I've Been Watching You - Part Two


            Nick jerked awake and sat up. He looked around warily and realized he was in his bed, in his apartment. Was it just a dream? he wondered. He threw the blankets back and saw he had on the shorts he normally slept in. Maybe it was a dream, he thought. But…he examined his aching wrists and realized it hadn’t been a dream. The marks on his wrists declared that he had been tied to something, recently. He checked his ankles and found the same marks.
            “So how the hell did I get back here?” he asked nobody in particular.
            He climbed from the bed and strode purposely through the small apartment to check the lock on the front door. It was locked.
            “What the hell…?” he mumbled to himself.
            He turned and slowly looked around the room. Everything looked like it was okay. He did a slow circuit through the apartment, checking to make sure everything was still there, still where it was supposed to be. He found nothing missing.

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   Should I call the cops? he wondered.
            “And tell them what?” he asked himself. “That some crazy broad kidnapped me to have sex then brought me home? Yeah, they’d love that. ”
            He shook his head as he made his way back to his bedroom. He gathered together a pair of jeans, underwear and a tee-shirt. Then he headed for the bathroom to shower and shave. After his shower he felt better. As he was putting his shoes on he decided he’d stop by the manager’s office and ask to have his locks changed. He’d tell them he’d been mugged and the guy took his keys. That way he wouldn’t have to pay for the new locks. He slipped a pair of sweatbands on his wrists to hide the marks then headed out.
            The manager’s office was his first stop. He next headed to the health club to switch his membership to another club. He wasn’t taking any chances. That woman seemed a little crazy and she might still be hanging around there.

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   He definitely didn’t want to run into her again. As he headed to the grocery store he thought about the fact that this was supposed to be his vacation. Thank God I’m off for a couple of weeks, he thought. I definitely wouldn’t want to have to deal with this stuff and work too.
            When he got back to his apartment the door was open and someone was bent over working on it. He stopped just outside the apartment and stared for a minute. He finally decided it was probably the locksmith and excused himself as he stepped past them into the apartment with his meager two bags of groceries.
            “Manager said you got mugged and lost your keys. ”
            Nick turned back to stare at the figure bent over the lock of his door. That was definitely a female voice he’d heard.
            “Yeah, that’s right. ”
            “Anytime there’s a mugging it’s a good idea to replace locks,” she said.
            “Yeah, I guess. I’m trying to figure out what to do about my car,” Nick replied.
            “I can probably help you with that, if you want.

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            “Sure. I can take a look when I finish up here. ”
            “Thanks,” he replied turning away from her and heading into the kitchen.
            He put his groceries away and went back to the living room. She was standing up trying the new locks when he got back. He stood and watched her for a minute.
            “How’s it coming?” he finally asked.
            “Just about done,” she replied.
            “Good. Let me know when you’re ready to take a look at the car,” he said, heading toward his bedroom.
            He made it as far as the doorway when he felt something pressed into his back. He started to turn but stopped when the object was pressed harder into his back.
            “Don’t turn around,” she ordered. “Just keep going. ”
            When he hesitated she shoved against his right shoulder.

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            “Move. ”
            “What are you doing?” he asked.
            “What I came here for,” she replied softly in a sexy voice.
            He started to turn his head but she stopped him again.
            “Don’t turn around, Nick. I won’t tell you again and I don’t want to hurt you. ”
            “Shit,” he muttered under his breath.
            “Ariel has good taste,” she said then gave a soft laugh when he stopped short. “She sends her love by the way. Now, get on your knees. ”
            “Who are you?”
            “I don’t like repeating myself,” she said in an angry tone. He felt something metal touch the back of his neck. “Don’t make me do it again. Now, get on your knees. ”
            Nick let out a nervous sigh and slowly lowered himself to his knees next to his unmade bed.

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            “Good boy. Now, put your hands on the bed and don’t move. ”
            He put his hands on the edge of the bed, palms down and held perfectly still, waiting. A blindfold slipped over his head and was smoothed over his eyes. As he was about to protest a ball gag was stuffed into his mouth and fastened behind his head. His hands automatically went up toward his face. They froze in midair when he felt the cold steel pressed into the back of his neck again.
            “Put them behind your back. ”
            He grunted at her through the gag.
            “Do it,” she said, shoving the gun barrel into the back of his neck.
            He complied and put his hands behind his back. She quickly cuffed his hands together and pulled up on the cuffs.
            “Okay, lover, time for some action. ”
            A stream of frantic grunts poured from behind the gag as he rose to his feet.
            “What did you think I was here for?” she asked innocently as she turned him with a hand on his elbow.

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She shoved against his chest and caused him to fall heavily onto his bed. With the blindfold over his eyes he was disoriented and easily lost his balance. He hit the bed and bounced up to meet her body as she lowered herself on top of him. He floundered around trying to pull away from her but her hands and body pinned him to the mattress.
“Ariel said you were a shy one,” she said huskily, laughing. “Don’t worry, lover. I won’t hurt you. ”
He felt her hands slide up under his tee-shirt. Her body leaned forward, pressing him into the mattress. As she worked her hands up his chest she pulled his tee-shirt up too. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his stomach. Kissing her way up his abdomen she made certain she took each nipple in her mouth and sucked gently when she reached his chest. She heard him groan through the gag.
She moved down his legs and removed his shoes and socks. He struggled again as she crawled back up his legs.

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   She smacked him hard on the crotch then lay down against his body.
“Be a good boy and I’ll play nice. ”
He moaned and grunted around the gag. She slowly slid her hands up his sides then reached up to caress his face. He felt her sucking on his nipples again as her hands were lowered to work on the button and zipper of his pants. Once his jeans were open her hands slid in to cup his hips and pull him against her.
“At least Ariel picked a cutie this time,” she whispered to him. “You’re a hot piece of meat, lover. ”
She leaned forward and nibbled on his right ear as she rubbed her groin against his.
    Suddenly, she pulled away from him and sat up, straddling his body.
    “I think we need to get rid of some of these clothes, lover. What do you think?”
    He grunted around the gag as he shook his head from side to side.
    She pulled her sweatshirt off then wriggled out of her pants to sit naked on top of him. She reached down and fished through the pockets of her sweatpants pulling a pocket knife from one of the pockets. She tossed the pants away and opened the knife.

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       Carefully placing the blade against Nick’s exposed skin she cut away his tee-shirt and threw the remnants on the floor. Then she folded the knife and laid it on the floor with her sweatpants. She turned around on the bed and slowly pushed his jeans down his legs, tossing them on the floor at the foot of the bed. She turned back, crawled up Nick’s body again and started pulling down his briefs. He grunted frantically and tried to wiggle away from her. She leaned forward and pinched his nipples hard. His body strained up under her as he fought against the pain she inflicted.
    “Stop fighting me, lover. This is inevitable. I’m going to fuck your pretty ass so just accept it. ”
    She started working on his briefs again and managed to remove them in short order. Once he lay naked beneath her she ran her hands over his exposed body.
    “Ariel sure knows how to pick ’em,” she purred. “You’re fucking gorgeous. ”
    He felt her hands on his prick, working it with expert fingers.

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       He tried to ignore her touch and her manipulations. He was trying to think of anything else. Then he felt her lips close over him. God, no, not again, he thought desperately. What the hell’s going on? he wondered. She worked her hands and mouth over him until he was fully erect even though he tried to fight it. Once he was erect she moved and lowered herself onto him.
    He moaned when he felt her hot, wet pussy slide onto him. She took his full length and then just sat on him for a minute. When she finally started to move he had lost his battle and was totally immersed in the feelings she was evoking. She set a slow rhythm to start with then gradually quickened it. She pumped up and down on him, steadily increasing her speed. He could feel his balls tighten with their load. He knew he would cum soon even though he didn’t want this. She leaned forward again and started licking and nipping at his sensitive nipples.

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       When she drew his left one into her mouth and sucked loudly on it he screamed into the gag as he blew his load into her pussy. His release pushed her over the edge and she screamed out in orgasm, clutching him to her.
    “Oh, God, lover, you’re every bit as good as Ariel promised,” she whispered when she had recovered.
    She reached forward and slowly released the gag from his mouth. She kissed him long and hard.
    “Why?” he croaked.
    “Our group has a bet with another group. We all have to take you within a week,” she whispered. “We have to do it individually. You have three more to go, lover. ”
    She climbed off the bed and put her clothes back on then turned back to stare at Nick.
    “Okay, lover, turn over onto your stomach. ”
    Nick awkwardly turned over. When he was lying on his stomach she unhooked the cuffs and put them back in her pocket. He felt the cold muzzle of the gun against the back of his neck again.


    “I’m going to take the blindfold off now. Don’t move for thirty minutes or I’ll have to shoot you. ” She leaned down and kissed the back of his left shoulder. “I really don’t want to have to do that. ”
    He felt the blindfold slip off of his eyes. When he started to turn over he felt the cold metal of the gun pressed into his bare back.
    “Uh-uh-uh. Don’t move, lover. ”
    He listened for what seemed like hours and didn’t hear anything. Finally, he tried turning over again. This time, nothing happened. When he turned over he found he was alone again. He got up and put his briefs and jeans back on then checked through the rest of his apartment. Finding it empty and the front door closed and locked he sank down on the couch and threw his head against the back.
    “Now what am I gonna do?” he asked the empty room.

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