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My name is Alexander Banks and I own a small business that sells car parts.   I am 45 years old and I have a wife and 3 beautiful children that I love very much.   I am respected by everybody that I know because I am an extremely hard worker and because I have earned a comfortable life for my family and me.   Anyways, over the years my hard work has taken its toll on my body and now at the age of 45 I was realizing that I needed an employee to help me out around the shop.   I had enough money that I could afford to pay my employee more than most other small business owners.   So I posted up some help want ads advertising that I needed a young worker and I would pay $15 dollars an hour.   Throughout the week people dropped off their resumes and applications to me and on Sunday I took them home to decide who I would hire.
   I looked through the resumes and applications; there were about 50 in total.   Most of them were male who were interested in the job but there were also a few girls.   All of them were pretty much just interested in the money or how the experience would look on their college applications, but when I read one application, I was touched.   It was a young 18 year old girl named Charlotte Sinstrom whose family had recently immigrated here from Sweden.   She needed the job to support her family.   I decided to hire her because I felt sorry for her situation and I also thought that she would have a good work ethic.   So I emailed her and told her to come in tomorrow at the end of the day so I could tell her about the job and basic rules, and that she would officially start working on Tuesday.  
 The next morning I got up and made my way to work.   The day went by pretty fast and near the end of the shop hours my new employee came in.

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    She was stunning.   She looked like a sexy Swedish school girl.   She had long blonde hair, golden skin and sharp sexy facial features and big innocent green eyes.   And although she was wearing a sweater and jeans, her curves were very evident.   She had big breasts, probably DD cups and a big sexy butt.   For the first time ever, I felt like fucking a girl other than my Wife.   I realized I had gotten a boner so I quickly turned around and asked her to follow me into my office in the back of the shop.  I sat down and introduced myself 
“Hello Charlotte, I am Alexander Banks and I will be your employer. ”
 She smiled and shook my hand
“Hello Mr. Banks, thank you for hiring me, I really needed this job to help support my family. ”
She had a slight Swedish accent, this just added to her sex appeal  “Oh no problem, I know that you will be a hard worker and this relationship will work well for both of us. ”   I continued and went over some ground rules with her.   After about half an hour I finished and asked if she had any questions.  “Yes, in Sweden we have to wear uniforms while we are working, do you require your employees to wear uniforms?” Had it been anybody else I would have said of course not, but the thought of this young beautiful girl in a sexy uniform prancing around my shop got me very excited.   So I lied and answered “Oh yes, I almost forgot, uniforms are mandatory.

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    I will bring your uniform in tomorrow, I hope you don’t mind but it is quite revealing. ” “Oh that’s Ok, I really need this job so I guess if it is necessary, I will wear anything. ”   “Ok good, what is your bra size? I need to know before I get your uniform. ” “Uhm 36DD” she answered.  “WOW” I thought to myself, then I turned to her and said “Alright, well I think that is everything, you can leave.   Come here at 8 am tomorrow ready to work.   Goodbye.  “Goodbye, Thanks again. ” She smiled and walked away.
   I closed up the store for the day and went to a Victoria Secret store to pick out a uniform for Charlotte.   I selected a thin silk white push up bra and a matching white silk thong.   The Bra was 36C, a full 2 sizes too small for Charlotte’s 36DD breasts, and the thong was XXX small, I imagined what she would look like in this uniform and I instantly got hard.   The cost was surprisingly high for such small articles of clothing, but I gladly paid and gleefully went home.   That night I made love to my wife.   The whole time I was thinking of fucking Charlotte.

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    My 40 year old wife is beautiful for her age but in no way can she stack up to the 18 year old Swedish sex bomb that was Charlotte.
 The next day I went to work and went to work, to my surprise, Charlotte was already there.    “You are early. ” I said.  “Yeah, I wanted to get a head start on work. ” “I’m impressed. ” She smiled.   We went inside and opened the store.   Then I showed her what she would be wearing.   Her eyes widened “That is ALL?!” she asked.    “Yea sorry this was what the last employee wore. ” I lied “But her curves were nowhere as big as yours.   If you don’t want to wear it I guess I will be forced to let you go. ” 
“No no, I will wear it. ” She said desperately.

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    She went to the bathroom to put it on, when she came out I felt like fainting.   The push up bra was so small for her that it looked like it was about to burst.   It only covered the lower half of her boobs.   The upper half of her nipples and the rest of her beautiful golden breasts were exposed.   And by looking at her butt alone you wouldn’t even be able to tell that she was wearing any underwear, her big ass cheeks had completely engulfed the poor piece of string.
   “It fits pretty well.   That is how most girls wear their underwear these days. ” “Really? Then I guess I am alright wearing it. ” She said.   She was so gullible, I loved it.   And also since all of my customers were male, I knew that they would have absolutely no problem with my new scantily clad employee.   In fact, my business would probably double! “Alright so let’s talk customer service, when someone comes in it is customary in America to greet them with a big hug and a kiss.   If they touch your body or even pinch your bum or breasts, think of it as a compliment.   The customer is never wrong, never take anything they say in the most positive way you can. ” She listened intently and nodded her head with every point.

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    She was actually buying all of this!   “Ok give me a hug for luck, and let’s get started. ” She got up and gave me a big long hug, pressing her big soft breasts against my chest.   I started squeezing her glorious ass with my hands.   She thought nothing of it.    “Alright here comes a customer, go help him, I will work the cash register. ” The man came in and his eyes widened at the blonde bombshell that greeted him and hugged him.   He accepted the hug, and then a peck on the cheek.
   “Wow you are a sexy little thing aren’t you. ” He said.  Charlotte normally would have been taken back by this comment but she remembered my words and she giggled and said “Why thank you sir, what are you looking for today?” “A car freshener, they are all tangled up on the bottom shelf, can you fish me out the mint one. ” 
“Sure!” She said enthusiastically as she bent over in front of him, exposing her beautiful ass. ” The man looked over at me, and I signaled for him to go head and squeeze her ass.   He started gently massaging her ass.    “Oh your sweet sir. ” She said as she was trying to untangle the mint car freshener.

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    He got bolder as he started squeezing the hell out of her ass cheeks.   She sensed that this was getting out of hand so she quickly got up, handed him the freshener and gave him a hug.   He walked up to me to pay.
   “Wow she is beautiful, how did you get her to work here, and wear that. ” “two words, desperate and gullible. ” I said.   He laughed and said “Well good job buddy, I’m telling all my friends to come here, you are about to get a lot more business. ” He said as he left.   I gave Charlotte a big hug, this time not only out of lust but because she already got more business for me.  “Great Job Charlotte!  He said he would be coming back with more people.   Now just step it up even more and our business will go through the roof.   Start being friendlier to the customers, stick your bum and breasts against their body.   And if they start grabbing your breasts and bum, don’t start panicking. Let them have their way. ” 
“Alright!!” she said, she was legitimately happy that she was helping my business.

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    I felt bad for taking advantage of her but it was just too easy.   A minute or two later another customer came.   Charlotte gave pressed her beautiful body against his and asked “How may I help you today sir?”   “I’m looking for some ornaments hang from my car mirror.  She brought him the display of car ornaments and put it on a table, leaned over and started showing him each one separately.   Of course he wasn’t looking at the ornaments, he was checking out Charlotte’s glorious cleavage.  Then he said “How much for your bra, it would look so good hanging from my mirror. ” “Oh haha, it’s not for sale. ” She laughed.  “Oh yes it is” I said.   “$100 sir” “Alright. ” He said.   Charlotte looked at me confused.  “Take off your bra Charlotte. ”  She took her bra off, unleashing her gorgeous breasts and gave it to the man.   The man payed me 100 dollars and left with the bra.

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     “Now what am I supposed to wear. ” Asked Charlotte.    “What you are wearing right now, as a matter of fact, you will offer every customer your thong as well.  “No, than men would be able to see my most private part. ” “Well if you are refusing my orders I guess you are fired. ” “No no please I need this job.   Fine I will sell it. ”    It quickly sold to the next customer for $200.   Charlotte was now completely naked.   Other than on her head, there was not one single hair on her beautiful golden body 
“Alright Charlotte only 4 hours of store hours left, be extra sexy now. ” Over the next 4 hours Charlotte endured everything from pinches, to spanks, to rubbing, to squeezing.   Some men even fingered her virgin pussy.   Her delight to help my business quickly died down, she hated this job now but she couldn’t quit because she needed the money to help her family.   At the end of the day at 5pm  I closed the shop, and I told her to come to the back room to collect her pay.    “Give me a long hug and I will give you your money. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  ”   She sat on my lap and gave me a big hug.   I was so hard.   Her naked ass cheeks were on my leg and her soft tits were up against my face.    “Do you want to make a little extra money for your family?” I asked  Her beautiful green eyes lit up. “Yes sir I would.   What do I need to do?” “Have sex with me. ” I said.  “No then that is alright, I will take my money and leave. ” She tried to get up but I held her on my lap, she started panicking.    “I offered you money for sex, now I guess you will have to do it for free. ” I tackled her to the ground and pinned her down.   She fought for her life but her 18 year old body was no match for my strength.   I slid my pants off with one hand, exposing my 18 inch penis.   She started screaming as loud as she could.
 “Scream all you want the store is closed, no one is gonna save you now.

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  ” I slid my big dick into her tight pussy.   She indeed was a virgin.   Her seal broke and her pussy started bleeding.   She was screaming even louder now, not to try and be saved, but because of the pain.   I started pumping her pussy harder.   I put my mouth on her right nipple and started sucking her 36DD tit.  With my left hand I started massaging her ass.   I looked at the fear in her eyes, it was beautiful.   I started fucking her harder and harder.   At the 5 minute mark I moved my mouth to her other nipple.   And I used both of my hands to split apart her big sexy ass cheeks and located her asshole.   While fucking her pussy, and licking her breasts, I started delicately circling her asshole with my finger.  After a few minutes of this her screams turned to moans, and the look in her eyes changed from fear to ecstasy.  
I moved my mouth from her tit to her mouth and started passionately kissing her.   I moved my hands from circling her asshole to caressing the small of her back.


    Her moaning was getting louder and louder.   She was not fighting me at all anymore.   After about 20 minutes we both climaxed.   This was the best sex I ever had.   I looked at Charlotte, she was panting and shaking.   This was her first time ever having sex, and obviously her first ever orgasm.   She looked at me with her big innocent green eyes, smiled and said “Again please. ” I smiled.   “Give me a second honey, I’m not as young as I used to be” After a few minutes when we both regained our strength, I turned her around, told her to get on all fours and I started fucking her doggy style.   I caressed her breasts while I was pumping her pussy from behind.   I started grabbing them and squeezing them as I pumped her harder and harder.   Her luscious ass cheeks were cushioning my every blow to her pussy.  It felt so good; I could fuck her like this forever.   I could tell that she liked it as well as she was moaning like a dog.   I pumped her pussy for what seemed like hours, after a while I moved my hands from her breasts to her hips as I started fucking her as fast as I could.

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    Not only was I fucking her fast, I was taking long strokes; I was making use of every inch of my long penis.    “OOOOOOHH!! OOHHHHH MY GOD, FUCK ME FASTER!!” She moaned.  I went faster and faster until we both climaxed again.   She fell to the floor, she was shaking again.    “You have done so much for me. ” She said after collecting her breath. “Now let me do something for you.  She got up on her knees and put her mouth around my dick.   I don’t know how she learned how she learned how to suck cock and I don’t care, she was sucking my dick like it was her job.   I haven’t had a blowjob in so long because my wife refuses to do them.   I was in heaven as this sexy 18 year old Swedish girl was sucking my dick.   After a long and fulfilling blowjob I exploded in her mouth.    “Swallow it sweetheart, don’t worry, it’s good for you. ” I watched her as she swallowed all of my cum.   We were both now spent, but neither of us wanted to leave.

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    So I lifted her up on my desk, got on top of her and started making out with her passionately.   After a while we fell off the desk!  But we didn’t care, nothing could separate us, now she was on top.   She shoved her right tit into my mouth and begged me to suck it.   I did this.   Then I went to the other one and, then I went back to kissing her mouth.   I looked up at the clock and it was 10:50 pm!  We had been fucking and kissing for almost 6 hours!  And we were both supposed to be home hours ago.   So I got off of her and made a phone call to my house saying that I had to go on a business trip for a couple of days and Charlotte called her house saying she was sleeping over at a friend’s house for a few days.   After the calls I went back to my beautiful employee and I started fucking her brains out for the rest of the night. Over the next few days we never even opened the shop, we just stayed in the back office fucking in every way imaginable, she didn’t care about earning any money for her family, and I didn’t care about what would happen to my business, all we had on our mind was fucking each other. After about a week of constant fucking we decided it was time to go home and continue our regular lives.   However, it is safe to say that now everyday Charlotte works plenty of Overtime.       



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