Jack and Jill - Part Three


Two weeks after they became an item, Jack asked Jill to move in with him. He realized that this was a sudden move, but it felt right. Jill agreed, and within a week, Jill was living with Jack, and learning to be a complete naked bound slave.
Being naked and restrained in some way began to seem to be natural. Her job was interfering with their life, so she quit New Iberian Oil. This allowed her to devote more of her time to Jack. He had plenty of pilots to fly charters from Love Field, so he tended to devise ways to spend more time with her.
Her wardrobe was beginning to change. Her clothes became more revealing. Underwear was a thing of the past. Her only under garments were garter belts, and hose. He breasts and cunt were never covered by underwear. Jack would not allow it. She was always nude around the house. High heels were her only covering. Jack demanded she wear heels all the time.

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   One day he came home to find her walking around in her bare feet. He promptly tied her wrists together, and suspended her by her wrists. He then proceeded to whip her beautiful legs until she understood that she was never to be without her heels on her feet.
Jill settled into her slavery. She loved the things Jack required of her. It was hard and painful at times, but it only added intensity to their relationship. One special evening made her understand the possibilities of her new life.
Jack wanted to shop for a new car. Jaguar had just introduced the new S-Type sedan, and he wanted to look at it, and wanted to take Jill with him. It was not quite that simple, however. Jack added a twist or two to the evening.
First, he had her dress in black garter belt, black hose, and black patent leather heels. After doing her hair and makeup, and dressed thusly, she presented herself to Jack in the den of the house. Jack ordered her to parade herself in front of him. When he was satisfied with the way she looked, he locked leather cuffs on her wrists, and promptly locked them behind her back.

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   Next he produced a black cape, which he draped around her shoulder. The cape had a "great collar’ which was turned up, to enhance her face and hair. Jack buttoned the cape down the front, leaving the buttons above her nipples unbuttoned. The cape came down to just above her knees. He left the bottom button of the cape undone. When she walked, the cape would open, revealing a significant part of her thighs, but not quite to the tops of her stockings.
"Jack", she complained, "This cape may open and someone might see my pussy. "
"Slave Lady, I have told you that you are to never complain about how I dress you or how I treat you. Now if you’re worried about your cunt, I will try to cover it for you, at least a little. "
Jack when to the antique chest, and pulled out some leather strapping. He removed the cape from her, and buckled the belt tightly around her waist. A second and narrower strap hung from the front middle of the belt around her waist. Next he produced a rather large dildo, or rubber cock from the chest. This was inserted into her pussy. The strap was then pulled between her legs and buckled tightly in the back to the waist strap.

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   This effectively locked the dildo in her pussy. The crotch strap was gently chaffing her ass crevice and clitoris.
"There, that should take care of Milady’s modesty", he said, with a curling grin on his face.
Jill knew she would be quiet. Jack would in all probability think of more ways to torment her.
Jack escorted her to the garage, and helped her into the car. Jack leaned in to fasten the seat belt for her. He kissed her, and said, "I like to see a lot of you as I drive. " With that, he unbuttoned the cape, exposing her breasts and strapped cunt, as well as her stocking covered legs. Jill blushed, but she was excited by what Jack was doing to her. By the time they got to the Jaguar dealer, she wanted to be whipped and fucked. The leather strap and dildo was having its effect. Jack only made things worse. On the trip to the dealer, Jack fondled her exposed breasts, and would tug on the strap between her legs, pushing the large dildo deeper into her pussy.
About a block from the dealership, Jack pulled to the side of the road.

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   From his coat pocket, he produced two small spring loaded clamps. Jill recognized them, as he had placed them on her nipples before. They were nasty little things that would bite painfully into her nipples. The worst part was when he removed them. The pain seemed to triple.
Jack leaned over and kissed her, saying, "I afraid these will hurt you more than me. " Jill started to protest, but knew better. Jack carefully placed a clip on each of her nipples. The little buggers really could bite. Then Jack began to button her cape, as before. The pressure of the cape on her breasts caused the clamps to bit harder. Jack started the car again, and before she knew it, they were at the dealership. Jack parked the car, and walked around to her door, and opened it. Since she was bound, he had to help her out of the car. Even though she was well covered by the cape, she felt very naked and vulnerable.

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   Jack placed his arm around her shoulder, and smiling, walked her into the dealership. As they walked the clamps on her nipples bit and hurt while the crotch strap caused the dildo to move inside of her, rasing her labido to new heights.
Inside they were met by a handsome, well dressed man, who turned out to be the Owner/General Manager of the dealership. Jeff Brady greeted Jack as a long and dear friend. After a short conversation, during which Jack introduced Jill as his fiancee, they were shown around the dealership. As they walked around, Jill was still feeling exposed. The nipple clamps were doing their job, as well as the dildo strapped deep in her pussy. The more they walked, the more she wanted Jack to take her, whip her, fuck her, or anything he wished. Finally Jeff showed them a model of the new S-type Jaguar. It was beautiful in the classic British Racing Green color. The interior was in saddle tan leather. It looked and smelled of luxury. Jeff opened the passenger side of the door, and invited Jill to sit down in the car. She looked at Jack. He smiled and told her to get in.

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With her hands locked behind her back, she could not control the bottom of the cape. When she sat down, the cape rode to just above her stocking tops, revealing a lot of luscious leg. Jeff smiled, but said nothing. He remained standing beside Jill, as Jack got into the drivers side. Jeff leaned into the car, to point out details of the equipment and dashboard controls. His face was only inches from her, and he was getting an even better view of her legs. Jack did nothing to help her.
Jeff turned to her, and said, "You have beautiful perfume. What are you wearing?" All the time he was looking down at Jill’s breasts. She looked down to see her breasts were exposed, if you looked down into the cape. Jeff was doing so. Her nipple clamps were also visible, and seemed to be clamping harder as Jeff looked at them.
"Answer the gentleman, dear", was Jack’s order.
"Uh…I… believe it is Opium. I think it is", she replied nervously.

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   She knew that Jeff was now aware that she was helpless, and being tortured, even as she was shopping for a new Jaguar with Jack. She just sat there not knowing what to do. Finally, Jeff turned his head, and stated to talk to Jack. Even as he did, he allowed his hand to rest on her thigh, just below her stocking tops. He started to gently stroke her thigh. Jack continued to admire the Jaguar, and listen to Jeff. She was finding her predicament scary and exciting, filled with sexual tension. Jill was totally helpless to prevent Jeff’s attention to her. She was wondering what Jack was going to do next, or more specifically what he was going to allow to be done to her.
After a few more minutes of the delicious embarrassment, Jeff helped her out of the car, quietly complimenting her on her perfume, and the way she was dressed. Jill blushed, not knowing what to say.
Jack walked around the Jaguar to where Jill and Jeff were standing, and exclaimed, "Jeff, I like the car. If you can have it ready by tomorrow, I will take it. "
"Great", Jeff answered. "Let’s all go into my office, and write up the paper work.

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The trio walked across the showroom floor to Jeff’s private office. Jill was in heat. The dildo continued to have its effect, and now the nipple clamps were transmitting their painful heat to her pussy. The incident with Jeff, and Jack’s seeming approval only added to the sexual tension.
Once in Jeff’s office she was invited to sit down. Once again, the cape rode up, exposing her legs. Only this time, all of her legs were exposed, well above the stocking tops, making her pussy almost visible. She squirmed to correct the problem, but made it worse. Jack looked at her and smiled, while Jeff was mesmerized by her.
"Jill, Jeff is a very good friend of mine. He is also a friend and confidant of ‘Sir Stephen’. This means that he knows you are my slave, and that anything is possible with you. Please stand up for me. "
Nervously, Jill stood up. Jack rose with her, and turned her to him.

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   He then started to unbutton her cape. She gave him a look of distress, without verbalizing her concerns.
"Not a word, my beautiful slave. Not a word", warned Jack.
Jill stood there as Jack removed her cape. Jeff went to the door of his office, and set the dead bolt. He then picked up the phone and told the operator to hold all calls.
"Jeff, I want you to meet the real Jill, my bound, naked, and tormented little slave. "
Jill stood there nervously, wearing only her garter belt, hose and heels, with her hands firmly locked behind her back. Her nipples were in fire and the dildo in her cunt was driving her crazy. She did not know what to say. She had never been in this predicament before. As with the rest of this evening, it was scary, and exciting.
"Jill, I am very glad to make your acquaintance", replied Jeff. Jill could see his erection through his trousers.

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   He obviously liked what he saw.
"Jeff, please have a seat", was Jack’s request. Jeff seated himself in his large leather chair, all the time looking at Jill. When Jeff was seated, Jack took Jill by the arm and led her over to Jeff.
"Slave Lady, go to Jeff and let him inspect my slave", was his orders.
Jill, still unsure of her self, slowly walked over to Jeff, to the point she was standing directly in front of him. "Now lean forward and present your breasts to him, so he can feel how magnificent they are", was Jack’s next order.
She leaned forward, and allowed Jeff to grasp her breasts. He fiddled with the nipple clamps and squeezed her breasts. He even slapped them to watch them shake. They were delicious. He turned to Jack and requested, "Is it alright if I remove the clamps to inspect her nipples?"
"Of course you may", replied a smiling Jack.
Jill struggled, but she maintained her position as Jeff removed the painful little clamps. The fire in her nipples was immediate. Her breasts were consumed with pain, which was transmitted to her boiling cunt.


       Jeff leaned forward and started to suck on one of her nipples as he teased the other one. After a minute or two, he traded nipples, and sucked the other one. Jill was in total state of confusion. On one hand she wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her, and on the other hand she was consumed with lust.
    Jeff released her breasts. Jack ordered her to stand straight and push her pelvis forward, slightly, to allow Jeff easy access to her pussy. Jill did so. Jack walked up behind her, and unbuckled the strap running through her cunt, holding the dildo in place. Jeff took hold of the plastic cock and started to work it in and out of her pussy, causing the heat level to rise in her cunt.
    After a minute or two of this, Jeff removed the dildo, and began rummaging through her cunt. Jill’s knees became week and threatened to collapse under her. Jack walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her to support her. In doing so, he grabbed her breasts and started to fondle them, as well as to tease her tender nipples.
    "Jill", Jack whispered into her ear, "Get on your knees in front of Jeff, and suck his cock. " Jill started to rebel, but the heat of the moment, and Jack’s control over her stopped her.

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       She sank to her knees, only to discover that Jeff had already unzipped his trousers, and his cock was standing ready, awaiting her ministrations.
    Jill leaned forward, and took Jeff’s cock into her mouth. She heard Jeff catch his breath as she started to suck him. Her tongue was lashing the head of his cock. Jack had knelt down behind her, and was fondling her pussy and ass hole. Jill was having a hard time concentrating on Jeff’s cock as the fire built in her pussy. As much as she tried, Jack’s hand was winning. Finally she started to climax. Jeff’s cock slipped from her mouth, and she collapsed, humping Jack’s fingers, her head into Jeff’s lap.
    After a couple of minutes, Jill regained her senses. She was still knelling with her head in Jeff’s lap. His still rock hard cock was resting against her cheek. She next heard Jack say, "Slave Lady, you’ve done it again. You did not have permission to cum, yet you did, ignoring the fact that you did not give Jeff a cum. You have embarrassed me.

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       You know I am going to punish you, don’t you!"
    Keeping her eyes closed for another moment, she whispered, "Yes Sir, I am very sorry. I just couldn’t control it. "
    "Stand up", ordered Jack.
    Jill stood as she was told. Her breasts jiggled delightfully as she stumbled to gain her footing. Jack then pushed her face down on the desk, leaving her ass high in the air, and very vulnerable.
    "Jeff, I am sure you have a whip in that drawer. I would appreciate you getting it out. We have a slave who needs a lesson in manners. "
    Smiling, Jeff pulled a rather severe looking multi-stranded whip from his desk drawer.
    Jack nodded to Jeff, saying, "If your would please, I would like you to whip my slaves ass to let her know her actions will not be condoned. "
    "Jack, I would be proud to help you", Jeff replied.
    With that offer of assistance, Jack held Jill down, bent over the desk while Jeff gave Jill a sound ass whipping. Finally, Jeff stopped the whipping. Jill was in tears, and apologizing for her mistakes.

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    Jack helped Jill to a standing position, and said, "Kneel in front of Jeff again, and suck him like he deserves!"
    Jeff leaned back, reclining against his desk. His cock was still massively erect, ready to be sucked by Jack’s beautiful slave. Jill, with tears running down her pretty cheeks, took Jeff’s cock into her mouth, and again started to suck him off. It did not take too long until Jeff was humping Jill’s mouth, filling her throat with his cum. She struggled, and was able take all of his issue. Jack helped her up, and sat her back down in her chair.
    The two men ignored her for a few minutes, as consummated the deal on the Jaguar S-Type sedan. Jack then turned to his slave, and said, "Sweet Slave, it is time to go home. "
    Jack helped her into her cape. Jeff came over to her and said, "Sweet Lady, you are amazing. Jack is a very lucky man. If you ever leave him, I want you!" Jeff then took her face in his hands and kissed her, squeezing her breast through the cape. Jill returned the kiss.
    Jack laughed, "No days like that. I have waited all my life for a woman like this, and I am not going to let her get away.

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       She has just climbed a very large hill this evening. She is my slave. I can't imagine ever letting her go. "
    Jill felt the warmth of Jack's words She would do what ever her "master" wanted her to do. She knew she loved Jack, and could not imagine not being his sex slave.
    The two men shook hands, after which Jack escorted her back out to his car. Jill was so overcome by what had just happened that she didn’t even notice if there were other people in the dealership. She was in her own world, which she loved, and scared her to death at the same time.
    On the ride home, Jack again opened her cape, to expose her body. She could see his erection in his trousers. She was happy that Jack wanted her, and was excited by her. The ride home seemed long. She wanted Jack to fuck her, and reassure her that he really did want her.



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