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It was another normal day in the summer holidays for me, i had finished Year 18 only two weeks ago and was enjoy the summer holidays.   I had planned on going to meet some friends in town for some shopping ahead of our holiday, but it had begun to rain and we all called it off and said we would all meet tomorrow. So I decided I was going to just chat online with a few of my mates that were no longer residing in the United Kingdom.   Everything was going fine, just talking over possible plans when I got a private message from “G-Unit 007” and I was curious so I started to chat with him.
(Rough Estimation of what was actually said)
G-Unit 007:  Yo Babe sexy name…asl plz
Wide-Open: Him im 18 f uk n u
 G-Unit 007:  That kl fo sho…Im 18 m uk. . . in London u know dat place
Wide-Open: Im in London 2
Basically the conservation led on, until we found out that we had a lot in common (or so it seemed) and he suggested that we meet up. I was incredibly bored and still very naïve so I thought why not, nothings going to happen. I arranged to meet him at Kings Cross @ 13:30 that very day.   I told him my details: 5”5, white, blonde hair in two pig tails, blue crop top, pink mini skirt and green shoes.

I then got ready to meet him; we had talked of going to the cinema on a kind of first date.
I waited at the station for a couple of minutes, when the guy I had chatted to as Adam came over to me and introduced himself, but he looked much older than 18 He was very nice so I and he walked off towards a cinema he said was quite close to here. We were pretty close when we were near a park and he said he needed to go pee. I watched him go, and then got a little scared in this new area so followed him in.   To my dismay I felt a hand grab my mouth and pull me into a cubicle and I heard Adam’s voice not to far away.

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“Time to eat lads!”
The hand released my mouth, and then pushed my head down onto the loo seat.   I felt my mini skirt being pushed up around my waist. And felt exposed as my new white g-string was on show to a man who I didn’t know. It then hit me, was this rape?
“Hey get the fuck off me, this is totally wrong you sicko. ”
I heard a laugh from behind me, and the guy overpowered me again and pushes my head harder against the loo seat.   I whimpered as I had realises that I would be in this guy’s control from now on, I was his toy to do with as he pleases. He then stroked my ass cheeks and started to fiddle with my g-string moving here and there. He then gave a tug and they ripped off me as he started to laugh again. He then stoked my ass again, but then started to spank it again and again until it was starting to burn. He then started to rub my clitoris for a while and started to ogle my boobs squeezing at it through my shirt, which he then pulled it off me until I was topless.   By this time I had stop to struggle and succumbed to his will.
He was started to get me wet, to a point that my pussy was dripping and I new from experience of a pussy massage that pleasure was inevitable.   As I came onto his hand, he took it out and put his wet cum soaked hand in front of me and pushed it onto my face wiping it so my own pussy juice was smeared all over my face. The guys then opened the door from behind and pulled my out, I rolled backwards head over heel and he turned around wearing a mask so I couldn’t tell who he was. I looked up I saw that there was a huge, well built black guy staring at me with a massive cock in his hand and he just smiled at me….

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(Part 2 to come)
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