jess away from Ashley.
" Well Ms Simpson you looked like you enjoyed that. " Jessica looked at Ashley waited for her sister to reply to the womans taunts " Your pussy is dripping" Jessica's eyes dropped to her sisters groin there was no way that woman could tell Ashley liked that, then she felt the womans hand slide up her thigh " Look at all the juices running down your leg, tell me Jessica how long have you wanted to fuck Ashley?
" Ive never wanted to"
" You will today"
" No she wont. A kiss is one thing but she would never do any more!"
 The woman grabbed Jessica's hair and pulled on it forcing her onto her knee's " we will soon see.

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   Tell me Jess have you ever licked a woman asshole clean?"
" No i wont im not. . . . " The woman grabbed her head and forced her mouth against her hole.
" If you wanna breath then you will lick. "
"Stop it dont do that to her" Ashley begged
" Do you want her to lick your pussy?"
" NO! "
" Then this is the best it's gonna get for her" She realised Jessica from her grip and the pop star gasped for air. " You want her yet?"
" Do your worst"
 The woman unzipped her jeans revealing a huge strap on dildo bigger than any either sister had seen before.  
" On your knees" Jess knelt down and sucked the dildo " Get it as lubed as you can it's going in your ass. " Jess froze with fear before working harder to get it as wet as possible. " Get on all fours, face Ashley i want her to see the pain in your face as you ass gets fucked. "
 The woman slowly slide the huge penis into Jess as Ashley looking into the eyes of her pain filled sister and heard her screams as this woman fucked and spanked her hard.
" Ever had anal before Jess?" The woamn laughed Jess let out a cry of pain. " Tell her to lick your pussy and her pain will be over. " She told Ashley.

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" She will never do that"
The woman started to push the dildo in further and harder and faster untill Jess could no longer last and let out her orgasmic screams mixed with please and pain. Jess lay there on the floor catching her breath her hand rubbing her ass hole half trying to ease the pain and half wanting to hold th pleasure.

    " Will you do it know"
    " Very well i will use a bigger dildo. " 
    Jessica got back up on all fours again
    " See she isn't affraid she will take it all before she licks. . . . . . . . " Ashley stopped when she noticed that Jessica had begun to crawl towards her. " Jess stop it honey dont do it" She pleaded but Jessica didn't stop. Ashley felt her panties get ripped fromher body as sense her sister's breath against her pussy which sent shivvers down her spine in excitment evem though she wouldn't admit it. " MMM fuck ooohhh " the moan escaped her mouth without her knowing itas the tongue entered her soaking pussy.

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       The woman was sat on the bed naked stoking her slit as the sisters started. " Ohhh fuck me Jess fuck me" was that her voice she thought " make me cum" Jessica burried her tongue deep inside Ashley's pussy as her little sister begain to grind her hips forcing her tongue deeper into the pussy. It wasn't long before Ashley was cumming very loud screaming Jess' name and begging to be fucked harder, the woman stood upand pulled Jessica to her feet and inserted a big doulbe sided dildo into ashley's pussy who was still panting and shaking from her orgasim. She then tied Jessica's arms behind her back and her legs to Ashley's before inserting the second half of the dildo into Jessica. The woman then clipped nipple clamps onto both girls tits and attacted a chain to them so if one girl pulls too much the other sister will feel the pain from the clips. Before she left the woman withdrew a large vibrating butt plug and slide it inside Jessica's arse.
    " You did all the work you should cum more. " The woman the sisters panties and put Jessica's into Ashley's mouth and Ashes into Jess' before picking up her clothes and walking away completly naked leaving the girls to be discovered in there incest glory. She walked away hearing the beginings of the first orgaims, there would be many as at the weekend no staff or friends would be staying it would be at least a day and a  ahld before they would be found.



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