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I awoke one night to yelling and screaming. I ran down the steps to see two guards, my mother, and my very sick father out of bed. “Right on queue,” the guard said and grabbed my arm pulling me down and dragging me outside. My mother and father shouted after me as they bagged to the other guard. “Please I’m very ill and unable to work, I’ll pay the king I swore,” my father said. “You know the rules and I have to collect something, have a nice day,” the guard sneered and fallowed the man, grabbing me, to the buggy.

The castle was so large and gleaming white in the sun. The buggy stopped at the gate but soon moved on. Once we reached the main castle the men grabbed me and brought me inside the guards’ room and tied me to a post, from the corner I herd them whisper. “It’s a shame to give up that sweet pussy,” one said. “you’re right when’s the last time we took some for our selves,” another said, but a larger more decorated man slammed down his drink and spoke low in tone,” you know the rules, virgins are worth far more. ” “Yes sir but what the king doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” said the first.

“Yes and we’ll let you take her virgin pussy for your self, what do ya say, that sweet tight ass and pink wet lips. ” The decorated guard nodded and then said,” very well bring her here. ”

I curled up in the corner as the two lower guards approached me. They untied my ropes and flung me to the table the decorated guard already had his pants down.

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   The cock that was full and large slide at my night gown pressing to my skin underneath. He kissed at my neck then lifted up my dress. I scrummed and rolled, but the other men grabbed my arms tight to hold me down. The decorated guard began to suck at my tits like a new born calf and it felt strange and new. My mind skimmed and was distressed but my body knew what to do. The guard slipped his hand slowly down my chest and stomach to my pussy and smiled, his dark brown eyes meeting mine,” you where born for this girl you are all ready for me without persuasion. ” He then quickly and without a warning shoved his huge cock into my wet pussy and all I did was scream. He banged away faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. The other two men jacked them selves off by the site knowing they would get nothing with this beast after me. They also licked at my breasts as they jumped about by the force. I screamed and screamed but also cried.

I soon grew num to the pain as the decorated guard pulled out and shot his hot cum all over my face, the salty mess dripped into my mouth and joined my tiers. The guard slipped back his hair and looked at the men,” well you brought her in, the girl clearly lost her virginity to a farm boy long ago. ” “Yes sis,” they said and stood in attention.

I lay on the table my throbbing pussy keeping me up all night even after the two men fucked me too and then laid me to bed on a pile of hay and tying me up for the night.

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   I herd them speak as they too went to their cots, they would let my sweet pussy heal and look all new then take me to see the king and my new fate.



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In the adult entertainment business, the word "shemale" is usually used to describe transgender women who have male parts but act like women. In the same way, transgender women who give escort services are called "TS escort" or "escort ladyboy." Outside of this setting, however, these words can be seen as insulting and hurtful.
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