Incest gone wrong.


Topic: My girl friends drama. I was 18 and met this girl 18 at a party and liked her. On the way home we stopped for a bit of kissing etc and things just went further than I thought would happen and we ended up having sex together. She was not a virgin and neither was I, and from the way she went about it she had evidently had some previous experience. I didn’t say anything but I knew she was no innocent little girl. After we had both enjoyed ourselves sexually - she said that was pretty good – we should do it more often. I said any time you like. We agreed to meet the next day, Sunday and we went off to a secluded place I know of and planned to spend a few hours enjoying ourselves. She had no inhibitions and we both stripped off and immediately had sex together. After that we remained nude and played about kissing, touching, feeling, fingering and enjoying the fun of just fun fucking together. We talked about sex a lot, as she really enjoyed not only talking about it but engaging in it. By the time we had decided to get dressed and go home I hadnt counted the number of times we had fucked each other but my guess would have been about six or seven times. She said it broke her record which up till then was three times with the same guy the same night. It certainly improved my previous experience of twice with the same girl in one session.
As she had obviously had a lot of experience even for her age we engaged in having sex in numerous positions and she knew how to expel a lot of the cum I had ejaculated inside her, she squatted down and managed to force most of it out of her. She was already on oral contraception so we didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant.

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   We talked about sex a lot and the guys she has had it with. She had started at 18 when she was virtually forced to have sex for her first time with her cousin and later her brother who were 18 at the time. Her cousin said she was the third virgin he had broken and seemed very pleased with him self.  He was a real sex maniac she said and after he had fucked her he got her brother to fuck her as well, and watched them both having sex. Her brother really didn’t want to fuck her but their cousin had some sort of hold over him, which I found out about later. They had both cum inside her and she was frightened she would get pregnant but her cousin said if you do, I know how to get rid of it, so don’t worry. She said worried for a week until her period came on time. Then we were both happy and decided we had fucked enough, we got dressed and I took her home – we hadn’t realised that being nude all day we had got a little bit red with sunburn and she was more worried about her mother noticing that than finding out we had been fucking all day. We had agreed the next day we would do the same again, only we could do it at her place as her mother worked and her brother was going out with some mates of his.
I called around at about 10am as we had agreed and she seemed a bit upset, she wouldn’t kiss me when I arrived and she took me straight up to her room. I asked her what the matter was, had her mother noticed the sunburn. She said no, but her brother had been to see her before he went out and made her suck him off and she doesn’t like having sex with him at all. Since the first time with her cousin he had occasionally demanded sex off her in various ways – orally seems to be the thing he wants most. She said I cant kiss you as I still have his cum in my mouth. He left only a few minutes before you came and I havnt cleaned my teeth.

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   She said I am glad he didn’t fuck me as then you would have had to fuck me with his cum in me. She then went to the bathroom and I assumed to clean her teeth and wash her mouth.
While she was gone I undressed and was waiting for her to return and have sex together. She came back and said you really look beautiful naked and she undressed herself and we kissed passionately and she kept telling me she loved me and she hated her brother. She said I want to suck you first and then I will only be able to taste yours and not his cum. She then began to suck my cock which was already hard. In the process I asked if she would like to try 69 as we had not done that together yet. She said no she preferred one on one as she really like either giving or getting oral – she had done 69 with her cousin and she had difficulty in cumming after he had cum in her mouth and he was getting tired of sucking on her as she couldn’t cum because she was pretty turned off by then. He slapped her because she didn’t cum with him, he said she had to do better with him in future, nobody has ever not cum with him before – every girl he fucks admits he is the best lover and they all want to have sex with him. She didn’t agree even though he was the first guy to fuck her.
She said that’s one thing I would never agree with, but she didn’t say anything as he would have really slapped her about and made her do it until she did cum. He had bitten her on the cunt once to leave his mark on her so no other guy would have anything to do with her when they were having a party at his place. He said they would know she was his meat. She was disgusted at being called meat. After she sucked me off we had sex and after that she was still upset so we decided we would get dressed and go out.

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  We had a nice time just walking and talking and having coffee for about 3 hours. Then she said I am feeling better lets go home and finish off what we started. We went home and had sex twice – it wasn’t full on heavy sex, we just fucked each other and enjoyed just fucking without getting really worked up. She had her sex on top of me and then I had it on top of her and she came both times – that is one thing she is good at – cumming – she can cum every time we fuck and sometimes twice in the same fuck.

Then we ran into trouble – her brother came home unexpectedly and he found us naked in her room and he knew we had been fucking. He made her feel like a real slut referring to her sucking him off and now fucking me, then he said does your boyfriend know what else you do, slut. I got angry at him calling her a slut and he came to me and hit me hard knocking me down. He was bigger and stronger than me and I knew I had no hope of controlling his anger and I shut up. Then he did something that disgusted me and I could hardly control my anger. First he dropped his pants and held me down with one foot and pissed on me as I lay on the floor after he knocked me down. Then he held her face down on her bed, opened her bedside drawer, and spread KY lubricant on her bum hole and then he forced his way into her as she lay there crying. He was fucking her bum and he was laughing and telling me how good she felt as he fucked her ass. He said you havnt been up her bum today have you she has got a great ass for fucking – has she told you Arnold and I have both fucked her ass. She loves it don’t you honey. She said nothing and her body shook with the force he was using to fuck her bum and from her crying.

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   Then he came in her ass and said there you are I have made it all juicy for you, if you fuck her there you will know its my cum you are washing your cock in. Then he did something else that really made me mad, he came back to me and said get on your knees boy, and when I did he went to force his cock into my mouth, all covered in his cum, KY and her bum juices. I could smell the mixture of his cum and her bum smell on his cock. I nearly chucked at the thought of having it in my mouth.
He was holding my hair and forcing my head back making me open my mouth to push his filthy cock in. I grabbed for his balls and really squeezed them hard and made him scream. He let go of my hair and grabbed for his balls. She grabbed a hockey stick began to hit him with it and really gave him a whacking. I was still on my knees as he was bent over me hanging onto me in the agony of the pain in his balls and trying to shield himself from the blows of the hockey stick. She was in a rage and was really hitting him hard on the back and head, and I thought she would kill him. I got out from under him and managed to stop her hitting him but he was unconscious I think, he was lying on the floor not moving but he was still breathing and he had blood on his head. She was almost hysterical, and I managed to calm her a bit and then try and work out what to do with him. I was all hot and the stink of his piss on me was beginning to get stronger. I said come on lets clean up and leave him here. She said no, I want to tie him up first – he will go berserk if he comes to.

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   He is really strong. She got a couple of her belts and we tied his feet and his wrists so he couldn’t move. Then we went to the bathroom and while I showered she tried to shit out all his cum and stuff out of her bum and then she got into the shower with me and I washed her body all over with shower gel – we had done this before so I knew she liked it. She liked me really soaping her cunt and bum up and washing her there, and even asked me to put my finger in her bum to get any of his cum out. I had never touched a girls bum before.   We kissed under the shower with water pouring down over our faces – it really was quite erotic actually as she rubbed herself against me and by now had stopped crying and had almost calmed right down.
I said hell what will happen now, he will really make a row when he comes to, and it was right at that moment we heard him start to scream out and call us every foul name in the book, he must have heard us in the bathroom next door and the shower going. After we had finished kissing and showering we both went back to her room and it stunk of piss and sex. He was calling us all the names under the sun and the threats he was making were frightening. Then Loretta said lets drag him outside. Then she got a scarf and gagged him to shut him up. Now he was bound by his arms and legs and gagged, he was in a hopeless position. He was still bleeding a bit from the head. Then she said come on drag him outside and we both tried to pull him but he kicked violently and we couldn’t get near him. Then she said Arnold did this to me once I am going to do it to him, and she got another belt and tied it around his neck and used it like a dog lead and made him crawl or he would have choked.

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   I was worried as everything we were doing was making him madder. We got him outside into their yard which fortunately is not overlooked and he was there naked from the waste down and tied up and virtually unable to move. She had taken the belt and hooked it into the one around his ankles and he couldn’t move – she was amazing. Then she did something I would never have imagined of her – she pissed all over him – she didn’t have much after getting rid of his filth from inside her but she managed to get him fairly wet. I think she would have shit on him to if she had any left.
Then she went to the garden shed and returned with some paint and she brushed his cock and balls with green paint and she wasn’t gentle. It must have stung because I could tell even through the gag he was in pain. After that she said come on inside – that paint will dry in about half an hour and then we can release him. I think he knows now we mean business. She then stood over him and said now you know how I feel when you rape me. I hope you die. You can tell Arnold he will get his turn too if he comes near me again. When we got back to her bedroom she was so worked up and said come on fuck me I am really mad and I want to work it out having sex. I was having trouble getting my cock hard – the past hour had been traumatic and I was not really in the mood to fuck but she took me into her mouth and within two or three minutes I was hard enough to go into her. She fucked me hard for about 20 minutes and the both of us were covered in sweat from the exertion of us fucking so hard.

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   She came twice but kept going after the first time and didn’t stop – she was really wild. We only stopped after I had cum.
After we had finished she said lets go down and see if he has learned his lesson. She said you go out and make sure its safe for me to come out. I went out and he was there still there tied up, and he was a mess – covered in piss and half his body covered in green paint. He stank. He had shit himself as well. Loretta arrived only this time she had a large kitchen knife in her hand and I assumed it was to cut him free.
She put the knife next to his cock and said if we let you go – and you come anywhere near either of us I will kill you. Better still she said, if you or that bastard Arnold come near ME again I will cut both of your cocks and balls off – and I mean it. Then she nicked his balls with the knife and said see its blood and next time it will be lots of it when I chop them off. He looked terrified. Ok she said when I cut you free you will go away and clean yourself up and if I see you again I will do what I said – kill you. What you and Arnold have done to me before is in my diary and you wont find it – its not here or at his place. What you did today will be in my diary by tomorrow night and then watch out.

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   I even have photos of myself after you have finished using me and I will use them believe me. She removed the gag and said well did you hear me and believe me – he said yes you bitch – you would do it I know. She kicked him in the balls and said if I am a bitch then I will act like one. He was doubled up in pain again and she cut him free and he just lay there.
She said now we are going up to my room and we are going to fuck each other stupid – and if I as much as hear you I will have the knife ready to kill you and in your state it wont be hard to prove I did it in self defence.
We left him there and we never heard a word from him as we did what she said – we fucked each other and she really loved it. She was like an animal and wanted to be fucked really hard.
After that we showered again and went to see how he was. She still had the knife.  We saw him in the back yard cleaning up where he had shit himself – he was still covered in green paint but had obviously hosed himself down and got rid of his piss soaked shirt. He was naked and looked really weird with all his pubic region, cock, balls and hair painted green. He had not got around to getting that off yet and I knew it was going to hurt if he used chemicals.
A week later he left home and went interstate – he said it was for work – we knew otherwise. He had not spoken to her since that day.
Arnold rang her and said he was sorry after her brother had talked to him.

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   She told him she didn’t care but if he come near me, I will castrate you, or kill you – I think he realised she meant it.
Its three months after that all happened – her brother is still interstate and working and Arnold has not been seen. We have been fucking like rabbits and are enjoying ourselves in ways we never believed possible. She has never forgotten what they did to her and how she got even, and I don’t think she ever will forget. She often says I wonder if he has got that paint off yet. I will never forget the look of his long soft cock dangling down painted green. She once said to me, don’t let me find you fucking somebody else while we are still together or you know what you will get, and we both laughed. I knew it was not a joking matter, and there is no way I would test her.
Maybe her unconventional ways have been worth it. .