Jento The Soldier, Part I The Captive Women


by Dick Inkum
(This tale is set in an area where continuing low level warfare is largely ignored by the developed world)

Some of the girls were waving, some showing off, some sullen. They were all naked. These captive women were lined up outside their barracks for us to take our choice. They ranged in age from puberty to forty, and from thebeautiful to the very ugly. All that really mattered is that they would fuck today. If they did not give satisfactionthey could be beaten, but few ever were.
Our unit had just come in from six weeks in the field and been replaced by one that had use of the brothel for that time. We were cleaned up, fed and rested for a day before we could have our first of the alloted twice weekly rewards here. We fought a nasty war, and this was our principal reward.
I, Jento, am seventeen. Most of the soldiers here are under twenty, some as young as fourteen. Many had their first sex in these barracks.
I looked for Noona. She was my favorite from previous visits. She was only fifteen but had been sold as a wife when she was eleven. She's had two children though is only now becoming a woman.

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   Noona is very skilled sexually.
She loves to give oral and when I suggested anal, she promptly applied coconut oil to her butt hole and welcomed my cock.
She enjoys being a captive whore more than being a captive wife.
Noona was not there today! She might have been chosen by one of the officers or perhaps she became pregnant in my absence. I had to look over the choices. I had fourth pick in our unit because of my good serviceand recent promotion. I wanted a girl who would be a real reward.
I narrowed my choices to three, and when it came my turn, two of them were available. One was only about fourteen and rather cute, though not well developed. The other was older, about twenty-five, I guessed. She was a new captive since I last visited and didn't look very pleased to be here.
I was allowed to inspect my prospects for my alloted two hours of fucking time. I gave each of them a smile, a squeeze of the tits and a feel of the cunt, which I extended to their assholes.
The older girl brightened up when I approached her. I told her my name and she said hers was Kenna.

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   I told her my cock would give her all the pleasure she could wish for. She said, indeed I would have to be a great fucker to do that, soI chose her.
We went to her cot in the barracks, where some action was already underway. I looked, but Noona was not there. I carefully folded my uniform as I disrobed and Kenna sat on the cot stimulating herself as she waited.
My cock needed very little stimulus to give her a hard rod to suck on. Kenna smiled and said I had what she liked; long and strong, but young and tender. She didn't like her sessions with the old men (senior officers) or the clumsy children (fourteen or fifteen) who had dicked her without skill or affection. I assured her I had both qualities.
I was just about to mount Kenna when the cot next to us became very noisy. A very young girl was getting ass-fucked by a boy my age and not taking it very well. He slapped her to try to make her more cooperative, and of course that didn't work. Alas the romantic spell I had tried to cast was broken, though we tried to ignore that scene.
We dropped back a few steps and after a little more sucking, I mounted Kenna. She wrapped her legs around me and we kissed as my blade plowed her furrow.

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Oh, but she was sweet to fuck! Her cunt seemed to tell me every stroke was appreciated. We kissed passionately and often. I had a strong hard-on that day and was still hard when I brought her to climax. She asked to suck again until her feeling returned. She did it adoringly.
I took the opportunity to survey the other action in the large room of about twenty fucking couples. Needless to say, some were having a lot more fun than others, but I was sure mine was the best choice.
I remounted Kenna. She still wanted me on top of her though I offered choices. She bounced her ass passionately meeting every stroke I gave her. I brought her to the brink of orgasm and then exploded with a gusher of cum in her cunt. I collapsed on top of her, we kissed and she held me tightly.
After I withdrew and lay back, Kenna sucked my cock again, licked my balls and my asshole(!). Not even Noona had done that! I was shocked at first, but then found pleasure in it. I took this as a signal that she would welcome an ass intrusion.

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   I asked if she would take my cock in her ass. She reached for the (army issue) coconut oil and told me to lubricate her all the way up her passage while she sucked again. My oily finger made her gasp but sigh as well.
"Use two fingers now!" she demanded, " and keep them in there".
She moved on top of me and lowered her cunt on my cock with my two fingers up her ass. She bounced herself into a passion before taking my fingers out, turning to face me and redirecting my cock up her ass. Her fingers replaced my cock in her cunt.
Kenna made long strokes up and down her ass passage and was near exhaustion. She leaned forward and asked me to mount her from the rear and finish hard in her ass. I could do that and did. Kenna was quite vocal at this point and when I came, greeted my spurt with enthusiasm. I lay back and once more got appreciative sucking.
As we were in this mode, my best friend Barro approached our cot. He had taken the young girl I had passed up. He asked if Iwanted to trade cunts next round.

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   I declined. He said she was a very tight pussy and ass though he'd done his best to loosen her up.
He'd brought her along and offered me a finger fuck of her cunt and asshole. I took that in the spirit of a gift and then had to reciprocate by offering Kenna to his finger fucks. Kenna didn't say anything about it one way or the other. Barro ordered the girl to suck my cock.
Kenna wasn't fond of this swap, but she did her duty. With no deal made, they retreated to their cot.
We were now a little pressed for time. Kenna and I discussed our finale. We agreed that once sucked up, I would start on top of her, fucking her cunt. When she asked, I would rise to my knees and redirect my cock to her asshole. It all went as planned and I really enjoyed fucking her ass that way. It was a new position for me, but one I shall use more often, It was again a very romantic fuck and I'd just come or melted in her ass when the sergeant came through we had only five minuted left to finish and say goodbye.
Of course we could make no plans for future encounters, it all depended on luck.

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   Kenna said she wished half the troops were like me or all half way like me. She said she'd never had a man she liked more. That was very nice to hear, but there was nothing either of us could do about it.
Barro and I talked about our experience that evening. He said his young girl's name was Vanna and that she had been sold to her uncle as his fourth wife just a month before she was captured. She had already been fucked by her half-brother before her uncle took her to bed. She had never had an ass fuck until she was captured.
I had no such story to tell. I hadn't asked Kenna about her life, and being a older woman, perhaps had more history than she wished to relate to the likes of me.
Three days later, we were allowed another brothel visit. Noona was there and available when I made my choice. Barro got a choice before me and took Kenna! The dog! I knew he would if he had the chance. We'll still be friends though I may have to mutilate his sexual apparatus. Well, it left me free to take Noona without passing up Kenna.
Noona was delighted to see me.

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   On my last visit, she had been taken to the Colonel's house for a "party". I didn't want to hear about it.
With very few preliminaries, Noona was on top of me and bouncing on my cock. She asked me stay on the bottom and make the fuck last as long as possible. I did a pretty good job of that. By the time I came, she was panting with exhaustion. She collapsed on top of me, we kissed, and she sucked a bit.
"Do it good in my ass today, OK?" she murmured.
That 's just what I intended. I decided to use the position Kenna showed me, but it was fifteen minutes or so before she could get me revived. In the meantime, I used the coconut oil on her and she giggled as I patted her ass before plunging a finger all the way in her.
I used my other hand and had two fingers in her cunt and gave her alternate stabs. She had another orgasm and I had fun. I must remember to do that more often with all the girls.
At length, I was ready to fuck Noona's ass.

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   As with Kenna, but not before with Noona, I took some strokes in her cunt before pushing her legs up and redirecting my cock up her ass. She was surprised and delighted by the action. I put two fingers in her cunt and Noona moaned ecstatically. I removed them as I was about to come. I leaned forward, kissed her, and flooded her ass passage.
Noona thought it a great experience. She sucked and prayed for more fucking. I lay back and let her bounce around on me. In a while she had me revived and we finished our day with her on all fours and me mounted behind. I fucked cunt and asshole and gave her a mouthful of cum. She was pleased.
Barro and I talked that evening.
"Jento, your Kenna is wonderful. You know, she licked my asshole! I hope I was clean enough" he enthused.
I told him how I planned to end his sex life, and he assured me that if he had found her first, he would have shared willingly.

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   I told him I thought Kenna would tongue his ass if he was a good fucker;
" I guess I passed the test" he joked.
We have five more weeks at camp before we must return to the field. This period is off to a great start with ten more fucking days to come.
I'm almost certain to be with my favoriite girls again soon.
To Be Continued



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