I've Been Watching You


I’ve Been Watching You
Nick woke up and panicked. What the hell? he thought. Have I gone blind? He knew his eyes were open but he couldn’t see a damn thing. Okay, buddy, just calm down and think. What’s the last thing you remember? Panic set in again when he realized he couldn’t move his hands, arms or legs. He tried to cry out for help but only a muffled sob escaped. More panic engulfed his mind. Got to calm down, he thought to himself. Shit, shit, shit! What the hell happened? Okay, think! He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. He felt his body start to relax and his mind drifted back to earlier in the morning. I worked out at the gym just like always, he thought. Showered after and got my stuff together. I left the gym and headed for my car. He had trouble remembering what had happened next then slowly it started to come back. Some chick had a flat in the parking lot and was trying to change it. She was having trouble getting the lugnuts off the tire so he wandered over and offered to help.

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   He got the tire changed for her and was putting the flat and her tools in the trunk of her car when… Shit, his head hurt. Damn, someone had hit him in the head! So, where was he now?
He opened his eyes again and saw only darkness. Okay, blindfold, he thought. He tried again to move his arms and legs – nothing. But he could feel the ropes cutting into his wrists now. Damn! Someone had hit him over the head and kidnapped him. But why? he wondered. He felt around in his mouth with his tongue and realized he’d been gagged. What the hell was happening to him? Why would someone kidnap him? I don’t have enough money for someone to go to all this trouble, he thought. What the hell do they want?
“Well,” a soft voice purred next to him. “I see you’re finally awake. ”
A soft hand ran down his arm and back up again then gently caressed his cheek. He jerked his head away wondering who was touching him. He heard soft, feminine laughter.
“Such a big boy to be afraid of little ole me,” she whispered in his ear.

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He grunted at her through his gag.
“I suppose I could take this off now. ” She ran her fingers along the edge of his gag, teasing him. “But you look so cute all bundled up like that. ”
He felt the gag loosen and it slowly fell away. Whatever was in his mouth, he managed to spit out but before he could utter a word soft, supple lips covered his. A tongue snaked into his mouth and fenced with his own as the lips covering his mouth pressed down applying demanding pressure against his mouth. Finally, the woman pulled away leaving them both breathless.
“You are a hot one,” she whispered breathlessly.
“Who are you and where the hell am I?” Nick demanded.
She laughed gaily before answering him.
“Most men call me Mistress, but you,” her hands ran down his well muscled chest to rest on his stomach. “You, Nicky, can call me Lady Ariel. ”
He was taken aback that she knew his name. He sucked in a shocked breath.

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“I’ve been watching you for some time now, Nicky. You’re most definitely eye candy, sweetheart. ”
He felt her lips on his neck and tried to jerk away.
“Oh, no you don’t, baby. You’re not going anywhere just yet. ”
She easily held him down as she let her lips roam down his neck onto to his chest.
“Why don’t we get rid of this?” she asked as she pulled lightly on the stretchy muscle shirt he wore. “It’s just in the way. ”
“Wh-what are you doing?” he asked hesitantly when he felt cold metal against his stomach.
She used a pair of scissors to cut up the middle of his shirt then calmly cut across the shoulder straps as well. Completely freeing his torso of the material, she pulled the ruined shirt from under him and tossed it away.
“There, that’s better,” she purred, running her hands over his now-exposed chest.
He could feel cool air hitting his skin and shivered. What the hell was happening to him? he wondered. He jerked in surprise when he felt her tongue press against his nipple.

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“My, my, aren’t we jumpy?” she asked, her hands sliding over his bound body. “You’re so cute, Nicky. ”
“What do you want anyway?” he asked nervously.
“Isn’t it obvious? I want you, sugar. ”
She tugged at the button on his jeans. When it popped open she slid the zipper down. He squirmed in the ropes that held him.
“Don’t do that,” he pleaded.
“Why not?” she asked innocently. “I can’t get your prick out if I don’t take your pants off. ”
“Don’t – shit…” he moaned when she reached into his open pants and grabbed his penis.
“Don’t what, Nicky? Doesn’t that feel good?”
“Let’s get rid of the nasty clothes. They’re just getting in our way. ”
He felt the cold steel of the scissors on his stomach again.
“No! Wait!”
She ignored his pleas and starting cutting.

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“Don’t do that! Wait!”
“Why, Nicky?”
“Who are you?” he demanded. “I don’t even know you. ”
“Yes you do. You changed my tire for me. Thank you, by the way. You’re so sweet. ” She leaned down and kissed him again then let her lips trail down his neck to his left nipple. She moved across to his right nipple and chewed gently on it.
“Uuunnngghhh. Please, don’t do that. ”
“Why? Don’t you like it?”
He was breathing hard and having difficulty thinking straight.
“I’d rather not do this right now,” he replied hesitantly.
“We’ll have lots of fun together, Nicky. I promise. ” She laughed lightly as she continued cutting his jeans.

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She cut down the left leg first then the right. Then she pulled the stiff material from under him and tossed it away. Turning back to him she ran her hands up his bare legs stopping as she reached his groin, still enclosed in his briefs. She giggled at the loan moan he tried to fight.
“God, Nicky, you’re beautiful. Like some fucking Greek god. ”
Her left hand moved to squeeze his balls gently through the material of his briefs. He groaned again as her hand slid up his stiff rod.
“Stop…” he mumbled.
“Why? We’re having so much fun. You like it don’t you?” she asked innocently. “Don’t you like the feel of my hands on your prick? On your skin?”
She cut away his briefs and took his erection in her hands working it gently.
“Oh, God…oh…” he cried out.
“See, Nicky? It isn’t so bad now, is it?”
She lowered her mouth onto him and started to suck, working her tongue over his stiff rod.
“Ooohhhh ggggoooodddd…” His body started jerking, his hips trying to lift up to meet her lips.

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   “Oooohhhhh mmmmaaaaannnnn…. ”
“Not yet, Nicky, not yet,” she whispered pulling away from him. His hips bucked wildly, his breath came in gasps.
“Goodddd, pleeeeaaaasssssseeee…. ”
He could hear a rustling sound as she removed her clothing then suddenly she was on top of him. She was biting and sucking his nipples, covering his mouth with her demanding kisses. Finally, she sank down on his prick, her wet pussy sliding easily over his huge, swollen tool. She slid up and down on him, riding him as she sucked at his nipples.
“God, Nicky, make me cum!”
“I’m gonna cum! I can’t – can’t wait…. Gooodddd…”
He blew his load inside her just as she finally reached climax. They both screamed their joy together and she collapsed on top of him, his prick still inside her. It slowly relaxed and slid out of her hole.
“God, Nicky, you’re incredible,” she whispered in his ear.
“Who the fuck are you?” he whispered hoarsely.

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