Internet Rape- Part 1


     Veronica was only 18 years old and though she hasn't had many relations, most being of guys who only desired to take her virginity, she knew a great deal about relations. She was 5'5 with a dirty blonde hair that feel to the bottom of her neck with a set of emerald green eyes. Still developing she already had a perfect set of beginning C cups.   She wasnt the nerdy type but she enjoyed chatting on the computer and messing with her games. She didnt go out much, which even to her parents surprise she was still in great shape.
     Her routine was always the same, go to school, talk to her friends, come home, homework then computer. To her just a normal day. She got home from school and slinging her blue and black book bag into the corner of the kitchen, she raided the cupboards for a snack. Not seeing much of intrest she grabbed the small bag of goldfish and ran upstairs to her room. Tossin her shoes into the corner she looked around for her black tabby cat who normally slept on her pillow. Shrugging, she pulled off her red school uniform top, revealing a beautiful body that she was proud of. She hung the top back up in the closet, "I only wore it a few hours, not that dirty, " was all she thought as she started to remove her skirt. Her legs were long, smooth, and hairless. She now stood in her under garments and socks, she began to hum her favorite song in her head as she rumaged through her dresser for a shirt and shorts.
     She decided on a green shirt with a smiley face on it and a pair of black shorts that only came just above her knee. She sat down at the computer and signed into her Instant messanger systems.

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   Immediatly her friend Calli sent her a message. They chatted for a few minutes till Alex suggested trying a chatroom, she didnt even give Veronica enough time to decide before she sent the link. Seeing no harm, she clicked the link, signed up, and entered the world of chatrooms under the name "LittleAngel. " It was her first chatroom, outside of a created chatroom with her friends and she had no clue of what to say so she just sat back and watched. She sat there for almost twenty miutes when someone named "TheDarkOne" sent her a private message.     "Hi there, its a chat room, speak up girl. . . . . you are girl right? lol" Veronice just sat for a sec and finally replied:    "I'm new to chatrooms so I dont really know what to say, I may just leave though"    "Why? Eh, just takes some gettin used to, hope you dont mind me asking, but how old are you?    Without hesitation she quickly replied "13, what about you?"    "Im 17"Seeing his age she immediatly thought that this was wrong. She was talkin with someone 4 years older than her. She didnt know what to say really, oldest age student in her school was 15, so an age difference this big seemed odd to her.     "You there?" He replied after a time of silence    "Im sorry, ya. " She didnt know why but she felt, even though she had just met him, she could trust him.

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      "Its okay"They chat for several hours. Discussing music, food, literature, religion, and even where they lived. Veronica learned he was only a few states away from her. It did make her feel uneasy but almost calm in a way aswell. She looked at the clock and noticed it was already 10pm    "Whoa, im sorry I have to go" She quickly typed in.     "Okay. . . you going to be on tomorrow?" Was his reply    "Yup same time, now I have to go before my mom or dad catch me on the computer this late"Without waiting she signed out, closed off the internet, and turned off the computer. She got up from the desk and opened her bedroom door a bit and looked into the hall seeing two shadows comming from the kitchen conversing,"Night mom, night dad," she called and without waiting shut the door. She went to her bed and climbed in and laid there a minute.     "Wonder what he really looks likes. . . mmm" she said in a slight whisper and closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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 When she got home from school that day she didn't even bother with removing her uniform and immediatly signed into the chatroom. A moment later "TheDarkOne" messaged her and they wasted no time  talking.  "So whats your real name Dark?" Veronica typed "Jason, but my friends call me Jay. " "Im Veronica" and she was immediatly followed with "Beautiful name" She only knew two guys named Jason and they were both jerks in school.  "Do you have a picture of yourself Jay?" She was smiling now, a big one showing off her white teeth in the reflection of the screen.  "Hold on" he responded. A few moments later a webcam symbol popped up to reveal a young man who definatly seemed 18 His hair was dark brown and covered part of his face, length wise it went to the back of his neck all around but he had it parted in the middle so it covered his eyes partly. His eyes were unable to be soon clearly, but they looked to be blue and from what she could see he appeared to have some muscle on him.  "Wow" she replied, "You look good" She started to giggle as she watched him smile.  "So what about you, you got a cam?" Without hesitation she jumped up and grabbed her camera and plugged it in. Soon her image was up and moving and she realized she was still in her uniform "Oh god, i'll be right back" She didnt want to be seen in her dorky school uniform and ran to change. Jason sat back looking at the still image of her bedroom. He could see a closet which the door was barely shut and dark inside and could see the foot of her bed. Moments later she came into the picture wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, putting up her uniform. As she approached the computer Jason's eyes widened as he watched her tits jiggle slightly as she walked to the computer and sat down "Miss me? teehee" She started to giggle and looked closer into his cam.

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   His room was dark and only a small flickering light was seen in the background, the TV. Jason snapped back into reality "Yup" As he adjusted his seat.  They began to talk about useless details of school and of how there days went. As time went on she started to grow closer to him and even to Jason's surprise he was starting to like her as well.
 Over the course of a few weeks they started getting closer and they started to fall in love with one another and after a few weeks they decided they could try an internet relation and became boyfriend and girlfriend. Veronica knew her parents wouldnt like the idea of her dating someone four years older than her and a few states away so she kept it quiet. She only told Calli about him, but she didn't care to much about relations. She has been in a few and all guys abused her, so her only friendly advice was 'Be careful' As time went on Veronica and Jason started to exchange addresses and phone numbers. It was an everyday thing for them to chat on webcam except for days he worked. However he could only call her cell and only when she said so. All the while her parents were oblivious to the fact of her dating. They dated for a year online and his heart was hers to keep as was hers to him. Over the year Veronica turned 18 and developed into a full C cup and it seemed to be as far as she would grow for now. Her hair was now to her shoulder blades and she kept it tied in a pony tail now.  On christmas day however, she recieved a package from Jason but not in the form she wanted, her parents got to it first.

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   Yells and disagreements were thrown about that day and even though she got the ring he sent her, as well as the letter, after what was told to her by her parents, she started to think. 'Will we even meet?' "Is this a game to him?' No matter what she did she couldnt shake the feelings.  "Jason. . . . " She said slowly on the phone. The way she said it a lump grew in his throat instantly.  "Yea sweety?" His voice weak, he feared for what the possibility was.  "I dont think this can work with us, my mom found the package and if she knows im still with you, I dont know what she'd do to me. " It was silent for a moment and then she heard a sniffle on the other end.  "What?! WHY!? Just because your parents found out that doesnt mean we have to break up, its what you want, not them!" He was frantic, a mix of anger and depression. She started to cry and tried to talk clearly as she could to him "I know, but we cant im sorry. . .

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  . I'll always love you though" and she hung up. Jason dropped the phone instantly and began to cry for her. He was shivering and he couldn't breathe, his hair stuck to his tear covered face. He sat in his room, his anger and frustration building. All the dreams he had with her, all the fun they had together, they were thrown out the window and crushed like his heart was now. He looked into the mirror and seeing his face covered with damp sticky hair on his face and his cheeks red from crying.  "Im going to see that dam bitch" He said angrily as he punched the mirror in, sending glass flying about and drops of blood
 Jason was overcome with anger as he wrote down the address and looked it up. He finally had directions to Veronica's and she was going to pay for what she did to him, for crushing his heart. He was writing down the directions when a grin overcame him, her parents were leaving for the week and she had told him that she was staying by herself and her friend may visit and stay with her.  He got in his car and drove several hours to his destination. He parked at a hotel that was convieniantly a block away. He got a room with a view of her house and slept a peaceful dream of what he had planned for her. About noon the next day he pulled out his cellphone and called Vironica. The phone rang three times till she answered it.

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   "Hello?" "Hey Vironica" He said quietly and gently "Jason?. . . . . hey, whats going on?" She was actually a little scared of him, knowing how angry he was that day she broke up with him.  "Nothing I just wanted to check on you, make sure your okay" He said sweetly, she was a little nervous still but calmed down a bit "Oh, well im doing okay, my parents are about to leave on there trip"  "Okay then, well, i'll see you soon" He said quickly "okay. . wait what?" She responded just as he hung up. She was confused, but thought maybe it was a mistake what he ment. He is afterall a few states away.  Jason sat in the hotel room and watched out the window until he saw her standing on the steps of her house waving goodbye to her parents as they pulled out and headed off down the street. Jason immediatly walked out of his room as Veronica walked inside. He got to her front step and found that she didn't even bother to lock the door. He snuck inside and took a quick glance about.

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   He could hear a faint sound comming from the living room. He peered around the corner and saw her laying on the couch talking on the phone. He sat briefly till she finally hung up and set the phone aside. She was wearing a black shirt and pink shorts that stopped at her thighs. He wasted no time, he quietly snuck up and convered her mouth and struck her unconscious.  When she woke, she felt her hands restrained. She was sitting up right against her bed with her hands restrained above her head with handcuffs. She looked around and saw a figure standing in the dark. The figure moved and turned on the ligh, showing Jason standing there with an evil grin.  "J-Jason!?" She exclaimed quickly. He didnt say a word and walked to the side of the bed. "Let me go!" She cried out "Now!" "I will, after I take something of your's" he said staring between her legs. Her eyes widened instantly "N-NO, please no!" She cried outHe didnt say a word. He placed his hand on top of her beast and trailed his hand down to the seam of her shorts. He looked into her eyes, seeing her fear as she continued to yell.

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    "Shut the fuck up bitch!" He said with a hard slap across her face. Her cries of fear, turned to cries of pain. He slapped her again "I said shut the hell up!" She tried to quiet her crys, she didnt want to be hit again.  He slid his hand deeper into her shorts feeling a few wisps of hairs. "Hehe, nice, now lets check that pussy of yours" Veronica pulled her legs in close and shut them tight tryin to prevent Jason from gaining access. Jason just laughed and slid his middle finger into the tight hole.  Veronica couldnt believe the man she once loved was now having his way with her. "Stop please, Im a virgin!" Jason only smiled and started to move his finger in and out of her virgin slit. She had masterbated before and even as being raped her urges still grew and rose. She started to grow wet as he finger fucked her, being careful not to break her yet.  Veronica closed her eyes in disgust with what was going on as well with her body betrayal. She was starting to moan slowly when he removed his wet finger from her damp slit.  "Your a tight little girl" Jason said as he climbed on the bed and pulled out a knife. Veronica immediatly screamed. "Aw shut up damnit! Im not going to kill you!" He placed the knife to her throat, "Unless you give me a reason.


  . . " She shut up immediatly, except for her whimpers. He took the knife and started to cut away her shirt from the bottom until he got to the collar, then with his bare hands ripped the shirt the rest of the way open. Her clevage was now exposed, only her black bra concealed her. Without hesitation he cut her bra off and tossed it aside. Her breasts were perfect, her tiny pink nipples just waiting. He leaned down and started to suck on them and massaging the other one with his hand. She couldnt believe it but she was actually enjoying it and let a little moan out on accident.  "So the little bitch loves it eh?" He pulled back and squeezed both of her now erect nipples as she moaned louder. He starts to trail his tongue around her nipples and down her body to the seam of her pants. He sat up and grabbed her shorts and started to yank them off. Veronica closed her legs to try and keep him from removing them, even though her body betrayed her, she still had her dignity. He punched her stomache and the wind escaped her along with the fight in her legs. He pulled them off to reveal a pink pair of panites, now damp with her wetness.


   He laid down between her legs, placing his mouth over her pussy and sucked her the final article of clothing into his mouth and proceeded to remove them. As her underwear passed over her toes she quickly rose her foot and kicked him in the face. The force sent him back and off the bed. He let out a grunt of frustration and stood holding his face.  "Your going to fucking pay for that!" "Let me go! Your going to be the one in trouble, not me!" She cried. He grabbed her feet and held them still as he climbed back on top of her. "Your already in trouble. " He said angrily. He leaned down and slid his tongue deep into her pussy and shocks went through her body. He proceded to lap and lick her pussy as she began to moan louder with every passing minute. Soon she felt an orgasim starting to swell within her body. "Ahhhhh" He started to pay extra attention to her clit now. She couldnt control herself now as she wrapped her legs around his head and forced him deeper into her. His pace quickened and she let out a loud scream as she began to cum. Cum flowed into his mouth as every jolt of the smaller orgasims followed.

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   He pulled back, his lips coated with her juice. "Such a little girl with so much in her. " She just sat there breathing heavily, cum still dribbling out of her slit. She had never had an orgasim so big. He leaned closer and forced a kiss onto her lips. He held her head still as she tried to move away as the taste of her own juice start to transfer to her. Veronica looked up to see him now removing his jeans and boxers. "Now its my turn!" He said revealing his erect 8inch cock.
This is my first story so let me know what you think. Also any suggestions or ideas for part 2 feel free to email me  justmejp89@aol. com